Morecambe War Memorials

On our recent trip down south we stopped off at Morecambe again. This time we stayed the night so I was able to take quite a few photos.

The War Memorial there has an imposing position overlooking the sea. The lion surmounting the plinth is a good touch.

This is the west side, commemorating WW 1.

Morecambe War Memorial west side

There are more names on the north and south sides.

The east side commemorates WW 2.

Morecambe War Memorial east side

You can glimpse part of the Midland Hotel in the background in this angle.

Just to the east of the main memorial there is a small garden area containing a memorial of the Burma Star Association.

Burma Star Memorial, Morecambe 1

The other side of this shows a stone poppy encircling a star.

Burma Star Memorial, Morecambe 2

I assumed the local regiments had been posted to Burma and the Burma Star Association website confirms Lancashire regiments were indeed involved there.

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  1. Peter White

    Why does the Morecambe war memorial have the date 1914-19? All other memorials I have seen show the date as 1914-1918.

  2. jackdeighton

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for looking in and commenting.
    As to the dates, while the Armistice was signed in 1918 the Peace Treaties (there was one with each of the Central Powers plus Turkey – in fact I believe there were separate ones with Austria and Hungary as those two countries had by that time split up) were not signed until 1919 at the earliest.* So technically the Morecambe War Memorial is correct in its dates. I have seen 1914-1919 elsewhere too.
    US ones probably say 1917-18. I have seen a US Second World War Memorial (in the background of a film scene) say 1941-45; which of course to me looks really odd.

    *Turkey, I believe, repudiated the first treaty when Ataturk came to power there and insisted on an amended one more favourable to his “new” country. This was as late as 1923.

  3. Peter White

    Many thanks for quick and informative reply, everyone I have asked round here didn’t have any idea. I can inform them now.

  4. jackdeighton

    Glad to be of help.

  5. John Steel

    Burma Star Memorial is now vandalised and a fading mess which must be replaced or removed brought my mum to see it as my father used to but was horrified

  6. jackdeighton

    I’m sorry to hear that. Such a shame your mum had to witness it.

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