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More of Flåm, Norway

I just remembered I had more photographs of our trip to Norway to post.

It’s over a year now since we were there.

The red road train here was plying up and down the road while we were walking in Flåm, Norway. Photo taken beside Flåm Church, hence the gravestones:-

Road Train, Flåm, Norway

The good lady posted photos of Flåm Church – an example of a wooden stavkirke – on her blog here.

The odd sight of this locomotive poking out of a shed is just by the side of the road. It didn’t seem to part of the Flåmsbana Museum:-

Locomotive Poking Out of Shed, Flåm, Norway

After Flåm the ship departed to cruise Nærøyfjord but had to travel back down Aurlandsfjord first.

Aurlandsfjord, Norway

These photographs make it look a bit more misty than it felt at the time.

Heading towards Nærøyfjord from Flåm:-


More of Aurlandsfjord:-

More Aurlandsfjord

Side of Aurlandsfjord, side bow of SS Black Watch in shot:-

Aurlandsfjord Side

Typical wooded slope of fjord:-

Wooded Slope Aurlandsfjord, Norway

Blackpool War Memorial

Blackpool War Memorial is a very tall obelisk situated near the sea fairly close to Blackpool Tower.

Blackpool War Memorial + Tower:-

Blackpool War Memorial + Tower

Blackpool War Memorial. The names of the dead are displayed on the tops of two stone catafalques, one on either side of the memorial:-

Blackpool War Memorial

Blackpool War Memorial west face. Figures and dedication, “In memory of our glorious dead 1914-1918 1939-1945”:-

Blackpool War Memorial Figures and Dedication

South face. Frieze of figures and dedication, “Their name liveth forevermore”:-

Blackpool War Memorial South Face

East face. “In memory of our glorious dead 1914 – 1918 1939 – 1945” with below “Falkland Conflict 1982” and the name Foulkes F, M. N. (Merchant Navy):-

Blackpool War Memorial East Face

South face. Frieze of figures and inscription, “Lest we forget”:-

Blackpool War Memorial South Face

Blackpool War Memorial Ground Plaque, laid 2008. The main dedication is “to those who fought for freedom in all conflicts and those who remember them”:-

Blackpool War Memorial Ground Plaque

Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Another Blackpool landmark. A “historic entertainment venue with theatre, ballroom and conference facilities.”

Entrance facade:-

Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Entrance Doors:-

Blackpool Winter Gardens

Left frontage:-

Winter Gardens, Blackpool Detail

Right frontage:-

Blackpool Winter Gardens Right Frontage

Architectural detail:-

Detail, Winter Gardens, Blackpool

Roof detail. Note the reverse saltires (blue crosses on white.) As a flag this symbol was the ensign of the Imperial Russian Navy and the present day naval flag of the Russian Federation.

Roof Detail, Blackpool Winter Gardens 6

Blackpool, Piers and Tower

You can’t go to BLackpool and not note the things for which it is most famous.


Central Pier:-

Central Pier, Blackpool

North Pier:-

North Pier, Blackpool.

The Tower and trams:-

Tower + tram at Blackpool

Floating Daleks

The friends we were visiting in Lancashire last year took us to Blackpool. We went on a tram trip (all the way to Fleetwood) and on the way passed these daleks, and a TARDIS; part of the Illuminations. Photo is a bit blurred due to being taken through the tram window:-

Floating Daleks

More Rochdale

I liked this frieze above the windows of Rochdale Museum:-

Rochdale Museum Frieze

Also these stained glass windows which seem to be on someone’s extension:-

Stained Glass Windows, Rochdale

Across the road from the Museum was a green park-like area with this iron pedestrian bridge:-

An Iron Pedestrian Bridge in Rochdale

Nearby was this statue of John Bright:-

Statue of John Bright, Rochdale

John Bright Statue, Rochdale

This spire-y thing is by the side of the road. I’ve no idea what it’s for:-

Roadside Spire

The town centre has this statue of sheep (rams):-

Statue of Rams, Rochdale Town Centre

And spot the dedication on the bridge (which I ought to have placed in yesterday’s post):-


Rochdale War Memorial

Like the Cenotaph in London (and the one in Manchester) Rochdale’s War Memorial was designed by Edwin Lutyens.

It lies opposite the Town Hall, but not facing it, with a memorial gardens behind.

Inscribed “1914-1919 and 1939-1945”. The carved wreath encloses the arms of Rochdale:-

Rochdale War Memorial

The Stone of Remembrance faces the Town Hall and is inscribed, “Their name liveth for evermore.” The small bronze plaque reads, “To all those who died in the service of their country”:-

Rochdale War Memorial 2

Strictly speaking the memorial is not a cenotaph (empty tomb) as it has a figure of a recumbent soldier wrapped in his greatcoat at its summit:-

Rochdale War Memorial 3

Rochdale War Memorial Gardens which serve as Rochdale’s memorial to the Second World War:-

Rochdale War Memorial Gardens

A Gallipoli Memorial lies between the Main War memorial and the Memorial Gardens:-

Gallipoli Memorial, Rochdale

The Memorial Gardens, inscribed as a Memorial to the Rochdale members of the Lancashire Fusiliers :-

Rochdale Lancashire Fusiliers Memorial

In front of and behind the Memorial – at right angles to the Town Hall – are two memorial benches:-

Rochdale War Memorial Bench

Rochdale War Memorial Bench, 1939-1945

Art Deco in Rochdale (iii) Various Buildings

Lloyd’s Bank in full. Part of the building also appeared in my post entitled Art Deco in Rochdale (ii):-

Lloyds Bank Building, Rochdale

This one has aspects of Deco styling. At the time I visited it seemed to house an information centre about Rochdale:-

Deco Style Frontage, Rochdale

From side:-

Deco Style in Rochdale

This one now houses a Vet’s:-

Art Deco Building, Rochdale


Wynsor's Rochdale

Poundworld as was. (It won’t be a Poundworld now.)

Former Poundworld, Rochdale

Watan Cash and Carry. (Photo taken hastily from passenger window of the car I was being driven in.)

Watan Cash and Carry, Rochdale

A tin in the Co-operative Museum, showing the Co-operative’s Art Deco former Tea Warehouse in Salford, Manchester:-

Tin Featuring Art Deco Building

Rochdale Town Hall Interior

I meant to photograph the Minton foor tiles in Rochdale Town Hall’s foyer but there were people making it difficult to get the whole pattern in, both when we entered and on the way out so I didn’t. They are beautifully set into large squares whose perimeters contain various royal mottos such as “Dieu et Mon Droit” (used by the UK monarch outwith Scotland) and “Nemo Me Impune Lacessit” the ancient one of the Scottish kings usually uttered in Scots as “Wha daur meddle wi’ me?” or as I translated into Glaswegian to our friends from Rochdale who’d taken us there, “Don’t mess wi’ me, pal.”

A small portion of the tiled floor can be seen in my photo of the staircase in my Rochdale Town Hall, Stained Glass post. Other images can be found here.

The ground floor vaulted ceiling is a bit Islamesque:-

Rochdale Town Hall Interior 1

One of the function rooms has a magnificent hammer beam ceiling:-

Rochdale Town Hall interior

Along with decoration:-

Ceiling in Rochdale Town Hall

And a similarly magnificent fireplace:-

Rochdale Town Hall fireplace

Wood panelling on the walls:-

Interior, Rochdale Town Hall

Wall decoration:-

Wall Decoration Rochdale Town Hall

I liked these internal doors:-

Internal Doors, Rochdale Town Hall

And the old signage:-

Old Signage Rochdale Town Hall

There’s even decoration in the corridor to the toilets:-

Rochdale Town Hall, Corridor to Toilets

Art Deco in Rochdale (ii) Marks and Spencer

The Marks and Spencer in Rochdale is a typical 1930s building:-

Marks and Spencer, Rochdale


Roofline Marks and Spencer, Rochdale

Window detail:-

Window Detail, Marks and Spencer, Rochdale

Reverse view from first. Note Lloyd’s Bank to the left:-

Marks and Spencer, Rochdale, Reverse View

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