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A Short Stop at Aberdour

In June we took a friend to see Aberdour as she’d never been there before.

Between the railway station car park (which is the easiest place to ark in the town) and the station itself is this planter in the shape of a stylised locomotive + train:-

Train-Shaped Planter by Aberdour Railway Station

This small building, Curlingstane House, looks cute stuck in between two others:-

Quaint House, Aberdour

The plaque below is on the same church wall as Aberdour’s War Memorial. It commemorates Lieutenant-Colonel Geoffrey Charles Tasker Keyes, killed in action, Libya, 18/11/1941:-

War Death Commemoration, Aberdour

In the graveyard behind the church is this gravestone commemorating a war death. Flight Sergeant Pilot Walter R L Gollyer, RAF VR, killed in action, 13/7/1941, aged 22:-

Aberdour Grave with War Death Dedication

Two Sides of Barnard Castle

The River Tees is out of sight (down the hill in the photo below and round a corner) from Barnard Castle’s main street (variously known as Horse Market and The Bank) but you can see hills. Seeing hills from the High Street is one of the good lady’s conditions for somewhere being a proper town:-

Hills from Barnard Castle

Further up the street there was a piece of minor Art Deco. Now Heron Foods, I’ve no idea what it was originally:-

Art DecoShop, Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle

The town of Barnard Castle takes its name from the castle which sits on a promontory above the River Tees. At the time we visited going inside the castle required booking in advance due to Covid. As we hadn’t booked, we couldn’t go in.

Castle from town side:-

Barnard Castle,County Durham, castle ruin

Entrance to Castle:-

Entrance to Castle at Barnard Castle

Round tower:-

Barnard Castle,Teesdale, Counry Durham, castle ruin

North face of castle:-

Barnard Castle stitch, County Durham, castle ruin

Panorama of castle from over the Tees. (The curvature is due to a stitch of two photos):-

Barnard Castle from Bridge over the River Tees

Part of castle from the bridge over the Tees. Note town sign on the wall by the road:-

Barnard Castle, Castle

Castle wall from below:-

Part of Castle Wall, Barnard Castle,

Looking north from River Tees bridge, castle on right:-

River Tees, Barnard Castle, County Durham

Castle from viewpoint by River Tees:-

River Tees and Barnard Castle

Closer view. The bridge over the Tees can be seen to bottom right:-

Barnard Castle + Bridge, County Durham, River Tees

Bridges at Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle is a market town in Teesdale, County Durham. It lies beside the River Tees over which there were at least two bridges.

One of these is a relatively narrow traffic-light controlled bridge which lies just below the ruins of the mediƦval castle (of which more later.)

Bridge at Barnard Castle

River Tees Bridge at Barnard Castle

The second I got to by walking along a path by the riverside. Its purpose is more obscure:-

Bridge Over River Tees, Barnard Castle

On the way up to it we passed this weir:-

Weir on River Tees near Barnard Castle

Weir and second bridge through trees:-

Bridge over River Tees at Barnard Castle

War Memorial, Stanhope, County Durham

Stanhope’s War Memorial is a stone cross above a square plinth. It stands in the grounds of St Thomas Church but is visible from the street:-

War Memorial, Stanhope, County Durham

Dedication and names. “To the glory of God and in memory of those from the ecclesiastical parish of Stanhope who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 – 1919.”
“1939 – 1945. Let us also remember.”

Stanhope War Memorial Dedication and  Names

Wolsingham War Memorial

Wolsingham‘s War Memorial is on the form of a Celtic type cross. It lies just beside the main street near the junction of the A 689 and the B 6296.

The dedication reads, “Remember with thanksgiving the true and faithful men who in the Great War went forth from this parish for god and the right. The names of those who returned not again are here inscribed to be honoured forevermore. 1914-1919.”

Wolsingham War Memorial

Detail, Wolsingham War Memorial

South aspect. Great War names:-

Great War Names, Wolsingham War Memorial

East aspect. Second World War names:-

Second World War Names, Wolsingham War Memorial

North aspect. Great War names:-

War Memorial, Wolsingham, Great War Names

War Graves, Wolsingham, Weardale, County Durham

Wolsingham is a small town in Weardale, County Durham.

The local building material looks to have been a lovely stone, similar to Cotsworld stone but a bit darker.

These terraced houses were quite olde-worlde

Old Building, Wolsingham

St Mary’s and St Stephen’s church stood back up a side street off the road through the town:-

A Church in Wolsingham

There were two war graves in the churchyard.

Leading aircraftman F Langdale, Royal Canadian Air Force, 27/4/1943, aged 24:-

War Grave, Wolsingham, Weardale, County Durham

Private J H Jackson, Royal Army Medical Corps, 13/9/1920, aged 43:-

Wolsingham War Grave

War Memorial, Lanchester, County Durham

Lanchester is a small village in County Durham. We visited there because it features in a Book of British Villages which we have.

Its War Memorial is in the form of a wall on the village green:-

War Memorial, Lanchester, County Durham

Closer view:-

Lanchester War Memorial

There was a Great War 100th anniversary vintage memorial bench nearby:-

War Memorial Bench, Lanchester

War Memorial, Stanley, County Durham

Stanley is a town in County Durham.

I took a wrong turning there and ended up going down a street called Shield Row where I spotted this memorial in front of Shield Row Community House.

Given the uniforms the figures bear (Great War infantry and Royal Flying Corps) and its fresh look this would seem to be a Great War 100th anniversary construction.

A War Memorial in Stanley, County Durham.

Chester-le-Street War Memorial

Curiously this War Memorial was only dedicated in 2015. It certainly has the look of one only recently constructed. It is situated in the town’s Market Place set off from it by replica artillery shells. Information about the town’s original War memorial is on this webpage.

This side has representations of a World War 2 soldier and sailor plus two Royal Navy ships and a Spitfire.

War Memorial, Chester-le-Street

Closer view:-

Names and Dedication, Chester-le-Street War Memorial

Names and dedication:-

Names, Chester-le-Street War Memorial

The reverse view is emblazoned with a Lancaster bomber and poppies replacing the Spitfire:-

Chester-le-Street War Memorial Reverse 1

Detail. One Great War name, one World War 2 name, 2 post 1945 names:-

Detail. War Memorial, Chester-le-Street,

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