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Lockerbie Garden of Remembrance

The memorial to those who died as a result of the blowing-up of Pan-Am Flight 103 lies in Lockerbie Cemetery.

Viewed from the cemetery:-

Lockerbie Garden of Remembrance

Remembrance plaque:-

Lockerbie, Garden of Remembrance Plaque

Garden of remembrance:-

Lockerbie, Garden of Remembrance

Closer view. The centre stone of the three in the middle ground is inscribed, “In remembrance of all victims of Lockerbie Air Disaster who died on 21st December 1988.”

Lockerbie,Garden of Remembrance, Closer View

Memorial Wall:-

Lockerbie, Garden of Remembrance Memorial Wall

Lockerbie War Memorial

A bronze statue of a winged Victory, Lockerbie’s War Memorial lies in the middle of a small roundabout in the town centre and bears the inscriptions, “In grateful memory of our heroic dead 1914 – 1918” and “In glorious memory of those who gave their lives in the World War 1939-1945.”

Because of its location it was difficult to photograph more closely.

Lockerbie War Memorial

Reverse view:-

Lockerbie War Memorial Reverse View

There are more photographs of the Memorial here.

Lockerbie Sheep Statues

I hadn’t expected to find statues of sheep in Lockerbie town centre but there they were.

These two were across the street from the road the cinema is on:-

Lockerbie Sheep Statues

A bigger flock was bit further down the main street:-

Lockerbie Sheep Statues 2

The statues commemorate the throughput of sheep via the town’s sheep market. 30,000 to 50,000 according to the inscription in the stone to the front here (from the Gazetteer of Scotland 1832-1885.)

Apparently some locals complained about the expense and upheaval.

I quite liked them.

Art Deco in Lockerbie

Lockerbie in Dumfries and Galloway is, alas, more well-known for the disaster of Pan-Am Flight 103, than its former sheep-marketing prominence.

I found two Art Deco style buildings.

The former cinema, The Rex, now no longer used. Photos of the cinema in better days are here:-

Lockerbie Cinema

A corner location, now used by The Original Factory Shop:-

Lockerbie Corner Shop

Corner aspect:-

Lockerbie Corner Shop, Corner Aspect

Lochmaben War Memorial

Lochmaben is a village in Dumfries and Galloway, southwest Scotland. It lies four miles west of Lockerbie.

Its War Memorial is a statue of a soldier of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers regiment with bowed head and inverted rifle and can be found at the south end of Main Street at the junction of Lockerbie Road (the A 709) and Annan Road (the B 7020).

Lochmaben War Memorial

Closer view. The inscriptions read, “To the glory of God and in ever grateful remembrance of the men of this parish who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919,” “Their name liveth for evermore” and “Lo. These are they from suff’rings great.”

Lochmaben War Memorial Closer View

Reverse view. “And in memory of those who died in the second great war 1939-1945 ”

Lochmaben War Memorial Reverse View

Gatehouse of Fleet

Gatehouse of Fleet is a village in the region of Dumfries and Galloway in southwest Scotland. It is situated near the mouth of the Water of Fleet accessed by a small detour from the main A 75 road.

Heading north up the main street you come to the War Memorial which is in the form of a Celtic Cross surmounting a plinth.

War Memorial, Gatehouse of Fleet

The inscription reads, “In honour of the men from Anwoth and Girthon who fell in the Great War,” with “lest we forget” below the names:-

Gatehouse of Fleet War Memorial

Names on plaque on reverse – all for the Great War:-

Gatehouse of Fleet War Memorial 3

The World War 2 plaque is on the side of the Memorial:-

Gatehouse of Fleet War Memorial World War 2 Plaque

Reverse view:-

Reverse View, Gatehouse of Fleet War Memorial 5

Carrying on via the B 727 you pass this Art Deco style house which still seems to have the original windows. They look like Critall ones to me, anyway:-

Art Deco House, Gatehouse of Fleet

Further on still is this quaint turreted house:-

Turreted House, Gatehouse of Fleet

Wigtown War Memorial

This lies down Bank Street from the Town Hall beside the road that leads down to the Martyr’s Stake.

Wigtown War Memorial

Memorial from southwest:-

Wigtown War Memorial from Southwest

Wigtown War Memorial From East. Upper names, World War 2. Lower names, the Great War:-

Wigtown War Memorial From East

Memorial from Northwest:-

Wigtown War Memorial from Northwest

Wigtown, Dumfries and Galloway

Wigtown formerly in Wigtownshire and then Wigtown and Kircudbright and now Dumfries and Galloway is in deepest southwest Scotland.

Main Street looking south:-

Main Street, Wigtown

Main Street looking north, town hall to centre right:-

Main Street, Wigtown, Reverse View

Looking north past town hall, War Memorial in middle distance:-

Wigtown Street 3

Wigtown sells itself as Scotland’s book town, its Hay-on-Wye if you like. Unlike in Hay-on-Wye I actually bought a book. The bookseller was much taken when I told him the tale.

THE Bookshop:-

bookshop 1


The Scottish room:-

THE Bookshop, Wigtown

There are several shops selling books but not much else there apart from coffeshops and the like.

We took a walk down a path leading to the Martyr’s Stake.

In southeast Scotland they had a particularly innovative method of execution in those parts back in the day. Tying the victims to stakes and letting the tide rise to drown them. This is a memorial (now well away from the sea) to people martyred in such a way for their beliefs:-

Martyrs' Stake, Wigtown

Newton Stewart War Memorial

Newton Stewart’s War Memorial is situated in a fairly prominent location in Dashwood Square outside the McMillan Hall beside which the road through the town takes a slight turn.

A Celtic cross on a stepped granite base.

Newton Stewart War Memorial

The two inscriptions say:- “To the glory of God and in memory of those of Penninghame Parish who gave their lives for king and country in the Great War 1914-19,” and “Greater love hath no man than this.” WW1 Names.

Newton Stewart War Memorial Plaque

Side view. WW1 names on upper plaque, WW2 on lower:-

Newton Stewart War Memorial Names

Reverse View. WW1 names. Lower inscription reads, “”More than conquerors through him that loved us.”

Newton Stewart War Memorial Reverse View

River Cree and Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway

Newton Stewart has a lovely situation sitting by the banks of the River Cree:-

River Cree, Newton Stewart

River Cree, Newton Stewart

Unfortunately the river sometimes comes a bit too close. In this photo you can see work on flood defences at centre right:-

River Cree, Newton Stewart, Dumfries and Galloway

There is a lovely bridge over the river:-

Newton Stewart bridge

It seems to be a good place for birds:-

Bird, Newton Stewart

Heron just to right of and above centre:-

Heron, Newton Stewart

The plant growth was making this chimney loook dodgy, though!:-

Chimney Plants, Newton Stewart

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