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War Graves, St Deiniol’s Churchyard, Hawarden

Moving further away from St Deiniol’s itself, slightly downhill, we found scattered among other graves the distinctive shape of Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones. Usually Commonwealth War Graves Commission graves are well kept – even those in “normal” cemeteries. The ones here were a bit overgrown though.

Sub-Lieutenant J N W Parish, Royal Navy, HMS Herron, 17/5/1941, Aged 20:-

War Grave, Hawarden

The lower portion of the above stone commemorates Sub-Lieutenant Parish’s brother, David, Pilot Officer, RAF, lost on operations from Malta, February, 1942:-

Hawarden War Grave

L Serjeant G E Roberts, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 7/12/1940, aged 22:-

St Deiniol's Churchyard Hawarden War Grave 2

M C Hughes, Able Seaman, RN, “HMS Osprey,” 9/10/1942 aged 21:-

War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard, Hawarden

Sapper, W H Clover, Royal Engineers, 17/8/1940, Aged 26:-

Hawarden, St Deiniol's Churchyard, War Grave 4

Corporal J H Williams, Pioneer Corps, 14/11/1944, aged 34:-

Hawarden War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard

Signalman J Dutton, Royal Signals, 14/12/1916, aged 29:-
War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard, Hawarden

Private A Atkiss, Pioneer Corps, 27/7/1943, aged 32:-

Hawarden War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard

Hawarden War Memorial

Hawarden War Memorial stands at the junction of the B 5125 and the A 550 (Gladstone Way) hard by Gladstone’s Library.

It is in the form of a stone column with crucifix in a recess towards the apex:-

Hawarden War Memorial

Closer view:-

War Memorial, Hawarden, North Wales

Dedication, “To the praise of God and the glorious memory of the men of Hawarden who gave their lives for their country in the cause of righteousness and freedom AD 1914-1919. Their name liveth for evermore.” Click photo to zoom in on lower dedication:-

Dedication Hawarden War Memorial

The names for the dead of the Great War are mostly on stone panels behind the memorial. Left side:-

Great War Names Hawarden War Memorial

Right side:-

Hawarden War Memorial, Great War Names

Further names are inscribed below the dedication panels:-

Further Names Hawarden War Memorial 6

More Great War names on left side pillar, World War 2 names beyond:-

Hawarden War Memorial Names

Names for 1939-1945, left side:-

Hawarden War Memorial, Names for  1939-1945

Another name (on the extreme left of the Memorial):-

Hawarden War Memorial, Great War Name

Right hand pillar, World War 2 names beyond:-

Names, Hawarden War Memorial

Names for 1939-1945, right side:-

Hawarden War Memorial World War 2 Names

Across Gladstone Way there is a Great War 100th Anniversary Commemoration. The perspex silhouette represents a dead soldier:-

Great War 100th Anniversary Commemoration by Hawarden War Memorial

War Memorial, Aberdeen

Aberdeen’s main War Memorial is located at the end wall of Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums. I believe Aberdeen’s Roll of Honour is housed inside the museum.

The Memorial comprises the wall and a stone lion. The wall is inscribed, “MCMXIV – MCMXIX, To Our Glorious Dead, MCMXXXIX – MCMXLV.”

Unfortunately in August last year there were refurbishment works going on.

Wider view. Refurbishment works in evidence:-

War Memorial Aberdeen

Closer view:-

Aberdeen War Memorial

Tweedmouth War Memorial

Tweedmouth’s War Memorial stands at the southern end of Berwick Bridge almost in the shadow of the newer Royal Tweed Bridge.

From Berwick Bridge (Royal Tweed Bridge in background):-

Tweedmouth War Memorial

The Memorial’s inscriptions are, “In ever grateful and proud remembrance of the brave men of Tweedmouth who fell in the Great World War 1914-1918 and of the men and women of Tweedmouth who lost their lives in the Second World War. They were a wall unto us both by night and day.” “Erected by the inhabitants of Tweedmouth and other friends.” There is also a dedication to 2nd engineering officer Paul A Henry GM, 8/6/1982, aboard RFA Sir Galahad, at Bluff Cove – Falkland Islands. Below are the dates “1914-1919” and “1939-1945” and “To the memory of the men and women of Tweedmouth who have fallen since 1945.”

War Memorial, Tweedmouth

Memorial from west:-

War Memorial Tweedmouth

Reverse of memorial:-

Tweedmouth War Memorial, Reverse

Behind the Memorial on the wall bordering the River Tweed are some shields installed to remember those whose names were not included on the Memorial itself. From left to right: Civilian Personnnel, Royal Air Force, The youth of today remember the youth of yesterday. This last has the furtehr information, “These shields were requested by the children of the area In Memory of the Fallen.” “We do not forget.” (Royal Tweed Bridge and Berwick Bridge in background.)

Shields by Tweedmouth War Memorial

There are two more shields to the right of Youth of today; Royal Navy and British Army:-

War Memorial Shileds, Tweedmouth.2

Tweedmouth War Memorial and Berwick Bridge from Royal Tweed Bridge:-

Tweedmouth War Memorial and Berwick Bridge

Strathmiglo War Memorial

Strathmiglo’s War Memorial is in the churchyard and takes the form of a wooden cross. Unusually, the names of the dead are inscribed on copper strips attached to the cross. There are also three VC symbols attached.

Strathmiglo War Memorial

The plaque below the cross is inscribed, “Nihil melius patria quam pro mori” (there is nothing better to die for rather then the country) and, “In honoured memory of fallen heroes.”

War Memorial Dedication, Strathmiglo

In the graveyard I also found two war dedications.

David John Campbell Ireland, 2nd Battalion, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. Killed in action on the Somme in France, 31/10/1916, aged 36 years:-

War Inscription, Strathmiglo Graveyard

William Syme, Royal Scots, who died of wounds in France, 10/4/1917, aged 20 years:-

War Inscription, Strathmiglo Graveyard

Moffat War Memorial

I thought I had featured this War Memorial a long time ago – I photographed it in 2011 – but it seems I haven’t – maybe because that photograph is not the best. The War Memorial is situated in such a position it’s difficult to get a closer in shot without the risk of being run down.

Moffat War Memorial

Last year we stopped in the village and I noticed, close by the Memorial itself, a new War Memorial bench round a tree, probably for the Great War 100th anniversary:-

War Memorial Bench, Moffat

Moffat War Memorial Bench

Not only that but there was a War Memorial bin too!

War Memorial Bin, Moffat

Moffat War Memorial Bin

I notice to the left here is a ‘normal’ War Memorial bench. (Or is it two?) I didn’t take a photo of those because I thought I might have done so already. Again it seems I haven’t.

Next time we’re there I’ll need to remember to get better photos of the Memorial itself; and of the bench.

Brydekirk War Memorial

Brydekirk is a small village in Dumfries and Galloway, north of Annan.

The War Memorial is a granite cross with an embossed sword and inscribed, “Their Name Liveth for Evermore.” Below is, “1914-1918,” plus names from the Great War, “Our Heroic Dead” and, “France, Salonika, Dardanelles.”

Brydekirk War Memorial

From east. Inscribed, “They died that we might live,” names for the Great War and, “Italy, Egypt, Mesopotamia.”

War Memorial, Brydekirk

From west. World War 2 names:-

Brydekirk World War 2 Memorial

Individual War Graves and Commemorations, Annan Cemetery

Corporal J Beattie, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 27/6/1943, Age 27:-

War Grave, Annan Cemetery

Sergeant R Wilkin, Air Gunner, RAF, 8/9/1941, 27:-

Annan Cemetery, War Grave

Sergeant W Fleming, Pilot, RAF, 9/1/0/1944, Age 27:-

War Grave, Annan

M Caviney, Stoker First Class, HMS Ranger, 16/3/1919, Age 26:-

Annan War Grave

Pilot Officer W Burt, RAF, 1/1/1943, Age 21:-

War Grave in Annan Cemetery

Private J Matthews, Durham Light Infantry, 28/2/1918:-

Great War Grave, Annan

Lance Corporal D Tinning, Royal Engineers, 3/8/1942. Age 24:-

World War 2 Grave, Annan

David Lewis Willacy, Sgt Pilot, RAF, killed on active service, 1/9/1941, aged 25:-

War Inscription, Annan Cemetery

Robert Squince McCulloch, Lance Corporal, Highland Light Infantry, died of wounds in France, 21/2/1917, aged 21 years:-

Annan Cemetery, War Inscription

Annan War Memorial

Annan’s War Memorial is in the form of a soldier at ease with rifle.

The upper plinth is inscribed, “In memory of the men of the Burgh and Parish of Annan who fell in the Great War 1914 – 1918,” the lower “1939 – 45” and “Glorious their fate.”

War Memorial, Annan.

From east. Great War names on upper plinth. World War 2 names and inscription, “Splendid Their Doom” on lower plinth. “Lest We Forget” picked out in iron rail surround at bottom:-

Annan, War Memorial

Reverse of memorial. Great War names on upper plinth. Second World War names on lower plinth plus inscription, “Honour them, and weep not.”

Reverse Annan War Memorial

From west. Upper plinth bears Great War names, the lower has World War 2 names and the inscription, “Give them praise not pity,” with “Lest We Forget” on the iron surround rail:

War Memorial, Annan from West.

This bench, which seems to have been erected by Annan Community Council, lies near the War Memorial:-

War Memorial Bench, Annan

War Graves and War Death Commemorations, Upper Largo, Fife

The kirkyard in Upper Largo (Largo and Newburn Parish Church, see previous post,) has two War Graves and two war commemorations.

To left. In memory of John Patrick Oliphant Russell, Captain, Royal Artillery, died of wounds in Italy, 7/9/1944. Buried at Gradara, Italy:-

War Death Commemoration Upper Largo Kirkyard 1>

Ralph Frederick Baxter, 2nd Lieutenant, Royal Sussex Regiment, killed in action, France, 25/9/1915, aged 18 and John Edward Baxter, 2nd Lieutenant, Scots Guards, killed in action in Italy, 16/10/1944, aged 19:-

War Deaths Commemoration Upper Largo Kirkyard

Serjeant T Simpson, Pioneer Coprs, formerly Royal Artillery, 10/8/1946, aged 46:-

War Grave, Upper Largo Kirkyard

Lower Inscription. In loving memory of Thomas Simpson, died 10th August, 1946:-

Lower Inscription War Grave Upper Largo Kirkyard

Lieutenant W A Freeborn, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, HMS Victory, 31/7/1944:-

Upper Largo Kirkyard War Grave

We took a diffeent way home from normal and had this unusual view of East and West Lomond, Fife’s highest hills from the Star (Star of Markinch) road:-

Two Lomonds in Fife

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