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St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery

Situated just by the side of the N313 road and its junction with the Felix Nadarstraat in St Julien (Sint-Juliaan,) West Flanders, Belgium, the cemetery contains 248 graves. It lies only a kilometre or so from the Canadian war memorial known as the Brooding Soldier.

Cemetery gates:-

St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery Gates

As can be inferred from the above view and this one of the graves this is yet another “corner of a foreign field”:-

St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery Graves

Menin Gate Again

On our trip to Belgium and the Netherlands last year we again visited Ypres and I took more photos of the Menin Gate.

Menin Gate from west, bathed in early evening sunlight:-

Menin Gate from West

Menin Gate from Ypres ramparts:-

Menin Gate from ramparts

Menin Gate from street:-

Menin Gate from street

Moat from Menin Gate:-

Moat from Menin Gate, Ypres

Relief Map of Ypres, situated right by the Menin Gate, on the west side:-

Relief Map of Ypres

On approaching the Menin gate from the Menin Road I noticed two statues that had not been there the year before. It turned out these had originally been at the Gate but had been presented in 1936 to the Australian War Memorial in memory of the thousands of Australians who passed through the Gate during the Great War. They had been temporarily returned in April 2017 (till November 2017) to their original location.

Lion Statues at Menin Gate

Close up on one of the lions:-

Menin Gate Lion

Menin Gate Lions information board in four languages:-

Menin Gate Lions Information Board

The information in English:-

Menin Gate Lions Information

War Memorial and War Grave, St Monans

The War Memorial stands in St Monans Church yard overlooking the sea and is a Celtic Cross surmounting a trapezoidal plinth. The inscription reads, “Erected by St Monance Parish in memory of those who fell in the Great War 1914 -1919.”

St Monans War Memorial

Great War names:-

St Monans War Memorial 4

Names for the Great War. St Monans Kirk in background:-

St Monans War Memorial 2

World War 2 Names. “Remember also the men of this parish who gave their lives in the war 1939-1945.”:-

St Monans War Memorial 3

There is one war grave in the churchyard. Deck Hand W Innes, RNR, HMS Victory, 20/3/1916, age 21. Possibly a casualty of the Battle of Jutland:-

St Monans, War Grave

War Memorials, St Athernase Church, Leuchars

Memorial altar:-

St Athernase

Leuchars was home to an RAF base for almost 100 years starting in 1916 and ending in 2015. It now hosts an army base.

The RAF had a close association with St Athernase Church. The refurbishment going on (see previous post on St Athernase) meant the memorials had been temporarily removed from the walls.

Memorial to ex-cadets of 1302 (St Andrews) Squadron Air Training Corps who died in World War 2:-

Air Cadets Memorial, St Athernase Church, Leuchars

547 Squadron Memorial:-

547 Squadron Memorial, St Athernase Church, Leuchars

Memorial to the hospitality shown by the people of Leuchars to Dutch members of the armed forces during World War 2:-

Memorial St Athernase Church, Leuchars

Penicuik War Grave

In St Mungo’s churchyard, Penicuik, Midlothian, just off the main road through the town.

Lance Corporal R P Brown, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 3/6/1920, aged 26.

Penicuik War Grave

Kemback Church, War Memorial and War Grave

Kemback is a village in the centre of Fife. It is near Cupar. The village is fairly off the beaten track so I hadn’t visited it before March last year.

The typically Scottish style Church is up quite a steep road off the one through the main part of the village and is a replacement for an older one. The War Memorial stands prominently beside it.

Kemback Church and War Memorial

The Great War Memorial is a Celtic style cross with embedded sword and its plinth is inscribed, “In memory of the men of this parish who fell in the Great War 1914-1919.”

Kemback Great War Memorial

The Second World War Memorial is a plaque on the church wall. “1939-1945. In grateful memory of the menof Kemback parish who gave their lives in this war.”

Kemback Second World War Memorial

There was one war grave in the cemetery, Private W Doig, Gordon Highlanders, 30/12/1919, one of the names on the Memorial. The poor soul lingered on for more than a year after the war ended.

War Grave, Kemback

War Memorial, Kilmadock Parish, Doune

Kilmadock Parish is in Stirlingshire and I believe Doune is its biggest settlement.

The obelisk style memorial on a square plinth with broader base base is prominently situated by the A 84 road between Stirling and Callander at its junction with George Street, Doune. The World War 2 Memorial pillar is to the extreme right here before the set of external stairs.

Kilmadock Parish, Doune, War Memorial 1

Closer view. The inscription reads, “To the glory of god and in memory of the men of the Parish of Kilmadock who gave their lives for King and Country in The Great War 1914-1919. See ye to it that these shall not have died in vain.”:-

Close up of Kilmadock Parish War Memorial, Doune

World War 2 Memorial pillar (to right of the earlier Memorial.) The inscription reads, “1939-1945. During those years when our native land was in mortal danger these young men gave their lives for us. Ne Obliviscaris” (Ne Obliviscaris = Forget Not):-

Kilmadock Parish, Doune, World War 2 Memorial

World War 1 names, first plaque:-

Kilmadock Parish, Doune, War Memorial 4

World War 1 names, second plaque:-

Kilmadock Parish, Doune, War Memorial 5

Dunkeld Memorial (Battle of Dunkeld)

This has only fairly recently been erected in memory of those who died in the Battle of Dunkeld, 1689, in the first of the Jacobite risings.

Dunkeld Memorial

Battle of Dunkeld Information Board:-

Battle of Dunkeld Information Board

War Graves, Cockpen and Carrington Parish Church

After Stobhill we passed this church on the way back from Crichton Castle (and Collegiate Kirk) and I noticed the Commonwealth War Graves sign.

Cockpen is south of Bonnyrigg on the B 974 between Bonnyrigg and Gorebridge.

Inside the churchyard I found no fewer than twelve war graves.

(I have no idea why some of these don’t show as pictures on the blog but only as links to my Flickr.

Edited to add; they seem to be loading okay, now.)

Guardsman G Davis, Scots Guards, 20/4/1919:-

War Grave 1, Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Sergeant T Smith, Air Gunner, RAF, 3/10/1943, aged 25. An urn in front of the gravestone commemorates Alice Cummings:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, Grave 2 + Alice Cummings

Able Seaman A Raeburn, RNVR, HMS Dinosaur, 15/6/1943:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, War Grave 3

Sapper J Murphy, Royal Engineers, 1/11/1918:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, War Grave 4

Private R Millar, Highland Light Infantry, 5/5/1917, aged 24:-

War Grave 5, Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Private A Ramage, Royal Scots, 27/4/1919:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard, War Grave 6

Gunner W Cranston, Royal Artillery, 15/3/1919, aged 20:-

War Grave 7,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Driver W Ward, Royal Field Artillery, 23/2/1919:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, War Grave 8

Flight Sergeant J E A Huschmann, RAF, 8/5/1943:-

War Grave 9,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Guardsman G K Pringle, Scots Guards, 19/10/1916:-

War Grave 10,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Private J Allan, London Regiment, 16/2/1919:-

War Grave 11,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Private P Bennet, Royal Scots, 23/10/1919@-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard, War Grave 12

Stobhill War Memorial

Stobhill Parish War Memorial, Midlothian, Scotland, lies alongside Hunterfield Road. I came across it on my way back from Crichton Castle and Crichton Collegiate Kirk. It’s unusual in having a pyramidal obelisk with the representation of a flag draped round it from a standard.

The upper inscription here reads, “In memory of the sacred dead who fell in the Great War 1914-1918.” Under the slogan, “They also gave themselves for the Empire,” are the names of two women, Mary Aitken, WRAF and Lizzie Dodds, VAD. The lowest inscription reads, “They shall grow not old as we that are left grow old.”

Stobhill War Memorial 1

The column to the right of the above reads, “Cherished is the memory of their costly sacrifice with fadeless pride and with the love that never grows old,” and the lowest inscription carries on the quote from the previous side, “Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn.”

Stobhill War Memorial

Reverse view. The right hand side here reads, “They gave themselves for the Empire, for the cause of freedom and for the uplift of the world.”

Below has, “At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.”

Stobhill War Memorial Reverse Sides.

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