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Boer War Memorial Plaque, Tynemouth

On the stairwell of what was once a church, now a shopping arcade in Front Street, Tynemouth

Boer War Memorial Plaque Tynemouth

Spennymoor War Memorial

Spennymoor is a town in County Durham. We usually bypassed it on travelling to and from Barnard Castle but last December we decided to have a look at it on our way back from visiting Bowes Museum. Unfortunately the light was fading a bit by the time we did.

Spennymoor’s War Memorial stands at a road junction:-

Spennymoor War Memorial From Distance

Closer view:-

Spennymoor War Memorial

Dedication; above cross “Pro Dieu et Pro Patria.” Below cross, “To these men of Spennymoor district who fell defending our liberty let their names be cherished with gratitude and pride and the remembrance of their steadfast endurance and gallant sacrifice be enshrined in t e haerts of our people for ever
and let this land whose hearts they saved from shame for many and many an age proclaim eternal honour to their name.”

War Memorial, Spennymoor, Dedication

“The Glorious Dead” of the Great War. I Abley – J H Evans:-

War Memorial, Spennymoor

Below these are the names for World War 2:-

Spennymoor War Memorial Second World War Names

Great War Names K Farthing – F Perry above and a 2011 Afghanistan name below:-

Great War and Afghanistan Names Spennymoor War Memorial 6

Great War Names, J Perry – W Young:-

War Memorial, Spennymoor, Great War Names 7

Great War 100th Anniversary bench, litter bin and effigy of soldier:-

War Memorial Bench, Spennymoor

Former Town Hall. It still holds Town Council meetings but now houses an Art Gallery and various other outlets:-

Building, Spennymoor

Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle

Bowes Museum is housed in an imposing building in Barnard Castle, County Durham:-

Bowes museum, Barnard Castle,

Bowes Museum and formal garden. Barnard Castle’s War Memorial is in the distance to the right here:-

Bowes Museum + Garden

Model of Bowes Museum inside museum:-

Model of Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle

Topiary in formal garden. Barnard Castle War Memorial in background:-

Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, Topiary in Formal Garden

Topiary from museum’s upper floor. Barnard Castle War Memorial to back left:-

Topiary, Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle

Otterburn Memorial

Otterburn is a village in Northumberland. In 1388 it was the site of a battle when a Scots army defeated an English one.

Just beyond the western edge of the village there is a memorial to the Battle of Otterburn. The memorial is also called the Percy Cross:-

Otterburn Memorial

Memorial to Battle of Otterburn

Closer View, Otterburn Memorial

Countryside beyond the trees at Otterburn Memorial:-

Countryside at Otterburn

252 Memorial Hall, Markinch

252 Memorial Hall, Markinch

The 252 Hall in Markinch was erected by local employer Tulliss Russell & Company as a memorial to twenty-four of their employees who died in the Great War.

Name plate above left hand window:-

Name Plate, 252 Memorial Hall, Markinch

In 1993 the hall was handed over for use by uniformed organisations (Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies etc,) but is also available for hire by other local societies.

Dedication Plaque, 252 Memorial Hall, Markinch

Auchtergaven Parish War Memorial (Bankfoot)

The War Memorial at Bankfoot in Perth and Kinross is of the cairn type. It sits on a small hill towards the north of the village. The plaque describes it as Auchtergaven Parish and District:-

Bankfoot War Memorial from Road

War Memorial, Bankfoot


Bankfoot War Memorial Reverse

Dedication, “To the memory of the Officers, NCOs and men of Auchtergaven Parish and District, 1914 -1919,” followe dby names and “Their Name Liveth Forevermore”:-

Bankfoot (Auchtergaven Parish) War Memorial

World War 2 Dedication, “World War 1939 – 1945 In Grateful Memory.” Note Ethel Torbet, Forestry Corps:-

World War 2 Dedication, Bankfoot War Memorial

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh (iii)

This first one I found very spooky. Those of you who know me well will understand why.

Private J Stephen, Northamptonshire Regiment, 16/8/1918:-

Morningside Cemetery, Great War Grave

Squadron Leader M J Tully, Pilot, RAF, 23/11/1941:-

Second World War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Lieutenant H S Consterdine, Royal Engineers, 11/6/918, aged 46:-

aWar Grave 22

Private J Woods, Royal Scots, 23/3/1920:-

aWar Grave 15

Private J Finlayson, RASC, 18/6/1917:-

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, Great War Grave

Corporal T B Fyfe, RASC, 11/9/1919, aged 31:-

Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Gunner D Gemmell, Royal Artillery, 12/9/1944, aged 39:-

Morningside Cemetery, Second World War Grave

Lieutenant F H D Jordan, Royal Garrison Artillery, 23/7/1918 and Private J Pryde, Royal Scots, 4/12/1919:-

Two War Graves, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Morningside Cemetery (ii)

More war graves from Morningside Cemetery. Two of these commemorate women who died.

Private C Cox, Royal Scots, 20/12/1918, aged 47:-

War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Driver A D G Linton, Royal Field Artillery, 29/3/1919, aged 23:-

Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Nurse Leila Mabel Elliott, Territorial Nursing Service, 2/3/1920 aged 32:-

Female War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Private W Mair, Devonshire Regiment, 20/10/1919, aged 22:-

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, Great War Grave

Private J Woods, Royal Scots, 24/3/1920:-

Morningside Cemetery, Great War Grave

Lieutenant Albert James L Innes, RAMC, 11/3/1920, aged 27:-

Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Lance Corporal A Sybray, Duke of Lancs Own Yeomanry, 4/10/1916, aged 28:-

Edinburgh, Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Private W McIlwraith, Royal Army Service Corps, 8/3/1919, aged 1929:-

Morningside Cemetery, Great War Grave

Private Margaret White Walker, Auxiliary Territorial Service, 11/2/1945, aged 22. (Supplementary groundstone erected by employees of Wm Thyne Ltd):-

Female Second World War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Sergeant J J Scott, Observer, RAF, 12/8/1940:-

Second World War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

War Graves, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh (i)

Morningside Cemetery lies between Morningside Drive and Balcarres Street in Edinburgh. It contains more than a few Commonwealth War Graves. Most are from the Great War but some are from World War 2. I found too many for one post.

Private J Couper, Royal Scots, 29/7/1915, aged 21:-

War Grave Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Private D A Chisholm, The Black Watch, 20/10/1920:-

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, War Grave

Corporal D W Marwick, RAF, 23/8/1940:-

Edinburgh, Morningside Cemetery, World War 2 Grave

Captain W A C Taylor, RAMC, 25/8/1917, aged 44:-

Edinburgh, War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Eng. Sub-Lieutenant E T Tylee, ‘HMS Nairana,’ 26/1/1919, aged 28:-

Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Private J T Tully, HLI, 18/9/1918, aged 31:-

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, Great War Grave

Private W R Simpson, 5th Reserve Regt of Cavalry, 14/1/1915, aged 25:-

Edinburgh, Great War Grave, Morningside Cemetery

Private A M Kerr, Royal Scots Fusilier, 21/4/1920, aged 33:-

Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh, Great War Grave

Corporal F Black, 5th Battalion Royal Scots, Queen’s Edinburgh Rifles, 27/1/1915:-

Great War Grave, Edunburgh, Morningside Cemetery

War Dedication, Captain Archibald Craig Miller, Forth Royal Garrison Artillery, 3/10/1915, aged 33:-

War Dedication, Morningside Cemetery, Edinburgh

Shandon War Memorial and Garelochhead Memorial Bench

Shandon is a village on the shores of the Gare Loch in Argyll and Bute (the part which used to be in West Dunbartonshire.) Garelochhead lies at the head of the Gare Loch.

Shandon’s War Memorial lies beside the A 814 between Rhu and Garelochhead and takes the form of a sandstone Celtic Cross. The inscription on the pillar reads, “And the leaves of thee were for the sealing of the nations.”

Shandon War Memorial

Great War dedication. “To the glory of God and in grateful memory of (names) who died on active service and of thirty-six men from the district who took part in the Great War 1914-1919 and returned in safety.” Below is inscribed, “Give thanks o heart for the high souls that point us to the deathless goals.”

Shandon War Memorial Great War Dedication

World War 2 dedication. “To the glory of God and in remembrance of the young men of Shandon who gave their lives in the Second World War 1939 – 1945.” Below reads, “The people blessed all the men that willingly offered themselves.”

Shandon War Memorial, Second World War Dedication

War Memorial bench, Garelochhead, presumably for the 100th anniversary of the Great War. Situated in grounds of church:-

War Memorial Bench at Garelochhead

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