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New Romney, War Memorials

The commemoration of the dead of New Romney in the two World Wars I subsequently discovered is on brass plaques within St Nicholas’s Church (see previous post.)

However what may be a recently laid memorial garden, probably for the 100 anniversary of the Great War, lies opposite the church.

This contains a stone slab with an attached metal panel inscribed with the familiar fourth verse of the poem “For the Fallen.”

War Memorial, New Romney, Kent

Another stone is dedicated to the Burma Star Association Romney Marsh Branch and is inscribed with the Kohima Epitaph, ‘When you go home, tell them of us and say, For your tomorrow, we gave our today.’

Burma Star Association Memorial, New Romney

There is also a “Ghost Soldier” seen here before a bed of poppies and remembrance crosses:-

"Ghost Soldier" War Memorial New Romney

Another memorial bears a plaque saying, “Candle of Remembrance.” Click to enlarge and see inscription:-

Candle of Remembrance, New Romney

Rye War Memorial

Rye’s War Memorial stands in the south-east corner of St Mary’s Churchyard. It was designed by Sir Reginald Blomfield in the form which was adopted as the Cross of Sacrifice. The cross surmounts a three-stage octagonal plinth, standing on a two-stage octagonal base.

There are in total 142 Great War Names, plus 42 for World War 2 and one each for the Gulf War and Iraq.

Inscribed on the first step of plinth below the names is, “In memory of the officers and men from Rye who gave their lives in the Great War MCMXIV – MCMXIX.” On the next step below, “Their name liveth forevermore,” and below again, “Also to those who fell in the 1939-1945 war.”

Rye War Memorial

War Memorial, Rye

Rye, War Memorial

War Memorial in Rye

St Mary’s Church, Rye

The most prominent architectural feature in Rye is St Mary’s Church.

The Church is rather hemmed in though – there’s not much room on the hill where it’s situated. This is a stitch of photos to show the whole church from the east:-

St Mary's Church, Rye, (Photo Stitch)

Clock Tower:-

Clock Tower, St Mary's Church, Rye

Clock tower from High Street:-

St Mary's Church, Rye, Clock Tower

Graveyard and Church:-

Rye, St Mary's Church and Graveyard

Church and War Memorial – note the upturned sword on the memorial turning it into a Cross of Sacrifice:-

Rye, St Mary's Church and War Memorial

Inside the church a memorial quilt was on display. The topography of the church made this difficult to photograph:-

Memorial Quilt in St Mary's Church, Rye

Also a memorial erected by their parents to the choristers of the church who fell in the Great War:-

Great War Memorial Plaque, St Mary's Church, Rye

Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, Belgium

Birr Cross Roads Cemetery lies on the Menin Road just east of Ypres/Ieper. One of the many Commonwealth War Graves cemeteries surrounding the city.

The cemetery contains 834 burials, 330 of whom are unidentified casualties. There are 504 identified casualties; from the United Kingdom (375,) Australia (115,) New Zealand (9,) Canada (4) and one Belgian.

From Menin Road. Cross of Sacrifice to right of centre, Stone of Remembrance to left of gates:-

Birr Cross Roads Cemetery from Menin Road

Soldiers of the Great War:-

Graves, Birr Cross Roads Cemetery,

The Belgian grave is of an interpreter to the British Army. It is inscribed, “A la Memoire de De Wattine Camille, L E, Sergent de l’Armee Belge, interprete a l’Armee Britannique. Mort pour la Belgique, la 29 Septembre 1918.” (In memory of De Wattine Camille, L E, Sergeant, Belgian Army, interpreter to the British Army. Died for Belgium, 29/9/1918):-

Grave of an Interpreter, Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, Near Ypres

The nine New Zealanders there include five soldiers from the Maori Battalion.

Corporal W M Karena, New Zealand Maori Battalion, 30/11/1917 and Private H Kanaru, New Zealand Maori Battalion, 30/11/1917:-

Maori Graves, Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, Belgium

Private H R Kereama, New Zealand Maori Battalion, 7/12/1917, aged 26 and Private M Hapuku, New Zealand Maori Battalion, 30/11/1917:-

More Maori Graves, Birr Cross Roads Cemetery

Private H M Power, New Zealand Maori Battalion, 7/12/1917, aged 22:-

New Zealand Maori Battalion Grave, Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, near Ypres

Hawkhurst War Memorial

Hawkhurst is a village straddling the A 229 in Kent, England. We passed through on our way down even further south after leaving Ironbridge.

Its War Memorial is a stepped set of stone pillars, square in cross section, surmounted by a cross. It was hard to photograph without items of street furniture intruding into the picture.

The inscription reads, “Hawkhurst War Memorial 1914-1918. Erected in sacred memory of our fallen heroes who gave their lives for their country. To the glory of god in the highest and on Earth peace and goodwill to all men. Geo Rex 1921.” Below, “1939-1945,” and what I assume are names from World War 2.

Hawkhurst War Memorial

South aspect. Great War names plus one death in Afghanistan in 2007. Middle layer of names is most likely for World War 2:-

War Memorial, Hawkhurst, Kent

Western aspect. Great War names:-

Hawkhurst, Kent, War Memorial

Northern Aspect. Great War Names. Bottom layer may be for Second World War:-

War Memorial, Hawkhurst, Kent

Ironbridge Again

In 2018 we visited Ironbridge, site of the eponymous iron structure. Unfortunately at that time the bridge was being refurbished and swathed in plastic. Last year on our way further south from Gladstone’s Library at Hawarden we returned. Lo and behold the bridge was revealed in all its splendour. A delightful sight.

The iron bridge at Ironbridge (Ironbridge War Memorial to right; see first link above):-

Ironbridge, Bridge

Closer view:-

The Bridge at Ironbridge

Reverse view of bridge:-

The Bridge at Ironbridge, Reverse View

River Severn from the iron bridge (looking east):-

River Severn From the Ironbridge

(Looking west):-

Reverse View River Severn from the Ironbridge

Ironbridge village from the iron bridge:-

Ironbridge from bridge

Ironbridge from bridge

River Severn to west:-

River Severn, Ironbridge, Shropshire

River Severn looking to bridge from west:-

River Severn at Ironbridge

Sadly earlier this year the River Severn rose – not for the first time – and overwhelmed the temporary flood barriers that had been erected in an effort to prevent damage.

Ironbridge flooding

Great War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

I have posted about Overleigh Cemetery Chester, before. These are all graves within the cemetery of casualties of the Great War:-

Private L C Woolley, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, 16/4/1919:-

War Grave, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

Private J Lawrence, Royal Lancaster Regiment, 20/12/1915, aged 33:-

War Grave, Chester, Overleigh Cemetery

Private H Jones, Cheshire Regiment, 15/11/1918, aged 45:-

War Grave, Chester

Private C Nuttall, Cheshire Regiment, 4/11/1918, aged 29:-

Chester War Grave

Pioneer C H Webb, Royal Engineers, 11/9/1918, aged 24:-

aChester War Grave 20

Serjeant Major J W T Francis, Cheshire Regiment, 25/5/1915, aged 27:-

Overleigh Cemetery, Chester, War Grave

Gunner R T Ryder, Royal Field Artillery, 20/4/1915, aged 20:-

Great War Grave, Chester, Overleigh Cemetery

Corporal H Cooper, Cheshire Regiment, 4/1/1917, aged 44:-

Chester, Overleigh Cemetery, Great War Grave

Boy A Burton, Cheshire Regiment, 19/2/1918, aged 17:-

War Grave of Boy, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

Corporal J Warburton, Royal Engineers, 21/2/1917, aged 44:-

Overleigh Cemetery, Chester, Great War Grave

Private H H J Martin, Cheshire Regiment, 3/11/1918, aged 30:-

Chester, Overleigh Cemetery, Great War Grave

Private T Z Stephenson, Royal Engineers, 7/7/1915, aged 32:-

Chester, Great War Grave

Captain Thomas Arthur Ellis, RAF, 20/11/1918, aged 25:-

Great War Grave, Chester

Pioneer A Sutton, Royal Engineers, 17/5/1920, aged 50:-

Chester, Great War Grave, Overleigh Cemetery

Private T Jenkins, Welsh Regiment, 30/8/1915, aged 18:-

Overleigh Cemetery, Chester, Great War Grave

Private E R Noakes, Machine Gun Corps (Cavalry,) 26/4/1920:-

War Grave, Chester

Sapper W H Turton, Royal Engineeers, 3/6/1918:-

Overleigh Cemetery, Chester, Great War Grave

Second World War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

I have posted several times previously about Overleigh Cemetery Chester. I photographed several World War 2 graves there.

Warrant Officer K Buckingham, Pilot, RAF, 7/9/1944, aged 23:-

Chester, Overleigh Cemetery, War Grave

Aircraftman 2nd Class W Ledsham, RAF, 23/2/1940:-

Second World War Grave, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

Corporal A Henshall, Royal Engineers, 5/12/1944, aged 28:-

Second World War Grave, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester,

Leading Seaman J D H Gibson, Royal Navy, 25/5/1945, aged 30:-

World War 2 Grave, Overleign Cemetery, Chester

Guardsman T E Mallard, Grenadier Guards, 9/7/1944:-

Overleigh Cemetery, Chester, Second World War Grave

Aircraftman W J Wilding, RAF, 14/2/1942:-

Second World War Grave, Chester, Overleigh Cemetery

Paired War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

For more general views of Overleigh Cemetery, see here.

It’s unusual in the UK for two soldiers to be commemorated on the one headstone. (It is much more common in the battlefield War Cemeteries in Belgium and France.)

There were two such paired burials in Overleigh though.

Gunner W Jones, Royal Garrison Artillery, 5/11/1918, aged 35 and Driver A Wildman, Royal Field Artillery, 6/11/1918:-

War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

Private R Jones, Cheshire Regiment, 19/10/1915, aged 21, and Private C H McLaren, Cheshire Regiment, 12/10/1915, aged 43:-

War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

Private A Waterfall, West Yorkshire Regiment, 26/7/1916, and Private E T Morris, Cheshire Regiment, 22/5/1916:-

Overleigh Cemetery, Chester, War Graves

Private J Williams, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 15/6/1921, aged 29, and Private F Dale, Manchester Regiment, 16/1/1921.

Chester, Overleigh Cemetery, War Graves

Bombardier C Pearce, Royal Field Artillery, 13/7/1920, aged 32, and, in background, F Williams, The King’s Liverpool Regiment, 2/6/1920, aged 20:-

War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

Czechoslovak War Graves, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

In amongst the Commonwealth War Graves in Overleigh Cemetery (see previous post) were those of three men from the former Czechoslovakia.

Karel Müller, VOJ, Czech Army, ?/?/1917-21/9/1940:-

Czechoslovak War Grave, Overleigh Cemetery, Chester

Antonin Umlaut, Des Czech Army, 11/6/1910-26/8/1940 and Rudolf Mikurchik, Des Czech Army, ?/?/1907-18/8/1940, with in the background, Lance Corporal W B Brown, The South Lancashire Regiment, 6/6/1940, aged 29, and Private G Atherton, The South Lancashire Regiment, 6/7/1940, aged 45:-

Czechoslovak (and British) War Graves , Overleigh Cemetery Chester

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