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Another Review for ParSec

You may have noticed on my sidebar that I am reading a book titled Absynthe by one Brendan P Bellecourt.

This is to be reveiwed for the online SF magazine ParSec.

Mr Bellecourt is an author new to me and Absynthe appears to be his first novel.

I was attracted to by the publisher’s blurb given to Parsec wherein it mentioned “a palace full of art-deco delights.”

Art Deco Former Cinema, Hexham

The Forum. Stepped roof-line, streamlining, rule of three in windows (disappointingly eyes poked out.)

Sadly no longer a cinema.

Art Deco Former Cinema, Hexham

Art Deco on a Tin

I spotted the tin whose lid is shown below in an antique shop.

The picture on it is of the Coop drapery in Workington as it was back in the day:-

Art Deco Tin

I didn’t buy the tin. Since we moved to Son of the Rock Acres I don’t have room to display the ones I already have.

Art Deco Style Houses Edinburgh

In June we had a wander in Edinburgh. I took a wrong turning and we got a bit lost.

As a result, though, we came across this block of 1930s housing:-

Art Deco Style Houses Edinburgh

The second left of the four looks to still have its Critall windows.* The others don’t. Their poked out eyes are not so pleasing but they look to be better upkept.

Edinburgh Art Deco Style Houses

(We found our way back okay by retracing our steps and I realised where the misstep had been.)

*The link goes to all my mentions of Critall windows, inclduing the one on this post.

Modern Art Deco in Bishop Auckland

When travelling back from Barnard Castle I spotted this modern building and took a right turn at the roundabout in order to photograph it. It lies on West Auckland Road. Horizontals, verticals, rounded corners, flat roof, white rendering, balconies all conform to Art Deco:-

Modern Art Deco near Bishop Auckland

Modern Art Deco, Bishop Auckland

The gate:-

Gate Modern Art Deco, Bishop Auckland


Modern Art Deco Building and Fence

Two Sides of Barnard Castle

The River Tees is out of sight (down the hill in the photo below and round a corner) from Barnard Castle’s main street (variously known as Horse Market and The Bank) but you can see hills. Seeing hills from the High Street is one of the good lady’s conditions for somewhere being a proper town:-

Hills from Barnard Castle

Further up the street there was a piece of minor Art Deco. Now Heron Foods, I’ve no idea what it was originally:-

Art DecoShop, Barnard Castle

Minor Art Deco in Stanhope, County Durham

Stanhope is a village in County Durham, England.

The Bonny Moorhen has some deco touches: horizontals, verticals, flat roof, rounded corner:-

Art Deco(ish) Building, Stanhope, County Durham

Its side aspect also shows off a stepped roofline:-

Stanhope, County Durham, Art Deco

Art Deco in Chester-le-Street, County Durham (iii) Former Woolworths Plus

Very Art Deco former Woolworths, Chester-le-Street. Now a B&M bargains:-

Art Deco Former Woolworths, Chester-le-Street

Also in Chester-le-Street this shop, now an M & Co:-

Art Deco Building, Chester-le-Street

Art Deco in Chester-le-Street, County Durham (ii) The Old Co-op

This one was too long for me to be able to fit into one photo. It still houses the Co-operative Bank, but also when we visited a Peacock’s and a Poundland.

Art Deco Shop Building, Chester-le-Street, County Durham

Central portion detail. Rule of three in the windows plus other Deco hallmarks:-

Central Portion, Art Deco Building, Chester-le-Street

Stitch of two photos to get whole building in:-

Stitch of Art Deco, Building, Chester-le-Street

Art Deco in Chester-le-Street, County Durham (i) The Post Office

On our trip to England’s north-east earlier this year we decided to make a stop in Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

When I pulled to a stop in the car park I’d chosen, right in front of me was an Art Deco building, which turned out to be the Post Office, built in 1936.

It’s one of those brick Art Deco buildings. Note the horizontals, verticals, canopy, rounded corner, flat roof:-

Art Deco Post Office, Chester-le-Street, Durham

This angle shows the rounded corner better:-

Rounded Corner, Art Deco Post Office, Chester-le-Street

Crown and ER 1936 (Edward VIII) logo detail on columnar window, round ended canopy:-

Chester-le-Street, Art Deco Post Office Detail

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