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Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 20: North West Circus Place

Two bank buildings – one a former bank – in North West Circus Place, Edinburgh, near Stockbridge:-

Frontage, Number 15, North West Circus Place:-

Former Bank, Near Stockbridge, Edinburgh


Detail, Former Bank, N West Circus Place, Edinburgh

Royal Bank of Scotland:-

RBS, N West Circus Place, Edinburgh

Front View:-

Front View, RBS, N West Circus Place, Edinburgh

Good cartouche above doorway and still deco style on the door itself:-

Detail, N West Circus Place, Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 19: Shandwick Place

The Co-operative Food om Shandwick Place, Edinburgh:-

Art Deco, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh 1

Upper levels. Rule of three in windows on either side of central portion:-

Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, Art Deco Shop


Detail, Co-op, Shandwick Place, Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 18: Fraser’s, Princes Street

On corner of Princes Street and Hope Street.

From Shandwick Place:-

Frasers, Edinburgh

Note clock on corner. Rule of three on windows above:-

Frasers, Edinburgh 2

From Princes Street. gain rule of three on windows:-

Frasers, Edinburgh from Princes Street

Bonsai at Gardening Scotland

One of the exhibits I was most taken with at Gardening Scotland at Ingliston in June was the display of bonsai in one of the buildings on the site.

Bonsai Gardening Scotland 2016

This “landscape” with “trees” was delightful. That circular wooden stand behind has a kind of Art Deco look too!

More Bonsai at Gardening Scotland

More “trees”:-

Bonsai Again Gardening Scotland 2016

A framed “tree”:-

Framed Bonsai Gardening Scotland 2016

These plants were trained in a kind of zigzag effect:-

Trained Bonsai Gardening Scotland 2016

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 11 (ii): The White House (Craigmillar Roadhouse) Interior

My original post about this building is here.

Last May we stopped in there for a coffee and a cake.

The internal doors:-

Art Deco Internal Doors

Door and ceiling detail:-

Art Deco Door and Ceiling Detail

Doors to café:-

Cafe Doors

Main room one angle:-

Main Room, Craigmillar Roadhouse, Edinburgh

Main room second angle:-

Opposite View of Main Room, Craigmillar Roadhouse

Main room third angle:-

Third View, Main Room, Craigmillar Roadhouse

Red room. This was where we sat down:-

Red Room, Craigmillar Roadhouse

Red room other angle:-

Red Room Opposite View, Craigmillar Raodhouse


Stairs, Craigmillar Roadhouse

Upper floor (i):-

Upper Floor, Craigmillar Roadhouse

Upper floor (ii):-

Upper Floor with Window, Craigmillar Roadhouse

Exterior detail of side doorway:-

Art Deco Exterior Detail


We passed through Knutsford on our way down south last year and it was only then that it struck us – when we saw an allusion to it on a building that it was named after Cnut Sveinsson aka King Canute or Cnut the Great, he who famously did not hold back the waves though it seems he was proving to sycophantic courtiers that he could not do that rather than attempting to show that he could.

We thought we’d stop for a look on our way back up this year.

This building had deco aspects in the rounded elements:-

Knutsford; Art Deco?

And on the right here was the one next door:-

Knutsford Again; Art Deco?

Tesla had deco styling on the pillar, canopy and roofline:-

Knutsford Art Deco Style


Tesla, Knutsford, Detailing

One of my interests is the Festival of Britain so I found this plaque worthy of note:-

Wesley Commemoration, Knutsford

Knutsford is a typical English town with quite narrow streets. I don’t know why the bunting was out:-

Knutsford, King Street again

Chesterfield Art Deco, Plus….

We stopped for the night just north of Nottingham and headed for Chesterfield in the morning as we knew from our previous visit it had a thriving street market as so many towns in England do.

Somehow I’d missed almost all the Deco in the town centre.


Greenwoods, Chesterfield

Note the beautiful detailing. Rule of three in the horizontal banding and great rectangle with diamond inlay pls horizontal banding throughout:-

Greenwoods, Chesterfield, Detail

McDonald’s has a hint of deco:-

McDonald's Chesterfield

Last time this was a nightclub called Escapade. Now it’s Department:-

Chesterfield Art Deco

Rule of three in the windows. Good brickwork:-

Tower Detail, Art Deco, Chesterfield.

Again rule of three; at least in upper windows which don’t seem to have been replaced. Good horizontal banding:-

More Detail, Art Deco, Chesterfield.

Deco corner site. Note the detailing between the upper and lower window layers especially on the unpainted brick gable:-

Deco Corner, Chesterfield

As is usual the town’s deco pièce de résistance is a former Burton’s (stitched photo) :-

Burton's, Chesterfield.

In amongst all this modern stuff could be found Tudor style timbering. The Twelfth Century Royal Oak:-

Tudor Style Timbering, Chesterfield

And an old bus, destination Brampton. We’d pass through Brampton later:-

Old Bus, Chesterfield

Art Deco in Nottingham

We travelled up through Nottingham intending to stop at The Crown for dinner to see if it was as Deco inside as out. Unfortunately when we got out of the car in the car park the noise from inside was blaring and was therefore even worse when we opened the pub door. It also looked a bit rough. We decided to move on.

It wasn’t long til we came upon the Beechdale – another Art Deco pub, this time brick-built.

This is from the car park:-

Art Deco Pub, Nottingham, England

From south-east:-

The Beechdale from Road

From south-west:-

The Beechdale

From west-south-west:-

The Beechdale Pub, Nottingham

We went into this one only to discover it was festooned with Saint George’s Cross flags. (It was in the run-up to the European Championships.) It didn’t look like Scottish sounding people would be very welcome. We opted for discretion and moved to the city centre where every single eating place had a bouncer on the door. That spooked us a bit. Yes, it was a Friday night but is Nottingham really such a dangerous place to dine out?

There was this delightful little Art Deco pub there that I spotted only after we’d already eaten. It didn’t look open anyway:-

Art Deco in Nottingham

Great detailing, with fox statue. The numbers are stylish too:-

The Foxy, Nottingham, Detail

Hook of Holland

Our landfall in (and departure point from) The Netherlands was at the Hook of Holland (Hoek van Holland) via the ferry from Harwich.

Thee is a port building there which doesn’t seem to be used as a terminal any more but is impressively Art Deco in appearance.

From the River Maas:-

Hoek of Holland

On the way back as we were waiting in the queue for boarding I managed to get two photos from which this is stitched:-

Hoek Van Holland Terminal Building

This one of its central roofline sculpture was snatched from the boat as it passed on departure:-

Detail Hoek van Holland Terminal Building

The town of Hoek van Holland is itself very tidy and neat (unlike Harwich on the other side which shows the civic neglect typical of the UK as a whole.)

There were two decoish buildings. In this one it’s the left hand window and its decoration, especially the stepping.:-

Touch of Deco in Hoek van Holland

Deco corner. (Or maybe it’s just that Dutch Amsterdam style.) Pity the glazing has been updated:-

Art Deco Style, Hoek ofHolland

The doorway panel in the side street has great rule of three in the windows above the door and lovely detailing in the brickwork:-

Art Deco, Hoek of Holland

Art Deco in Gronigen (iv)

This shop has good glazing:-

Art Deco Glazing, Groningen

The window has a lovely curve:-

Art Deco Shop Glazing, Groningen

Great horizontals here and the ironwork is delightful:-

Art Deco Styling, Groningen

There was some sort of annual celebration going on in early May so this is mostly hidden by a roller coaster. “Rule of three” in the gable windows though:-

Art Deco Style, Groningen

More rule of three on windows, upper detailing and ironwork on roof:-

Art Deco Style Shop, Groningen

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