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Bergen District Court

The building housing Bergen’s District Court, (Tinhuset, on Tårnplassen 2,) is in that quasi-fascistic official building Art Deco style. Its wiki page says it was designed by Egill Reimers in neoclassical style but to me there are clear elements of Deco in it and it was designed during the 1930s.

Bergen, Art Deco(ish) Building

Its entrance is adorned by stylised figures representing the four cardinal virtues, wisdom, justice, moderation and strength:-

Art Deco Style Figures, Bergen

The pillars are each surmounted by some sort of heraldic beast:-

Art Deco Detailing, Bergen


Deatailing, Art Deco Building, Bergen

Detail; horizontals, verticals, banding, patterned brickwork:-

More Detailing, Art Deco Building, Bergen

I found some better pictures of the court than mine on this flickr account.

More Art Deco Style in Bergen

In this building, most likely quite modern, we have horizontals, verticals, rule of three, and striped banding:-

Bergen Art Deco

Art Deco Building, Bergen

Norconsult building, 6 Valkendorfsgaten, Bergen. Horizontals, verticals, rule of three, banding:-

Bergen, Modern Art Deco

Norconsult building doorway:-

Art Deco Doorway, Bergen

Almost Dutch style Art Decoish building:-

Almost Dutch Style Art Decoish Building, Bergen

More horizontals, verticals and banding, plus decorative touches below some of the windows:-

Art Decoish Building, Bergen

Hints of Art Deco:-

Hints of Art Deco, Bergen

Scandic Bergen City

Modern Art Deco (or is it just Scandinavian?) style hotel in Bergen. Horizontals, verticals, balconies, rule of three in “tower” upper windows:-

Art Deco Style, Bergen, Norway

Bergen, Art Deco Style

Art Deco Style, Scandic Bergen  City

Detail, Scandic Begen City

More Art Deco Style, Bergen

Moderne and Art Deco Style in Bergen

This clock was on a building at the entrance to the dock where our ship was berthed. The tower in white and the flagpole are also deco features:-

Art Deco Style Clock, Bergen

While wandering Bergen city centre I was delighted to see this building looming. Lots of deco hallmarks; curvature, rule of three, horizontals, verticals:-

Modern Art Deco Building, Bergen

These closer views also show up the building’s balconies:-

Art Deco, Bergen

Detail, Art Deco Building, Bergen

This bridge nearby certainly has a deco feel, albeit in a Scandinavian way:-

Art Deco Style Bridge, Bergen

The National Theatre, Bergen (ii)

More pictures of the Art Nouveau National Theatre, (aka Den Nationale Scene,) Bergen.

Detail (to right hand side of entrance – mirrored on left hand side.)

Detail, The National Theatre, Bergen


Architectural Detail, The National Theatre, Bergen

Side Tower and Canopy. There is rule of three in the columnar windows so a hint (or a prefiguring) of Art Deco:-

Side Tower and Canopy, The National Theatre, Bergen

Side of the building (to the rear):-

Part of The National Theatre Building, Bergen

Side of building:-

More of The National Theatre Building, Bergen

Side of The National Theatre Building, Bergen

Rearmost side of building:-

To Rear of The National Theatre Building, Bergen

Back of building:-

Part of The National Theatre Building, Bergen

Stitched photo of part of building:-

The National Theatre Building, Bergen

1930s/Art Deco Building, Kelty

Kelty is a former mining village in Fife.

Incidentally their football team recently won promotion to the SPFL.

These photos were taken in October 2019 though.

On Main Street there’s a 1930s/Art Deco bank building. Horizontals, verticals, flat roof. The glazing looks updated but has kept the 30s style:-

Art Deco Bank, Kelty

Kelty, Art Deco Bank

Side of Art Deco Bank, Kelty

Art Deco Style at Bletchley Park

A lot of the buildings used during the Second World War in Britain had elements of deco style. Not surprisingly, the era had not really passed when the war began.

So it wasn’t entirely unexpected that when I rolled up at the car park at Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire, home of the WW2 British code-breaking effort, last September, the first buildings I saw were in that flat-roofed, Critall-windowed mode.

Buildings by car park. These are the sorts of things you see at former WW2 airfields:-

Wartime Buildings? Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park, External Building

This submarine model beside the road from the car park to Bletchley Park presumably commemorates the code-breakers’ role in winning the Atlantic war:-

Submarine Model, Bletchley Park

This is a more modern building in that wartime style but I don’t think it’s part of Bletchley Park:-

External Building, Bletchley Park

These modernised ones were all inside the Bletchley Park museum site:-

Bletchley Park Building

Modernised Building, Bletchley Park

Modernised Wartime Buildings, Bletchley Park,

One of the internal exhibits was this photograph of the impeccably Art Deco Hollerith Factory where the calculating machines known as Bombes, which tried out the variations of the intercepted Enigma messages to get a code match were manufactured:-

Art Deco Hollerith Factory Photograph, Bletchley Park,

Hollerith building and interior:-

Hollerith Factory and Interior

Former Majestic Cinema, Inverkeithing, Addendum

I featured this ex-cinema here.

Last March when visiting the antiques shop(s) now house dnsid ethe building I took these photos of the detail of the two tower portions:-

Inverkeithing, Former Majestic Cinema

Detail Former Majestic Cinema Inverkeithing

Aberdeen’s Art Deco Heritage 7: City Centre

I have already posted soem photos of Deco in berdeen city Cantre but in Jani=uary last year we were up there again and I found some more.

Former Amicable House. I think I showed this here, but this is my own photo. Horizontals, verticals, flagpole, rule of three in windows (which have been poked out unfortunately):-

Former Amicable House, Sberdeen

Capitol building. Stitch of two photos. Some Art Deco styling here:-

Capitol Building, Aberdeen

Detail. Rule of three in windows, deco style cartouches:-

Detail Capitol Building, Aberdeen

High deco light fttings and interior doors, Capitol building, Aberdeen:-

Doors and Light Fittings Capitol Building, Aberdeen

Art Deco Doors and Light Fittings

Art Deco, Aberdeen

Unfortunate relections in this one:-

Art Deco Reflections, Aberdeen

Art Deco in Sunderland (ii)

Former Woolworths building Sunderland:-

Art Deco Former Woolworths, Sunderland


Detail Art Deco Ex-Woolworths, Sunderland

Full frontage. Stitched photo. The curve is an artifact:-

Frontage Ex-Woolworths, Sunderland

Marks and Spencer. Horizontals, verticals:-

Marks and Spencer, Sunderland, Art Deco

Frontage. Stitch of two photos. The curvature is an illusion:-

Marks and Spencer, Sunderland, Art Deco

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