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Art Deco in Blackpool (v) Queen’s Mansions

Very Art Deco building in the grand style in Blackpool – though actually I think it’s technically in Bispham.

The ground floor now houses Hart’s Amusements. The rest is, I think, holiday accommodation.

From southwest. Its eyes have been poked out, though:-

Queen's Mansions

Full vista. Wonderful deco style. Great horizontals and verticals. Rule of three in columnar windows and the central portion above the rounded canopy. Flagpoles! Clock!:-

Art Deco Queen's Mansions Blackpool

Clock and Sculptures, Queen’s Mansions, Blackpool. Fine Art Deco styling. 1936 date on roof half-roundel. The sculptures are reminiscent of the A A Gill ones on the Midland Hotel, Morecambe:-

Clock and Sculptures, Queen's Mansions, Blackpool

Art Deco in Blackpool (iv) A Building

Under refurbishment at the time of photo. I’ve no idea what it is or was. Possibly once an insurance company?

Art Deco Building in Blackpool

Detail, cartouche and slogan, “Progress.”

Art Deco Detail, Blackpool

Friezes. Representations of aeroplanes of various sorts:-

Art Deco Friezes, Blackpool

Cartouche on corner block:-

Art Deco Cartouche on Corner Block

Ship friezes (right):-

Art Deco Ship Friezes, Blackpool

Ship friezes (left)

Ship Friezes, Blackpool

Stitch of ship friezes:-

Stitched Photgos og Ship Friezes, Blackpool

The further end of the building:-

Art Deco Building Again, Blackpool

Window detail:-

Art Deco Window Detailing, Blackpool

Art Deco in Blackpool (iii) Various

Las Iguanas. Nice curved frontage and great detailing if you zoom in:-

Art Deco Style in Blackpool

Harry Ramsden’s. This looks more like a seaside cafĂ© than a chippy. Near Blackpool Tower:-

Art Deco in Blackpool, Ramsden's

Modern Art Deco. Goldsmith’s. Doesn’t look at all like it’s from the 1920s or 1930s but still has the style:-

Modern Art Deco in Blackpool

Art Deco style flats:-

Art Deco Style Flats, Blackpool

Blackpool Art Deco (ii) Seaside Wall

Art Deco styling on Blackpool sea wall. Pillar, and fencing:-

Seaside Pillar, Blackpool

From shore side:-

Sea Wall Pillar, Blackpool

Blackpool Art Deco (i) Former Woolworths

This stunning builidng is hard by Blackpool Tower.

Loads of horizontals and verticals. And that clock tower! (Blackpool Tower behind):-

Old Woolworths, Blackpool

West (seaside) frontage. Now the Albert and Lion pub:-

Former Woolworths, Blackpool from West

Clock Tower:-

Clock Tower, Former Woolworths Blackpool

South facade and part of clock tower:-

Former Woolworths, Blackpool, South Facade

Towards the rear the building has a delightful curve. Those portions now house a Poundland and a Sports Direct:-

Curve on Fortmer Woolworths Building, Blackpool

The detailing here is sublime:-

Detailing, Former Woolworths, Blackpool

Rear of building:-

Rear, Former Woolworths, Blackpool

Art Deco in Rochdale (iii) Various Buildings

Lloyd’s Bank in full. Part of the building also appeared in my post entitled Art Deco in Rochdale (ii):-

Lloyds Bank Building, Rochdale

This one has aspects of Deco styling. At the time I visited it seemed to house an information centre about Rochdale:-

Deco Style Frontage, Rochdale

From side:-

Deco Style in Rochdale

This one now houses a Vet’s:-

Art Deco Building, Rochdale


Wynsor's Rochdale

Poundworld as was. (It won’t be a Poundworld now.)

Former Poundworld, Rochdale

Watan Cash and Carry. (Photo taken hastily from passenger window of the car I was being driven in.)

Watan Cash and Carry, Rochdale

A tin in the Co-operative Museum, showing the Co-operative’s Art Deco former Tea Warehouse in Salford, Manchester:-

Tin Featuring Art Deco Building

Art Deco in Rochdale (ii) Marks and Spencer

The Marks and Spencer in Rochdale is a typical 1930s building:-

Marks and Spencer, Rochdale


Roofline Marks and Spencer, Rochdale

Window detail:-

Window Detail, Marks and Spencer, Rochdale

Reverse view from first. Note Lloyd’s Bank to the left:-

Marks and Spencer, Rochdale, Reverse View


Until recently the River Roch through Rochdale town centre had been covered over for decades – almost a century. It’s been opened up now and the river looks well. A town always seems better for a river running through it.

Bridge in Rochdale town centre, Art Deco former Regal Cinema, now The Regal Moon, in background:-

Bridge over River Roch, Rochdale

Bridge in Rochdale town centre from opposite side, Town Hall in background:-

Town Bridge + Hall, Rochdale

Rochdale Town Hall and Square:-

Rochdale Town Hall and Square stitch

One side of Rochdale Town Square (to the right in previous picture):-

Rochdale Town Square

Rochdale’s most famous daughter is perhaps, Gracie Fields. There is a statue of her, complete with old style microphone, in the town square:-

Statue of Gracie Fields, Rochdale Town Square

Different angle. Town Hall in background:-

Reverse Angle Gracie Fields Statue,

The Rochdale trams are colourful; well, bright:-

Rochdale Tram

Art Deco in Rochdale (i) The Regal Cinema

Rochdale in Lancashire, a few miles north of Manchester, isn’t quite the grim post-industrial town I had half-expected. Its town centre is in fact fairly well appointed and its Town Hall a marvel I shall come to later.

But what I was most looking forward to seeing (having glimpsed it in the background to a photograph of a family member) was the former Regal Cinema – an imposing Art Deco building now housing a Wetherspoons called The Regal Moon. Note the rounded wall, the horizontal rule of three in the central windows and the vertical one in the flanking blocks:-

The Regal Moon, Rochdale

Frontage. There’s even rule of three in the white columns surrounding the central windows and in the detailing above the lower central windows plus a beautiful roundedness to the four white pillars and their peaks:-

Frontage, The Regal Moon, Rochdale

Opposite view. Note the lack of symmetry in the right-angled corner as compared to the curved one on the far side. The stepped upper levels descending towards the rear mirror the other side though:-

The Regal Moon, Rochdale, Opposite View

Some pictures of the cinema in its days as a picture house are here.

Art Deco Railway Station Model

As seen at Ingliston Antique Fair, Royal Highland Centre, Ingliston, Edinburgh, September 2107.

Model of Art Deco Railway Station

“Ground” level view:-

Art Deco Model, Railway Station

“Platform side” view:-

Art Deco Railway Station Model

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