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SF Bookshelf Travelling for Insane Times (iii)

Another for Judith Reader in the Wilderness‘s meme.

This week, the remainder of my SF hardbacks. Click pictures to enlarge them.

More Ian McDonald, China MiƩville, Christopher Priest, Keith Roberts, Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert Silverberg, a book of Art Deco posters which fits in nowhere else.

Science Fiction Hardbacks (iii)

On another shelf entirely, standing next to the above. This contains books by my not so secret SF vice, Harry Turtledove, plus one Gene Wolfe, among others. Above, on its side, is a book containing illustrated Bernie Taupin lyrics for early Elton John songs:-

Science Fiction Hardbacks (iv)

Art Deco Hotel, Tynemouth and Mouth of River Tyne

The Turk’s Head, Tynemouth, has Art Deco styling:-

Art Deco Hotel, Tynemouth

I couldn’t go to Tynemouth and not have a look at the River Tyne’s mouth.

Mouth of River Tyne with North Sea beyond:-

Mouth of River Tyne, Tyne and Wear

Art Deco Semis, Whitley Bay

Brick-built Art Deco semi-detached houses in (I think) Whitley Bay. They were in that area anyway.

Horizontals, verticals, rounded bay windows, flat roof. Pity their eyes have been poked out:-

Art Deco Houses, Northeast England

Whiley Bay Art Deco Houses

Minor Art Deco, Rothbury, Northumberland

Rothbury’s Co-op.

Minor deco, mainly in the stonework round the windows. Pity those windows have had their eyes put put.

Art Deco in Rothbury

Rothbury Art Deco

Interior, Markinch Primary School

I posted about the outside of Markinch Primary School here.

In May 2019 I had occasion to visit the school and got a look at the interior. Imagine my delight to find these Art Deco style doors at the entrance to the school’s Assembly Hall, complete with porthole windows and glass bricks.

Interior Markinch Primary School

I didn’t have my camera. All three of these photos were taken on a mobile phone, so are a bit blurry.

The stairway has Deco flourishes-

Stairway, Markinch Primary Schoo

With a nice curve to the handrail:-

Markinch Primary School Stairway

Buildings in Aalborg, Denmark

The first building we encountered after crossing the road between the dock and Aalborg‘s centre contained above a window this rather lovely mural of a sailing ship. (I think it was made of tiling):-

Ship Frieze, Aalborg,Denmark

Then there was this almost Tudor style building:-

Aalborg Building, Denmark

This seemed Dutch in appearance:-

Aalborg Building, Denmark

And this was the closest approach to Art Deco:-

Aalborg Building, Denmark

Another vaguely Tudorish building, off a side street, complete with fountain in front:-

Aalborg Building, Denmark

More Dutch style here:-

Aalborg Building, Denmark

More Art Deco, Helsinki

Yellow building photographed from coach stop. South Korean embassy/consulate to left here:-

Art Deco Building Helsinki

Espressso House. Shot as coach passed by on the way back to the ship:-

Art Deco/Moderne Building, Helsinki

More Art Deco Style, Helsinki

Deco detail on building, Maranello Women. (A hairdresser’s?) Snatched as coach passed by:-

More Art Deco, Helsinki

Helsinki Central Railway Station (ii)

We continued to walk through this (see previous post) until we came out the main entrance.

Booking Hall wall and clock:-

Helsinki Central Railway Station

Booking Hall:-

Booking Hall, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Lighting, Helsinki Central Railway Station Booking Hall

Mural and Clock:-

Mural and Clock, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Reverse view of interior semi-circular window:-

Interior Window Wall, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Canopy above main entrance:-

Main Entrance Canopy, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Figures by main entrance. (These are mirrored on the other flank of the doors):-

Figures, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Clock Tower:-

Clock Tower, Helsinki Central Railway Station

Main Entrance and facade. (A stitch of two photos):-

Main Entrance Helsinki Central Railway Station

Helsinki Central Railway Station (i)

My first glimpse of Helsinki Central Railway Station was from a distance. I had seen this clock tower on the way to the Sibelius Monument and thought, that looks deco, so resolved to photograph it on the way back:-

Helsinki Railway Station Clock Tower

We wandered closer to investigate and discovered the building it served is the Central Railway Station. I suppose technically it’s not Deco as it was designed and built before 1920. It has elements of Art Nouveau tipping over into Deco though. The building is a masterpiece.

This is only its side entrance:-

Helsinki Railway Station Side Entrance

Close-up on arched window. Note also canopy and doors:-

Arched Window, Helsinki Railway Station

The interior was stunnning. This, arched ceiling, clock, interior partition windows is the least of it. The light fitting is a bit modern, though:-

Hallway Helsinki Railway Station

Great decoration below arched ceiling:-

Helsinki Railway Station Interior

Looking towards main entrance. Rule of three in partition windows. Great decoration on pillars and surround:-

Interior Helsinki Railway Station


Concourse Helsinki Railway Station

Arched window from inside:-

Arched Window, Helsinki Railway Station

This arched partition window is wonderful:-

Wonderful Arched Partition Window,Helsinki Railway Station


Interior Hallway, Helsinki Railway Station


Interior Detail, Helsinki Railway Station

Another arched window:-

Another arched window, Helsinki Railway Station

There’s more of this to come!

Parliament and Rock Church, Helsinki

The Parliament building in Helsinki is in the imposing, monolithic, institutional Art Deco style:-

Parliament, Helsinki

Helsinki Parliament

The Rock Church (Temppeliaukio Church) is one of Helsinki’s attractions. We passed it on the way back from the Sibelius Monument but didn’t go in:-

Rock Church, Helsinki

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