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Art Deco Posters

These were in the corridor of the Carron to Mumbai Restaurant, Stonehaven. There was a railway theme.

Art Deco Poster, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

East Indian Railway poster for Calcutta:-

Art Deco Poster of Calcutta, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Art Deco Poster in Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Calcutta showing Metro sign:-

Art Deco Poster Showing Calcutta in Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Despite the date, 1916, this Indian Motocycle poster has an Art Deco background:-

Art Deco Style Poster, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

This one’s more film noir, though:-

Poster, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven, Art Deco Style

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 6 (v). Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven, Porch

On our visit to the Carron to Mumbai Restaurant We were seated in a corner but we soon discovered it was near to the main entrance. At a break I took the opportunity to photograph the porch.

Railings by steps up to door:-

External Railings, Carron Restaurant

Exterior curved wall and glazing:-

Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven Exterior

Upper glazing on porch:-

Glazing on Upper Porch, Carron Restaurant

External flooring:-

External Flooring, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

One of the windows:-

Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven, Glazing

Exterior far wall (I have photographed this from the other side):-

Exterior Wall, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 6 (iv). Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven, Interior

On the way down from Peterhead we made our way to the revamped Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven, now trading as an Indian Restaurant under the name Carron to Mumbai.

We came in through the Evan Street entrance (which is photographed in this post) through a bar area.

Bar area looking back towards Evan Street:-

A Bar, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

We then walked down a corridor lined with Art Deco posters. After surrendering our coats to be hung up we entered the restaurant proper.

The glazing is superb – and still original!:-

Windows, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven, More Windows

Ceiling and view down to far right wall:-

Ceiling, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Mirror (Picasso mirror?) on near wall:-

Mirror, End Wall, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Main bar and Art Deco clock:-

Main Bar and Clock, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Floor centrepiece:-

Floor Centrepiece, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Internal door (to toilet):-

Internal Door, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven,

Wall tiles inside toilet:-

Wall Tiles, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

Wall tiles and towel rail:-

Wall Tiles and Towel Rail, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

View from toilet back to mirror wall:-

View Towards Wall Mirror, Carron Restaurant, Stonehaven

What a visual experience! The food was very good as well. If you’re ever in Stonehaven you must take this in.

Unusual Shop Window, Berwick

A stunning piece of window glazing on The Brewer’s Arms, Berwick-Upon-Tweed. There’s almost a hint of Deco on the building’s upper portions and roofline.

From south(ish):-

Shop Window Glass, Berwick

From north:-

Window Glass in Berwick Shop

Windows close up:-

Shop Window Glass, Berwick

Art Deco in Chiswick

This photo appeared in yesterday’s Guardian as part of their Fantasy House Hunt feature.

It’s a wonderful Art Deco block of flats, white rendering, horizontals, verticals, balconies with rounded corners, flat roof, rule of three in entrance column. All its windows have been ruined though.

Art Deco flats Chiswick

A one-bedroom flat inside it will set you back a cool £495,000.

Art Deco in Annan

Lonsdale Cinema, Annan:-

Lonsdale Cinema, Annan

Mianly verticals but a kind of rule of three in the doorway:-

Annan, Lonsdale Cinema

Annan Cinema

The entrance is now to the rear:-

Entrance Lonsdale Cinema, Annan

Police Station. Horizontals and verticals, stepped roof at corner. Its windows have been ruined.

Art Deco Police Station, Annan

1940s Farm, Beamish Open Air Museum

One of the most memory provoking stops we made at Beamish was at the 1940s farm.

Farm Terrace:-

Farm terrace, Beamish, County Durham

Just along the way is this pillbox made from a boiler and which was actually used by the Home Guard near Durham:-

Beamish, Pillbox Made From a Boiler

The Art Deco style “sunburst” gate on the terrace is mirrored at the back entrance:-

1930s gate, Beamish, County Durham, folk museum

Across the road from the farmhouse there was a barn which had been converted into an eatery called British Kitchen. The menu had wartime “delicacies” such as Woolton Pie, which we passed on. I had a Black Market Bacon Stottie as I recall and the good lady a vegetarian pasty. See sample menu (not exactly the one we chose from) here.

Inside the farmhouse there was an Art Deco rug:-

Art Deco Rug, 1940s Farm, Beamish

The farmhouse’s interior reminded me of visiting older people’s houses when I was young.

A 1930s mirror:-

1930s fireplace, Beamish, County Durham

And chairs:-

1930s chairs, Beamish, County Durham, folk museum

Horse at 1940s Farm, complete with “land girl” (and modern visitors):-

Horse at 1940s Farm, Beamish

Outhouse with “Do Your Bit” slogan on old machine inside it:-

1940s Farm Outhouse, Beamish

Another outhouse, with chimney:-

Beamish, 1940s Farm Outhouse with Chimney

Car with blackout headlamps – and haywain behind:-

Car with Blackout Headlamps, 1940s Farm, Beamish

A luxuriating pig (destined for the Black Market Bacon?):-

Pig at 1940s Farm, Beamish

Art Deco at Butlin’s

This photo, taken in Butlin’s, Skegness, in 1982, appeared in the Guardian on 7/5/2020. It’s from a book titled Butlin’s Holiday Camp 1982.

The cream rendered building has the Art Deco look. Flat roofs, horizontals, verticals, lovely clock face, window that’s almost a slit to the left. (The white building to the left of that also appears Deco.)

Look at that slogan though, “OUR TRUE INTENT IS ALL FOR YOUR DELIGHT.”

Fascistic overtones, don’t you think?

(The picture was credited to Barry Lewis/In Pictures/Getty Images.)

Butlin's 1982

SF Bookshelf Travelling for Insane Times (iii)

Another for Judith Reader in the Wilderness‘s meme.

This week, the remainder of my SF hardbacks. Click pictures to enlarge them.

More Ian McDonald, China Miéville, Christopher Priest, Keith Roberts, Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert Silverberg, a book of Art Deco posters which fits in nowhere else.

Science Fiction Hardbacks (iii)

On another shelf entirely, standing next to the above. This contains books by my not so secret SF vice, Harry Turtledove, plus one Gene Wolfe, among others. Above, on its side, is a book containing illustrated Bernie Taupin lyrics for early Elton John songs:-

Science Fiction Hardbacks (iv)

Art Deco Hotel, Tynemouth and Mouth of River Tyne

The Turk’s Head, Tynemouth, has Art Deco styling:-

Art Deco Hotel, Tynemouth

I couldn’t go to Tynemouth and not have a look at the River Tyne’s mouth.

Mouth of River Tyne with North Sea beyond:-

Mouth of River Tyne, Tyne and Wear

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