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WW2 Memorials, Chester Cathedral

Cheshire Yeomanry Memorial. “In proud memory of the officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the Cheshire (Earl of Chester’s) Yeomanry who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1939 – 1945.”:-

Second World War Memorial, Chester Cathedral

Czechoslovak Memorial, “To the memory of Czechoslovak soldiers and airmen who fought with the Allies and sacrificed their lives during the 1939- 1945 war.”:-

Czech Memorial, Chester Cathedral,

Czechoslovak Memorial Information:-

Chester Cathedral, Czech Memorial Information Board

22nd Cheshire Regiment Memorial

This is also in the grounds of Chester Cathedral.

Cheshire Regimental Memorial

It is inscribed, “In grateful remembrance of the officers and men of the 22nd [Cheshire] Regiment who laid down their lives in the service of their country 1939-1945.”

22nd [Cheshire] Regimental Memorial 3

Regimental Memorial, 22nd Cheshire Regiment

22nd Cheshire Regimental Memorial

War Memorial, Chester

The Memorial is in red sandstone to match the Cathedral behind. It has a hexagonal base of four steps supporting a plinth bearing a cross.

It is inscribed, “Erected by a grateful city in honour of her sons who gave their lives for their country in the Great War 1914–1918. Their names are engraved on tablets of bronze in the Town Hall and their imperishable memory in the hearts of their fellow citizens.”

War Memorial, Chester

Inscribed on third tier here, “1939-1945”:-

War Memorial, Chester

Third view:-

War Memorial by Chester Cathedral


(I’ve been away over the weekend and so missed posting about Mac Davis and Helen Reddy. More anon.)

Anyway, here are some more photos from our trip to North Wales last September.

Prestatyn stands below a steep hill at the top of which there is a great view over the North Wales coast, looking over to Rhyl on the left with Prestatyn to the right:-

View from Hill Top, Prestatyn

Halfway up the hill there is a house with a balcony containing statues of two lookouts commemorating an RAF observation post there during the Second World War.

Lookout 1:-

Lookout, Prestatyn

Lookout 2:-

Further Lookout, Prestatyn

Both lookouts:-

Both Lookouts, Prestatyn

Near the top of the hill is the Eagle & Child Inn (also known as the Bird and Bastard):-

Eagle & Child Inn, Prestatyn

Prestatyn, Eagle and Child Inn

The above is not a badly parked car. It’s half a car:-

Half Car, Eagle & Child Inn, Prestatyn

RAF War Graves, Hawarden, Overview

Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth graves:-

Hawarden War Graves Overview

Czech War Grave, Hawarden

Jan Machalek, CET Sergeant, Royal Air Force, 3/8/1921 – 26/10/1942:-

Czech War Grave, Hawarden

Polish War Graves, Hawarden

These were in Hawarden cemetery No 2.

J Arcimowicz, Polish Forces, 3/1/1945, aged 19 and S Y J Przybylowic, Polish Forces 6/5/1943.

Polish War Graves, Hawarden

F Wares, Polish Forces, 19/5/1944, age 26 with, behind, S Sowinski, 1/2/1945, age 27 and W W Jaros, 3/11/1943, age 25.

Polish War Grave, Hawarden

L A Zozoniuk, Polish Forces, 14/10/1942, age 36, E Novakowski, Polish Forces, 11/8/1946, age 43. In background, to left, R Susalski, Polish Forces, 24/1/1942 age 24. (the above named S Sowinski is behind to right):-

Hawarden, Polish War Graves

Dutch War Graves, Hawarden

Proof, if it were needed, that we did not stand alone from mid-1940 onward.

These graves were in Hawarden Cemetery no 2, across Crosstree Lane from the previous graves in Hawarden I have featured.

Kingdom of the Netherlands. H W Pronk, 2nd Lieutenant GED RAF, 14/11/1917-2/11/1941:-

Dutch War Grave, Hawarden

Kingdom of the Netherlands. P J Van Boxtel, Sergt, VLG.ML.GED. RAF, 26/1/1921-28/10/1941:-

Hawarden, Dutch War Grave 10

Commonwealth War Graves, Hawarden, North Wales

Towards the bottom of the hill going down from St Deiniol’s Churchyard and bordering on Crosstree Lane are two collections of Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones. All commemorate World War 2, as I recall.

The first is a stitch of two photos to show the layout:-

War Graves in Hawarden, North Wales

The second lies beyond the lychgate seen in the first:-

War Graves, Hawarden

War Graves, St Deiniol’s Churchyard, Hawarden

Moving further away from St Deiniol’s itself, slightly downhill, we found scattered among other graves the distinctive shape of Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones. Usually Commonwealth War Graves Commission graves are well kept – even those in “normal” cemeteries. The ones here were a bit overgrown though.

Sub-Lieutenant J N W Parish, Royal Navy, HMS Herron, 17/5/1941, Aged 20:-

War Grave, Hawarden

The lower portion of the above stone commemorates Sub-Lieutenant Parish’s brother, David, Pilot Officer, RAF, lost on operations from Malta, February, 1942:-

Hawarden War Grave

L Serjeant G E Roberts, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 7/12/1940, aged 22:-

St Deiniol's Churchyard Hawarden War Grave 2

M C Hughes, Able Seaman, RN, “HMS Osprey,” 9/10/1942 aged 21:-

War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard, Hawarden

Sapper, W H Clover, Royal Engineers, 17/8/1940, Aged 26:-

Hawarden, St Deiniol's Churchyard, War Grave 4

Corporal J H Williams, Pioneer Corps, 14/11/1944, aged 34:-

Hawarden War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard

Signalman J Dutton, Royal Signals, 14/12/1916, aged 29:-
War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard, Hawarden

Private A Atkiss, Pioneer Corps, 27/7/1943, aged 32:-

Hawarden War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard

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