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Polish War Graves, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery, Perth (ii)

Memorial and Dedication stone behind:-

Polish War Graves, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery, Perth

Lower section:-

Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery, Perth, Polish War Graves

Looking east:-

Lines of Polish War Graves, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery, Perth

More Polish War Graves

From memorial stone:-

Perth, Polish War Graves, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery

A few graves were in smaller groupings:-

B M P Pawłowski, 28/7/1946, aged 53 and W Kowłowski, 14/9/1946, aged 48:-

Two Polish War Graves, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery Perth

RTM Z Cuzek, 6/3/1947, aged 57, Captain J Kopeć, 21/4/1947 aged 53, Lt-Colonel L A Beldowski, 11/9/1947 aged 48:-

Three Polish War Graves, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery, Perth

Two sets of seven Polish War Graves. The three plots to the right all contain two burials:-

Seven Polish War Graves Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery, Perth

Seven More Polish War Graves

Two sets of eight Polish War Graves, Again two burials per plot:-

Eight Polish War Graves

Eight More Polish War Graves

Polish War Graves, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery, Perth (i)

Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery, Perth, contains over 350 burials of Polish nationals who died in the 1939-1945 war.

Cemetery gates from the inside:-

Gates, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery, Perth

Polish War Graves sign by gates:-

Polish War Graves Sign, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery Perth

Memorial Stone and Dedication, “Eternal Glory to the Polish soldiers who died in 1939-1945 for our freedom and yours.” (alos rendered in Polish.)

Dedication Stone Polish Graves, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery, Perth

Information Board:-

Polish War Graves Information Board

Polish War Graves in setting:-

Polish War Graves, Jeanfield and Wellshill Cemetery,Perth

Perth Academy’s Old Building and War Commemorations

We were in Perth at the end of last year and for the first time took a stroll beside the North Inch on the Rose Terrace side.

There we discovered Perth Academy’s Old Building, a fine imposing edifice, used as the school from 1807 to 1932:-

Old  Perth Academy Building

Attached to its wall is this plaque dedicated to those former pupils who fought and died in the Great War:-

Perth Academy WW 1 Memorial

On the wall of a building in High Street is this plaque, presented to the people of Perth by the 1st Polish Army Corps in appreciation of the friendship extended to them in the city and county during World War 2:-

Polish Memorial, High Street, Perth

Kinnoull Hill, Perthshire

Despite it being relatively near we had never been up Kinnoull Hill near Perth till one fine day in August last year.

It’s a lovely wooded walk up to the top.

Path to summit:-

Kinnoull Hill Path, Perth, woodland

Kinnoull Hill Path,Perthshire, Scotland

We could see the town of Scone (pronounced Scoon) through a gap in the trees:-

Scone, from Kinnoull Hill, Perthshire

At the top there’s a good view of the “silvery” River Tay as it meanders eastwards:-

Kinnoull Hill View , Distant Hills

This is a stitch of three photos showing the river as it flows from Perth (on the right) under the Friarton Bridge then on towards Dundee.

River Tay stitch, Perthshire, Scotland

This is another stitch showing Perth itself:-

Perth from Kinnoull Hill

This one is looking north towards Dunkeld and Birnam:-

View from Kinnoull Hill

War Graves, Errol

Errol is a small town in the Carse of Gowrie, and lies about halfway between Dundee and Perth.

One of our sons lives there and while walking round one day last July (in that short time frame when such a thing was within Covid rules) I came across two Commonwealth War Graves in Errol cemetery.

Private W Soutar, The Black Watch, 17/1/1921:-

War Grave, Errol

Corporal C Anderson, 2nd Life Guards, 12/31919, aged 41:-

Errol, War Grave

Another grave bore this commemoration; Alfred Bramhill Doe, killed in action near Arras, 23/4/1917 aged 25:-

War Inscription, Errol

Perth Academy War Memorial

Perth Academy’s War Memorial is on the wall of the school hall.

Long View, War Memorial, Perth Academy. The boards above the War Memorial give the names of the various people who were Dux of the school over the years.

Long View, War Memorial, Perth Academy

The Latin inscription to the top of the memorial itself, “Academiae Bertyhanae Olim Cives Bella Caduci Omnia et Ipsos Pro Patria Dederunt,” I think translates as, “To the citizens of Perth Academy who gave up their precious lives in battle.” In 2019 two “ghost” soldiers were on the seat in front of the memorial:-:-

Perth Academy War Memorial 2019

Close View. Great War Names above then, “Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori.” “MCMXXXIX-MCMXLV” above the lower board – for Second World War.

Perth Academy War Memorial Close View

Soldiers’ Information, beside Perth Academy War Memorial:-

Soldiers' Information, Perth Academy War Memorial

Flowers of the Forest project details:-

War Memorial, Perth Academy

Flowers of the Forest display, Perth Academy:-

Flowers of the Forest, Perth Academy

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 13 (v): Perth Academy Building

In November 2019 we visited Perth Academy to attend its annual Remembrance Service.

Perth Academy’s history goes back to 1696 (or 1542 depending on which part of the text you read in the link above.)

The present building has Art Deco styling – not surprising as work started on it in 1930 and the school moved in in 1932.


Perth Academy Building

The clock tower is a prominent feature of the Academy building and can be seen from many parts of the city:-

Clock Tower, Perth Academy 2

The yellow painting of the windows accentuates the horizontals and verticals, as does the chimney tower:-

Part of Perth Academy

Deco style evident in doors, windows and the columns going off to the right:-

Wing of Perth Academy

Chimney tower and wing of building:-

Perth Academy Wing

Great War Exhibition ‘Map’, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Great War anniversary map of Scotland made of boxes with exhibits illustrating aspects of the war relating to the area depicted.

This was an on display in the room adjoining the restaurant at the Black Watch Museum when we visited in October last year.

Great War Exhibition 'Map', Black Watch Museum, Perth

Black Watch Museum Great War Exhibition 'Map'

Memorials, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Last October we again visited the Black Watch Museum in Perth. This time I took better photos of the various memorials in its grounds.

Iraq Cross, 2003 and 2004. Great War anniversary fence behind:-

Iraq Memorial, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Iraq and Afghanistan 2007 and 2009:-

Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Great War Memorial. In memory of the 300 men of the Black Watch who died in the Great War. “Their name liveth for evermore”:-

Great War Memorial, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Second World War Memorial. “Greater love hath no man”:-

Second World War Memorial, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Northern Ireland and Kosovo Memorial:-

Northern Ireland and Kosovo Memorial, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Perth, North Inch, Perthshire Volunteers Memorial

Another memorial on Perth’s North Inch (see previous posts.)

Memorial to the 90th Light Infantry, which was raised in 1794:-

Perthshire Volunteers Memorial, North Inch

The memorial was erected in 1883:-

Perhshire Volunteers Memorial

Perhshire Volunteers Memorial on North Inch, Perth

Perth Bridge behind:-

Perth, Perthshire Volunteers Memorial

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