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Black Watch Musuem, Perth, Scotland

The Black Watch Regiment’s Musuem is in Perth, Scotland, housed in an old castle, Balhousie Castle, Hay Street.

In the castle/museum grounds are several memorials. The entrance gates are dedicated to the memory of General Wavell.

This is a generalised one of a bagpiper but in Second World War battledress I think:-

Memorial at Black Watch Museum, Perth, Scotland

These are memorials to various other campaigns in which the Black Watch has taken part, most prominently here, Iraq:-

Campaign Memorials at Black Watch Museum, Perth, Scotland

When I visited in April last year this Great War commemoration took up a prominent position:-

Great War Commemoration at Black Watch Museum, Perth, Scotland

The museum itself is very interesting and took us longer to get round than we had anticipated. This cross – an original bettlefield one from the Great War – was in memory of Captain W D MacL Stewart, 2nd Lieut P R Husband and 44 NCOs and men of the 1st Battalion Black Watch, who all died on 20/9/1916.

Memorial Cross, Black Watch Museum, Perth, Scotland

As I recall this group of medals was awarded to Fergus Bowes-Lyon the brother of the late Queen Mother and who is commemorated on Glamis War Memorial:-

Medals Black Watch Museum, Perth, Scotland

On a less sombre note the museum has an excellent cafe/restaurant in a modern building connected to the castle via the museum’s entrance and which is always very well patronised.

McDiarmid Park, Perth

McDiarmid Park is the home of St Johnstone FC, and was the scene of the Challenge Cup* Final, 24/3/18.

My posts on the final are here, here and here.

Ormond Stand from access road:-

Ormond Stand, McDiarmid Park, Perth

Ormond and Main Stands:-

Ormond and Main Stands, McDiarmid Park

Main Stand (stitch of two photos):-

Main Stand, McDiarmid Park, Perth

View of North Stand:-

View of North Stand, McDiarmid Park, Perth

North Stand from Main Stand:-

North Stand from Main Stand, McDiarmid Park, Perth

East Stand:-

East Stand, McDiarmid Park, Perth

Ormond Stand from Main Stand:-

Ormond Stand from Main Stand, McDiarmid Park, Perth

*Irn Bru Cup

Sons First Top Flight Win in Fifty Years

Someone posted a link to this on Pie and Bovril.

I didn’t know this footage existed.

Muirton Park, Perth, October 7th, 1972. St Johnstone 0-2 Dumbarton. Sons first win in the top division since 1922.

I was there!

Muirton Park is long since gone and is now the site of an ASDA store.

Long gone too are Sons’ chances of a place in the top flight. Money – or its chasing by the “big” clubs – put paid to that.

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 13 (iv): Perth Yet Again

We were in Perth for a meal with our youngest and his fiancĂ©e (the wedding is in July) and parked in a car park I’d never used before; in Speygate. I couldn’t help noticing this building at the corner of Speygate and Canal Street.

Speygate aspect:-

Art Deco Corner Building, Perth

From Canal Street. Good curve, flat roof, with embellishment. Pity the windows have been replaced:-

Perth Art Deco Style Building

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 13 (iii): Perth Once More

We were in Perth at the back end of October and I took the chance to photograph this shop in South Methven Street – mainly for the lettering on the tobacconist’s shop though the upper portion of the building may be deco too, or perhaps a bit later. The windows have been poked out, whatever.

Round the corner in South Street is this next building. Good columning here, lovely curve on the roof line and the upward tweaks at the edge of the roof are nice touches.

Pullar’s of Perth War Memorial

We were in Perth a few weeks ago and discovered the memorial to the employees of the famous former Dye and Cleaning Works, Pullar’s of Perth, who died in the two World Wars. It’s set into the wall of Pullar’s House in Kinnoull Street. We don’t normally walk past it so it was serendipitous.

For close-ups of the memorial and the names on it see the Scottish War Memorials website.

Perth Sky at Dusk

Dusk sky in Perth, 6/11/13. A stitch of three photos to get it all in.

Perth Sky at Dusk

Scotland's Art Deco Heritage 13 (ii.) Perth Again

I was in Perth recently and discovered this building hard by a nondescript retail park near the town centre. It’s called Highland House and has deco leanings. A plaque on its facade states 1921 which would mean this is from the pre-deco era but there are features which are very deco-like especially the nice curved pedimenting to the central portion of the building.

Highland House Perth

Below shows the curved far end of building. More pedimenting here.

Highland House, Perth from left

Detailing here includes triangular features above the door (was this once a flag standard holder?) and a protuberance near the left edge of the building in this view.

Highland House, Perth, Detail

A couple more photos of Highland House are on my flickr set for Perth.

Re-numbering Art Deco

For those of you who care about these things I decided a while ago that the numbering system I was using for my Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage posts had become too unwieldy.

For really signature buildings (or those geographically remote) I have retained the Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage title but otherwise I now list buildings under a narrower geographical heading, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee etc.

As a result I thought it better to re-number some earlier posts retrospectively and edit the posts accordingly.

For the record the changes are:-

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 6. Bon Accord Baths: now Aberdeen’s Art Deco Heritage 1

SADH 7. Carron Restaurant: now SADH 6

SADH 8 (and update.) Nardini’s: now 7 (and update)

SADH 9. Northern Hotel: now Aberdeen 2

SADH 10. Tarlair Swimming Pool: now 8

SADH 11. Ascot Cinema: now 9

SADH 12. Kelvin Court: now 10

SADH 13. Victoria Cinema: now Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 1

SADH 14. Green’s Playhouse: now Dundee’s Art Deco Heritage 1

SADH 15. Murraygate (I): now Dundee 2

SADH 16. Murraygate (II and III): now Dundee 3

SADH 17. now Dundee 4

SADH 18. Causewayside Garage: now Edinburgh 2

SADH 19. Dumbarton: now 11

SADH 20. Tobermory: now 12

SADH 21. Perth: now 13

SADH 17 (ii). Lilybank Mews: now Dundee 5

SADH 9 (ii). Beach Ballroom: now Aberdeen 3

SADH 22. Stonehaven Swimming pool: now 14

End of public information announcement.

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 13 (i.) Perth

I took several photos in Perth last week. The first two are of the Playhouse Cinema.

Perth Playhouse from right.

The street seems to double as a bus station so there’s a bus in this first one.
The bus had moved on by the time I took the second.

Perth Playhouse from left.

Typical Deco styling here, lots of vertical/horizontal interplay. It’s a strange mixture, though, of brickwork and white rendering. Both the Chester cinemas I featured a while back have features in common with this.

Here’s a picture of The Playhouse on flickr. And another.

Mill Street Building end elevation

This is just down from Perth Museum And Art Gallery (which is worth a visit by the way.) It was probably originally a mill building. It runs along Mill Street, anyway. This side is clearly Deco.

Mill Street Building showing side view

As is this side as far as the third windows along. Note the flagpole.

Building on South Street, Perth, Scotland.

No idea what this last one, on South Street, used to be. It’s a Co-operative Travel shop now, obviously.

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