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Carnegie Library and Dunfermline Abbey

The Carnegie Library in Dunfermline was undergoing refurbishment for a long while. It reopened last year with exhibition and museum spaces alongside the library files. At least they didn’t get rid of the old library bookshelves in the way that happened at the main Kircaldy Library when it was refurbished a few yaers ago.

From one of the upper exhibition spaces at the new Carnegie there is a great view of Dunfermline Abbey (through glass.)

Dunfermline Abbey from Carnegie Library

There is also a gardened area right beside the Carnegie Library with figures of Tam O’Shanter and Souter Johnnie in the circular seating space at centre here:-

Garden by Carnegie Library, Dunfermline

The box hedging gives way to a grassed area with intervening espaliered trees:-

Garden by Carnegie Library, Dunfermline

More espaliered trees finish the garden off:-

Carnegie Library, Dunfermline

Càrn Liath Broch (ii)

The broch’s entrance:-

Carn Liath Broch

The broch had bronze age modcons. Stairs:-

Carn Liath Broch stairs

An internal chamber:-

Càrn Liath Broch, Internal Chamber

View towards Golspie and Dunrobin Castle:-

Towards Golspie and Dunrobin Castle

The towers of Dunrobin Castle peek above the trees to the left here and on the hill is the statue of the infamous Duke of Sutherland:-

Golspie and Dunrobin Castle

Càrn Liath Broch (i)

It’s not just Orkney where you can find the remains of brochs.

This one, Càrn Liath Broch, lies west of the A 9 just north of Golspie, Sutherland, Scotland. It’s very well preserved.

Park at the lay-by on the other die of the road – take care crossing, it’s fairly busy – and it’s a short walk to the broch

From the A 9, Moray Firth in background:-

Càrn Liath Broch

From north:-

Càrn Liath Broch, from North

From south:-

Càrn Liath Broch from South

Broch interior:-

Càrn Liath Broch, Interior

An external structure:-

Càrn Liath Broch, External Structure

Information board:-

Càrn Liath Broch Information Board

Dunbeath, Caithness

Just over the Dunbeath Water from the small harbour lies Dunbeath Castle. This photo was taken from up the hill the road ascends north of the village, where we had parked the car:-

Dunbeath Castle

This is a closer view taken from the harbour:-

Dunbeath Castle Close-up

On a wall by the harbour is this memorial to the SS Gretafield which was torpedoed off Wick on 14/2/1940, set on fire, and finally ran aground on Dunbeath beach. 12 men died.

SS Gretafield Memorial, Dunbeath

A small building had a kind of museum to the small boats people used to use for fishing out of Dunbeath. This is a model of the type. I kept thinking of The Silver Darlings:-

Model Boat, Dunbeath

Castle of Mey, Caithness

So farewell, then Orkney. The Castle of Mey, formerly owned by Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, was so close to where we made landfall on the Scottish mainland once more that it made sense to visit. It is, after all, far too far for a day trip.

Castle from car park:-

Castle of Mey

Going through the gate seen in the above photo leads to the side of the castle. The castle’s garden is behind you in this view:-

Castle of Mey, Side View

Front view of castle:-

Castle of Mey

I had taken the rear view before entering the castle proper. No photos were allowed inside:-

Castle of Mey

Castle from garden:-

Castle of Mey from Garden

Pentland Firth and Hoy from the castle’s garden:-

Castle of Mey garden + Hoy

I took this to try to capture an image of the Old Man of Hoy. A telescope on the elevated platform the previous photo was taken from showed it, just, but it was too misty without sufficient magnification:-

Hoy from Castle of Mey

This is Dunnet Head – the northernmost part of the Scottish mainland, from the car park at the Castle of Mey. (I managed to capture a bird in flight as well):-

Dunnet Head from Castle of Mey

Some Buildings in Groningen +

More from our trip to The Netherlands last year.

Canalside (former?) warehouse. Roof under repair:-

Dutch Canalside Building Under Roof Replacement

Closer view. Note circular company information:-

Canalside Building, Groningen

Old building. Looks like 1641!

Old Canalside Building, Groningen

Modern Fountain:-

Fountain, Groningen, The Netherlands,

Hanging garden. Wisteria:-

Wisteria Drapery, Groningen, The Netherlands,

Boat in a courtyard:-

Boat in a Courtyard, Groningen

In a Dutch town you’re never far from a load of bikes:-

Bicycles, Groningen

Buildings in Drachten

A few buildings in Drachten I missed first time round.

Art Deco style brickwork on this:-

Art Deco Brickwork, Drachten

Typical old Dutch style:-

Dutch Style Building, Drachten

Modern bungalow type house but flat-roofed:-

House and Trees, Drachten

Another more modern style house:-

Modern Style House, Drachten

I also spotted this neat multi-child trolley being trundlied across the town square:-

Baby Trolley, Drachten, The Netherlands

Drachten Again

I posted photos of some of the buildings in Drachten, Friesland, The Netherlands, in November 2016.

Last year we visited the town again and it seemd to be on a Mondrian kick.

Several commercial premises were done out in his signature style.


Mondrian Decoration, Drachten,The Netherlands,

Shoe shop:-

Mondrian Window Dressing, Drachten, The Netherlands,

Shoe shop’s other window:-

More Mondrian Window Dressing

Stack of cubes in a café:-

Stack of Mondrian Cubes

Suspended cubes in the same café:-

Suspended Mondrian Cubes

We asked in the café what the reason for the Mondrian decorations was and they seemed not to know but thought it might have been a celebration of De Stijl (the Style.) 2017 was its 100th anniversary.

Art Deco in Sneek, The Netherlands

I could not beieve my eyes when from the steps of the Waterpoort in Sneek I spotted this toilet block.

Honest to goodness true Art Deco, streamlined, curved, mostly white, detailing picked out in contrasting paint.


Art Deco Toilet Block, Sneek

Door to Art Deco Toilet Block in Sneek

Detail Art Deco Toilet Block, Sneek

Sneek (iv) – The Cinema

The ultra-modern clean lines of Sneek’s cinema argue against it being Art Deco:-

Sneek Cinema 1

Yet despite its rather austere look there’s a definite deco feel to this. It might just be the flagpole but there is “rule of three” in the windows:-

Sneek Cinema 2

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