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Twisted Chimney, Rye

On the walls of Lamb House, Rye, were a couple of paintings of interest.

The first was of the house itself, showing how it looked before the Music Room was destroyed in World War 2:-

Painting of Lamb House, Rye

The second was a street view from one of the windows painted by Beatrix Potter:-

Beatrix Potter Painting in Lamb House, Rye

I took this photo of the same view. Note the twisted chimney on the building which partly obscures St Mary’s Church:-

View from Lamb House, Rye

This is from street level:-

Twisted Chimney, Rye

Closer view:-

Rye, Twisted Chimney

Reverse view:-

Rye, Twisted Chimney, Reverse View

Interior, Lamb House, Rye

I have posted about Lamb House, Rye, previously.

The staircase faces you as you enter:-

Staircase, Lamb House, Rye

The study is to the right hand side:-

Cabinet and Fireplace, Lamb House, Rye

The books in the glazed bookcase above this fireplace must have got hot when the fire was on!:-

Lamb House, Rye, Study

To the left of the staircase lies the drawing room:-

A Room in Lamb House, Rye

Window and Furniture In Lamb House, Rye

The dining room is at the back of the house from where doors lead out to the garden:-

Room, Lamb House, Rye

Round Window in Lamb House, Rye

Lamb House, Rye

One of the reasons for visting Rye was to see Lamb House, home to various writers over the years and visited by many more. We looked in the morning we were due to leave Rye.

Lamb House, Rye, East Sussex

I suppose the house’s most famous inhabitant is Henry James but the good lady is an advocate of E F Benson who was mayor of Rye for a while and set his series of novels about the goings on of Mapp and Lucia, in a fictionalised version of Rye. The books were admirably brought to the small screen in 1985 by London Weekend Television. The BBC version in 2014 was less successful in capturing the look and tone.

This is the gate to the garden. (The gate wasn’t open but we accessed the garden through the house):-

Lamb House, Rye, Garden Gate

The black plaque reads, “In Lamb House lived E F Benson from from 1919 – 1940 and A C Benson from 1922 -1925. Brothers and writers.”

Lamb House, Rye, E F Benson Dedication

Lamb House gable end from the garden:-

Lamb House, Rye, Gable End

Another notable former inhabitant of Rye – though not a writer – was the war artist Paul Nash. He liver in this house, as attested by the blue plaque:-

Paul Nash's House, Rye

St Nicholas’s Church, New Romney

We scooted along ten miles or so from Rye into Kent and New Romney. The ground is very flat between the two towns. It was at one time under water before the sea retreated. It’s a smallish town but pleasant. We had lunch in a café there.

The Church of St Nicholas was the most prominent architectural feature:-

Church of St Nicholas, New Romney

Its doorway is intricately carved:-

Door of St Nicholas's Church, New Romney

St Mary’s Church, Rye

The most prominent architectural feature in Rye is St Mary’s Church.

The Church is rather hemmed in though – there’s not much room on the hill where it’s situated. This is a stitch of photos to show the whole church from the east:-

St Mary's Church, Rye, (Photo Stitch)

Clock Tower:-

Clock Tower, St Mary's Church, Rye

Clock tower from High Street:-

St Mary's Church, Rye, Clock Tower

Graveyard and Church:-

Rye, St Mary's Church and Graveyard

Church and War Memorial – note the upturned sword on the memorial turning it into a Cross of Sacrifice:-

Rye, St Mary's Church and War Memorial

Inside the church a memorial quilt was on display. The topography of the church made this difficult to photograph:-

Memorial Quilt in St Mary's Church, Rye

Also a memorial erected by their parents to the choristers of the church who fell in the Great War:-

Great War Memorial Plaque, St Mary's Church, Rye

Rye, East Sussex

Rye has a long history. It was once a seaport but the sea has long retreated/silted up.

The older part of the town lies on a hill above the coastal plain. One of the approaches still retains the ancient Landgate:-

Landgate, Rye

Closer view:-

Rye Gates, East Sussex

View down towards gate from higher up the hill:-

The Landgate, Rye, East Sussex

Another very old building is the Ypres Tower/Rye Castle which now houses a museum. The tower has nothing to do with the Belgian town of the same name. It once belonged to a cloth merchant, Jean d’Ypres, and the name has stuck.

Ypres Tower, Rye, East Sussex

Ypres Tower, Rye

Ypres Tower, Rye, East Sussex

There is an old pair of stocks still standing just outside the east end of the Tower:-

Ypres Tower , (stocks), Rye, East Sussex

Soviet Aircraft Parts and Art Deco in Rye

The first place we entered in Rye, apart from the hotel, was an antique shop.

Imagine my surprise to find the tail fins from a Soviet MiG Fighter for sale!

MiG Fighter Tail Planes

There was also this Art Deco poster of Bexhill-on-Sea, featuring the town’s iconic Art Deco/Moderne De La Warr Pavilion:-

Art Deco Poster of Bexhill-on-Sea

And a jolly elephant (the company’s logo is an elephant) on a French (language) advert for Côte d’Or milk chocolate with the added bonus of an Art Deco style building in the background:-

Art Deco Picture

More of Gladstone’s Library

When I posted about Gladstone’s Library, here, here and here, I knew there were some photos I hadn’t featured but I obviously hadn’t saved them in the same file.

Well, now I have found them. In another file in the same folder.

From upper window:-

Gladstone's Library, Hawarden From Upper Window

I liked these small windows on the gable roofs. (For some reason they reminded me of Russiin roofs in the film of Doctor Zhivago):-

Gable Roofs, Gladstone's Library, Hawarden

Stairwell (photo a bit over-exposed):-

Gladstone's Library, Hawarden,Stairwell

Stairwell and landing window from upper floor:-

Gladstone's Library, Hawarden,Stairwell Landing

St Barbara’s, a Greek Orthodox Church in Chester

Another striking sight in Overleigh Cemetery, Chester was the presence of a Bulgarian Flag on a church within the grounds.

This turned out to be St Barbara’s, a Greek Orthodox Church, and the building is the former cemetery chapel.

St Barbara's exterior, Chester, orthodox church

St Barbara's exterior

The inside is sumptuous and full of iconography:-

St Barbara interior, Chester

St Barbara interior, Chester, orthodox church

St Barbara interior, Chester, orthodox church

St Barbara interior altar, Chester, orthodox church

The vaulted roof is a bit less ornate though:-

St Barbara's, Greek Orthodox Church, Chester

Chester Cathedral Interior

Model of Chester Cathedral in Lego. The idea is you buy a lego brick for £1 and add it to the model. Note the War Memorial on the green patch:-

Model of Chester Cathedral in Lego


Chancel, Chester Cathedral

The very ornate choirstalls:-

Choirstalls, Chester Cathedral

Vaulted ceiling:-

Ceiling, Chester Cathedral

Rood Screen & stained glass windows:-

Rood Screen & Stained Glass Windows, Chester Cathedral

More atained glass windows:-

Stained Glass Windows, Chester Cathedral

Modern stained glass windows:-

Chester Cathedral, Modern Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows and lightshades:-

Stained Glass Windows and Lightshades, Chester Cathedral

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