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Tullibardine Chapel Interior

From entrance:-

Tullibardine Chapel, Interior

History of family with links to the chapel:-

Tullibardine Chapel, Family History

Side chapel and internal archway:-

Tullibardine Chapel, Internal Archway


Tullibardine Chapel, Roof


Window, Tullibardine Chapel

Arch and window:-

Arch + Window, Tullibardine Chapel

Information about masons’ marks:-

Tullibardine Chapel, Masons' Marks Information Board

Looking back at tower end. Note intrusion of modern life  by way of fire extingusher at door:-

Tower End of Tullibardine Chapel

Looking up inside tower:-

Interior of Tower, Tullibardine Chapel

Tullibardine Chapel

We travelled on from Comrie by way of a misty Loch Earn:-

A Misty Loch Earn

On the way back via Innerpeffray Chapel we then sought out Tullibardine Chapel, a property in Perth and Kinross in the care of Historic Scotland. It’s located slightly northwest of Auchterarder:-

Tullibardine Chapel from Access Road

North gable  end:-

Tullibardine Chapel, Gable End.

View from east:-

Tullibardine Chapel, Side View

From south(ish.) Stitch of two photos:-

Tullibardine Chapel

At first we thought the chapel wasn’t open but the door in the photo below was slightly ajar:-

Part of Tullibardine Chapel

Information board:-

Tullibardine Chapel, Information Board



Innerpeffray Chapel

Innerpeffray Chapel lies off a minor road about halfway between Crieff and Auchterarder. It is contiguous to Innerpeffray Library, the oldest library in Scotland.

This is a view of the chapel alone:-

Innerpeffray Chapel

In its graveyard there is a gravestone with a dedication to David McKendrick, missing at Cambrai, 30,11,1917:-

Great War Commemoration, Innerpeffray


Turreted Building with a Memorial Plaque, Comrie

On the opposite side of the B 827 to Comrie’s War Memorial is this turreted building:-

Turreted Building, Comrie

The building corners on to a street called Field of Refuge:-

Comrie, Turreted Building

The plaque seen here  just above the lamppost has the inscription, “In Memoriam, 1914 1918”:-

Memorial Plaque Turreted Building, Comrie


Charles Rennie Mackintosh Building, Comrie, Perthshire

Comrie is a village in Perth and Kinross, lying almost halfway between Crieff and Loch Earn.

It has on its High Street a Charles Rennie Mackintosh building, complete with corner turret and the sort of external render familiar from Hill House. Not exactly the sort of thing you’d expect to see in a small Perthsire village.

Comrie, Charles Rennie Mackintosh Building

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Building, Comrie

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Building, Comrie

The church in the background above is perhaps Comrie’s most prominent building, best seen from the bridge over the River Earn. For obvious reasons this, the former parish kirk, is known as the White Church. It is dedicated to the obscure saint, Kessog:-

River, Church, Comrie, Perthshire


St Mary’s Collegiate Church and Nungate Bridge, Haddington

St Mary’s Collegiate Church, Haddington is a fine example of church architecture.

Church from approach path:-

St Mary's , Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland

The next two photos are stitches:-

St Mary's 1 and 2 stitch

St Mary's Church, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland

The River Tyne flows past the rear of the church and under the Nungate Bridge:-

Nungate Bridge at Haddington

I assume at one time nuns passed through the Nungate on their way to and from the church.

More Art Deco in Harrogate

The Odeon Cinema is the finest but not the only Art Deco building in Harrogate.

The Harrogate Chocolate Factory Café is right beside the Odeon Cinema. Flat roof, rule of three in upper windows, which have retained the air of Critall Windows though obviously replacements:-

Art Deco Styling, Harrogate

Elsewhere there is Primark. It was formerly a Marks & Spencer then a BhS.

Primark, Harrogate

Then there is Barclay’s Bank:-

Barclays, Harrogate

And Boots, which once housed a Woolworths:-

Boots, Harrogate

Odeon Cinema, Harrogate

Wow! Just wow!

My jaw dropped when I turned a corner in Harrogate and found this:-

Harrogate, Odeon Cinema

This must be one of the most stunning examples of Art Deco cinema architecture in the UK.  Most 1930s Odeon cinemas were fine illustrations of Art Deco but this has just about everything. Thin stepped tower with deco fonted lettering on the word ‘Cinema’, the canopy, the cream and green curve above it leading into the curved cream tower with thin line of windows and green streamlining at top, rule of three in the windows on the brick portion.

Side view. Look at those windows and green detailing below roofline:-

Odeon Cinema, Harrogate

The curved tower is beautiful:-

Curved Tower, Harrogate, Odeon Cinema

Odeon Art Deco Cinema, Harrogate

By the door on the cinema’s wall is this plaque outlining its history. It’s even been featured on a stamp:-

Odeon Cinema, Harrogate, History Plaque



Knaresborough Art Deco

As a contrast to Knaresborough Castle I thought I’d post poictures of the two Art Deco style buildings I found in Knaresborough.

Former Woolworths, now a Tesco Express. Very typical Woolworths detailing:-

Knaresborough  Art Deco

Cosmetic Dental:-

Art Deco Style, Knaresborough

Knaresborough Castle, Knaresborough, Yorkshire

The good lady had for a few years fancied a look at Knaresborough in Yorkshire.  We finally visited in November last year.

Knaresborough Castle is perhaps the town’s most historical feature.

Castle approach:-

Knaresborough Castle Approach

Information Board:-

Knaresborough Castle Information Board

The first structure you come across, though, is the castle’s Sally Port:-

Knaresborough Castle Sally Port

Information Board:-

Knaresborough Castle Sally Port Information Board

It being November the castle was done up in Remembrance Day colours:-

Knaresborough Castle

Including this figure of a World War 2 soldier. The figure of the Great War soldier had not yet been set upright:-

Knaresborough Castle, Yorkshire

Castle ruins:-

Knaresborough Castle from Green

Knaresborough Castle , Yorkshire

King’s Tower board:-

Knaresborough Castle, The King's Tower Information Board

Castle from below:-

Knaresborough Castle , Yorkshire

The trees in the surrounding gardens were covered in purple poppies and the more usual red ones. The purple ones commemorate animals that died in war:-

purple poppies, Knaresborough, Yorkshire

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