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Porto is a stunning city. I suppose it helped that the sun was shining – after all, even Cowdenbeath looks good in the sunshine – but the buildings were interesting. Not just São Bento Railway Station and the tiled churches but even generally “ordinary” buildings.

This was just down from the Great War Memorial. That tiled church is just to right of centre here:-

A Street in Porto

“Ordinary” building:-

Buildings in Porto

Some of the streets were narrow though:-

A Street in Porto

And like all great cities, Porto has a river, The Douro:-

River Douro at Porto

That way kind of led us out of town so we doubled back and found this way down to the river:-

Street leading to River Douro, Porto

Looking back up to city from bank of River Douro:

Porto Buildings from Bank of River Douro

São Bento Railway Station, Porto

The best tiling we saw in Porto was at São Bento Railway Station (Estação de São Bento.)

I neglected to take a photo of the exterior. This one is from TripAdvisor:-

No tiles there obviously. But the vestibule was fantastic – not to mention packed with people whom it was impossible to avoid getting in the pictures except when only photographing the upper portions:-

São Bento Railway Station, Porto

Buildings 3 Station 1

aBuildings 5 Station 3

More of São Bento Railway Station, Porto

The frieze at the top showed agricuktural scenes:-

Frieze, São Bento Railway Station, Porto

I had to stitch two photos of the corniced ceiling to get most of it in. The words Minho and Douro refer to the province in which Porto is situated (between the Minho and dDouro rivers):-

abuildings 7 Station ceiling

This brilliant interior reminded me of Groningen Railway Station.

Buildings, Porto

One of the architectural features of buildings in Porto was tiling, as in this church:-

Tiled Church, Porto

See the side wall:-

Tiled Church Wall, Porto

This had extensive tiling:-

Tiled Building, Porto

And this was striking:-

Buildings 11

It wasn’t just tiling. I liked the architectural sculpture of a lion here:-

Lion Building Porto

Some buildings were less ornate but still relatively exotic to Scottish eyes:-

Building Porto

Art Deco in Ferrol

There wasn’t much deco in Ferrol. We found two nice squares and this one, the Plaza de Espaňa, had a deco building on it:-

Plaza de Espaňa, Ferrol

A Banca:-

A Banca, Ferrol

Close-up showing deco detail on rounded corner:-

A Banca Close-up

Balconied Deco:-

Art Deco Building in Ferrol

More Art Deco, Ferrol:-

More Art Deco, Ferrol

Buildings in Ferrol

On the way in to Ferrol from the ship we passed an area known as Arsenal Militar. A mannequin recalled Spain’s military past. Here’s a photo with some beardy bloke beside it:-

Soldier Mannequin

Ferrol seems to be laid out in a grid pattern though the streets are not wide. This was at siesta time when the streets emptied:-

asiesta time

A square in Ferrol:-

Old and New

The building to the left of the square in the photo above has an odd mixture of architectural styles. See the glass gable-end:-

Odd Mix of Architectural Styles, Ferrol

It was also hard by what may be a memorial to Spain’s colonial wars (if I can trust my reading of the Spanish inscription.) It was in the middle of a busy road so I didn’t linger long:-

Colonial War Memorial, Ferrol

You know you’re not in Calvinist Scotland any more when you come across a statue like this in an otherwise perfectly normal street. (Hooded penitents are apparently a big part of Holy Week celebrations in Ferrol.):-

Hooded Penitent Statue, Ferroll

Art Deco in Avilés (iv)

Corner Deco:-

Corner Deco, Avilés

More corner deco:-

More Corner Deco, Avilés

La Voe de Avilés. “Rule of three” in the middle of the balconies. Good railings; and that compass dial above the door is a neat touch:-

La Voe de Avilés

Balconied Corner Deco:-

Balconied Corner Deco, Avilés

A more moderne style. Springfield:-

Moderne/Deco, Avilés

There’s a stunning mural of a ship and castellations at upper level here. Art Deco “rule of three” on the corner. I think this was the Play House Cinema:-

Mural, Avilés

Art Deco in Avilés (iii)

Another sunburst door in Avilés:-

Another Sunburst Door, Avilés

Art Deco styling balconies:-

Blue Art Deco, Avilés

Spanish Style, almost Deco:-

Spanish Style, Almost Deco, Avilés

Some buildings in Avilés had wonderful tiling on the exterior. This was in a particularly deco style:-

Art Deco Tiling, Avilés

A more modern take on the deco style in Avilés:-

By a Roundabout, Avilés,

Verging on Deco:-

Art Deco Style in Avilés

Art Deco in Avilés (ii)

The most stunning deco/moderne building we came across in Avilés was this very rectilinear infant and primary school. Colegio de Educacion Infantil e Primaria, “Palacio Valdes”:-

Art Deco in Avilés, Education

Doorway, note canopy:-

Art Deco Doorway, Avilés

The clock tower and face is great. Note flagstaff – plus “rule of three” in windows on gable end:-

Art Deco in Avilés

Art Deco in Avilés (i)

Avilés had a fair amount of Art Deco buildings or at least ones showing some of the style.

This first one definitely qualifies though. I couldn’t fit it in my camera’s frame nor did the photos stitch together. The facade took up three photos :-

Deco Style Building, Avilés

Art Deco Style Building, Avilés.

Same Art Deco Style Building, Avilés.

Central doorway portion:-

Doorway Art Deco Building, Avilés.

The actual doors were half-sunburst in appearance. Portal 17-A:-

Complementary Sunburst Doorway, Avilés.

Portal 17-b. Note the reflection of the half-sunburst as compared to 17-A and tiled frieze above:-

Art Deco Sunburst Doorway, Avilés.

More Avilés

Another Old Building, Avilés

Spanish style building:-

Typical Spanish Style Old Building, Avilés

Highly carved building:-

Old Building, Avilés, Decoration

Centre of above – the Camposagrado Palace, Avilés:-

Camposagrado Palace, Avilés

The town’s oldest building is the Church of Los Franciscanos:-

aoldest building 1

Oldest Building in Avilés

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