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War Graves, Peterhead

These graves were in the churchyard which lies behind Peterhead’s War Memorials (see previous posts.)

Sub-Lieutenant K S Roberts N Z Naval Volunteer Reserve, 7/6/1944, aged 22:-

War Grave, Peterhead

Gunners W Gawthorpe and S E Thomson, Maritime Regiment Royal Artillery, both 25/1/1942, S E Thomson aged 22. A Rogers, Trimmer, Merchant Navy, 12/3/1942, aged 24:-

War Graves, Peterhead Cemetery

This stone commemorates those known to be buried in Peterhead Churchyard but not marked by separate headstones. 15 known Great War dead. Two Great War and one Second World War unknown dead:-

Peterhead War Graves Memorial

Unknown fisherman given back by the sea 16/1/1943:-

Possible War Grave, Peterhead

Gravestone, “Erected by Alexander Stephen in loving memory of his sons who fell during the great European War, George who was killed at sea 15/2/1918 and is interred here and John who was killed at Arras 15/2/1917 aged 20.”

Great  War Grave, Peterhead

War Grave, Holy Trinity Church, Pitlochry

I must have passed this church building, of the Scottish Episcopal Church, twenty or so times at least. It wasn’t till October 2017 I noticed the Commonwealth War Graves sign on the gate.

Its grounds are lovely with a burn running through them.

Burn in Churchyard, Holy Trinity Church, Pitlochry

It contained one war grave quite near the entrance and close to the burn. Bombardier J Ward, Royal Garrison Artillery, 7/1/1915, aged 35:-

War Grave, Holy Trinity Church, Pitlochry

Here’s a video of the church and its grounds:-

St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery

Situated just by the side of the N313 road and its junction with the Felix Nadarstraat in St Julien (Sint-Juliaan,) West Flanders, Belgium, the cemetery contains 248 graves. It lies only a kilometre or so from the Canadian war memorial known as the Brooding Soldier.

Cemetery gates:-

St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery Gates

As can be inferred from the above view and this one of the graves this is yet another “corner of a foreign field”:-

St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery Graves

War Memorial and War Grave, St Monans

The War Memorial stands in St Monans Church yard overlooking the sea and is a Celtic Cross surmounting a trapezoidal plinth. The inscription reads, “Erected by St Monance Parish in memory of those who fell in the Great War 1914 -1919.”

St Monans War Memorial

Great War names:-

St Monans War Memorial 4

Names for the Great War. St Monans Kirk in background:-

St Monans War Memorial 2

World War 2 Names. “Remember also the men of this parish who gave their lives in the war 1939-1945.”:-

St Monans War Memorial 3

There is one war grave in the churchyard. Deck Hand W Innes, RNR, HMS Victory, 20/3/1916, age 21. Possibly a casualty of the Battle of Jutland:-

St Monans, War Grave

Penicuik War Grave

In St Mungo’s churchyard, Penicuik, Midlothian, just off the main road through the town.

Lance Corporal R P Brown, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 3/6/1920, aged 26.

Penicuik War Grave

Kemback Church, War Memorial and War Grave

Kemback is a village in the centre of Fife. It is near Cupar. The village is fairly off the beaten track so I hadn’t visited it before March last year.

The typically Scottish style Church is up quite a steep road off the one through the main part of the village and is a replacement for an older one. The War Memorial stands prominently beside it.

Kemback Church and War Memorial

The Great War Memorial is a Celtic style cross with embedded sword and its plinth is inscribed, “In memory of the men of this parish who fell in the Great War 1914-1919.”

Kemback Great War Memorial

The Second World War Memorial is a plaque on the church wall. “1939-1945. In grateful memory of the menof Kemback parish who gave their lives in this war.”

Kemback Second World War Memorial

There was one war grave in the cemetery, Private W Doig, Gordon Highlanders, 30/12/1919, one of the names on the Memorial. The poor soul lingered on for more than a year after the war ended.

War Grave, Kemback

War Graves, Cockpen and Carrington Parish Church

After Stobhill we passed this church on the way back from Crichton Castle (and Collegiate Kirk) and I noticed the Commonwealth War Graves sign.

Cockpen is south of Bonnyrigg on the B 974 between Bonnyrigg and Gorebridge.

Inside the churchyard I found no fewer than twelve war graves.

(I have no idea why some of these don’t show as pictures on the blog but only as links to my Flickr.

Edited to add; they seem to be loading okay, now.)

Guardsman G Davis, Scots Guards, 20/4/1919:-

War Grave 1, Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Sergeant T Smith, Air Gunner, RAF, 3/10/1943, aged 25. An urn in front of the gravestone commemorates Alice Cummings:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, Grave 2 + Alice Cummings

Able Seaman A Raeburn, RNVR, HMS Dinosaur, 15/6/1943:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, War Grave 3

Sapper J Murphy, Royal Engineers, 1/11/1918:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, War Grave 4

Private R Millar, Highland Light Infantry, 5/5/1917, aged 24:-

War Grave 5, Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Private A Ramage, Royal Scots, 27/4/1919:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard, War Grave 6

Gunner W Cranston, Royal Artillery, 15/3/1919, aged 20:-

War Grave 7,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Driver W Ward, Royal Field Artillery, 23/2/1919:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, War Grave 8

Flight Sergeant J E A Huschmann, RAF, 8/5/1943:-

War Grave 9,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Guardsman G K Pringle, Scots Guards, 19/10/1916:-

War Grave 10,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Private J Allan, London Regiment, 16/2/1919:-

War Grave 11,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Private P Bennet, Royal Scots, 23/10/1919@-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard, War Grave 12

Fortingall War Memorial

Fortingall is a village in Perth and Kinross, fairly remote. Go to Kenmore at the foot of Loch Tay, take the road along the north shore of the loch and turn right at Fearnan – and you’ve still a few miles to go.

The War Memorial lies in a walled off area just outside the churchyard:-

Fortingall War Memorial

This is the view of the kirk through the gates seen to the left above:-

Fortingall Kirk

Fortingall’s War Memorial Inscriptions read, “To the glory of god and in memory of those from Fortingall district who fell in the Great War 1914-1919,” and below, “They died that we might live.” Both inscriptions are also rendered in Gaelic.:-

Fortingall War Memorial Inscription

The 1939-45 names are engraved on one side of the Memorial:-

Fortingall War Memorial Side Panele

One of the gravestones in the kirkyard has war dedications. Pte Peter Cameron, 43rd Canadians, died of wounds in France, 12/10/1916, aged 29. Corp William Cameron, Scottish Horse, 5/3/1919, aged 36:-

Fortingall Cemetery War Dedication

Plockton and War Graves

Plockton from the jetty:-

Plockton Village from Jetty

Looking Towards Loch Carron:-

Plockton looking Towards Loch Carron

The climate is very mild. If you zoom in on the photo you will see palm trees:-

Plockton Village

The churchyard cemetery had a Commonwealth War Graves sign. There were two; one from each war, though both casualties died after hostilities ceased

Seaman W J Reid, RNR, SS Cresco, 30/11/1918, age 28:-

Second War Grave, Plockton

Captain R McKay, RAMC, 4/7/1946, age 46:-

War Grave, Plockton

Loch Alsh

The loch leads down from its junctions with Loch Long and Loch Duich at Dornie to where it meets the sea.

From Duirinish road. Dornie is off to left, Kyle of Lochalsh to right:-

View of Loch Alsh

Loch Alsh from above looking southwest. Kyle of Lochalsh off to right:-

Loch Alsh From Above Looking Southwest

Loch Alsh from above looking southeast towards Dornie:-

Loch Alsh From Above Looking Southeast

About a mile or so outside Dornie on the road to Kyle of Lochalsh there is a cemetery. It had the Commonwealth War Graves sign

Assistant Cook G R Duffield, HMS Port Quebec, 16/10/1940, age 42:-

Lochalsh War Grave 2

Able Seaman H J Moore, HMS Trelawney, 13/9/1941, age 22:-

Lochalsh War Grave 1

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