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Inveravon, Pictish Stones, and War Graves

In between Ballindalloch and Criagellachie Bridge we turned off the A 95 to find Inveravon Church and its Pictish Stones.

The stones were once in the open but are now kept in a porch:-

Pictish Stones, Inveravon

Inveravon Pictish Stones

Information Boards:-

Information Board, Inveravon

Inveravon PIctish Stones, Information Board 2

In the churchyard I found two Commonwealth War Graves.

Private A G Patterson, Seaforth Highlanders, 10/3/1915, aged 18:-

War Grave, Inveravon

Private J A Cantlie, Gordon Highlanders, 30/5/1918, aged 20:-

War Grave, Inveravon


White House Cemetery, St Jean-les-Ypres, Belgium

White House Cemetery lies beside the N313 road just north-east of Ieper (Ypres,) Belgium.

It is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery and contains mostly graves of soldiers killed from 1915-1918, but there are 9 burials from the Second World War including a Belgian casualty.

Cemetery from road:-

White House Cemetery, From Road

Entrance Gate:-

Gate, White House Military Cemetery

Panoramic stitch:-

White House Cemetery

Stone memorial to Great War soldiers buried elsewhere:-

Memorial Stone, White House Cemetery

There were too many graves from the Great War (1163) to itemise them individually. The graves of the nine World War 2 dead are shown below.

Three WW2 Graves. Cpt V C Marr, MC, The Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment, 23/5/1940, aged 41. Cpl F S Payne, The Queen’s Royal Regiment, 23/5/1940. Cpl F C Schilling, The Buffs, 23/5/1940, aged 32:-

Three 1940 Graves

Thrre more graves from 1940. Private F T Birchall, Royal Sussex Regiment, 23/5/1940, aged 20. Private G A Edwards, Royal Sussex Regiment, 23/5/1940, aged 20. Lt Col F T Green, Northamptonshire Regiment, 23/5/1940, aged 41:-

Three More 1940 Graves, White House Cemetery

Two 1940 graves. Gunner D Strachan, Royal Artillery, 22/5/1940, aged 36. Fusilier W Penrose, Lancashire Fusiliers, 22/5/1940:-

Two More 1940 Graves, White House Cemetery

Louis Henri Vanninsel, 13/9/1898 – 24/5/1940. Stierf Voor Belgie:-

Belgian Grave, White House Cemetery

Thee was a fenced off crater nearby signalling the continuing legacy of the Great War,

Crater near White House Cemetery



Commonwealth War Graves, Ypres Town Cemetery. Lest We Forget

Ypres Town Cemetery sits beside the Menin Road, not far from the Menin Gate in Ieper, (Ypres) Belgium.

It contains a number of Commonwealth War Graves of Great War dead.

I noted that these were all casualties from 1914. They were no doubt interred here since at that time there was no Commonwealth War Graves Commission to oversee the burials and these would have been done on an ad hoc basis. After the war they will have been given the honour of a CWGC headstone.

Commonwealth War Graves, Ypres Civil Cemetery

Commonwealth War Graves, Ypres Town Cemeery

Reverse view of above:-

Ypres Twon Cemetery, Commonwealth War Graves

Several graves lay close together. Cpt Robert Giffard, Royal Field Artillery, 1/11/1914. Cpt A A L Stephen, DSO, Scots Guards, 31/10/1914. Cpt & Adjt W H Ferrar, Welch Regiment, 31/10/1914:-

agraves 3

2nd Lt J A Tucker, Royal Field Artillery, 1/11/1914. Cpt G P Shedden, Royal Garrison Artillery, 31/10/1914. Cpt J F Allen, Loyal North Lancs Regt, 5/11/1914 aged 32:-

Three Commonwealth War Graves, Yores Town Cemetery

Captain Shedden’s grave is unusual in having a separate memorial stone cross behind the CWGC one. This may have been erected by his family before the CWGC headstone and is probably only there because the cemetery is not in the care of the CWGC, where all headstones are the same shape and, beyond wording carved into the bottom of the stone, such individual commemorations are not allowed.

War Graves, Haddington

These were in St Mary’s Collegiate Church yard.

Serjeant A Runciman, Royal Scots, 15/8/1915, aged 37:-

War Grave, Haddington

Military Medal recipient Serjeant J H V Suffill, HLI, 14/2/1919, aged 22:-

Haddington War Grave

Sapper J B Cranston, Royal Engineers, 13/5/1916, aged 28:-

aGrave 5

The grave of Colour Sergeant L H Hardie, Royal Scots, 28/5/1972, aged 39, being a non-war death, has an amended version of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstone with a notch cut either side of the top:-

Post-war Grave, Haddington

Another grave had a dedication to Flying Officer James Hubert Craig, RAF, 28/3/1946,in Burma aged 24. Buried in Rangoon:-

Military Dedication, Haddingto

War Graves, Milton of Bucahanan (ii)

Captain H J Westlake, Pioneer Corps, 10/7/1943, aged 45 and Captain M E C Steward, Royal Artillery, 12/10/1943, aged 55:-

War Graves, Milton of Buchanan Cemetery

Gunner J W Howarth, Royal Artillery, 23/6/1942, aged 21 and Gunner G MIller, Royal Artillery, 22/12/1942:-

Milton of Buchanan Cemetery War Graves

Serjeant L Porter, RAMC, 24/5/1942 and Major G Hayward, Royal Indian Army Service Corps, 12/6/1941, aged 47:-

Pair of War Graves Milton of Buchanan Cemetery

Nurse E Petrie, Voluntary Aid Detachment, 4/7/1941, aged 33, her brother Harry, Royal Corps of Signals, 9/12/1942 and Flight Lieutenant G C Challis, RAF, 23/11/1941, aged 53:-

Milton of Buchanan Cemetery, Two War Graves

Private C McDaid, Highland Light Infantry 28/12/1940:-

Milton of Buchanan Cemetery War Grave

Private J Elliott, Pioneer Corps, 11/1/1941, aged 63:-

War Grave at Milton of Buchanan Cemetery

War Graves, Milton of Buchanan (i)

Milton of Buchanan is a village in Stirlingshire on the road between Drymen and Balmaha, near Loch Lomond.

On its eastern edge there is a cemetery which contains 19 Commonwealth War Graves. All are from the Second World War.

Rifleman W Clabby, 29/1/1943:-

War Grave, Milton of Buchanan Cemetery

An MC and DSO recipient, Brigadier F H Witts, Irish Guards, 9/51941, aged 54:-

War Grave at Milton of Buchanan Cemetery

Captain W S Race, Royal Engineers, 4/2/1945:-

Milton of Buchanan Cemetery War Grave

Major E H Williams, REME, 1/11/1945, aged 55 and Gunner F H Searle, Royal Artillery, 27/8/1945 aged 39:-

Two War Graves, Milton of Buchanan Cemetery

Private T F Dodd, Pioneer Corps, 29/4/1944 aged 19 and Corporal T Lloyd, Pioneer Corps 27/9/1944:-

Milton of Buchanan Cemetery, Two War Graves

Gunner G Jones, Royal Artillery, 11/4/1944, aged 19 and Sergeant W B Graham, Air Gunner, RAF, 23/4/1944, aged 24:-

Two War Graves at Milton of Buchanan Cemetery

Allied War Graves, Dyce

More war graves in the Comonwealth War Graves cemetery at St Fergus’s Church, Dyce.

Fl Sgt R C Wood, Pilot ,RAF, 16/11/1941, aged 23, Czech national Vladimir Zaoral, NPOR Let, Flying Officer RAF, 5/11/1915 – 19/11/1941, Por W Śniechowski, 310 Squadron, Polish Forces, 8/12/1941, aged 24:-

World War 2 Graves, Dyce

Sgt A A Catton, Observer, RAF, 27/8/1941, aged 23, Czech national Alois Dvořák, RT Sergeant, RAF, 23/5/1916 – 24/9/1941, Pilot Officer J G Dunlop, Pilot RCAF, 15/11/1941, aged 21:-

3 Second World War Graves, Dyce

H J Cooper, Pilot, Royal Canadian Air Force, 7/7/1941, aged 29, Sergeant J C Steeves, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, RCAF, aged 20, Corporal J G Saunders, RAF, 22/7/1941, aged 25:-

Dyce War Graves

Sergeant D W Campbell, Wirless Operator/Air Gunner, RCAF, 16/6/1942, Wing Commander J A Dixon, Pilot, RAF, 13/7/1941, Sergeant J B Elder, Navigator, RAF, 7/12/1942:-

War Graves, Dyce

Pilot Officer J V Ensom, RCAF, 7/12/1942, aged 22, An Airman of the Second World War, RAF, Buried 30/12/1942, Flight Sergeant A R Spenser, Royal Australian Air Force, 6/6/1943, aged 22, Flying Officer E W Mitchell, Navigator, RAF, 22/9/1945:-

4 War Graves, Dyce

Pilot Officer J Winning, RAF, 27/5/1940, aged 39, Aircraftman 1st Class, H Buttery, RAF, 1/5/1940, aged 19, Aircraftman 1st Class, F Wallwork, RAF, 6/5/1940, aged 36, Flying Officer K N Gray DFC, RAF, 1/5/1940, aged 25:-

Dyce, 4 War Graves

Pilot Officer W F Crockart, Obsever, RAF, 22/3/1941, aged 28, Aircraftman 1st Class J E Mangion, RAF, 3/9/1940 aged 21, Aircraftman 2nd Class D Campbell, RAF, 3/9/1940, aged 30, Aircraftman 1st Class G W Scott, RAF, 31/8/1940:-

Commonwealth War Graves, Dyce

Sergeant F A V M Drummond, RAAF, 6/5/1940, aged 19, Flying Officer A R Nivison-Smith of Australia, Pilot, RAF, 6/11/1940 aged 22,Pilot Officer H M Coombs, RAF, 24/10/1940 aged 28. Thsi photo also includes Pilot Officer W F Crockart, Obsever, RAF, as above:-

Dyce, Commonwealth War Graves

German War Graves, Dyce

In the Commonwealth War Graves Commmission cemetery by St Fergus’s Church, Dyce, as well as the graves of Allied combatants there lie the remains of ten Germans who died in World War 2.

Paul Plischke, 5/4/1915 – 12/7/1940, Herman Zeitsch, 17/6/1920 – 5/9/1941, Walter Both, 19/9/1920 – 5/9/1941:-
Three German War Graves, Dyce

Herbert Huck, 18/9/1918 – 12/7/1940, Karl Löffler, 23/12/1917 – 5/9/1941, Georg Kerkhoff, 15/7/1919 – 12/7/1940:-
Dyce, 3 German War Graves

Heinrich A Bieroth, 31/5/1916 – 3/7/1940, August Skokan, 21/12/1915 – 12/7/1940, Werner Drexhage, 30/1/1917 – 5/9/1941, Fritz Rabe, 15/1/1918 – 3/7/1940:-
4 German War Graves, Dyce

Commonwealth War Graves, Dyce

These are some of the war graves at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery by St Fergus’s Church, Dyce. Most are from World War 2. Two are women who served in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAFs.)

Flight Lieutenant D M Poynter, RAF, 24/12/1941, aged 26, Sgt D A Farmer, Southern Rhodesia, Pilot, RAF, 1/1/1942, aged 21, Sgt H J Kelley, Air Observer Royal Canadian Air Force, buried near this spot, 19/1/1942, aged 23. Note Great War 100th anniversary bench in background:-

World War 2 Graves, Dyce Cemetery

Pilot Officer N Taylor, Royal Canadian Air Force, 5/12/1942, aged 25, Sgt R A Milliken, Royal Australian Air Force, 19/1/1942, aged 22, buried near this spot, Sgt B C Dickson, Royal Australian Air Force, 19/1/1942, aged 22:-

Dyce War Graves

Sgt J B Riley, RAF, 19/1/1942, aged 23, A C W First Class M A Miller, Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, 30/5/1943, Sgt R J Jackson, Pilot, Royal Canadian Air Force, 19/1/1942, aged 21, Flying Officer J W Thomson, DFC, Pilot, Royal New Zealand Air Force, 19/1/1942, aged 28:-

4 War Graves, Dyce

Flight Sergeant, E J Morrow, Royal Canadian Air Force, 23/5/1942, aged 21, Pilot Officer L G D Thomas, Wireless Operator/Air Gunner, Royal Canadian Air Force, 23/5/1942, qged 19, Sgt A Walker, Pilot, Royal Canadian Air Force, 27/4/1942, aged 19:-

3 War Graves, Dyce

Sgt D G Allen, Pilot, Royal Canadian Air Force, 28/5/1942, aged 20, Aircraftman First Class W F Dunbar, RAF, 16/6/1942, aged 20:-

2 War Graves, Dyce

Fl Sgt G Braddock, Royal New Zealand Air Force, 29/8/1943, aged 24, Sgt A F Smith, RNZAF, 29/8/1943, aged 24, Fl Lt H L Flynn, Royal Canadian Air Force, 15/12/1944, aged 23:-

Dyce, 3 War Graves

The following are of post-war deaths; Corporal M N J Grose, WAAF, 9/9/1945, aged 25, Squadron Leader, A L Carrie, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, 2/8/1950:-

Military Graves, Dyce

Three more graves of post-Second World War dead are nearer the entrance. Flying Officer W S Leonard, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, 3/4/1955, aged 24, Squadron Leader W M Hallam, RAF, 10/5/1952, aged 33, Pilot Officer D Robertson, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, 17/9/1951, aged 28. These gravestones have an arch missing from the usual headstones:-

Post-War Graves Dyce (War) Cemetery 2

War Graves, Dyce

In the churchyard at St Fergus’s Church (Old Dyce Parish Church) I found one war grave and a war dedication on another:-

Private J G Wilson, Gordon Highlanders, 24/9/1918, aged 19:-
War Grave, St Fergus's Churchyard, Dyce

Dedication to Gunner A Littlejohn, killed in action, 6/5/1917, aged 25:-

War Dedication St Fergus's Churchyard, Dyce

In the background to the photo above can be seen a Cross of Sacrifice. This is because over the wall from St Fergus’s Churchyard there is a Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemetery with more than enough graves (56 in this case) to be allowed one:-

Dyce (War) Cemetery

Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery, Dyce

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