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RAF War Graves, Hawarden, Overview

Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth graves:-

Hawarden War Graves Overview

Czech War Grave, Hawarden

Jan Machalek, CET Sergeant, Royal Air Force, 3/8/1921 – 26/10/1942:-

Czech War Grave, Hawarden

Polish War Graves, Hawarden

These were in Hawarden cemetery No 2.

J Arcimowicz, Polish Forces, 3/1/1945, aged 19 and S Y J Przybylowic, Polish Forces 6/5/1943.

Polish War Graves, Hawarden

F Wares, Polish Forces, 19/5/1944, age 26 with, behind, S Sowinski, 1/2/1945, age 27 and W W Jaros, 3/11/1943, age 25.

Polish War Grave, Hawarden

L A Zozoniuk, Polish Forces, 14/10/1942, age 36, E Novakowski, Polish Forces, 11/8/1946, age 43. In background, to left, R Susalski, Polish Forces, 24/1/1942 age 24. (the above named S Sowinski is behind to right):-

Hawarden, Polish War Graves

Great War Graves, Hawarden

Private J Evans, Highland Light Infantry, 11/6/1917, aged 23:-

War Grave, Hawarden

Private J McDonough, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 14/7/1916:-

Great War Grave, Hawarden

Dutch War Graves, Hawarden

Proof, if it were needed, that we did not stand alone from mid-1940 onward.

These graves were in Hawarden Cemetery no 2, across Crosstree Lane from the previous graves in Hawarden I have featured.

Kingdom of the Netherlands. H W Pronk, 2nd Lieutenant GED RAF, 14/11/1917-2/11/1941:-

Dutch War Grave, Hawarden

Kingdom of the Netherlands. P J Van Boxtel, Sergt, VLG.ML.GED. RAF, 26/1/1921-28/10/1941:-

Hawarden, Dutch War Grave 10

Commonwealth War Graves, Hawarden, North Wales

Towards the bottom of the hill going down from St Deiniol’s Churchyard and bordering on Crosstree Lane are two collections of Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones. All commemorate World War 2, as I recall.

The first is a stitch of two photos to show the layout:-

War Graves in Hawarden, North Wales

The second lies beyond the lychgate seen in the first:-

War Graves, Hawarden

War Graves, St Deiniol’s Churchyard, Hawarden

Moving further away from St Deiniol’s itself, slightly downhill, we found scattered among other graves the distinctive shape of Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstones. Usually Commonwealth War Graves Commission graves are well kept – even those in “normal” cemeteries. The ones here were a bit overgrown though.

Sub-Lieutenant J N W Parish, Royal Navy, HMS Herron, 17/5/1941, Aged 20:-

War Grave, Hawarden

The lower portion of the above stone commemorates Sub-Lieutenant Parish’s brother, David, Pilot Officer, RAF, lost on operations from Malta, February, 1942:-

Hawarden War Grave

L Serjeant G E Roberts, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 7/12/1940, aged 22:-

St Deiniol's Churchyard Hawarden War Grave 2

M C Hughes, Able Seaman, RN, “HMS Osprey,” 9/10/1942 aged 21:-

War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard, Hawarden

Sapper, W H Clover, Royal Engineers, 17/8/1940, Aged 26:-

Hawarden, St Deiniol's Churchyard, War Grave 4

Corporal J H Williams, Pioneer Corps, 14/11/1944, aged 34:-

Hawarden War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard

Signalman J Dutton, Royal Signals, 14/12/1916, aged 29:-
War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard, Hawarden

Private A Atkiss, Pioneer Corps, 27/7/1943, aged 32:-

Hawarden War Grave, St Deiniol's Churchyard

Charge of the Light Brigade Survivor

In St Deiniol’s churchyard, Hawarden, I noticed a sign pointing to a Crimean War grave. Naturally I made my way to it.

Crimean War Grave

Not only was Thomas Ryan, “a native of Kilkenny and late Troop Sergeant Major in HM XVIII Lancers,” present at the Battles of Alma, Inkerman and Sevastopol* he was at Balaklava* and was no less than a survivor of the Charge of the Light Brigade!

Whom – as his gravestone has it – “God’s high grace saved from death in the memorable light cavalry charge at Balaklava.”

Strictly speaking this is not a war grave as Ryan came back from Crimea and, “took his final discharge on October 20th 1908, aged 88 years.”

A wonderful thing to come on out of the blue, though.

*As the spellings were then.

Individual War Graves and Commemorations, Annan Cemetery

Corporal J Beattie, King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 27/6/1943, Age 27:-

War Grave, Annan Cemetery

Sergeant R Wilkin, Air Gunner, RAF, 8/9/1941, 27:-

Annan Cemetery, War Grave

Sergeant W Fleming, Pilot, RAF, 9/1/0/1944, Age 27:-

War Grave, Annan

M Caviney, Stoker First Class, HMS Ranger, 16/3/1919, Age 26:-

Annan War Grave

Pilot Officer W Burt, RAF, 1/1/1943, Age 21:-

War Grave in Annan Cemetery

Private J Matthews, Durham Light Infantry, 28/2/1918:-

Great War Grave, Annan

Lance Corporal D Tinning, Royal Engineers, 3/8/1942. Age 24:-

World War 2 Grave, Annan

David Lewis Willacy, Sgt Pilot, RAF, killed on active service, 1/9/1941, aged 25:-

War Inscription, Annan Cemetery

Robert Squince McCulloch, Lance Corporal, Highland Light Infantry, died of wounds in France, 21/2/1917, aged 21 years:-

Annan Cemetery, War Inscription

War Graves, Annan Cemetery

Annan Cemetery is on a minor road leading north off the A 75 just to the west of the town. It contains a fair number of Commonwealth War Graves.

There is a line of 22 quite near the entrance. One of these is for a Czechoslovakian airman:-

War Graves, Annan Cemetery

I photographed these in blocks hoping to make out the individaul names but in most cases the lighting makes that difficult. They all seem to be Second World War graves, RAF, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force or Royal Australian Air Force:-

Annan Cemetery, Four War Graves

To the right here is the grave of that Czechoslovakian, Karel Dosva, RAF, 20/10/1908-21/1?/1943.

4 War Graves, Annan Cemetery

3 War Graves, Annan Cemetery

Annan Cemetery, 3 War Graves

4 More War Graves, Annan Cemetery

Annan Cemetery 4 More War Graves

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