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Another Two for ParSec

 The Cruel Stars cover

The Cruel Stars by John Birmingham – see also my side-bar under ‘Currently Reading’ – is the latest book I’m reviewing for online SF mag ParSec. It’s the first of a trilogy.

It’s a bit of a bonus since it was published nearly ten months ago now. I had expresed an interest in the second in the series, The Shattered Skies, before I knew it was part of a trilogy and kind Mr Whates, the editor at ParSec, suggested I could read and review both books.

Another Review for ParSec

You may have noticed on my sidebar that I am reading a book titled Absynthe by one Brendan P Bellecourt.

This is to be reveiwed for the online SF magazine ParSec.

Mr Bellecourt is an author new to me and Absynthe appears to be his first novel.

I was attracted to by the publisher’s blurb given to Parsec wherein it mentioned “a palace full of art-deco delights.”

ParSec Calling

The latest book that I will be reviewing for online SF magazine ParSec has arrived.

The book is Only This Once Are You Immaculate by the wonderfully named Blessing Musariri, a Zimbabwean who is known for her poetry and as a children’s author.

Another Review Book

 The Second Rebel cover
 The First Sister cover

Another book has arrived from ParSec for me to review.

This is The Second Rebel by Linden A Lewis, the second in a series. I reviewed the previous instalment The First Sister in Parsec 1.

This latest review will, I assume, be published in ParSec’s second issue. I’ll get onto it soon.

ParSec 1

ParSec 1 cover

New digital SF magazine ParSec launched today from PS Publishing. It’s a handsome cover image.

You can buy it here.

I have no fewer than four, yes four, reviews within its pages.

This Fragile Earth by Susannah Wise

Composite Creatures by Caroline Hardaker

The Mother Code by Carole Stivers

The First Sister by Linden A Lewis

I’ll be posting those here once a decent time interval has passed.

New Review Books

Via Parsec (see here) I’ve received two more books for review.

These are Best of British Science Fiction 2020 edited by Donna Scott, which I hope will live up to its title, and Three Twins at the Crater School by Chaz Brenchley. This last seems to be the first in a series of “English girls’ boarding school stories. On Mars,” based I assume on the Chalet School books by Elinor M Brent-Dyer, an author whose Ĺ“uvre I do not remember ever sampling.

Two More Books

 This Fragile Earth cover
 The First Sister cover

I mentioned the new online SF magazine ParSec here.

Editor Ian Whates is keeping me busy. Two more books have arrived from him for review, This Fragile Earth by Susannah Wise published by Gollancz and The First Sister by Linden Lewis from Hodder.

Well it is actually my fault. I did ask for them from the list of review books he sent out.

New Reviewing Venture

NewCon Press, under the direction of Ian Whates, is starting up a new online SF magazine in the summer of 2021. Its name is ParSec.

There had been a suggestion that NewCon Press might be taking over Interzone but that did not come to fruition and Ian decided to go for the online option of a new magazine instead.

He did, however, contact me with a view to reviewing for ParSec and I was pleased to oblige.

The first two books of I hope many which I shall review for the new venture have now arrived. They are:-

The Mother Code by Carole Stivers, published by Hodder and Composite Creatures by Caroline Hardaker, an Angry Robot publication.

Both of these writers are new to me.

I’ve got a bit of leeway here. The reviews are not needed till June.

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