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Statues/Monuments in Bergen

This monument with a series of sculptures round its base I thiought represented all the trades associated with Bergen but it seems to be called the Sailor’s Monument or Maritime Memorial:-

Sculpture, City Centre, Bergen

Bergen, Sculpture in City Centre

This statue of the poet Nordahl Greig is to the side of the National Theatre:-

Nordahl Greig Statue, Bergen

King Hakon VII, 1872 – 1957:-

King Hakon Monument, Bergen

This one seems to list former Norwegian monarchs:-

Monument To Norwegian Monarchs, Bergen

Pitmedden Garden

When I was up north for the Peterhead game in August last year we took the chance to visit Pitmedden Garden as it’s always been somewhere the good lady wanted to see.

In the formal garden there’s some odd topiary:-

Topiary, Pitmedden Formal Garden

A fountain:-

Fountain, Pitmedden Formal Garden

A pond:-

Formal Garden, Pitmedden

Some geometric planting:-

Pitmedden Garden, Ellon, Aberdeenshire

Pitmedden Garden, knot garden, Aberdeenshire

An upper terrace with a semi-circular sculpture at the far end:-

Terrace, Pitmedden

The terrace gives a good view of the formal garden:-

Pitmedden, Formal Garden from Terrace

Formal Garden from Terrace, Pitmedden

Aberdeen, Wallace Statue and Market Cross

Statue of William Wallace in Aberdeen. This stands near Union Terrace Gardens. It is inscribed, “Willam Wallace, Guardian of Scotland” and in addition, I tell you a truth, liberty is the best of all things, my son, never live under any slavish bond, and was paid for with funds left for the purpose by John Steill of 38 Grange Road in Edinburgh, the son of James Steill sometime of Easter Baldowrie in Angus:-

William Wallace Statue, Aberdeen

Aberdeen’s Old Market Cross dates from 1686:-

Old Market Cross, Aberdeen

The Coxswain, Lifeboatmen’s Memorial, Seaham

On a plinth at Seaham’s harbour there is a memorial, titled The Coxswain, to the Lifeboat crews of Seaham:-

Lifeboatmen's Memorial, Seaham, County Durham

Head-on view:-

The Coxswain, Lifeboatmen's Memorial, Seaham,

Reverse view:-

Lifeboatmen's Memorial, Seaham, Reverse View

Memorial Plaque:-

Plaque on the Lifeboatmen's Memorial, The Coxswain, Seaham

Verse, “The Coxswain’s Cry.” Like Tommy, the memorial was sculpted by Roy Lonsdale:-

Plaque, Lifeboatmen's Memorial, Seaham

Miner’s Memorial, Seaham, County Durham

Seaham, County Durham, used to be a coal-mining town. There were three pits in the area, Seaham, Dawdon and Vane Tempest.

The Miner’s Memorial is on the main road through the town:-

Seaham, County Durham, Miner's Memorial

Reverse view:-

Miner's Memorial, Seaham, County Durham

Information Plaque:-

Plaque, Miner's Memorial, Seaham

Sculpture of Tommy at Seaham, County Durham

Seaham is a town on the North Sea coast in County Durham.

The statue of Tommy is on the seafront in an area known as Terrace Green by Seaham’s War Memorial. It was erected in 2014 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Great War.

Statue of Tommy at Seaham


Detail of Tommy Statue at Seaham, County Durham

Side view:-

Tommy at Seaham, Side View


Reverse View, Tommy Statue at Seaham

Its sculptor was Roy Lonsdale:-

Sculptor Signature, Tommy Statue, Seaham

Dedication plaques. The sculpture’s proper name is 1101, to reflect the minute of peace at the Armistice which ended the war:-

Inscription, Tommy Statue, Seaham

Other side view:-

Tommy at Seaham, Side View

There are more pictures of Tommy here.

Leaving Aalborg

Jellyfish in Limfjord:-

Jellyfish in Limfjord, Aalborg

Jellyfish in Limfjord, Aalborg

The eastern side of Aalborg has some striking modern architecture:-

Aalborg, Modern Building

Modern Architecture, Aalborg

A water-skier was practising in this inlet:-

Aalborg, Modern Architecture

Modern Buildings and older tower:-

Modern Buildings and Tower, Aalborg

Kildeparken, Aalborg, Denmark

Taking an underpass below the railway we found a nice park in Aalborg: the Kildeparken.

There were two small thatched buildings there. One seemed to be a public convenience, the other may have been a caretaker’s hut. Pity about the grafitti:-

Aalborg Thatched Building, Baltic cruise,

Aalborg Thatched Building

There was also a walkway with statues along its sides. This one is of the Three Graces:-

Sculpture, Aalborg, Denmark

The park is also home to the Singing Trees. Each performer at Aalborg’s Concert Hall is asked to plant a tree alongside which is a device containing a recording of a sample of their music.

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Denmark

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Baltic cruise

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Baltic cruise

Sadly during our visit none the playbacks we tried were working. Here’s a clip from You Tube where they were:-

Sibelius Monument, Helsinki

It was a longish walk out from Helsinki city centre to this. Unfortunately we arrived just after three tour buses had disgorged loads of Chinese tourists, each of whom wanted a selfie in front of it. It took ages before I could get a people-free shot.

Sibelius, Helsinki

Sibelius Monument, Helsinki

Sibelius Monument, Helsinki

Sibelius, Helsinki, Finland

I must say that face reminded me of weel kent Scottish literary figure Hugh MacDiarmid.

From reverse:-

Sibelius Monument, Helsinki

Sibelius Monument, Helsinki

Some of the other tourists:-

People at Sibelius Monument, Helsinki

So here’s a bit of Sibelius for you. Finlandia, Op 26:-

Catherine the Great Statue, St Petersburg

In Ostrovskogo Square, just off Nevsky Prospekt.

The building in the background is the Alexandrinsky Theatre:-

Catherine the Great Monument, St Petersburg

Monument to Catherine The Great, St Petersburg

A lamppost nearby:-

Lamppost in Ostrovskogo Square, St Petersburg

Planting in Ostrovskogo Square:-

Planting in Ostrovskogo Square, St Petersburg

More planting, between the statue of Catherine the Great and the Alexandrinsky Theatre Building.

Planting Ostrovskogo Square, St Petersburg

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