A War Memorial, Hebburn Cemetery

Hebburn, in Tyne and Wear, is a kind of ancestral home for me. My maternal grandmother was brought up there before her parents moved to Glasgow where she met my grandfather.

It’s a fairly typical north of England post-industrial town. I didn’t spot any Art Deco there, though.

We did pass a cemetery with the Commonwealth War Graves sign. This was Hebburn Cemetery. At the centre of the cemetery is a chapel in front of which lies a war memorial:-

Cemetery Chapel and a War Memorial, Hebburn Cemetery

The war memorial is a Cross of Sacrifice on an octagonal plinth. Inscribed round the base of the upper plinth, “Their name liveth for evermore.”

A War Memorial, Hebburn

To the left of the memorial as you approach it up the drive is a sculpture named “Poppies in steel,” with a sign saying, “You have done your duty, to honour you is ours” – Friends of Hebburn Cemetery, September 2019.

Poppies in Steel War Memorial, Hebburn Cemetery

A war memorial bench is nearby:-

War Memorial Bench, Hebburn Cemetery

I gather Hebburn’s main War Memorial is elsewhere. Looking at the aerial view in the link I see it’s actually close to the cemetery. Maybe next time we’re down there.

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