St Peter’s Church, Monkwearmouth

Our friend, who grew up in Roker, (yes where the famous stadium was situated) took us to local landmark St Peter’s Church, Monkwearmouth, one of the oldest in England, which is associated with the Venerable Bede of whom I read once that he astonished his contemporaries by being able to read without sounding out the words. (Or was that St Augustine?)

St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth

West Door (now not used):-

West Door, St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth

Side view. The stone courses on the ground mark out the original extent of the church buildings:-

Monkwearmouth St Peter's Church

Model of St Peter’s Church, Monkwearmouth, plus Viking Longship:-

Model of St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth, plus Viking Longship

Ceiling above chancel:-

Ceiling, St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth

Stained glass window, and altar:-

Stained Glass Window, Altar, St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth

Roll of Honour:-

Roll of Honour, St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth

Effigy of Baron William, builder of nearby Hylton Castle. The Hyltons were one of the Great Families of the Parish as in the notice:-

Hilton Effigy, St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth

The Hilton effigy information:-

St Peter's Church, Monkwearmouth Effigy Plaque

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  1. Iza

    Thanks for the visit and the pictures, this ceiling is superb !

  2. jackdeighton

    Thank you.
    Yes, the ceiling is superb but it’s a lovely building all round.
    Thanks for looking in and commenting.

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