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Whithorn War Memorial

Whithorn’s War Memorial is a hexagonal column surmounted by a globe, rising from a hexagonal plinth on succesively larger hexagonal bases. It stands in the middle of the main street.

The dedication reads, “The men from the Royal Burgh and Parish of Whithorn whose names are written here gave their lives for their country in the Great Wars 1914 – 1919, 1939 – 1945.” The upper tier of names, just above the plinth is for the war of 1939-1945:-

Whithorn War Memorial

War Memorial, Whithorn

Names, Whithorn War Memorial


And so on our journey through Dumfries and Galloway it was on to Whithorn.

Whithorn has an important place in Scottish history as it was the location of the first Christian Church in Scotland after St Ninian crossed over from Ireland in the year 397 or thereabouts and the ruins of the mediƦval Whithorn Priory stand in the town.

Architecturally Whithorn is a typical small Scottish town with stone built houses. I wasn’t really expecting any Art Deco but it does pop up in unlikely places.

Charles Coid, Butcher:-
There is a hint of eastern influence to this but the date in the cartouche is 1934 – slap bang in deco times – the geometric surround to the proprietor’s name with its mosaic construction and the towered roof line give it the look.

Art Deco Style in Whithorn

What looks like an old Woolworths; now houses “The Whithorn Story”:-

Old Woolworths, Whithorn

Georgian house:-

Georgian House, Whithorn

Memorial plaque to George Dickie, “Jack Brent,” member of the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War:-

Spanish Civil War Veteran Memorial, Whithorn

Pend leading to Whithorn Priory:-

Pend Leading to Whithorn Priory

The coat of arms above it is the Royal Arms of Scotland:-

Coat of Arms, Whithorn Pend

Priory side of pend:-

Pend in Whithorn, Priory Side

Shutters on pend windows:-

Shutters on Pend Windows, Whithorn

Upper Sorbie War Memorial

Sorbie is in the former Wigtownshire part of Dumfries and Galloway. I foun dafterr getting home from our visit tio the southeast that here is also a memorial for Sorbie Parish in the town of Garlieston a few miles east of this.

Upper Sorbie’s War Memorial is in the form of a Celtic Cross surmounting a plinth.

Upper Sorbie War Memorial

The inscription reads, “Pro Patria 1914 1918. To the glory of God and in memory of the men from the upper district of Sorbie Parish who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War.”
Below, “1939 – 1945. Pte James Kevan.”

Upper Sorbie War Memorial Dedication

Great War names:-

Upper Sorbie War Memorial Names

Names, Upper Sorbie War Memorial

Kirkinner War Memorial

Kirkinner is in the former Wigtownshire area of Dumfries and Galloway a few miles south of Wigtown itself.

Its War Memorial is in the form of a large (mortared) cairn embossed with a circular shield and is inscribed, “To the glory of God and in memory of the men of this parish who fell in the Great War 1914-1919.” Below the names it reads, “1914 Their name liveth for ever 1919.”

Kirkinner War Memorial

Dundrennan War Memorial

Dundrennan‘s War Memorial is situated outside the modern Church – across the road from Dundrennan Abbey. The church’s rose window in the photo was ‘rescued’ from the abbey when the church was built.

Dundrennan War Memorial

The inscription reads, “In proud and grateful memory of the men of this parish who died on service 1914-1919,” and, below, “1939 World War 1945.”

Dundrennan War Memorial Dedications

To the left of the memorial in the first photo above is another memorial plaque dedicated to the people who died in the crash of an aircraft in 1944, a local family and the aircrew. It is inscribed, “To the memory of the members of the Hamilton family who died on the 18th July 1944 when a Bristol Beaufighter aircraft crashed in Dundrennan village. James aged 35 and his wife Georgina aged 33 and their children Henry aged 10 and Agnes aged 8. Also the two airmen who died in the crash Henry Wiles (RAFVR) aged 21 Eric Young (RAFVR) aged 21. ‘Gone but not Forgotten.'”

Air Crash Memorial, Dundrennan

Auchencairn War Memorial

Auchencairn is a village in the historical county of Kirkcudbrightshire in Dumfries and Galloway.

Auchencairn War Memorial

Side View:-

Auchencairn War Memorial Side View


Names, Auchencairn War Memorial

New Abbey War Memorial

New Abbey is in Dumfries and Galloway. The Memorial lies by the grounds of Sweetheart Abbey.

Its War Memorial is a stone Cross with inlaid sword on a square base. Inscribed, “To the glory of God and in memory of the men of this parish and district who fell in the Great War.”

New Abbey War Memorial


Names, New Abbey War Memorial

New Abbey War Memorial, Names

Inscription on Memorial’s reverse. “1914-1919”:-

1914-1919, New Abbey War Memorial

V C Dedication to Pte James MacKenzie:-

V C Dedication, Pte James MacKenzie

Maxwelltown War Memorial

Maxwelltown is an area in the west of the town of Dumfries. Formerly a burgh in its own right, it was merged with Dumfries in 1929.
The Memorial, a figure of a soldier with outstretched arms on a tapering square pedestal, is located at the junction of Rotchell Road and New Abbey Road and is inscribed, “Pro Patria in memory of the men of Maxwelltown and the Parish of Troqueer who fell in the Great War 1914-1919.”
I assume that because of the merger with Dumfries any World War 2 names are on the main Dumfries Memorial.

Maxwelltown War Memorial 1

West side of memorial. The lower names are for Troqueer landward. The remainder of the names on the Memorial are for the Burgh of Maxwelltown:-

Maxwelltown War Memorial Names

North Side. Names for Burgh of Maxwelltown:-

North Side, Maxwelltown War Memorial 3

East Side. Names for Burgh of Maxwelltown:-

Names, East Side, Maxwelltown War Memorial

I remember this plaque – a memorial to VC Private James McKenzie, Scots Guards, 19/12/1914 – as being at Maxwelltown, but there is another at New Abbey where he was born.

Centenary Memorial to Private James McKenzie VC

Is Maxwelltown the Maxwelton mentioned in the first line of the song Annie Laurie? Apparently she actually lived in Moniaive – but that’s no bar to her having been to Maxwelltown.

Dalbeattie War Memorial

This lovely example of a War Memorial is in Colliston Park, Dalbeattie. A column with lion finial surmounting a hexagonal base, made out of local granite.

Dalbeattie War Memorial

The bench in front is inscribed, “We will remember them 1914-1918.”

War Memorial Bench, Dalbeattie

Inscription, “In Memoriam, our glorious dead, 1914-1918,” and “1939-1945, their names liveth forever.”

Inscription, Dalbeattie War Memorial

Names. Great War above, WW2 below.

Names, Dalbeattie War Memorial

Great War Names:-

Dalbeattie War Memorial, Great War Names

More Great War Names, Dalbeattie War Memorial

More Great War Names. Note St. Nurse Jessie J Paterson TFNS:-

War Memorial, Dalbeattie, More Great War Names

Names for both wars:-

Nmaes for Both Wars, Dalbeattie War Memorial 7

More Dalbeattie

The Barr Burn flows through the town:-

Barr Burn, Dalbeattie

Dalbeattie, Barr Burn

This blue plaque commemorates….

Blue Plaque, Dalbeattie

Great War Memorial Plaque from Dalbeattie Higher Grade Public School.
“To the memory of former pupils who gave their lives for their country in the Great War.” This was in the window of Dalbeattie Museum when we saw it but it was evening and the museum was closed:-

Great War Memorial Plaque

The Barr Burn flows into the Urr Water. This is near the B&B looking south:-

Urr Water near Dalbeattie

Reverse view, looking north:-

Reverse View, Urr Water, nr Dalbeattie

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