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Markinch War Memorial 2019

Markinch War Memorial and Bench just after Remembrance Day 2019:-

Markinch War Memorial and Bench

Closer view:-

Markinch War Memorial 2019

War Memorial Crosses, Markinch, 2019:-

War Memorial Crosses, Markinch, 2019

Perth Academy War Memorial

Perth Academy’s War Memorial is on the wall of the school hall.

Long View, War Memorial, Perth Academy. The boards above the War Memorial give the names of the various people who were Dux of the school over the years.

Long View, War Memorial, Perth Academy

The Latin inscription to the top of the memorial itself, “Academiae Bertyhanae Olim Cives Bella Caduci Omnia et Ipsos Pro Patria Dederunt,” I think translates as, “To the citizens of Perth Academy who gave up their precious lives in battle.” In 2019 two “ghost” soldiers were on the seat in front of the memorial:-:-

Perth Academy War Memorial 2019

Close View. Great War Names above then, “Dulce et Decorum Est Pro Patria Mori.” “MCMXXXIX-MCMXLV” above the lower board – for Second World War.

Perth Academy War Memorial Close View

Soldiers’ Information, beside Perth Academy War Memorial:-

Soldiers' Information, Perth Academy War Memorial

Flowers of the Forest project details:-

War Memorial, Perth Academy

Flowers of the Forest display, Perth Academy:-

Flowers of the Forest, Perth Academy

War Memorial, Linlithgow Academy

We visited Linlithgow Academy in March 2019 to go to an antiques fair.

On one of the walls was this War Memorial plaque inscribed, “Pro Patria. These former pupils of Linlithgow Academy gave their lives for conscience, King and country in the Great War 1914 – 1919. Their name liveth for evermore.”

As I’d left the camera at home the photo was taken with a mobile phone. That and the reflective nature of the brass plaque makes it a bit blurry:-

War Memorial, Linlithgow Academy

Memorials, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Last October we again visited the Black Watch Museum in Perth. This time I took better photos of the various memorials in its grounds.

Iraq Cross, 2003 and 2004. Great War anniversary fence behind:-

Iraq Memorial, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Iraq and Afghanistan 2007 and 2009:-

Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Great War Memorial. In memory of the 300 men of the Black Watch who died in the Great War. “Their name liveth for evermore”:-

Great War Memorial, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Second World War Memorial. “Greater love hath no man”:-

Second World War Memorial, Black Watch Museum, Perth

Northern Ireland and Kosovo Memorial:-

Northern Ireland and Kosovo Memorial, Black Watch Museum, Perth

51st Highland Division Memorial, Perth

Also at the south end of Perth’s North Inch is a memorial to the 51st Highland Division. It takes the form of a bagpiper being thanked by a young girl.

51st Highland Division Memorial, Perth


Dedication, 51st Highland Division Memorial, Perth

To either side of the memorial are two cairns with inset plaques.

El Alamein 50th anniversary plaque:-

51st Highland Division Memorial, Perth

51st Highland Division final reunion commemoration. Plaque donated by the people of Genner, Holland:-

Plaque, 51st Highland Division Memorial, Perth

On the memorial itself are several additional reliefs.

51st Highland Division Battle Honours:-

Battle Honours, 51st Highland Division Memorial

Remembrance of our liberators:-

51st Highland Division Memorial Remembrance Plaque

Poem on the Memorial (by Andrew McGeever):-

Poem on 51st Highland Division Memorial, Perth

Friezes of military scenes:-

Frieze, 51st Highland Division Memorial, Perth

51st Highland Division Memorial Frieze, Perth

North Inch, Perth

An old joke has it that Perth is the smallest town in Scotland because it only has two inches. The North and South Inches are of course green spaces used for recreational purposes. They both border the River Tay.

We used to park regularly in the South Inch car park when we visited Perth. Nowadays we tend to use elsewhere.

As a result we one day strolled around the south part of the North Inch. A wall separates it from the river and on that wall is a plaque commemorating the men of Perth Co-operative Society who lost their lives in the two World Wars. It is inscribed, “1914 – 1919. To the lasting memory of the employees of the City of Perth Co-operative Society Ltd who fell in the Great War,” plus, “Also in grateful remembrance of those who sacrificed their lives in the Second World War 1939 – 1945,” and, “Their name liveth for evermore.”

Perth Co-operative War Memorial

From it there is this view of the river and Perth Bridge:-

River Tay and Perth Bridge

Perth Bridge:-

Perth Bridge and River Tay from North Inch

On the same visit we popped into Perth Museum and Art Gallery. Among many other exhibits they have this old Pictish stone found at St Madoes/Inchyra in the Carse of Gowrie, Perth and Kinross.

St Madoes Pictish Stone

East Boldon War Memorial

East Boldon’s War Memorial is a stone cross on a plinth set in a memorial garden beside the A 184 near the B 1299 turn-off.

War Memorial, East Boldon

Closer view:-

East Boldon War Memorial

Dedications. “The people of Boldon record in ever grateful remembrance the names of their brothers who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 – 1919. They were a wall unto us both by night and by day.” Below, “Let us also remember those who gave their lives in the Great War 1939 – 1945,” and World War 2 names:-

Dedications, East Boldon War Memorial

The Great War names are on side-plaques:-

Great War Names, War Memorial, East Boldon

East Boldon War Memorial, Great War Names

War Memorial, Breedon on the Hill

On our September trip last year after we left Calke Abbey we headed for the small village of Breedon on the Hill, Derbyshire, as it featured in a book we have of picturesque British villages and it was quite near.

On the way into the village we passed a quarry entrance emblazoned with the name Breedon Aggregates which I have seen on lorries and up until that point had not connected with a specific place, rather thinking the company’s name had come from a founder.

The village itself is nice enough but not outstanding I’d have said.

It did however have a distinctive War Memorial in the form of a circular stone building surmounted by a dome and cross:-

War Memorial, Breedon on the Hill

The gate to the interior is inscribed, “Lest we forget,” round a metal poppy:-

War Memorial, Breedon on the Hill 2

Behind the inscription is a dedication plaque:-

War Memorial Plaque, Breedon on the Hill,

The written dedication is to the right of the gate, “Erected to the memory of the men of Breedon on the Hill who gave their lives in the Grteat War 1914 – 1919, then 1939 – 1945 followed by two names. The stone at the foot of the Memorial is inscribed, “We will remember them.”

War Memorial Dedication, Breedon on the Hill

Further view:-

Breedon on the Hill War Memorial

Ashby de la Zouch War Memorial

After Coalville (see previous posts) our next stop was Ashby de la Zouch, known originally as Ashby and still referred to by that name in short.

The town’s War Memorial is in the form of a stone arch with a cross in the arch’s gap. On either side of the arch are plaques bearing names for the Great War dead. Below the cross and flanked by those names a dedication plaque reads, “Erected to the glory of God and in undying remembrance of the men of Ashby de la Zouch who gave their lives for their country in the Great War.” On the wall on which the arch stands a further plaque carries Second World War names.

Unfortunately the Memorial was partly hidden by a street fair the day I visited Ashby so the photographs are taken from either side.

War Memorial, Ashby de La Zouch

Ashby de La Zouch, War Memorial Rolls of Honour

This one shows the cross:-

Ashby de La Zouch War Memorial

World War 2 plaque:-

War Memorial, Ashby de la Zouch, World War 2 Names

A lantern stands to the left of the Memorial:-

Ashby de la Zouch, War Memorial Plus Lantern

Art Deco in Coalville (i) Minor Building

In Coalville I found no fewer than four Art Deco style buildings. Two of them were glorious.

This one (to the left of the photo) however, barely makes the definition. It could be seen from the square containing the Clocktower War Memorial. It’s deco only in the stepped roofline and rule of three in (filled-in) windows:-

Art Deco Building, Coalville, Leicestershire

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