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War Memorial, New Elgin

Until I looked up Elgin War Memorial before our trip I had no idea there was a New Elgin. It lies to the south of Elgin itself.

We came up via the A 941 after turning off the A 95 at Craigellachie and passed though another Highland League town, Rothes, which has no less than four distilleries, but we didn’t have time to stop there for a look round.

Since I knew it where to find it I was able to stop to photograph New Elgin’s War Memorial. It is a figure of a kilted soldier with reversed rifle above a square plinth with scrolled edges.

War Memorial, New Elgin

Dedication, “To the men of New Elgin, Ashgrove and Mycroft,” and names:-

War Memorial, New Elgin, Dedication and Names

Great War names. Note Nurse Mary Fraser VAD:-

New Elgin War Memorial Great War Names


Great War Names, New Elgin War Memorial

Memorial’s reverse. Second World War names:-

Reverse, New Elgin War Memorial


Ballindalloch War Memorial

Continuing our trip up north in April  I spotted another War Memorial. This was by the side of the A 95 road on a pretty sharp bend.

There is no location identifier on the memorial but this pink granite cross on a pyramidal base is Ballindalloch War Memorial. Ballindalloch village is itself small but has two distilleries and a castle to its name:-

Ballindalloch War Memorial

It’s dedicated for both World Wars:-

Names, War Memorial, Ballindalloch




Advie War Memorial

After leaving Grantown-on-Spey we headed north on what in the end, over a few days, turned out to be a journey through the heartland of the Highland League past and present.

A few miles north of Grantown  I spotted a road sign which said “Advie War Memorial” so I had to turn off the main road to find it. The Memorial, a tapering granite pillar atop a rectangular plinth bearing names on its four faces, stands beside the side road opposite what looks like a village hall.

Advie War Memorial

Dedication and names:-

Advie War Memorial Dedications and Names

Names, Advie War Memorial

It appears this is a replacement memorial. This webpage says the original was damaged in 2006 and its remains are in Advie churchyard.

More names:-

Advie War Memorial Names

War Memorial, Advie, Names


Grantown-on-Spey, Strathspey District War Memorial

Grantown-on-Spey is a town in the former county of Moray in the Highland region of Scotland.

Its War Memorial is a stone column on a square plinth and sits beside the town square. The names of killed and missing are on bronze plaques on the plinth where can also be found a frieze depicting a kilted soldier. When we visited the memorial was decorated with flags making some of the inscriptions unreadable. (Unobstructed photos can be found here.)

Grantown-on-Spey War Memorial 1

Frieze, Grantown-on-Spey War Memorial

Dedication and names of men from Grantown-on-Spey. (The dedication is highlighted here.)

Grantown-on-Spey War Memorial, Name Plaque

The next plaque bears names from Abernathy (obscured,) Duthil, Rothiemurchus and Aviemore.

Name Plaque, Grantown-on-Spey War Memorial 3

The top named town below (Inverallan) is obscured but Cromdale and Advie are discernible:-

Name Plaque, Grantown-on-Spey War Memorial

The Royal British Legion building in Grantown has minor Art Deco styling and was also decorated for remembrance (even though it was April.)

Minor Art Deco in Grantown-on-Spey, British Legion Building

Camelon War Memorial

Camelon is an area of Falkirk.

The War Memorial is a new one (one of the plaques says, “Erected in 2016”) and sits by the side of the B816 road near Lock 16 of the Forth and Clyde Canal. It’s unusual in being constructed of steel panels each with a jagged cut through it:-

Camelon War Memorial

Reverse  view:-

Camelon War Memorial Reverse View

Inscribed memorial stone:-

Camelon War Memorial

Name plaques and dedication which reads “Erected by the people of Camelon in faithful memory of all their fellow Mariners who gave their lives in time of conflict so that we today should enjoy ans cherish the blessing of freeedom.” Mariners is a nickname for all people from Camelon:-

Camelon War Memorial Names

More names:-

Camelon War Memorial More Names

Camelon War Memorial Names

Auchterarder Great War Memorial

This is a  bronze wheel cross on a stone column and dedicated to Great War dead. (The Second World War names are on the entrance gates to the enclosure.)

Auchterarder War Memorial

Above the name plaques and circumscribing the memorial is the inscription, “Erected in grateful and reverent memory of the sons of Auchterarder who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919.” Below the plaques, “And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it. A city set on a hill cannot be hid.”

Names, War Memorial, Auchterarder

Great War Names, Auchterarder War Memorial

War Memorial, Auchterarder, Great War Names

War Memorial, Auchterarder, Names for Great War

Wheel Cross, with crests inscribed in stone below:-

Wheel Cross, Auchterarder Great War Memorial

Great War Memorial, Auchterarder, Wheel Cross

War Memorial Gates, Auchterarder

Auchterarder is a town in Perth and Kinross. The Gleneagles Hotel is not far from it. We had a walk round the town after we had moved on from Tullibardine Chapel.

About halfway along the 1½ mile High Street is a pair of War Memorial Gates. These are dedicated to the dead of World War 2. Looking through the gates Auchterarder’s Great War Memorial can be seen :-

War Memorial Gates, Auchterarder

The Second World War names are displayed on the right hand gate:-


Auchterarder, War Memorial Gates

On the paving in front of the gates is inscribed 1914 and 1945.

Paving at War Memorial Gates, Auchterarder

Comrie War Memorial

Comrie‘s War Memorial is a plain Celtic Cross on a square tapering base set in a memorial garden just south of the River Earn off the B 827.

Comrie War Memorial

Dedication. Great War Names on main cartouche, Second World War names below. The lowest wording says, “Mighty by Scarifice.”:-

War Memorial, Comrie, Dedication

More Great War nNames are given on the Memorial’s sides:-

Great War Names, Comrie War Memorial

Along with more Second World War names:-

War Memorial, Comrie, Great War Names

Just to the side is a commemoration of a VC recipient, Second Lieutenant John Craig, Royal Scots Fusiliers, 5/6/1917:-

VC Commemoration By Comrie War Memorial

Crieff War Memorial

Crieff is a town in Perth and Kinross, almost 18 miles due west of Perth.

Its War Memorial is a stone cross on a hexagonal column above a hexagonal base situated on a triangle of land by the A 85 beyond the east end of the High Street.

Crieff War Memorial

Circumscribing the stone above where the name plaques are is inscribed, “In proud and grateful memory of those who fell in the Great Wars 1914-1918 1939 1945.”

Names for Great War, Korean War and Malaya:-

Crieff War Memorial, Names for Great War, Korean War and Malaya

Great War name plaques:-

Name Plaques, Crieff War Memorial 3

Names for World Wars 1 and 2:-

Crieff War Memorial, Names for World Wars 1 and 2

World War 2 name plate:-

Crieff War Memorial, Second World War Names

War Graves, Haddington

These were in St Mary’s Collegiate Church yard.

Serjeant A Runciman, Royal Scots, 15/8/1915, aged 37:-

War Grave, Haddington

Military Medal recipient Serjeant J H V Suffill, HLI, 14/2/1919, aged 22:-

Haddington War Grave

Sapper J B Cranston, Royal Engineers, 13/5/1916, aged 28:-

aGrave 5

The grave of Colour Sergeant L H Hardie, Royal Scots, 28/5/1972, aged 39, being a non-war death, has an amended version of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission headstone with a notch cut either side of the top:-

Post-war Grave, Haddington

Another grave had a dedication to Flying Officer James Hubert Craig, RAF, 28/3/1946,in Burma aged 24. Buried in Rangoon:-

Military Dedication, Haddingto

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