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“They Were a Wall Unto Us” – Tillicoultry War Memorial

Tillicoultry War Memorial is a grey granite pedestal with the figure of a kneeling female holding a wreath.

It lies in a separate area in Tillicoultry Cemetery by the A 91 road on the east of the town.

The WW2 memorial is a memorial garden with the names of the fallen on individual “headstones” (to right.)

Tillicoultry War Memorial Reverse

An information board mentions among others Bessie Sim Hunter, whose grave lies in the attached cemetery, a Great War casualty at Inverness Naval Station but not listed on the Memorial (which is dedicated to “The Men of Tillicoultry.”)

They Were a Wall Unto Us

The Great War Memmorial is inscribed, “In ever grateful and proud remembrance of the men of Tillicoultry who died in the service of their King and country in the Great War. ‘They were a wall unto us both by night and day.’ 1914 – 1919”

WW2 Garden of Remembrance is to left:-

Great War Dedication, Tillicoultry War Memorial

East aspect. Great War names:-

East Aspect, Tillicoultry War Memorial, Great War Names

South Aspect, Great War names. WW2 Garden of Remembrance behind:-

Tillicoultry War Memorial, South Aspect and Garden of Remembrance

North Aspect. Great War names:-

North Aspect, Tillicoultry War Memorial 7

WW2 Remembrance Garden western arc:-

Tillicoultry Word War 2 Memorial Stones

Central arc. The stone incorporated into the boundary railings is inscribed. “World War 1939 – 1945 Garden of Remembrance.”

World War 2 Memorial Stones, Tillicoultry

Eastern arc:-

World War 2 Tillicoultry War Memorial Stones

Whitletts War Memorial

Our trip back home from Dumfries and Galloway took us through Ayr. Whitletts is an area to the northeast of the town. Its War Memorial is in the form of a Celtic Cross on a square plinth.
The cross’s pillar is inscribed with the words, “A tribute of honour and gratitude to the men of this parish who gave their lives for home and freedom in the Great War 1914 – 1919.” Below that are names for The Great War. On the base of the plinth it says, “Lest we forget.”

Whitletts War Memorial

Reverse. (Great War names):-

Whitletts War Memorial Great War Names

The other two sides bear the names for World War 2. Why there was a piece of wire entangled round the plinth I do not know.

World War 2 Names Whitletts War Memorial

Whitletts War Memorial, More WW2 Names

Kirkoswald War Memorial

Kirkoswald is just south of Maybole in Ayrshiire, Scotland. Its War Memorial is a granite Celtic cross on a square plinth.

This side is dedicated to the Great War 1914 – 1919. “Erected by public subscription in memory of those from this district who fell and as a token of gratitude to those who served in the cause of honour and freedom.” Then, “Those who fell.”

Kirkoswald War Memorial

Reverse. Inscribed, “1939 – 1945. Lost in Action.”

Reverse of Kirkoswald War Memorial 2

Unusually this memorial also includes the names of those who served:-

Kirkoswald War Memorial: Those Who Served

"Those Who Served" Kirkoswald War Memorial 4

Girvan War Memorial

A tapering stone obelisk on a square plinth, this War Memorial stands on an expanse of grass by the side of the Firth of Clyde on the south approach to the town. This east facing side of the obelisk is inscribed Maubeuge, 1918, Cambrai, Flanders 1917, Arras.

Girvan War Memorial

North face. Column inscribed Somme, Loos, Ypres, Marne, Mons:-

Girvan War Memorial North Face

West (sea facing) aspect. Pedestal inscribed with the names of the naval actions at Zeebrugge, Jutland, Falkland, Coronel, Heligoland:-

Girvan War Memorial Sea Facing Aspect

South face. Inscribed for campaigns outside Europe: Palestine, Salonica, Mesopotamia, Gallipoli, Africa:-

Girvan War Memorial South Face

Great War plaque, “The tribute of the poeple of Girvan to those of her sons who gave their lives in defence of their country’s righteous cause in the Great War, 1914 – 1919”

Girvan War Memorial Great War  Plaque

World War 2 plaque, “The tribute of the people of Girvan to those of her sons who gave their lives in defence of their country’s righteous cause in the World-War 1939 – 1945.” Three additional names below:-

Girvan War Memorial, World War 2 Plaque

Seaforth Cemetery (Cheddar Villa,) Sint-Juliann, Belgium

Originally called Cheddar Villa after the name given by the army to the farm on the site this lies 5 kilometres northwest of Ypres on the N313 road leading to Bruges. It’s now called Seaforth Cemetery at the request of the Seaforth Highlanders as more than 100 of the 148 burials were from the regiment’s 2nd Battalion.

Exterior, Seaforth Cemetery St Julien, Belgium

Seaforth Cemetery, Cheddar Villa

Wall dedicated to the men of the 2nd Battalion Seaforth Highlanders, 99 of whom are buried in the cemetery plus 23 others who also died in the attack on St Julien on 25/4/1915 and 25/4/1915.

Dedication Wall, Seaforth Cemetery, St Julien, Belgium

Cemetery interior:-

Seaforth Cemetery Interior

More headstones:-

Graves, Seaforth Cemetery

Most of the headstones do not mark individual graves. “The 75 non-commissioned officers and men buried in this grave are commemorated by headstones erected against the left hand wall of this cemetery.”

Memorial Stone, Seaforth Cemetery

“The18 non-commissioned officers and men buried in this grave are commemorated by headstones erected against the right hand wall of this cemetery.”

Seaforth Cemetery, Memorial Stone

50th Northumbrian Division Memorial, Oxford Road, Wieltje, Belgium

50th Northumbrian Division Memorial, Wieltje, Belgium

Close-up. The Dedication reads, “to the enduring memory of all ranks of the 50th Northumbrian Division who fell in the Great War 1914 – 1918 and in memory of their comrades of the same division who gave their lives in the war of 1939 – 1945 for the liberation of France, Belgium and Holland.” On the lowest plinth, “Pro Patria.”

50th Northumbrian Division Memorial Close-up

Side inscription, “The Ayrshire Yeomanry; the Yorkshire Hussars; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Northumbrian Brigade, RFA; Northumbrian Amminition Column; Northumbrian Divisional Engineers, RE; 50th Divisional Train, RASC; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Northumbrian Field Ambulance, RAMC; Northumbrian Division CCS; Northumbrian Vet Section, RAVC; RAOC.”

Inscription 50th Northumbrian Division Memorial, Wieltje, Belgium

Other side inscription, “149th Infantry Brigade: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th Northumberland Fusiliers; 5th Border Regiment.
150th Infantry Brigade; 4th East Yorks; 4th, 5th Yorkshire Regiment Green Howards; 5th Durham Light Infantry.
151st Infantry Brigade: 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Durham Light Infantry; 5th Loyal North Lancs Regiment.”

50th Northumbrian Division Memorial Inscriptions

Memorial Information Board:-

50th Northumbrian Division Memorial Information Board

The view from the 50th Northumbrian Division Memorial is now so peaceful:-

View From 50th Northumbrian Division Memorial

So much so alpacas were ruminating by the memorial:-

Alpacas by 50th Northumbrian Division Memorial

Glenluce War Memorial

Glenluce is a village in the parish of Old Luce in Dumfries and Galloway.

Its War Memorial is a granite trapezoidal obelisk on a square base.

I like the fact that a children’s playground is right beside the memorial.

Glenluce War Memorial

Dedications. “Erected to the memory of the men connected with the parish of Old Luce who fell in the Great War 1914 – 1919.” And below: “And in World War 1939 – 1945” with 10 names:-

Dedications Glenluce War Memorial

The Great War names are on the other three sides:-

Great War Names Glenluce War Memorial

Glenluce War Memorial Great War Names

More Great War Names Glenluce War Memorial

War Memorial and Grave, Kirkcowan

Kirkcowan is a village within a larger district of the same name in Dumfries and Galloway, a few miles northwest of Wigtown. Its War Memorial is in the form of a Celtic cross on a tapered column atop a square plinth and lies in the churchyard.

Kirkcowan War Memorial

The top panel is inscribed, “In memory of the gallant men of Kirkcowan who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1919.” The lower panel continues, “And of (11 names) who gave their lives in the World-War 1919-1945.”

Dedications Kirkcowan War Memorial

Also in the churchyard was a war grave. Private D F Hamilton, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles,) 8/3/1918, aged 22:-

War Grave, Kirkcowan

Port William

Port William is a small port on the west shore of the Machars Peninsula, Dumfries and Galloway.


Harbour, Port William

Flagstaff with bird:-

Flagstaff, Port William

War Memorial from distance:-

Port William War Memorial

War Memorial close-up. A stone cross surmounting a hexagonal pillar on an octagonal plinth.

War Memorial, Port William

War Memorial Great War Plaque. Dedicated, “In memory of the men of Mochrum who gave their lives for King and Country 1914-1918.” Mochrum is the name of the parish which encompasses Port William:-

Port William War Memorial Great War Plaque

World War 2 Dedication, “In memory of the men of Mochrum who gave their lives for King and Country 1939-1945”:-

World War 2 Dedication, Port William War Memorial

Glasserton War Memorial

A stone obelisk on a mortared cairn, this is one of those memorials that lies at a road junction (here the A 746 and A 747 in the Machars peninsula, Dumfries and Galloway, near the road to St Ninian’s cave car park) and where there doesn’t seem to be much of a population about.

Inscribed, “Their name liveth for evermore,” and below, “In memory of the men from Glasserton Parish who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War, 1914-1918,” followed by 17 names. At bottom, “And in World War 1939-1945.” One name.

Glasserton War Memorial

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