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Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, Belgium

Birr Cross Roads Cemetery lies on the Menin Road just east of Ypres/Ieper. One of the many Commonwealth War Graves cemeteries surrounding the city.

The cemetery contains 834 burials, 330 of whom are unidentified casualties. There are 504 identified casualties; from the United Kingdom (375,) Australia (115,) New Zealand (9,) Canada (4) and one Belgian.

From Menin Road. Cross of Sacrifice to right of centre, Stone of Remembrance to left of gates:-

Birr Cross Roads Cemetery from Menin Road

Soldiers of the Great War:-

Graves, Birr Cross Roads Cemetery,

The Belgian grave is of an interpreter to the British Army. It is inscribed, “A la Memoire de De Wattine Camille, L E, Sergent de l’Armee Belge, interprete a l’Armee Britannique. Mort pour la Belgique, la 29 Septembre 1918.” (In memory of De Wattine Camille, L E, Sergeant, Belgian Army, interpreter to the British Army. Died for Belgium, 29/9/1918):-

Grave of an Interpreter, Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, Near Ypres

The nine New Zealanders there include five soldiers from the Maori Battalion.

Corporal W M Karena, New Zealand Maori Battalion, 30/11/1917 and Private H Kanaru, New Zealand Maori Battalion, 30/11/1917:-

Maori Graves, Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, Belgium

Private H R Kereama, New Zealand Maori Battalion, 7/12/1917, aged 26 and Private M Hapuku, New Zealand Maori Battalion, 30/11/1917:-

More Maori Graves, Birr Cross Roads Cemetery

Private H M Power, New Zealand Maori Battalion, 7/12/1917, aged 22:-

New Zealand Maori Battalion Grave, Birr Cross Roads Cemetery, near Ypres

War Graves, Overleigh ‘Old’ Cemetery, Chester

On our way out of Chester back to Gladstone’s Library at Hawarden we passed a cemetery and spotted the Commonwealth War Graves sign. On turning down the street (Overleigh Road) looking for somewhere to park we discovered there are two cemeteries, one either side of the road. Overleigh ‘Old’ Cemetery was the first we entered. I found 11 war graves there. Someone had placed knitted “poppy” wreaths on the graves.

Private J McElmeel, Royal Liverpool Regiment, 24/2/1919, aged 19:-

War Grave, Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery, Chester

Private J Garvey, Cheshire Regiment, 2/7/1917:-

Chester War Grave, Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery

Private J Butler, Labour Corps, 20/3/19??:-

Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery, Chester, War Grave

Private R Lord, Cheshire Regiment, 12/5/1915:-

Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery, Chester, War Grave 4

Private J Kirby, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 26/9/1916, aged 23:-

Chester, War Grave 5, Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery

Lance Corporal J Donnelly, Military Police Corps, 27/3/1917:-

Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery, Chester War Grave 6

Private M Leak, Cheshire Regiment, 4/6/1920, aged 38:-

Chester, Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery, War Grave 7

Private J H Baker, Royal Army Service Corps, 9/9/1915, age 29:-

Chester, War Grave 8, Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery

Private J H Roach, Machine Gun Corps, (Infantry,) 20/1/1919, aged 29:-

Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery, Chester, War Grave 9

Serjeant J Stretch, Machine Gun Corps, (Infantry,) 16/5/1918, aged 38:-

Chester, Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery, War Grave 10

Staff Serjeant Major W Steele, Army Pay Corps, 20/7/1918:-

Overleigh 'Old' Cemetery, Chester, War Grave 11

War Graves, Annan Cemetery

Annan Cemetery is on a minor road leading north off the A 75 just to the west of the town. It contains a fair number of Commonwealth War Graves.

There is a line of 22 quite near the entrance. One of these is for a Czechoslovakian airman:-

War Graves, Annan Cemetery

I photographed these in blocks hoping to make out the individaul names but in most cases the lighting makes that difficult. They all seem to be Second World War graves, RAF, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Royal Canadian Air Force or Royal Australian Air Force:-

Annan Cemetery, Four War Graves

To the right here is the grave of that Czechoslovakian, Karel Dosva, RAF, 20/10/1908-21/1?/1943.

4 War Graves, Annan Cemetery

3 War Graves, Annan Cemetery

Annan Cemetery, 3 War Graves

4 More War Graves, Annan Cemetery

Annan Cemetery 4 More War Graves

War Graves, Innerleithen

Innerleithen’s cemetery is on the left hand side of the road as you go into the town from the direction of Traquair. I found twelve Commonwealth War Graves, eight for World War 2, four for the Great War.

J MCI Melrose, Royal Signals, 21/3/1944, aged 21:-

Innerleithen War Grave

W Craig, Ordinary Seaman, RN, HMS Ganges, 14/8/1945, aged 18:-

War Grave, Innerleithen

Private J Strachan, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 13/6/1945, aged 18:-

Innerleithen War Grave

Corporal G K Brunton, The Royal Scots, 18/2/1944, aged 32:-

War Grave Innerleithen

Lance Corporal R T Smith, The Royal Scots, 13/6/1941, aged 23:-

Innerleithen War Grave

Sergeant G Russell, RAF, 6/5/1942, aged 32:-

War Grave, Innerleithen

Trooper R Crosbie, 1st Lothians & Border Yeomanry, Royal Armoured Corps, 28/12/1940, aged 21:-

Innerleithen, War Grave

Lieutenant R Campbell, 1st Peebles-shire Home Guard, 20/8/1944, aged 55. It’s unusual to see a War Grave for someone who was in the Home Guard:-

War Grave, Innerleithen

Private J Aitchison, 14th Battalion, Canadian Infantry, 15/10/1916, aged 40:-

Great War Grave, Innerleithen

Sergeant W J Bell, Royal Scots, 27/1/1917, aged 37. (And his wife, Isobel Hislop, died 22/5/1981, aged 87. 64 years after her husband.) I note that, as is the Scottish custom, Sergeant Bell’s wife reverted to her maiden name in death:-

Innerleithen, Great War Grave

Sapper G Blake, Royal Engineeers, 2/5/1918, aged 46:-

Innerleithen, Great War Grave

Lance Serjeant Edward Oliver, Royal Scots, 24/2/1916, aged 23:-

Great War Grave, Innerleithen

War Graves, Dunning

In St Serf’s churchyard, Dunning (see previous post,) there are two Commonwealth War Graves

Lance Corporal W L Crowe, 5th Battalion, Australian Infantry, 6/7/1918, aged 24:-

War Grave, Dunning, Strathearn

Corporal A G Small, Army Catering Corps, 15/12/1944, aged 22:-

Dunning War Grave

In the churchyard another gravestone commemorates William Duncan, 1st Scots Guards, died of wounds in France, 13/12/1916 aged 32:-

War Death Commemoration Dunning

A plaque in St Serf’s itself remembers Major Norman Chetwynd Rollo, KOSB, died of wounds in Belgium, September, 1944, aged 28:-

War Memorial Plaque, St Serf's, Dunning

A burn runs through the village and under the main road. It forms a backstop to the foot of this garden:-

Burn, Tree and Garden, Dunning

Commonwealth War Graves, Forteviot

Forteviot is a village in Strathearn, Perthshire.

Its churchyard contains the graves of three brothers, side by side.

Private J Bonthrone, the Black Watch, 25/3/1920, aged 23.
Guardsman A Bonthrone, Scots Guards, 12/8/1915, aged 23.
Corporal D Bonthrone, the Black Watch, 29/2/1920, aged 33.

War Graves, Forteviot

Alexander, David and John Bonthrone are also commemorated on the family gravestone close by:-

War Deaths Inscription, Forteviot

There is one World War 2 grave, that of Private C Walker, the Black Watch, 29/12/1944, aged 26:-

Forteviot War Grave

War Graves, Newburgh

I have posted about Newburgh before, but I hadn’t visited its cemetery until in August 2018 I found four graves each with a possible war link.

Regulating Petty Officer A S Anderson, RN, HMS St George, 14/5/1944, aged 43:-

War Grave, Newburgh Cemetery

Corporal J MacNaughton RAF, 8/9/1946, aged 28:-

Newburgh War Grave

Private J Blyth, The Black Watch, 3/1/1915:-

Great War Grave, Newburgh

An unusual one this. It has a Commonwealth War Graves style headstone but is inscribed, “Alexander Ilytch Shenkman, born Moscow 29/11/1923, died Newburgh 21/2/2004.”:-

Grave Newburgh

War Graves and Dedications in Whithorn

Whithorn Priory and Whithorn Parish Church are surrounded by a cemetery in which there are some Commonwealth War Graves.

Staff Serjt W B Arnott, Royal Army Medical Corps, 15/12/1915, aged 32:-

War Grave, Whithorn

Private J Irvine MM, Labour Corps, 19/2/1920, aged 34:-

Whithorn War Grave

Private P Whalley, The King’s Liverpool Regt, 19/10/1918:-

Whithorn War Grave

Thomas Drape Clark killed in action near Arras, France, 23/4/1917, aged 36:-

War Death  Dedication, Whithorn

John Norman Brown, 2nd Lieut, Border Regt, lost at sea in the Great War:-

Whithorn, War Death Dedication

St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery

Situated just by the side of the N313 road and its junction with the Felix Nadarstraat in St Julien (Sint-Juliaan,) West Flanders, Belgium, the cemetery contains 248 graves. It lies only a kilometre or so from the Canadian war memorial known as the Brooding Soldier.

Cemetery gates:-

St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery Gates

As can be inferred from the above view and this one of the graves this is yet another “corner of a foreign field”:-

St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery Graves

War Graves, Cockpen and Carrington Parish Church

After Stobhill we passed this church on the way back from Crichton Castle (and Collegiate Kirk) and I noticed the Commonwealth War Graves sign.

Cockpen is south of Bonnyrigg on the B 974 between Bonnyrigg and Gorebridge.

Inside the churchyard I found no fewer than twelve war graves.

(I have no idea why some of these don’t show as pictures on the blog but only as links to my Flickr.

Edited to add; they seem to be loading okay, now.)

Guardsman G Davis, Scots Guards, 20/4/1919:-

War Grave 1, Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Sergeant T Smith, Air Gunner, RAF, 3/10/1943, aged 25. An urn in front of the gravestone commemorates Alice Cummings:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, Grave 2 + Alice Cummings

Able Seaman A Raeburn, RNVR, HMS Dinosaur, 15/6/1943:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, War Grave 3

Sapper J Murphy, Royal Engineers, 1/11/1918:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, War Grave 4

Private R Millar, Highland Light Infantry, 5/5/1917, aged 24:-

War Grave 5, Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Private A Ramage, Royal Scots, 27/4/1919:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard, War Grave 6

Gunner W Cranston, Royal Artillery, 15/3/1919, aged 20:-

War Grave 7,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Driver W Ward, Royal Field Artillery, 23/2/1919:-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirk, War Grave 8

Flight Sergeant J E A Huschmann, RAF, 8/5/1943:-

War Grave 9,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Guardsman G K Pringle, Scots Guards, 19/10/1916:-

War Grave 10,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Private J Allan, London Regiment, 16/2/1919:-

War Grave 11,  Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard

Private P Bennet, Royal Scots, 23/10/1919@-

Cockpen and Carrington Kirkyard, War Grave 12

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