St Mary’s Church, Rye

The most prominent architectural feature in Rye is St Mary’s Church.

The Church is rather hemmed in though – there’s not much room on the hill where it’s situated. This is a stitch of photos to show the whole church from the east:-

St Mary's Church, Rye, (Photo Stitch)

Clock Tower:-

Clock Tower, St Mary's Church, Rye

Clock tower from High Street:-

St Mary's Church, Rye, Clock Tower

Graveyard and Church:-

Rye, St Mary's Church and Graveyard

Church and War Memorial – note the upturned sword on the memorial turning it into a Cross of Sacrifice:-

Rye, St Mary's Church and War Memorial

Inside the church a memorial quilt was on display. The topography of the church made this difficult to photograph:-

Memorial Quilt in St Mary's Church, Rye

Also a memorial erected by their parents to the choristers of the church who fell in the Great War:-

Great War Memorial Plaque, St Mary's Church, Rye

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