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Upper Largo, Fife

We’ve passed through Upper Largo in Fife countless times over the years on our way to and from St Andrews but had never stopped to have a look at the church or churchyard until June last year.

The church’s full name is Largo and Newburn Parish Church. Its oldest part has been there since 1623.

Largo and Newburn Parish Church

Largo and Newburn Parish  Kirk 1

Upper Largo Kirk, Fife

Spire and Part of Upper Largo Kirk

An ancient Pictish stone in the church’s grounds is kept behind bars (presumably for protection). The cross inscribed on it may have been added after Pictish times.

Old Stone, Upper Largo Kirk 2

Old Stone, Upper Largo Kirk

The design on the reverse is definitely Pictish:-

Pictish designs

Upper Largo is, as its name suggests, at a higher elevation than Lower Largo (which is right by the side of Firth of Forth, see posts passim.) From the church there are great views over the village and of the Firth:-

sea from Upper Largo church,

aUpper Largo and sea from Kirkyard

Lindisfarne Priory

The ruins of Lindisfarne Priory are in Lindisfarne village on the low lying part of Holy Island (Lindisfarne.)

Just outside the ruins themselves there is a statue of St Aidan:-

St Aidan Statue Outside Lindisfarne Priory

Lindisfarne Priory:-

Lindisfarne Priory, Holy Island, National Trust

Lindisfarne Priory, Holy Island, National Trust

Lindisfarne Priory,Holy Island, National Trust

Lindisfarne Priory

Lindisfarne Priory, Holy Island, English Heritage

Part of Lindisfarne Priory

Part of grounds, St Mary’s Church in background:-

Lindisfarne Priory, Holy Island, English Heritage

More ruins in the grounds:-

Ruins In Grounds of Lindisfarne Priory

More of Lindisfarne Priory

In Lindisfarne Priory Grounds

St Cuthbert‘s statue:-

St Cuthbert's Statue, Lindisfarne Priory

Lindisfarne Priory,St Cuthbert

Dedication Plaque (to Cuthbert of Farne):-

St Cuthbert's Statue Plaque, Lindisfarne Priory

In St Mary’s Church (see above) is this life-size wooden statue of Lindisfarne monks carrying St Cuthbert’s body round Northumbria in an attempt to find a safe place to bury him away from Viking pillagers. (Eventually he was interred in Durham Cathedral.)

Sculpture in St Mary's Church Lindisfarne


On the way back up from Northeast England last June we took a trip over the causeway (having looked up the tide-tables beforehand) to Lindisfarne, or Holy Island, a place I’d always wanted to visit but somehow had never seemed to find the time before.

It’s an odd experience driving over the causeway – it feels quite long – but the trip was worth it. There was more to Lindisfarne than I’d imagined. Not just the castle and Priory.

Lindisfarne Castle from Approach Road:-

Lindisfarne Castle from Village

Closer view:-

Lindisfarne Castle

From the road there’s a good view over the sea to Bamburgh Castle:-

Bamburgh Castle

I thought the objects in the next photo were a bit odd, but obviously with some age to them. Only when I got home and looked them up did I find they were Guile Point obelisks and lighthouse. (When lined up the obelisks indicate the safe channel into Lindisfarne harbour.) As seen from Lindisfarne:-

Obelisks and Lighthouse from Lindisfarne

They can be seen again in the background here beyond Lindisfarne’s foreshore with these wooden stumps:-

Stumps on foreshore, Lindisfarne

There is a small village on the island (where lie the remains of Lindisfarne Priory) and a harbour.

Lindisfarne Harbour, Village and Priory from road to Castle:-

Lindisfarne Harbour, Village and Priory from Road to Castle

Old Hall at Gibside

Gibside is a National Trust property in County Durham.

It’s mostly parkland now but that makes for a good long walk.

There are the derelict remains of an old hall in the grounds though, cordoned off so no access:

Old Hall at Gibside

Art Deco Hotel, Tynemouth and Mouth of River Tyne

The Turk’s Head, Tynemouth, has Art Deco styling:-

Art Deco Hotel, Tynemouth

I couldn’t go to Tynemouth and not have a look at the River Tyne’s mouth.

Mouth of River Tyne with North Sea beyond:-

Mouth of River Tyne, Tyne and Wear

Art Deco Semis, Whitley Bay

Brick-built Art Deco semi-detached houses in (I think) Whitley Bay. They were in that area anyway.

Horizontals, verticals, rounded bay windows, flat roof. Pity their eyes have been poked out:-

Art Deco Houses, Northeast England

Whiley Bay Art Deco Houses

Minor Art Deco, Rothbury, Northumberland

Rothbury’s Co-op.

Minor deco, mainly in the stonework round the windows. Pity those windows have had their eyes put put.

Art Deco in Rothbury

Rothbury Art Deco

Interior, Markinch Primary School

I posted about the outside of Markinch Primary School here.

In May 2019 I had occasion to visit the school and got a look at the interior. Imagine my delight to find these Art Deco style doors at the entrance to the school’s Assembly Hall, complete with porthole windows and glass bricks.

Interior Markinch Primary School

I didn’t have my camera. All three of these photos were taken on a mobile phone, so are a bit blurry.

The stairway has Deco flourishes-

Stairway, Markinch Primary Schoo

With a nice curve to the handrail:-

Markinch Primary School Stairway

Leaving Aalborg

Jellyfish in Limfjord:-

Jellyfish in Limfjord, Aalborg

Jellyfish in Limfjord, Aalborg

The eastern side of Aalborg has some striking modern architecture:-

Aalborg, Modern Building

Modern Architecture, Aalborg

A water-skier was practising in this inlet:-

Aalborg, Modern Architecture

Modern Buildings and older tower:-

Modern Buildings and Tower, Aalborg

Kildeparken, Aalborg, Denmark

Taking an underpass below the railway we found a nice park in Aalborg: the Kildeparken.

There were two small thatched buildings there. One seemed to be a public convenience, the other may have been a caretaker’s hut. Pity about the grafitti:-

Aalborg Thatched Building, Baltic cruise,

Aalborg Thatched Building

There was also a walkway with statues along its sides. This one is of the Three Graces:-

Sculpture, Aalborg, Denmark

The park is also home to the Singing Trees. Each performer at Aalborg’s Concert Hall is asked to plant a tree alongside which is a device containing a recording of a sample of their music.

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Denmark

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Baltic cruise

Singing Trees, Aalborg, Baltic cruise

Sadly during our visit none the playbacks we tried were working. Here’s a clip from You Tube where they were:-

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