Gatehouse of Fleet

Gatehouse of Fleet is a village in the region of Dumfries and Galloway in southwest Scotland. It is situated near the mouth of the Water of Fleet accessed by a small detour from the main A 75 road.

Heading north up the main street you come to the War Memorial which is in the form of a Celtic Cross surmounting a plinth.

War Memorial, Gatehouse of Fleet

The inscription reads, “In honour of the men from Anwoth and Girthon who fell in the Great War,” with “lest we forget” below the names:-

Gatehouse of Fleet War Memorial

Names on plaque on reverse – all for the Great War:-

Gatehouse of Fleet War Memorial 3

The World War 2 plaque is on the side of the Memorial:-

Gatehouse of Fleet War Memorial World War 2 Plaque

Reverse view:-

Reverse View, Gatehouse of Fleet War Memorial 5

Carrying on via the B 727 you pass this Art Deco style house which still seems to have the original windows. They look like Critall ones to me, anyway:-

Art Deco House, Gatehouse of Fleet

Further on still is this quaint turreted house:-

Turreted House, Gatehouse of Fleet

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  1. frank mahieu

    Dear, I live in Flanders and remembrance of the fallen is a priority to me. Apart from my many remembrance activities I also have some FB dedicated to remembrance. Am I allowed to use some photos of the Gatehouse-of-Fleet war memorial that are on your site, in a FB remembering the brothers Thomas and William Nelson? Kind regards from Flanders. Lest We Forget.

  2. jackdeighton

    I have no objection at all to you using my photos in commemoration of war dead. In fact I would be delighted for you to do so.
    Thank you for looking in to my blog.

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