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Forth Bridge from the River

North span:-

Forth Bridge, North Span

Middle and south spans:-

Forth Bridge, Middle and South Spans

From below; taken from deck of SS Black Watch:-

Forth Bridge From Below

North Span from east. (Part of Forth Road Bridge and of Queensferry Crossing to left):-

Forth Bridge North Span from East

“Old” Forth Bridges

Forth Road Bridge with Forth Bridge behind.

North spans:-

"Old" Forth Bridges 1

South spans. Bow of SS Black Watch in shot:-

"Old" Forth Bridges 2

Olden Church, Olden, Norway

After our stroll through Olden village we walked the road up past the new Olden Church – an older church building is in the centre of the village – in search of the lake we had been told wasn’t far away. The road runs beside the Oldeelva river for a while. It reminded me a bit of Scottish rivers.

River Oldeelva, Olden, Norway:-


The new church is in a typical Norwegian style:-

Olden Church, Olden, Norway

Closer view:-

Closer View, Olden Church, Olden, Norway

Olden Church from graveyard. Note guy wires. According to the information in the link above a huge storm moved the church by 60 centimetres in 1967. The wires are to make sure that doesn’t happen again:-

Olden Church, Olden, Norway From Churchyard

Altar and stained glass, Olden Church:-

Interior of Olden Church, Olden, Norway

Organ loft:-

Organ Loft, Olden Church, Olden, Norway

Looking back to Olden from a bit further up the road. The church and the SS Black Watch can be seen in centre of picture with the Oldeelva river meandering through in foreground.:-

looking back to Olden


Nærøyfjord is a branch of the Sognefjord which in turn is the largest and deepest in Norway. The SS Black Watch took a turn up Nærøyfjord on its way back to the sea after visiting Flåm.

Nærøyfjord entrance. The mists do make it look dramatic:-

Entrance to Nærøyfjord


Nærøyfjord, Norway

Further into Nærøyfjord. Waterfall on fjordside ahead:-

Further into Nærøyfjord, Norway

Further up Nærøyfjord:-

More of Nærøyfjord, Norway

About halfway up fjord:-

Nærøyfjord, Norway Again

Towards head of Nærøyfjord:-

Towards Head of Nærøyfjord, Norway

Head of fjord:-

Head of Nærøyfjord, Norway

Looking back up Nærøyfjord:-

Looking back up Nærøyfjord, Norway

Houses, Nærøyfjord, Norway:-

Houses, Nærøyfjord, Norway

More Houses, Nærøyfjord, Norway

The ship’s captain said this was the smallest church in Norway but it doesn’t look much smaller – if at all – than the one in Flåm:-

Church, Nærøyfjord, Norway>

Video of one of the waterfalls in Nærøyfjord:-

Waterfall in Nærøyfjord, Norway

Leixões and Matosinhos Beach

This is a panorama of Leixões from the SS Black Watch’s bow:-

Leixões Panorama

On the edge of the beach near the harbour entrance lies this monument “Tragédia do Mar” or “Tragedy of the Sea” a sculpture commemorating the Shipwreck of 1947, where 152 sailors lost their lives:-

Matosinhos Beach Monument

Matosinhos Monument

Much further along the promenade, too far away for us to walk to as we were pushed for time getting back to the ship, was this sculpture, “She Changes” by artist Janet Echelman.

Leixões Sculpture

I found this better photo by António M.L. Cabral on the internet:-

Not Leaving Ferrol

The harbour side, Ferrol. Lovely paving and trees:-
atrees at port

You can see the SS Black Watch in the background here berthed at Ferrol. That beardy bloke got in the photo again:-

Ferrol Harbour

Getting up on deck some time after we got back I could hear the sound of pipers again, coming from the quayside. I assume these were the Galician variety:-

Galician Pipers

I took some video. Click on the picture to take you to it. Galician pipes have a less strident sound than the Scottish variety:-

Pipers, Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

There was a delay to our departure because of what at first I couldn’t make out from the ship’s PA. I eventually cottoned on they’d said they were “bunkering”. I was amused that the same word is still used even though the ship won’t have coal bunkers but oil tanks instead.

It was a beautiful warm day and the ship put on an impromptu deck party, complete with six piece band.

impromptu deck party

My cynical self had the thought that they did this to push sales of sangria to offset any excess berthing fees arising from the overstay.

Ferrera Park, Avilés, and Seaside Sculpture

Thee is a lovely park in Avilés, called Ferrera Park. It was well used by people strolling or jogging and had that essential for a park – water; in this case a pond by which there were not only geese but a black swan.

Black Swan, Ferrera Park, Avilés

Off to the side was a nice parterre garden:-

Garden in Ferrera Fark

Complete with fountain:-

garden in park 7 fountain

You know you’re not in Fife anymore when you see a tree like this:-

Tree, Ferrera Park, Avilés

Just behind the parterre garden was this painted building:-

Painted Building by Ferrera Park, Avilés

As the SS Black Watch left we passed this striking sculpture. It’s by Benjamín Menéndez and is called “Avilés”:-

Sculpture, Avilés

Face-on view:-


This interesting rock formation sticks out into the Ría Avilés estuary:-

Rock Formation, Ría Avilés Estuary, Spain

Further out where the estuary meets the Atlantic we could see loads of surfers riding the waves into Playa San Juan de Nieva but they were a bit too far off to photograph.

Industry in Avilés

In the Museo de la Historia Urbana de Avilés (Museum of the History of the Town of Avilés) there are many exhibits relating to the town’s seafaring and industrial past as an iron manufacturing town as well as demonstrating the town’s expansion.

The town still has industry as can be seen from this photo taken from the SS Black Watch in port:-

Industry in Avilés

There is a large window on an upper floor to the rear of the museum specially constructed to give a view of Avilés’s oldest building, the Church of Los Franciscanos (see a previous post.)

Below are two views of the same old street from different directions:-

An Old Street in Avilés

Street in Avilés

This was an old colonnaded market we stumbled across:-

Old Market Colonnades, Avilés

Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, Avilés

The first thing that strikes you as you look from a ship in dock at Avilés, Asturias, Spain, is the stunning set of Modernist buildings below which collectively make up the Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre or Centro Niemeyer.

Stitch of two photos:-

Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, Avilés

View looking back from the walkway to the town, Reflections in the Ria de Avilés:-

Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, Avilés

Closer View showing stylised flower sculpture:-

Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, by Ria de Avilés

Dome and Auditorium (curved building):-

Detail, Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, Avilés

Auditorium with “stick” horse:-

Close View, Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, Avilés

Stairway and vents:-

Stairway and Vents, Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, Avilés


Tower, Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, Avilés

Dome, SS Black Watch in background:-

Dome, Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, Avilés

“Stick” horse detail:-

Horse Detail, Oscar Niemeyer Centre, Avilés

Stylised flowers, Avilés in background:-

Stylised Flowers, Oscar Niemeyer Centre

Dome and Tower:-

Dome and Tower, Oscar Niemeyer Centre

Flowers and Avilés:-

Niemeyer Stylised Flowers

Low rise building. (It’s multi-purpose. It seemed to house the restaurant/café):-

Low Rise Building, Oscar Niemeyer Centre, Avilés

Auditorium reverse angle:-

Curved Building, Oscar Niemeyer Centre, Avilés

Auditorium and tower:-

Curved Building and Tower

Edited to add: Actually on closer inspection that “stick” horse may be a “stick” woman.


Below is a photograph of the new Royal Navy aircraft carrier as viewed from Rosyth. This is the one that apparently won’t have any aircraft once it’s fitted out as we can’t afford them. Trident yes, it seems; warplanes no.

On Friday I realised that T Ronald Dump’s hair reminded me of this:-

Aircraft Carrier

The reason we were at Rosyth was to go on a cruise. On the Fred.Olsen Lines ship SS Black Watch. This was the ship’s (mascot?) Not figurehead. It was facing to the rear.

Ship's Figurehead/Mascot

Sunset over the Forth:

Evening Sky, Firth of Forth

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