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War Memorials, Bergen

Memorial to the Battle of Bergen Harbour, 1/8/1665. (aka Battle of Vågen. The battle was one of those which should not have taken place but did. The local commander did not know that the English fleet had permission from the king (of Denmark-Norway) to capture Dutch ships sheltering in the harbour so opened fire from Bergenhus Fortress – the only time the fortress ever took part in a battle.

Battle of Bergen Harbour Memorial, Bergen

Memorial to Norwegian sailors of the Great War. Erected by their friends and admirers in Great Britain and dedicated to “that great company of true norsemen who though at peace with all men dared to defy the horrors and perils of war and in a rightful service endured fearlessly to the end”:-

Memorial to Norwegian Sailors of the Great War, Bergen

Memorial in Bergen to Skansens Bataljon Buekorps/Bow Corps. Falt I Krigen 1940-1945. Falt I Krigen means “fell in war.”

Memorial To Skansens Batalion, Bergen

Bergenhus Fortress, Bergen

Bergenhus Fortress is one of the oldest stone built fortifications in Norway. The buildings lie between those of the Rosencrantz Tower and Haakons Hall. This page counts those as part of the fortress.

Courtyard from north:-

Bergenhus Fortress

East building:-

Bergenhus Fortress, Bergen

North building:-

Bergen, Bergenhus Fortress

Rosencrantz Tower and Haakons Hall, Bergen, Norway

There are of course older buildings in Bergen apart from in Bryggen. Some of them are even built from stone.

One such is the Rosencrantz Tower, apparently one of the most important renaissance monuments in Norway. Parts of it date to the 1270s. We passed it on the way into the city centre from the ship’s mooring and took photos on the way back.

As is our usual experience it was shrouded in scaffolding and plastic:-

Rosencrantz Tower, Bergen, Norway

Tower of Rosencrantz Tower, Bergen

Right next to it is Haakons Hall (Hakon Hall) built by Håkon Håkonsson between 1247 and 1261 as a royal residence:-

Hakon Hall, Bergen

Gable end:-

Bergen, Hakon Hall

Hakon Hall from west:-

Hakon Hall, Bergen from West

Bergen District Court

The building housing Bergen’s District Court, (Tinhuset, on Tårnplassen 2,) is in that quasi-fascistic official building Art Deco style. Its wiki page says it was designed by Egill Reimers in neoclassical style but to me there are clear elements of Deco in it and it was designed during the 1930s.

Bergen, Art Deco(ish) Building

Its entrance is adorned by stylised figures representing the four cardinal virtues, wisdom, justice, moderation and strength:-

Art Deco Style Figures, Bergen

The pillars are each surmounted by some sort of heraldic beast:-

Art Deco Detailing, Bergen


Deatailing, Art Deco Building, Bergen

Detail; horizontals, verticals, banding, patterned brickwork:-

More Detailing, Art Deco Building, Bergen

I found some better pictures of the court than mine on this flickr account.

Moderne and Art Deco Style in Bergen

This clock was on a building at the entrance to the dock where our ship was berthed. The tower in white and the flagpole are also deco features:-

Art Deco Style Clock, Bergen

While wandering Bergen city centre I was delighted to see this building looming. Lots of deco hallmarks; curvature, rule of three, horizontals, verticals:-

Modern Art Deco Building, Bergen

These closer views also show up the building’s balconies:-

Art Deco, Bergen

Detail, Art Deco Building, Bergen

This bridge nearby certainly has a deco feel, albeit in a Scandinavian way:-

Art Deco Style Bridge, Bergen

Statues/Monuments in Bergen

This monument with a series of sculptures round its base I thiought represented all the trades associated with Bergen but it seems to be called the Sailor’s Monument or Maritime Memorial:-

Sculpture, City Centre, Bergen

Bergen, Sculpture in City Centre

This statue of the poet Nordahl Greig is to the side of the National Theatre:-

Nordahl Greig Statue, Bergen

King Hakon VII, 1872 – 1957:-

King Hakon Monument, Bergen

This one seems to list former Norwegian monarchs:-

Monument To Norwegian Monarchs, Bergen

Buildings and Streets in Bergen, Norway

I think this is St John’s Church (Johanneskirken) An impressive structure we did not have time to get closer to:-

A Church in Bergen, Norway

Quaint wooden cottage:-

Bergen Street

Street to the above builidng’s side:-

A Bergen Street

Street off Bryggen:-

Street off Bryggen, Bergen

Wooden buildings – on way down from Fløibanen:-

Street with Wooden Buildings, Bergen

Street View in Bergen

A more modern square in the city centre:-

A Street in Bergen

Views from Mount Fløyen, Bergen

View of Bergen from Mount Fløyen

View of Bergen

Bergen from Mount Fløyen

This one shows the ship we were travelling on (extreme right):-

View of ships at Bergen

Close up on lake with fountain:-

Lake with Fountain, Bergen from Mount Fløyen

A road bridge in central Bergen from Mount Fløyen:-

Bridge in Bergen from Mount Fløyen

Part of Bergen with sea inlets beyond:-

View of Part of Bergen from Mount Fløyen

A distant suspension bridge (photo is fuzzy due to zoom function.) Due to its sovereign wealth fund – a legacy of the oil boom – Norway is festooned with infrastructure like this:-

A Distant Suspension Bridge from Mount Fløyen, Bergen

Fløibanen, Bergen

One of Bergen’s attractions is the Fløibanen funicular railway which ascends from the city centre 320 metres up a mountain, Mount Fløyen.

This is the street that leads up to the lower station:-

A Street in Bergen, Norway

At lower station:-

Bergen Funicular Railway

Inside tunnel-

Tunnel on Foimbannen Funicular Railway, Bergen

On the ascent:-

On Foimbannen Funicular Railway, Bergen

The summit terminus leads on to a viewing area where there you get a magnificent vista of Bergen:-

View of Bergen from Mount Fløyen,

We decided to walk back down the path as it would give us a chance to see parts of Bergen visitors would perhaps not normally encounter.

There were goats near the summit:-

A Goat on Mount Fløyen, Bergen

An attration for children it seems:-

Goats in Bergen

Bryggen, Bergen

On the way into Bergen from where our ship had docked you stroll along Bryggen (the dock.) Originally named Tyskebryggen (the German Dock) and was the site of the first buildings in Bergen. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Bryggen, Bergen

Bryggen, Bergen

Building in Bryggen, Bergen

I assume the one with the painted tarpualin covering it was undergoing refurbishment:-

More of Bryggen, Bergen

Several closes run off Bryggen into back streets. These house idosyncratic little shops:-

Another Close in Bryggen, Bergen

Note connecting wooden stairway here:-

A Close off Bryggen, Bergen

This building in the back streets has a wodden hoist:-

Wooden Hoist On Building off Bryggen, Bergen

This stone building marks the end of Bryggen:-

Bergen, A Building  at End/Beginning of Bryggen

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