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Leixões, Matosinhos Principality, Portugal

I had only heard of Leixões before through the football team bearing that name, actually part of a wider sporting club. Leixões is however the port for Porto.

Like Avilés, Leixões has an architecturally interesting building by the dockside.

This photo from distance was actually taken when we were leaving port:-

Portside Building and Leixões

There was a metal sort of walkway or loading way leading out from the building:-

Portside Building Leixões Walkway

See in this photo how the loading way’s roof bends over to become its wall:-

Portside Building Leixões

That curve can be seen here and the building as a whole:-

Portside Building Stitch

Views from dockside:-

Dockside Building Leixões

Portside Building Leixões

Dockside Building, Leixões

Part of the structure is supported by these leaning pillars:-

Leixões Dockside Building Supports

I believe the building may house art exhibits at times. There was none when we were there though. Interior:-

Leixões Dockside Building Interior 1>

Dockside Building, Leixões, Interior 2

From Matosinhos beach:-

Dockside Building and SS Black Watch

Leaving Ferrol

The bunkering finished and the Black Watch eventually set off some hours late.

Ferrol harbour outlet:-

Ferrol Harbour Outlet

On the starboard side was this collection of houses:-

Houses by Seaside near Ferrol

This was a different (small) harbour on the port side as we sailed. Mugardos?:-

Another Harbour near Ferrol

The estuary narrowed for a bit on the way out and there were old fortifications on each side of the estuary.

To port side:-

Fortification to Port Side, Ferrol Estuary

To starboard was the Castle San Felipe (Castelo San Felipe):-

Castle San Filipe, Near Ferrol

Castle San Felipe slipway:-

Castle San Filipe, Slipway

If you look carefully at this photo you should see some gunsmoke coming from the castle. As a “greeting” to the ship there was a guy in mediaeval costume firing a blunderbuss or some such thing:-

Castle San Filipe, Gunsmoke

Castle San Felipe:-

Castle San Filipe 4

Looking back to port side fortification, pilot boat following the ship:-

Fortification, Ferrol Estaury

There was a third fortification on the starboard side a bit further out from Ferrol. Pleasure boat in foreground:-

Third Fortification, Ferrol Estaury

The pilot boat zoomed a little closer after we’d made it past the narrows:-

Pilot Boat

This quarry was the last sign of human activity before the ocean:-

Quarry near Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

Not Leaving Ferrol

The harbour side, Ferrol. Lovely paving and trees:-
atrees at port

You can see the SS Black Watch in the background here berthed at Ferrol. That beardy bloke got in the photo again:-

Ferrol Harbour

Getting up on deck some time after we got back I could hear the sound of pipers again, coming from the quayside. I assume these were the Galician variety:-

Galician Pipers

I took some video. Click on the picture to take you to it. Galician pipes have a less strident sound than the Scottish variety:-

Pipers, Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

There was a delay to our departure because of what at first I couldn’t make out from the ship’s PA. I eventually cottoned on they’d said they were “bunkering”. I was amused that the same word is still used even though the ship won’t have coal bunkers but oil tanks instead.

It was a beautiful warm day and the ship put on an impromptu deck party, complete with six piece band.

impromptu deck party

My cynical self had the thought that they did this to push sales of sangria to offset any excess berthing fees arising from the overstay.

Art Deco in Ferrol

There wasn’t much deco in Ferrol. We found two nice squares and this one, the Plaza de Espaňa, had a deco building on it:-

Plaza de Espaňa, Ferrol

A Banca:-

A Banca, Ferrol

Close-up showing deco detail on rounded corner:-

A Banca Close-up

Balconied Deco:-

Art Deco Building in Ferrol

More Art Deco, Ferrol:-

More Art Deco, Ferrol

Buildings in Ferrol

On the way in to Ferrol from the ship we passed an area known as Arsenal Militar. A mannequin recalled Spain’s military past. Here’s a photo with some beardy bloke beside it:-

Soldier Mannequin

Ferrol seems to be laid out in a grid pattern though the streets are not wide. This was at siesta time when the streets emptied:-

asiesta time

A square in Ferrol:-

Old and New

The building to the left of the square in the photo above has an odd mixture of architectural styles. See the glass gable-end:-

Odd Mix of Architectural Styles, Ferrol

It was also hard by what may be a memorial to Spain’s colonial wars (if I can trust my reading of the Spanish inscription.) It was in the middle of a busy road so I didn’t linger long:-

Colonial War Memorial, Ferrol

You know you’re not in Calvinist Scotland any more when you come across a statue like this in an otherwise perfectly normal street. (Hooded penitents are apparently a big part of Holy Week celebrations in Ferrol.):-

Hooded Penitent Statue, Ferroll

Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

Ferrol, or El Ferrol, in the province of A Coruña, Galicia, Spain, was known for forty-four years as El Ferrol del Caudillo as it was the birthplace, in 1892, of dictator Francisco Franco. Curiously, in some sort of political karmic equalistion it was also the birthplace of the founder of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), Pablo Iglesias, in 1850.

The town is a mixture of ancient and modern with the older parts near to the harbour.

This is a stitch of three photos taken from the ship at berth:-

Ferrol from Ship's Berth

Ferrrol has been a shipbuilding town since the time of the early Bourbon kings of Spain, capital of the Spanish Navy’s Maritime Department of the North. This looked like an aircraft carrier:-

Aircraft Carrier in Dock at Ferrol

Another naval ship:-

Naval Ship Docked in Ferrol

These buildings were hard by the harbour:-

Sea Front Building, Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

Older Fortification and Newer Buildings, Ferrol

Ferrera Park, Avilés, and Seaside Sculpture

Thee is a lovely park in Avilés, called Ferrera Park. It was well used by people strolling or jogging and had that essential for a park – water; in this case a pond by which there were not only geese but a black swan.

Black Swan, Ferrera Park, Avilés

Off to the side was a nice parterre garden:-

Garden in Ferrera Fark

Complete with fountain:-

garden in park 7 fountain

You know you’re not in Fife anymore when you see a tree like this:-

Tree, Ferrera Park, Avilés

Just behind the parterre garden was this painted building:-

Painted Building by Ferrera Park, Avilés

The sculpture is called Avilés and seems to be by an artist called Benjamín Menéndez:-

As the SS Black Watch left we passed this striking sculpture. It’s by Benjamín Menéndez and is called “Avilés”:-

Sculpture, Avilés

Face-on view:-


This interesting rock formation stick sout into the Ría Avilés estuary:-

Rock Formation, Ría Avilés Estuary, Spain

Further out where the estuary meets the Atlantic we could see loads of surfers riding the waves into Playa San Juan de Nieva but they were a bit too far off to photograph.

Art Deco in Avilés (iv)

Corner Deco:-

Corner Deco, Avilés

More corner deco:-

More Corner Deco, Avilés

La Voe de Avilés. “Rule of three” in the middle of the balconies. Good railings; and that compass dial above the door is a neat touch:-

La Voe de Avilés

Balconied Corner Deco:-

Balconied Corner Deco, Avilés

A more moderne style. Springfield:-

Moderne/Deco, Avilés

There’s a stunning mural of a ship and castellations at upper level here. Art Deco “rule of three” on the corner. I think this was the Play House Cinema:-

Mural, Avilés

Art Deco in Avilés (iii)

Another sunburst door in Avilés:-

Another Sunburst Door, Avilés

Art Deco styling balconies:-

Blue Art Deco, Avilés

Spanish Style, almost Deco:-

Spanish Style, Almost Deco, Avilés

Some buildings in Avilés had wonderful tiling on the exterior. This was in a particularly deco style:-

Art Deco Tiling, Avilés

A more modern take on the deco style in Avilés:-

By a Roundabout, Avilés,

Verging on Deco:-

Art Deco Style in Avilés

Art Deco in Avilés (ii)

The most stunning deco/moderne building we came across in Avilés was this very rectilinear infant and primary school. Colegio de Educacion Infantil e Primaria, “Palacio Valdes”:-

Art Deco in Avilés, Education

Doorway, note canopy:-

Art Deco Doorway, Avilés

The clock tower and face is great. Note flagstaff – plus “rule of three” in windows on gable end:-

Art Deco in Avilés

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