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Jupiter Artland

As it was our anniversary on Monday we decided to visit Jupiter Artland, a Sculpture Park and Art venue near Wilkieston in West Lothian.

At present it is hosting an exhibition of paintings/drawings by Tracey Emin under the collective title “I Lay Here For You.” These smaller works were split between the Ballroom and an exhibition space in the Park’s Steadings. I must say I’m not taken with Emin’s painting/drawing skills. The best bit about the Ballroom was the building’s ceiling.

Jupiter Artland Ballroom Ceiling

The garden outside the Ballroom was pleasantly planted:-

Jupiter Artland, Ballroom Garden

There’s what looks like a paddling pool in the grounds. It’s not really. There are signs asking you to stay on the black area for a start. The estate’s “Big House” is in the background here:-

Jupiter Artland Paddling Pool

We also partook of lunch in the café. The menu was abit pretentious but the food was good.

On the way in you drive past some Charles Jencks landforms called Cells of Life. Below is a stitch from four photos:-

Jupiter Artland, Charles Jencks Landforms

Closer view of Charles Jencks landforms at Jupiter Artland with a red bridge in middle distance:-

Jupiter Artland, Charles Jencks landforms + Red Bridge

In our later stroll through the grounds we came closer to that bridge. It’s named Only Connect and is by Ian Hamilton Findlay:-

Jupiter Artland, Red Bridge

Red Bridge at Jupiter Artland

The Quarry by Phyllida Barlow. The colours on the columns are a bit faded but reminded me of totem poles:-

"The Quarry," Jupiter Artland

The Rose Walk is by Pablo Bronstein:-

The Rose Walk, Jupiter Artland,

Jupiter Artland, The Rose Walk 3

The Rose Walk at Jupiter Artland

One of the installations is Weeping Girls, created by Laura Ford. I didn’t photgraph that one as I found the figures rather creepy.

Signpost to Jupiter. I note the distance is given in USian. (Since a meter is a measuring device not a length the better spelling is kilometres):-

Signpost to Jupiter, Jupiter Artland

There is a Tracey Emin sculpture titled I Lay Here for You in the griounds.

I Lay Here For You at Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland, Bomb Sculpture

To give some idea of the location here is a phptgraph of three bridges across the River Forth as seen from Jupiter Artland. The Forth Bridge (right,) The Forth Road Bridge (centre,) The Queensferry Crossing (left.)

Barnard Castle Interior (ii)

Between the Town Ward and Inner Ward of Barnard Castle there is a strange thing to find inside a castle’s perimeter: a valley, seen below with the modern wooden bridge across it.

Interior Panorama, Barnard Castle

This ruin is to the left as you look in the above photo:-

Barnard Castle Internal Ruin

Interior valley seen from the bridge:-

Interior of Barnard Castle,Teeside

Valley from above:-

Valley Inside Barnard Castle

North west corner building (circular tower to right):-

Barnard Castle, Corner Building

From top of circular tower:-

Interior of Barnard  Castle, Teeside

Weir and bridge over River Tees from the castle:-

Weir and Bridge from Barnard Castle

Bridges in Grounds of Glamis Castle

Stone bridge at Glamis Castle, Angus, Scotland

Glamis Castle, Bridge in Grounds

Closer view:-

Bridge in Grounds of Glamis Castle

Reverse view:-

Bridge leding to Walled Garden, Glamis Castle

Japanese bridge in the walled garden:-

Walled Garden Japanese bridge

Iron Balustraded Bridge in Glamis Castle Grounds:-

Iron Balustraded Bridge in Glamis Castle Grounds

Three Witches Wood Carving:-

Three Witches Wood Carving, Glamis Castle

I forgot to put in my last post about Glamis these dolls, played with by the late Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon:-

Dolls, Glamis Castle

River Westwater, near Edzell

From Edzell Castle (posts passim) we took a stroll along the road to the old motte and bailey and A graveyard which contained the historic graves of the Lindsay family. Just further along there was a car parki and on investigation we saw a signpost to Pirner Brig. This turned out to be a walk alongside a river which we later discovered is the River Westwater.

Before doing that we descended a fairly steep set of stairs to the river itself, which is very scenic.

River and Pirner Brig:-

River West Water, near Edzell Castle, Scotland

River and rocks:-

River West Water, by Edzell Castle, Scotland

River West Water , near Edzell Castle, Scotland

River West Water, near Edzell Castle, Scotland

We then reascended the steps and took the path which crosses the brig.

River from Pirner’s Brig:-

River West Water, from Pirner's Brig

I took a couple of videos

River Westwater Near Edzell Video

River Westwater Video

This is a lovely spot, and more or less unspoiled.

River North Tyne at Chesters Fort

The main body of Chesters Fort lies on a hill just above the river River North Tyne.

River from Chesters Fort:-

River North Tyne from Chesters Fort

This shows the spot where a Roman bridge crossed the river:-

River North Tyne at Chesters Fort

Eastern part of Hadrian’s Wall and bridge abutment:-

Bridge Abutment , North Tyne River, Cumbria

Closer view:-

Bridge Abutment, River North Tyne, Chesters Fort

Bridge information board showing how it looked:-

Chester's fort Bridge Info board stitch

Between the bridge and the fort proper you can still see a part of Hadrian’s wall:-

Part of  Hadrian's wall, Chesters Roman Fort, Cumbria

Also down by the river are the baths the soldiers used:-

Roman Baths at Chesters Fort, Hadrian's Wall

Lower part of baths complex:-

Part of Baths Complex, Chesters Fort, Hadrian's Wall

Barnard Castle

The town of Barnard Castle takes its name from the castle which sits on a promontory above the River Tees. At the time we visited going inside the castle required booking in advance due to Covid. As we hadn’t booked, we couldn’t go in.

Castle from town side:-

Barnard Castle,County Durham, castle ruin

Entrance to Castle:-

Entrance to Castle at Barnard Castle

Round tower:-

Barnard Castle,Teesdale, Counry Durham, castle ruin

North face of castle:-

Barnard Castle stitch, County Durham, castle ruin

Panorama of castle from over the Tees. (The curvature is due to a stitch of two photos):-

Barnard Castle from Bridge over the River Tees

Part of castle from the bridge over the Tees. Note town sign on the wall by the road:-

Barnard Castle, Castle

Castle wall from below:-

Part of Castle Wall, Barnard Castle,

Looking north from River Tees bridge, castle on right:-

River Tees, Barnard Castle, County Durham

Castle from viewpoint by River Tees:-

River Tees and Barnard Castle

Closer view. The bridge over the Tees can be seen to bottom right:-

Barnard Castle + Bridge, County Durham, River Tees

Bridges at Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle is a market town in Teesdale, County Durham. It lies beside the River Tees over which there were at least two bridges.

One of these is a relatively narrow traffic-light controlled bridge which lies just below the ruins of the mediæval castle (of which more later.)

Bridge at Barnard Castle

River Tees Bridge at Barnard Castle

The second I got to by walking along a path by the riverside. Its purpose is more obscure:-

Bridge Over River Tees, Barnard Castle

On the way up to it we passed this weir:-

Weir on River Tees near Barnard Castle

Weir and second bridge through trees:-

Bridge over River Tees at Barnard Castle

New Bridge Works, Balbirnie Golf Course

Last August I noted floods at Balbirnie Golf Course. The bridge featured in that post was sunsequently removed probably because its supports had been undermined.

In April this year I photographed the foundations of a replacement bridge.

Bridge at Balbirnie Golf Course

Bridge Work, Balbirnie Golf Course

The golf course itself was looking fine.

18th fairway and green:-

Balbirnie fairway, Fife, golf course

The 10th tee had some striking shadows:-

Shadows on Balbirnie Golf Course

10th tee and 18th fairway:-

Balbirnie fairway, Fife, golf course

Moderne and Art Deco Style in Bergen

This clock was on a building at the entrance to the dock where our ship was berthed. The tower in white and the flagpole are also deco features:-

Art Deco Style Clock, Bergen

While wandering Bergen city centre I was delighted to see this building looming. Lots of deco hallmarks; curvature, rule of three, horizontals, verticals:-

Modern Art Deco Building, Bergen

These closer views also show up the building’s balconies:-

Art Deco, Bergen

Detail, Art Deco Building, Bergen

This bridge nearby certainly has a deco feel, albeit in a Scandinavian way:-

Art Deco Style Bridge, Bergen

Views from Mount Fløyen, Bergen

View of Bergen from Mount Fløyen

View of Bergen

Bergen from Mount Fløyen

This one shows the ship we were travelling on (extreme right):-

View of ships at Bergen

Close up on lake with fountain:-

Lake with Fountain, Bergen from Mount Fløyen

A road bridge in central Bergen from Mount Fløyen:-

Bridge in Bergen from Mount Fløyen

Part of Bergen with sea inlets beyond:-

View of Part of Bergen from Mount Fløyen

A distant suspension bridge (photo is fuzzy due to zoom function.) Due to its sovereign wealth fund – a legacy of the oil boom – Norway is festooned with infrastructure like this:-

A Distant Suspension Bridge from Mount Fløyen, Bergen

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