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Oresund Bridge

We passed under the Oresund Bridge (Öresund or Øresund Bridge depending on whether you live on the Danish or Swedish side) on the way from Stockholm to Aalborg.

I had thought we would do so when sailing from Copenhagen to Warnemünde but we seemed to turn north out of Copenhagen (I could just about make out the bridge in the southern distance) and then west. At that point we had to go in to dinner so I assumed the ship travelled down the west side of Zealand then instead of passing under the bridge.

Unfortunately it was about one o’clock in the morning when we passed under the bridge – and dark; so the photos aren’t much cop.

Oresund Bridge by Night

Video. (It was quite windy):-

Oresund Bridge by Night

Closer appraoch:-

Centre, Oresund Bridge

Oresund Bridge Towers

Eastern support tower:-

Oresund Bridge Support Tower

Video. (I don’t know whose the voices are. Other people were also enjoying the experience):-

Oresund Bridge Support Tower

Stockholm Architecture

The coach had dropped us off near Gamla Stan – old Stockholm, well worth a wander round. (In pre-coronavirus days anyway):-

Gamla Stan, old Stockholm

Art Nouveau-ish Building, Gamla Stan, Stockholm:-

Art Nouveau-ish Building, Stockholm

Church and bridge round corner from Gamla Stan:-

church, Stockholm

Traditional architecture:-

Stockholm building

Stockholm, conifers

Gustav II Adolf (Gustavus Adolphus) statue and building opposite Riksdag and Opera House, Stockholm:-

Building and Statue Near Riksdag, Stockholm

More modern Swedish style:-

Modern Building, Stockholm

Stockholm Bridges

Next stop on the Baltic cruise was Stockholm for our fifth day in a row of shore excursions. We were getting a bit knackered by then but Stockholm is a stunning city and made up for that. Being built on islands there is water everywhere and loads of bridges.

Stockholm Bridges

Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) and bridge. What a lovely aspect:-

Rocks , Birds, Riksdag, Stockholm

This was by the other side of the Riksdag:-

Stockholm,Canal + weir

Two for one here, foreground and background:-

Distant Bridge, Stockholm

This rather less elegant one was near the ship’s berth:-

A Bridge in Stockholm

When I first glimpsed this tower I had hoped it might be Art Deco but it’s not. Looks like a communications tower:-

Tower, Stockholm From Cruise Ship

Leaving Leningrad

Or leaving St Petersburg (as it is again.) I liked the alliteration though.

I snatched these through the coach window on the way back to the ship’s berth.

An old bridge over a waterway:-

An Old Bridge, St Petersburg

This one I realised later is on the corner of Nevsky Prospekt at the Anichkov Bridge over the River Fontanka and I had photographed it from the street:-

Palace, St Petersburg

A Fire Station:-

Fire Station, St Petersburg

This is the bridge almost hidden behind the building under construction I photographed from the ship’s prow:-

Bridge, St Petersburg

And this is the one between the ship and the Zenit Arena (aka Krestovsky Stadium) – see same link above:-

Bridge in St Petersburg

Bridge and Krestovsky Stadium:-

A Bridge  + Krestovsky Stadium, St Petersburg

Krestovsky Stadium/Zenit Arena plus part of the bridge, also two blurred birds:-

Krestovsky Stadium, St Petersburg (Zenit Arena)

Waterways, St Petersburg

St Petersburg is criss-crossed by waterways, not only the River Neva. Several of them pass under the western portion of Nevsky Prospekt. One of these is the Griboyedov Canal which runs from the Church on Spilled Blood to go under the road and on to link the River Moyka to the River Fontanka.

The Moyka River itself (see previous post) runs from the River Fontanka at the Mihailovsky Castle past the Church on Spilled Blood on under Nevsky Propekt eventually to reach the River Neva.

River Moyka, St Petersburg

The Fontanka River makes a big half loop round the city centre and under the Anichkov Bridge at Nevsky Propekt:-

Fontanka River, St Petersburg

View from Bridge over Fontanka River, St Petersburg

view down Fontanka River, St Petersburg

There’s always something pleasing about a river in the middle of a city:-

St Petersburg, Fontanka River

St Petersburg (iv)

Building, St Isaac’s Square:-

Building St Isaac's Square, St Petersburg

One of St Petersburg’s many palaces:-

St Petersburg, a Palace

Part of another:-

Winter Palace , St Petersburg, Russia

Government building:-

government building 2 stitch

Street scene. Notice the number on the traffic light. This is a countdown clock to when the signals will change. All the road crossings had them. The (animated) “green man” even speeded up his walk as the time ran down. These are brilliant ideas. They should bring them in here:-

street in St Petersburg, Russia

Canal with “blue bridge” near St Isaac’s Square:-

blue bridge canal, St Petersburg, Russia

It’s amazing what you can see on rooftops:-

Statue on Roof, St Petersburg

St Petersburg (iii)

A touch of the new (and temporary) and the old.

Fifa 2018 World Cup fan park:-

FIFA, World Cup 2018 Fan Zone, St Petersburg

Reverse of fan park + canal and bridge:-

A Canal in St Petersburg + FIFA World Cup Fan Zone

Main road aspect:-

St Petersburg, FIFA World Cup Fan Zone

Contrast that with this typically Russian building right beside the fan park:-

Building Opposite Church on the Spilled Blood, St Petersburg

But just over the road from that:-

Church on the Spilled Blood, St Petersburg

The stunning Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood:-

St Petersburg, Church on the Spilled Blood

The church’s peculiar name arises because it was built as a memorial over the spot where Tsar Alexander II had been assassinated. Unfortunately it was swathed in scaffolding last May.

Church on the Spilled Blood, St Petersburg, from Field of Mars:-

Church on the Spilled Blood, St Petersburg From Field of Mars

St Petersburg (ii)

A bridge on the Neva (Troitskiy Bridge?):-

St Petersburg, Bridge on River Neva

Sampsoniyevskiy Bridge on Bolshaya Nevka, St Petersburg:-

Bridge on Bolshaya Nevka, St Petersburg,

Building and Sampsoniyevskiy Bridge on Bolshaya Nevka:

Building and Bridge on Bolshaya Nevka,St Petersburg

Weaponry and, below, military vehicles, outside a military museum (of artillery.) Seen through rainy bus windows.

Weaponry, St Petersburg,

Military Vehicles, St Petersburg,

An old sailing ship alongside the Petrovskaya Embankment:-

An Old Sailing Ship, St Petersburg

The same ship from the Kutuzov Embankment across the River Neva. There is what looks to be a mosque in the background here:-

Ferry and Old Sailing Ship, St Petersburg

St Petersburg Sphinxes and Rostral Towers

There are two Egyptian sphinxes by the banks of the River Neva in St Petersburg. Our tour guide was quite proud of these. They stand on what is known as the Quay of the Sphinxes. It wa sthe first stop on our first tour.

A Sphinx, St Petersburg

Second Sphinx, St Petersburg

Sphinx Ornamentation:-

Sphinx Ornamentation, St Petersburg

The sphinxes are close to the Blagoveshchensky Bridge Over The River Neva:-

Bridge Over The River Neva, St Petersburg,

River Neva Bridge, St Petersburg

Next we stopped to see the Rostral Towers (or Columns) once beacons for St Petersburg’s original port and another symbol of the city:-

Traffic and Rostral Tower, St Petersburg

A Rostral Tower, St Petersburg

Tay Bridge and V&A Dundee

The first stop on the cruise we took last year was … Dundee! It’s only about twenty-five miles or so away from Son of the Rock Acres but it cost £200 less, each, for us to board at Newcastle rather than embark a day later at Dundee. No brainer.

The ship’s docking point in Scotland’s fourth city did give me a view of the Tay Bridge I hadn’t had before, though.

Tay Bridge

To the extreme right of the above photo is the new V&A Dundee, better seen in the photo below with RSS Discovery and Discovery Point beyond V&A:-

Tay Bridge and V&A Building

Wandering round the city centre I came across these stone penguins having a wee daunder:-

Model Penguins, Dundee City Centre

Nearby was this plaque commemorating the 70th anniversary of the end of the Great War. “Dedicated to the glory of god and to those men and women who in all corners of the world gave their lives in service of our beloved country. We Will Remember Them, 11th November 1989.”

Anniversary War Memorial, Dundee City Centre

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