Not Leaving Ferrol

The harbour side, Ferrol. Lovely paving and trees:-
atrees at port

You can see the SS Black Watch in the background here berthed at Ferrol. That beardy bloke got in the photo again:-

Ferrol Harbour

Getting up on deck some time after we got back I could hear the sound of pipers again, coming from the quayside. I assume these were the Galician variety:-

Galician Pipers

I took some video. Click on the picture to take you to it. Galician pipes have a less strident sound than the Scottish variety:-

Pipers, Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

There was a delay to our departure because of what at first I couldn’t make out from the ship’s PA. I eventually cottoned on they’d said they were “bunkering”. I was amused that the same word is still used even though the ship won’t have coal bunkers but oil tanks instead.

It was a beautiful warm day and the ship put on an impromptu deck party, complete with six piece band.

impromptu deck party

My cynical self had the thought that they did this to push sales of sangria to offset any excess berthing fees arising from the overstay.

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