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Old Woolworths Building, Arbroath

Typical Art Deco style Woolworths building, now an estate agents:-

Old Woolworths, Arbroath

Ridged roofline, pillaring. Plus buddleia!!

Old Woolworths Building, Arbroath

Reverse entrance is a Nickel and Dime:-

Old Woolworths Building, Arbroath

Former Woolworths Stores in East London

Pictures shamelessly stolen from diamond geezer’s post. (I’ve only included the Art Deco buildings.)

572-574 Roman Road, Bow, E3 5ES:-

Former Woolies, Roman Road, Bow, E3 5ES

Hackney, 333/337 Mare Street, E8 1HY:-

Former Woolies, 333/337 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 1HY

72-76 High Street North, East Ham, E6 2JL:-

Former Woolies, 72-76 High Street North,  East Ham, E6 2JL

Woolworth’s British Shop Fronts

Thanks to Duncan for this one.

A short history with photographs of British Woolworth’s shop fronts, whose heyday was of course in the Art Deco 1930s.

As Duncan says, an old Woolies is almost instantly recognisable.

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 42 (ii): Bathgate (ii)

A couple more Art Deco buildings in Bathgate.

This one looks like an ex-Woolworths but is now a Poundland. Typical deco styling:-

Former Woolworths, Bathgate

Deco touches:-

Minor Art Deco, Bathgate

Bank of Scotland. This may be later but has deco elements, especially the tall window:-

Art Deco Style Bank, Bathgate

The Pavilion, an ex-cinema, isn’t truly deco as it was built in 1920 but it prefigures the style. Note the Rule of Three in the front windows and door:-

Former Pavilion Cinema, Bathgate

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 40: Helensburgh

Typically Art Deco former Woolworths building in Helensburgh, Scotland. Now a Wilkies:-

Former Woolworths Helensburgh

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 11c. Dumbarton Yet Again

Familiarity must breed not looking. How I missed this building in this sequence up to now I don’t know. Anyway I caught it early in May when I was over for the last game in the season.

It’s the ex-Savings Bank of Glasgow building in Dumbarton, now a TSB.

Dumbarton TSB

The former Woolworths has been given a makeover and is now a Wotherspoons, The Captain James Lang. The frontage has cleaned up nicely. Compare this to the photo I took in 2009.

Dumbarton Former Woolworths

On the wall inside is a photograph of Dumbarton Woolies in its heyday.

Dumbarton Old Woolworths

As a homage to the building’s past this array of old Pic’n’Mix bags and sweets is also on display.

Pic n Mix, Dumbarton

Kirkcaldy'€™s Art Deco Heritage 16. Woolworths Logo

Woolworths logo in tile

This is on the extreme right hand side doorway of the old Woolworths store in Kirkcaldy High Street if you look at the store straight on. The door isn’t used now. It’s in a kind of alcove so the logo is usually obscured a bit by dirt and leaves etc.

That store closed in the late 1970s I think. Woolies opened up a new shop in the Mercat in Kirkcaldy when the Tesco’s there moved out to take over William Low’s. That in turn is now a Home Bargains and Peacock’s. They split the floor space.

This is how the old Woolies in the High Street looks now. It’s not an Art Deco building – it has more the look of the 1960s and houses an indoor market.

Woolworths old store KIrkcaldy

Fife’s Art Deco Heritage 10 (i): Leven

This is in Commercial Road, Leven. It’s an estate agent’s now.

An Estate Agents in Leven, Fife

Poundland. I can remember when this was a Woolworths.

Former Woolworths, Leven, Fife

This one is on the promenade. It may have been a toilet block. I don’t know what it’s used for now. You can just see New Bayview, East Fife’s ground, in the background over the River Leven. You wouldn’t have been able to see it when Methil Power Station stood in between.

Toliet? Building, Promenade, Leven


On the way back up from Alnwick we stopped at Berwick to get something to eat. We’d have settled for a chippy but there wasn’t one on the main street or the ones leading off it.

On the way in to the town I had spotted this Art Deco garage but I took the photo from the opposite side of the River Tweed. On the way out I had to recross the river first and discovered it was built in 1937.

The old bridge over the Tweed has nice arches. There were lots of swans on the river.

I took this of the newer road bridge, and the railway bridge behind it, from the old one.

The town itself was down at heel and shabby looking even allowing for the fact that it was latish (after closing time.) This must surely once have been a Woolworths.


This was another building that looks a bit deco.

Stockbridge, Edinburgh

Last week the good lady and I took another stroll along the Water of Leith.

No herons this time, and we didn’t tarry by Dean Village, the Dene Bridge nor St Bernards Well but since the last time we were there, there have been a few additions to the water in the shape of Antony Gormley sculptures. This is the one nearest Stockbridge.

Stockbridge Gormley Man

Gormley is most famous for the Angel Of The North but has also placed figures on Crosby Beach near Liverpool and on roofs in New York and London.

The Water of Leith seems an appropriate location for these new emplacements as it flows past the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, albeit out of sight in a valley.

We had a look around Stockbridge, the good lady loading up on books from the charity shops and a great second-hand book shop that we hadn’t gone into before.

I liked the look of this one as the facade is Decoish:-

Former bank?

I suspect the projecting frontage may have started life as a bank.

Bank detail

There is some nice detailing on the door surround too.

Bank door

On its left as you look at it in the photo stands the former Woolworths shop (which wasn’t ever Art Deco) and is now a Scotmid.

Former Woolies, Stockbridge

On the way back I photographed the bridge which carries Belford Road over the river.

Old bridge

I’ve no idea whether this is one of Thomas Telford’s (as the Dene Bridge is) but it looks of an age to me.

This is the detail up on the right in close up:-

Detail on old bridge

I believe it depicts the Arms of Edinburgh.

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