Former Woolworths Stores in East London

Pictures shamelessly stolen from diamond geezer’s post. (I’ve only included the Art Deco buildings.)

572-574 Roman Road, Bow, E3 5ES:-

Former Woolies, Roman Road, Bow, E3 5ES

Hackney, 333/337 Mare Street, E8 1HY:-

Former Woolies, 333/337 Mare Street, Hackney, E8 1HY

72-76 High Street North, East Ham, E6 2JL:-

Former Woolies, 72-76 High Street North,  East Ham, E6 2JL

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  1. Martin McCallion

    That second one was our local Woolies. Our kids insisted we boycott Iceland because they’d taken it over. Even though it wasn’t Iceland’s fault that their beloved Woolies failed.

  2. jackdeighton

    Yea, it was partly Woolies own fault – they’d sold off many of their shops and were renting them back at igh rates – but they were also owed money by companies who weren’t paying up.
    My eldest son had a part-time job at our local Woolies when he was a student so we were aware of the ins and outs.

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