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Fife Pilgrim Way

A project to resurrect the mediƦval Fife Pilgrim Way is now well in hand.

There were two main routes across the county (or kingdom as the locals still refer to it at times,) starting at Culross and North Queensferry and ending up at St Andrews.

The ancient route went through the nearest small town to Son of the Rock Acres, Markinch, the ancient capital of Fife.

There are some hopes the restored route(s) will bring modern day pilgrims (and other tourists) to the town.

A year or so ago there was an information day about the Pilgrim Way at St Drostan’s church. On display were several representations of monastic and pilgrim life, rendered in knitwear.

Trees and pilgrims:-

Knitted Trees and Pilgrims


Knitted Church


Knitted  Monks

Monks’ garden:-

Knitted Garden

Monastery vegetable patch:-

Knitted Vegetable Patch

A Heron, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

I captured this heron on the bank of the Kinness Burn at St Andrews harbour:-

A Heron, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

HMS Queen Elizabeth and Isle of May

HMS Queen Elizabeth is the Royal Navy’s latest aircraft carrier. (That’s the one there’s not enough money to fit out with any aircraft.)

She sailed out from her fitting out at Rosyth in the Firth of Forth for her sea trials in June 2017. We happened to be in Cellardyke, Fife that day and caught a glimpse of her near the Isle of May.

HMS Queen Elizabeth (yacht in front) and the Isle of May from Cellardyke Harbour:-

HMS Queen Elizabeth and the Isle of May

HMS Queen Elizabeth and Isle of May closer view:-

HMS Elizabeth and Isle of May

HMS Queen Elizabeth closer view:-

HMS Queen Elizabeth

Isle of May:-

Isle of May, Firth of Forth

HMS Queen Elizabeth and another ship:-

HMS Queen Elizabeth on Sea Trials

War Memorial and War Grave, St Monans

The War Memorial stands in St Monans Church yard overlooking the sea and is a Celtic Cross surmounting a trapezoidal plinth. The inscription reads, “Erected by St Monance Parish in memory of those who fell in the Great War 1914 -1919.”

St Monans War Memorial

Great War names:-

St Monans War Memorial 4

Names for the Great War. St Monans Kirk in background:-

St Monans War Memorial 2

World War 2 Names. “Remember also the men of this parish who gave their lives in the war 1939-1945.”:-

St Monans War Memorial 3

There is one war grave in the churchyard. Deck Hand W Innes, RNR, HMS Victory, 20/3/1916, age 21. Possibly a casualty of the Battle of Jutland:-

St Monans, War Grave

St Monans

St Monans (sometimes spelled St Monance) is a seaside village in the East Neuk of Fife.

Its church, standing as it does prominently above the village and visible from the main A 917 road between Pittenweem and Elie, must be one of the most painted in Scotland certainly in Fife.

Church from village:-

St Monans Kirk From Village

From access road:-

St Monans Kirk From Access Road

From graveyard:-

St Monans  Kirk 2

Isle of May from St Monans:-

Isle of May from St Monans

Rocks at St Monans:-

Rocks at St Monans, Fife

Panorama of village and sea:-

St Monans Panorama

War Memorials, St Athernase Church, Leuchars

Memorial altar:-

St Athernase

Leuchars was home to an RAF base for almost 100 years starting in 1916 and ending in 2015. It now hosts an army base.

The RAF had a close association with St Athernase Church. The refurbishment going on (see previous post on St Athernase) meant the memorials had been temporarily removed from the walls.

Memorial to ex-cadets of 1302 (St Andrews) Squadron Air Training Corps who died in World War 2:-

Air Cadets Memorial, St Athernase Church, Leuchars

547 Squadron Memorial:-

547 Squadron Memorial, St Athernase Church, Leuchars

Memorial to the hospitality shown by the people of Leuchars to Dutch members of the armed forces during World War 2:-

Memorial St Athernase Church, Leuchars

St Athernase Church, Leuchars, Fife

Parts of St Athernase date back to the twelfth century. It was undergoing renovation when we visited and it looked like a long project. It seems to have reopened in March this year.

Church from the gateway:-

St Athernase

That apse is a very distinctive feature.

From path:-

St Athernase

Close to:-

St Athernase Church, Leuchars, Fife

While we were looking round its grounds the incumbent Minister, a former RAF chaplain, came up to talk to us and invited us inside.

Ancient archway. Note large crack:-

Interior St Athernase Church, Leuchars

Within the apse there are several carved heads which give the place a Viking feel:-

Carved Head, St Athernase Church, Leuchars, Fife

Second Carved Head, St Athernase Church, Leuchars, Fife

A lot of the stonework had apparently been hidden behind wooden panelling for a long time.

Stonework Detailing::-

Stonework Detailing, St Athernase Church, Leuchars

Pictorial stonework:-

Pictorial Stonework, St Athernase, Leuchars

Figural stonework:-

More Pictorial Stonewrok St Athernase, Leuchars

Carved panel:-

Carved Panel, St Athernase, Leuchars

Upper Waterfall, Ceres Burn, Kemback

There is a further waterfall on the Ceres Burn at Kemback, a bit upriver of the village. There has been some sort of man-made interference with the flow of the burn though with a stone projection at its centre:-

Upper Waterfall, Ceres Burn, Kemback

Video 1:-

Video, Upper Waterfall, Ceres Burn, Kemback

Video 2:-

Second Video, Upper Waterfall, Ceres Burn, Kemback

Kemback, Second Waterfall

Thsi one is on the Ceres Burn which runs through the village:-

Waterfall in Ceres Burn, Kemback

Closer view but through trees:-

Waterfall in Ceres Burn, Kemback Through Trees

Video. It looked like goats that were in that small compound near the waterfall:-

Video of Waterfall in Ceres Burn, Kemback

Kemback Waterfall 1

This waterfall at Kemback is to the left of the Community Hall:-

Waterfall at Kemback

Kemback waterfall

Reverse View:-

Kemback Waterfall Reverse View


Kemback Waterfall Video

Video reverse view. The building in the background is the Community Hall:-

Video of Waterfall at Kemback

The waterfall goes into a gully that goes underneath the road and into the Ceres Burn:-

Kemback waterfall


Kemback Waterfall into Ceres Burn

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