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John Henry Lorimer Exhibition

Earlier this week the good lady noticed that there was an exhibition of the works of John Henry Lorimer at the City Art Centre Edinburgh. That was only just in time. The exhibition opened in November but finishes tomorrow!

I have mentioned this artist before. And not just the once.

On Thursday (17th) we made post-haste to see the exhibition before it closed.

One of the first of his pictures previously unfamiliar to me was The Long Shadows painted, like so much of his work, in the grounds of Kellie Castle in Fife. This photo does not do it justice:-

The Long Shadows

Lorimer was a good portraitist. One of the paintings on show depicted the ordination of elders in a Scottish Kirk. The figures were so lifelike in all their Calvinistic awfulness I couldn’t bear to inflict it on myself or you.

This portrait is of Lorimer’s architect brother Robert Stodart Lorimer, who designed over 300 War Memorials including the Scottish National War Memorial which lies in Edinburgh Castle:-

Sir Robert Stodart Lorimer

Typical of Lorimer’s painting of light and very like Spring Moonlight (see first link above) in its use of candlelight is Grandmother’s Birthday:-

Grandmother's Birthday

Maternal Instinct by contrast contains very Victorian subject matter. Unfortunately reflections in the glass spoil this a little:-

Maternal Instinct

The window in this one features in many of Lorimer’s paintings. I think this is The Birthday Party:-

John Henry Lorimer Painting

Despite no overt lighting depiction this domestic subject is unmistakably Lorimer:-

Painting by John Henry Lorimer

Another fine portrait – of a lady. Unfortunately I forget whom:-

Portarit by John Henry Lorimer

A well as oils Lorimer was very good with watercolour. This, The Gyles House, Pittenweem, is the house in Pittenweem to which the artist retired:-

The Gyles House, Pittenweem

Housework’s Aureole. In real life this treatment of light falling through a window onto a wall is superb. The photo is nothing by comparison:-

Housework's Aureole

The exhibition’s poster image was Flight of the Swallows:-

Flight of the Swallows

Many more Paintings by Lorimer can be found at Art UK.

RAF Graves, Leuchars

Many of the “war” graves at Leuchars Cemetery are of personnel who died outwith times of conflict. These may have been due to flying accidents. There was, of course, an RAF air base at Leuchars well into this century.

Squadron Leader David Nelson, RAF, 9/1/1989, age 38, Flight Lieutenant Chris Lackman, RAF, 23/9/1988, age 30:-

2 Military Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

Pilot W Fraczek, RAF, 1/7/1949, age 29, Pilot Officer J B Lightfoot, 12/2/1954, age 22:-

Leuchars Cemetery, 2 Military Graves

Air Commodore N A N Bray, DFC, RAF, 8/7/1953 age 39, Reverend (Squadron Leader) Bryan McNeil, RAF, 3/1/2005, age 45:-

RAF Graves, Leuchars

Pilot Officer J S Murray, RAF, 14/6/1955, age 23, Flying Officer H J Gourley, RAF, 24/7/1954, age 23:-

Leuchars Cemetery, RAF Graves

Leading Aircraftman J T James, RAF, 17/6/1959, age 18, Flight Lieutenant R A Mackintosh, RAF, 15/2/1960, age 49:-

2 RAF Graves, Leuchars

Flight Lieutenant C R Bainbridge, RAF, 15/8/1962, age 28, Senior Aircraftman G E Lewis, RAF, 27/3/1970, age 26:-

2 More RAF Graves, Leuchars

Junior Technician Kenneth Ewan Hamilton, RAF, 22/5/1988, age 25, Flight Lieutenant Robert F Westhead, RAF, 20/2/1989, (age obscured):-

RAF Graves at Leuchars

Junior Technician Laurence G McK Forbes, RAF, 25/6/1990, age 25, Crporal John Philip Airey, RAF, 24/5/1992, age 35, Warrant Officer Mick Cromer, RAF, 11/5/1993, age 50:-

3 RAF Graves. Leuchars

Flight Lieutenant Nigel David Morton, RAF, 2/7/2009, age 43, Flight Lieutenant Gary Dunlop, RAF, 4/6/1988, age 38:-

Leuchars, 2 RAF Graves

Flight Lieutenant Stuart J M Walker, RAF, 8/7/1994, age 32, in loving memory of Sergeant J B (Tug) Wilson, once RAF, died 15/10/1993, Corporal David E Stevenson, RAF, 27/81990, age 24:-

Leuchars 3 RAF Graves

Warrant Officer C Blevins, RAF, September 1987, age 45, Corporal A M Dagujar, RAF, 29/5/1977, age 26:-

RAF Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

Corporal PC Mill, RAF, 13/8/1969, age 29, Flight Lieutenant J M Knight, RAF, 21/11/1960, age 27, Flight Lieutenant J M Owen, RAF, 28/8/1964, age 31:-

Leuchars Cemetery, 3 RAF Graves

In addition there is this non Commonwealth War Grave gravestone for Lieutenant Eric John Campbell Kirby, RAF, died at Dunfermline 8/81919 from injuries received on flying duty, aged 19:-

RAF Grave, Leuchars

Plus the grave of a retired RAF serviceman, Flight Lieutenant John B Hind, RAF, 25 years service, mostly flying, latterly 23 Squadron Lightnings. 2/3/1931 – 19/9/1976:-

RAF Grave Dedication, Leuchars

War Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

Most of the war graves at Leuchars Cemetery are lined up before the Cross of Scarifice. I photographed these in groups.

Flight Sergeant W P W McQueen, RAF, 28/8/1947, Flying Officer F D Foote, RAF, 1/6/1941, Flying Officer G J Dunn, Navigator, RAF, 14/9/1941:-

3 War Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

Warrant Officer G J Forbes, RAF, (something – wireless? -) operator, Air Gunner, Royal New Zealand Air Force, 14/9/1944, Flight Sergeanty J H Williams, Royal Australian Air Force, 14/9/1944, age 24, Flying Officer J W Bayard, Royal Canadian Air Force, 14/9/1944, age 24:-

3 More War Graves, Leuchars

Flying Officer A Tulloch, Royal Canadian Air Force, 20/7/1944, age 23, Flight Sergeant J C L Small, Royal Australian Air Force, 20/7/1944, age 21, Flight Sergeant E P Smithl, Royal Australian Air Force, 20/7/1944, age 26:-

Leuchars Cemetery, 3 War Graves

Flying Officer W M Ferguson, Navigator, RAF, 11/7/1943 and Flying Officer E F Kirwan, Pilot, RAF, 11/6/1943, age 28:-

2 War Graves, Leuchars

Flight Officer E Davidson, Women’s Auxiliary Air Force, 24/11.1943, age 43, Flying Officer A F Shapcott, 8/8/1943, age 29:-

2 More War Graves. Leuchars

Flying Officer J H Benton, Navigator, Royal Canadian Air Force, 11/7/1943, age 29, Flight Sergeant A I Wheatcroft, Bomb Aimer/Navigator, RAF, 24/5/1943, age 22:-

Leuchars, 2 War Graves

Warrant Officer T A Pertus, Royal Canadian Air Force, 5/2/1943, age 22, Squadron Leader C T E Smith, RAF, 24/1/1943, age 49:-

Leuchars, 2 More War Graves

Aircraftman 2nd Class L Dale, Wireless Operator, RAF, 1/12/1939, Pilot Officer R M Wuilliams, Pilot, RAF, 1/12/1939, age 25, Pilot Officer H G Yelland, RAF, 1/12/1939, age 25:-

More War Graves, Leuchars

Flying Officer C H Clark, Pilot, RAF, 10/10/1939, age 27, Pilot Officer W E Lockley, Pilot, RAF, 19/10/1939, and Sergeant H Letchford, Pilot, RAF, 4/10/1939 age 24:-

Leuchars, 3 More War Graves

Aircraftman 1st Class, C A Bates, Wireless Operator, RAF, 4/10/1939, Pilot Officer J W C McFarlane, Pilot, RAF, Pilot Officer R A Barker, Pilot, RAF, 4/10/1939, age 24:-

3 More War Graves, Leuchars

Commonwealth and Netherlands War Graves, Leuchars Cemetery, Fife

Leuchars is near St Andrews in Fife. No doubt because of the nearby airbase there are many war graves in this cemetery – sufficient for it to have a Cross of Sacrifice.

War Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

The three nearest graves on the left in the above photo are of Dutch nationals – Willem Hijkoop (left,) Anton Marie ten Herkel (centre,) C.A.F. van Otterloo (right.) Apparently 22 other Dutchmen’s bodies were transferred to Mill Hill cemetery in London:-

Netherlands War Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

The day we visited there was a Commonwealth War Graves Commission van at the cemetery with one of its employees tending to the graves. The Commission does a magnifcent job of upkeep on war graves in Britain and abroad.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Van, Leuchars Cemetery

Commonwealth War Graves Commission van, war graves and Cross of Sacrifice:-

War Graves, Leuchars Cemetery

Behind where this photo was taken is a First World War memorial bench:-

WW 1 Memorial Bench, Leuchars Cemetery

St Monan’s (and a bit of Elie)

On one of the good days last summer we travelled along the Fife coast and stopped off at Elie and strolled part of the way towards Earlsferry.

We’d never noticed this old doorway before:-

Doorway Elie, Fife

Then we moved along to St Monans, about which I have posted before. Its prominent kirk is said to be the most painted church in Scotland:-

St Monans Kirk, Fife, Scotland

Flowers and rocks:-

St Monans flowers , Fife, East Neuk

Another unusual feature for a Fife village is the Windmill:-

St Monans Windmill, Fife, East Neuk


St Monans Rocks and Outdoor Swimming Pool

St Monans rocks, Firth of Forth, Fife

St Monans rocks, Fife

In the first of the rocks pictures above there is a straight line which actually marks the edge of an outdoor swimming pool (for which there is a sign saying swim only at your own risk. A couple of hardy souls were doing just that.)

Swimming pool:-

St Monans rocks and pool , Fife

A New View of St Drostan’s Church, Markinch

A building known as the Wayfarers, a pub which once had this notice in its window, and used to be notorious for hosting Country and Western nights every Sunday where people turned up in all the gear, had been struggling for years and finally shut its doors about two or three years ago. Earlier this year demolition started and was completed at the end of April/beginning of May.

There was then revealed this view of Markinch’s Parish Church, St Drostan’s, sitting on top of its hill.

St Drostan's Church, Markinch

How long this view will be available who knows? The owners will have something in mind for the site no doubt.

The Back Burn, Balbirnie Park (iii)

The Back Burn, see here and here, runs through the old Balbirnie estate and on past Markinch.

Just near where we live it passes through a declivity. The burn isn’t easily spotted in this photo:-

Back Burn, Balbirnie, Fife

It’s just to the bottom at the right here:-

Back Burn , Balbirnie, Fife, Scotland

It flows over some rocks about halfway along:-

Back Burn, Balbirnie, Fife, Scotland

There are some flatter stretches too:-

Back Burn, Balbirnie, Fife

Balbirnie, Fife, Back Burn

Then it forms a barrier cutting off the golf course’s 18th fairway from the green.

Further on, looking back from beyond the golf course’s car park, you can see a second old bridge across the burn which was not undermined in the floods I mentioned here.

Back burn + bridge, Balbirnie, Fife

Another cascade:-

Back burn, Balbirnie, Fife

Flowers by the burn’s side:-

Flowers by Back Burn, Balbirnie, Fife

Trees by burn side:-

Back burn, Balbirnie, Fife

You can see the bridle path crossing in this one:-

Back burn, Balbirnie, Fife

New Bridge Works, Balbirnie Golf Course

Last August I noted floods at Balbirnie Golf Course. The bridge featured in that post was sunsequently removed probably because its supports had been undermined.

In April this year I photographed the foundations of a replacement bridge.

Bridge at Balbirnie Golf Course

Bridge Work, Balbirnie Golf Course

The golf course itself was looking fine.

18th fairway and green:-

Balbirnie fairway, Fife, golf course

The 10th tee had some striking shadows:-

Shadows on Balbirnie Golf Course

10th tee and 18th fairway:-

Balbirnie fairway, Fife, golf course

Dysart Harbour

I have posted photos of Dysart harbour before.

The harbour from the edge of Ravenscraig Park in April 2021.

The main building is the former Harbour Master’s house. St Serf’s Tower and the red-tiled roofs of the white painted houses of Pan Ha’ lie behind.

Dysart Harbour, Fife

Dysart Harbour looking over to North Berwick Law and the Bass Rock:-

Dysart Harbour

Balbirnie Winter

Balbirnie House (Balbirnie House Hotel) in winter. 28/1/21 to be precise:-

A Wintry Balbirnie House

A week or so later, snow had fallen:-

Snowy Balbirnie

Balbirnie Park Snow

Snow on Balbirnie Golf Course:-

Snow on Balbirnie Golf Course

Balbirnie Golf Course Under Snow

Snow on Balbirnie

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