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A New View of St Drostan’s Church, Markinch

A building known as the Wayfarers, a pub which once had this notice in its window, and used to be notorious for hosting Country and Western nights every Sunday where people turned up in all the gear, had been struggling for years and finally shut its doors about two or three years ago. Earlier this year demolition started and was completed at the end of April/beginning of May.

There was then revealed this view of Markinch’s Parish Church, St Drostan’s, sitting on top of its hill.

St Drostan's Church, Markinch

How long this view will be available who knows? The owners will have something in mind for the site no doubt.

The Back Burn, Balbirnie Park (iii)

The Back Burn, see here and here, runs through the old Balbirnie estate and on past Markinch.

Just near where we live it passes through a declivity. The burn isn’t easily spotted in this photo:-

Back Burn, Balbirnie, Fife

It’s just to the bottom at the right here:-

Back Burn , Balbirnie, Fife, Scotland

It flows over some rocks about halfway along:-

Back Burn, Balbirnie, Fife, Scotland

There are some flatter stretches too:-

Back Burn, Balbirnie, Fife

Balbirnie, Fife, Back Burn

Then it forms a barrier cutting off the golf course’s 18th fairway from the green.

Further on, looking back from beyond the golf course’s car park, you can see a second old bridge across the burn which was not undermined in the floods I mentioned here.

Back burn + bridge, Balbirnie, Fife

Another cascade:-

Back burn, Balbirnie, Fife

Flowers by the burn’s side:-

Flowers by Back Burn, Balbirnie, Fife

Trees by burn side:-

Back burn, Balbirnie, Fife

You can see the bridle path crossing in this one:-

Back burn, Balbirnie, Fife

New Bridge Works, Balbirnie Golf Course

Last August I noted floods at Balbirnie Golf Course. The bridge featured in that post was sunsequently removed probably because its supports had been undermined.

In April this year I photographed the foundations of a replacement bridge.

Bridge at Balbirnie Golf Course

Bridge Work, Balbirnie Golf Course

The golf course itself was looking fine.

18th fairway and green:-

Balbirnie fairway, Fife, golf course

The 10th tee had some striking shadows:-

Shadows on Balbirnie Golf Course

10th tee and 18th fairway:-

Balbirnie fairway, Fife, golf course

Dysart Harbour

I have posted photos of Dysart harbour before.

The harbour from the edge of Ravenscraig Park in April 2021.

The main building is the former Harbour Master’s house. St Serf’s Tower and the red-tiled roofs of the white painted houses of Pan Ha’ lie behind.

Dysart Harbour, Fife

Dysart Harbour looking over to North Berwick Law and the Bass Rock:-

Dysart Harbour

Balbirnie Winter

Balbirnie House (Balbirnie House Hotel) in winter. 28/1/21 to be precise:-

A Wintry Balbirnie House

A week or so later, snow had fallen:-

Snowy Balbirnie

Balbirnie Park Snow

Snow on Balbirnie Golf Course:-

Snow on Balbirnie Golf Course

Balbirnie Golf Course Under Snow

Snow on Balbirnie

Markinch Memorial to the Ibrox Disaster

Our walk for the newspaper is to the nearest town/village to Son of the Rock Acres, Markinch. Fifty years ago in January Markinch lost five boys to the Ibrox Disaster.

A memorial was erected soon after.

On the 50th anniversary there was a well-attended ceremony to remember them. (The anniversary is almost as big for Markinch as Remembrance Day.) I took these photos in late January:-

Ibrox Memorial, Markinch

Memorial, names and floral tributes:-

Markinch Ibrox Disaster Memorial

Balbirnie Golf Course – Ice-bound

On weekdays and Saturdays, if we’re not on an excursion or supermarket shopping, we normally walk through Balbirnie Park on our way to Markinch for the newspaper. Usually by the path which flanks Balbirnie Golf Club’s front nine holes by the road up to/down from the hotel.

We vary our Sunday walk.

Sometimes we go on what we call the loop, round the other side of the golf course from that path and past a field near the Markinch roundabout where there are usually some horses grazing, then up by the main road (safely behind the old Balbirnie Estate wall) till the path turns back onto the access road which leads to our house.

At others we go up by Balbirnie golf club’s back nine holes.

Last January not much play would have been possible. Or if possible, not easy. The flooded parts had iced up:-

frozen golf course

a frozen golf course

Mind you the water hazard might have been a bit less so. (Not that playing off the ice would have been advisable):-

frozen golf course

Last Winter in Balbirnie Park

In January we had a cold spell. Our walk down to Markinch to get the newspaper was made just a bit more hazardous. The short cut we had adopted during Covid times – over the path by Balbirnie Golf Club’s practice putting green – was very treacherous:-

Icy Golf Path, Balbirnie

The floods I featured earlier iced over completely.

Icy Balbirnie Park

Balbirnie Park Ice

Icy Balbirnie Park

Ice skaters/ice hockey players took advantage of the frozen pond:-

Ice Skaters

Ice Skaters, Balbirnie Park

Kelty War Memorial

Kelty‘s War Memorial stands beside Station Road.

A greatcoated soldier with slung rifle on a square plinth.

Kelty War Memorial

Dedication, “To the glorious memory of the men of Kelty who gave their lives in the Great Wars 1914-1918 and 1939-1945,” plus Second World War names:-

Kelty War Memorial Dedication

East aspect. Great War names:-

Kelty, War Memorial, Great War Names

West aspect. Great War names:-

Kelty War Memorial

1930s/Art Deco Building, Kelty

Kelty is a former mining village in Fife.

Incidentally their football team recently won promotion to the SPFL.

These photos were taken in October 2019 though.

On Main Street there’s a 1930s/Art Deco bank building. Horizontals, verticals, flat roof. The glazing looks updated but has kept the 30s style:-

Art Deco Bank, Kelty

Kelty, Art Deco Bank

Side of Art Deco Bank, Kelty

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