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Kelty War Memorial

Kelty‘s War Memorial stands beside Station Road.

A greatcoated soldier with slung rifle on a square plinth.

Kelty War Memorial

Dedication, “To the glorious memory of the men of Kelty who gave their lives in the Great Wars 1914-1918 and 1939-1945,” plus Second World War names:-

Kelty War Memorial Dedication

East aspect. Great War names:-

Kelty, War Memorial, Great War Names

West aspect. Great War names:-

Kelty War Memorial

1930s/Art Deco Building, Kelty

Kelty is a former mining village in Fife.

Incidentally their football team recently won promotion to the SPFL.

These photos were taken in October 2019 though.

On Main Street there’s a 1930s/Art Deco bank building. Horizontals, verticals, flat roof. The glazing looks updated but has kept the 30s style:-

Art Deco Bank, Kelty

Kelty, Art Deco Bank

Side of Art Deco Bank, Kelty

Lassodie War Memorial

Lassodie is a village that no longer exists. When the pits which were its main employment – and reason for being – closed, the land was cleared of housing. A condition of the original granting of mineral rights, apparently.

Nevertheless it has a War Memorial, which lies beside the B912 between the villages of Kingseat and Kelty in Fife, near Loch Fitty.

Lassodie War Memorial 2

Dedication. “Erected in grateful remembrance of the men of this village who fell in the Great War 1914-1918,” with below the “grow not old” lines from Laurence Binyon’s For the Fallen.

Lassodie War Memorial Dedication and Names

The Second World War dedication is inscribed on the southern side of the memorial. “To the glory of god and in memory of the men of Lassodie who fell in the 1939-1945 War.”

Lassodie War Memorial, World War 2 Dedication

Situation. In fenced off square by B912 between Kingseat and Kelty:-

Location, Lassodie War Memorial 4

Fife Folk Museum, Ceres

The reason we visited Ceres in September last year was to take a look at the Fife Folk Museum.

Entrance as seen from bridge over the Ceres Burn:-

Forecourt, Fife Folk Museum, Ceres

Inside the museum there is a small section devoted to crime and punishment, including an old prison cell:-

Cell, Fife Folk Museum

Beside this are two notices relating to trials and punishment:-

Fife Folk Museum Notices

This second one mentions jougs, a kind of stocks:-

Notice, Fife Folk Museum, Ceres

On the outside wall at the other side of the building to the entrance is an old doorway beside which is an example of a joug:-

Doorway and Jougs, Fife Folk Museum, Ceres

The carved motto above the door reads, “God bless the just.”:-

Fife Folk Museum Lintel, Doorway and Jougs

Bridges, Ceres, Fife

Bridge over the Ceres Burn from grounds of Fife Folk Museum:-

Bridge at Ceres

Reverse angle:-

Bridge Over Ceres Burn, Ceres, Fife

This bridge carries the main road (B939) through the village over the Ceres Burn:-

Ceres, Fife, Bridge over Ceres Burn

Castlegate Street, Ceres:-

Castlegate Street in Ceres, Fife

Falkland Palace, Falkland, Fife

I have posted a photo of Falkland Palace‘s facade before when I noted the village of Falkland being used as a location for Outlander as in the photo below.

Falkland  in Fife

The Palace was the country residence of the Stuart Kings (and Queen,) used as a base for hunting.

Last summer the Palace wasn’t fully open due to Covid; but its grounds and gardens were.

Palace Entrance:-

Falkland Palace Entrance

Entrance arch from inside Palace grounds:-

Entrance, Falkland Palace

Part of gallery:-

Falkland Palace, Part of Gallery


Falkland Palace Gallery

Ruined portion:-

Falkland Palace , Fife, Scotland

Window aperture:-

Window Aperture, Falkland Palace


Falkland Palace, Fife, Scotland

Floods at Balbirnie Park, August 2020

Last August there was severe flooding in Balbirnie Park. The Back Burn even overflowed by Balbirnie Golf Club’s eighteenth green, probably due to that tree trunk stuck at the bridge. Part of the revetments had been washed away:-

Floods, Balbirnie Golf Course, August 2020

Floods at Bridge, Balbirnie Golf Club

Between Golf Club’s clubhouse and Balbirnie House Hotel the road was flooded:-

Floods, Balbirnie Park

The area just at Balbirnie House (and Hotel) which had flooded in February 2020 did so again:-

Balbirnie Park Floods August 2020

Floods Balbirnie Park, August 2020


Culross is a village in the west of Fife. I have previously featured its War Memorial.

It is an old village and still a royal burgh. Many of its cottages are now owned by the National Trust for Scotland. It is one of the many Scottish locations to appear in Outlander.

Building, Culross

pink house in Culross, Fife

quaint street

Street sign and thistle motif on doorway:-

Street Sign, Culross

Mercat Cross:-

Culross Mercat Cross, Fife, Scotland

House by Mercat Cross:-

house in square, Culross

Cobbled street:-

Culross house, Fife, Scotland

Steep street. Culross Abbey church in background:-

Culross, Fife, Scotland

A curiosity; the Lockit Well. Click on photo then again to enlarge and read the plaque:-

The Lockit Well, Culross

The Back Burn, Balbirnie Park (ii)

The old Balbirnie Estate had some extensive grounds. About half of these were converted to a golf course. The rest makes up what is now Balbirnie Park.

The back burn runs from the upper part of the former estate – now sold off for housing – between the golf course’s 18th fairway and green before wending through the wooded area of the Park.

There are some exposed tree roots on the burn’s banks in the upper estate:-

Back Burn + Tree Roots

Part of the burn is very shaded:-

Back Burn, Balbirnie Park

We often take a walk through the woods and beside the burn. There are three wooden bridges over the burn after it passes the golf course. This is one of them:-

Back Burn Bridge, Balbirnie Park

Close-up. (The wooden superstructure on this has recently been replaced):-

Back Burn Bridge, Balbirnie Park

The burn:-

Balbirnie Park, View from Back Burn Bridge

View from Back Burn Bridge, Balbirnie Park

Covid Innovations At Balbirnie

I mentioned the Balbirnie House Hotel a few posts ago and again here.

One day last August I noticed on our daily walk that a whole load of tents had sprung up in the grounds.

This was the hotel’s response to Covid restrictions on gatherings inside. Instead they had introduced al fresco dining.

A brave move in Scotland!

Tents, Balbirnie House Hotel

Dining Tents, Balbirnie House Hotel

Balbirnie House Hotel Dining Tents

Covid Dining Tents, Balbirnie House Hotel

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