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Art Deco in Rhyl, North Wales (ii)

A beautiful piece of Art Deco in Rhyl, North Wales. The former Odeon Theatre in Rhyl is now a bingo hall. From reverse shows horizontals, verticals, curves, a canopy and rule of three in windows (whose eyes have sadly been put out.)

Apollo, Rhyl

High Art Deco style here. Curved corner, streamlining in the brick:-

Rhyl Apollo

Entrance, canopy and white cladding:-

Apollo, Rhyl, Frontage

Full frontage (stitch of two photos):-

Full Frontage Rhyl Apollo

Detail. Note rule of three in the small windows here:-

Rhyl, Apollo, Detail

Art Deco, Wrexham Town Centre (ii)

Just down Hill Street from the town centre proper, in Brook Street, lies Atik, formerly the Odeon Cinema:-

Art Deco Building, Wrexham

Strong verticals, rule of three in columns (and windows.)

Atik From Left, Art Deco, Wrexham

Stitch 1:-

Atik, Wrexham, Art Deco

Stitch 2:-

Art Deco, Wrexham, Atik

The building as it was :-

Former Odeon Cinema, Wrexham

Art Deco in Annan

Lonsdale Cinema, Annan:-

Lonsdale Cinema, Annan

Mianly verticals but a kind of rule of three in the doorway:-

Annan, Lonsdale Cinema

Annan Cinema

The entrance is now to the rear:-

Entrance Lonsdale Cinema, Annan

Police Station. Horizontals and verticals, stepped roof at corner. Its windows have been ruined.

Art Deco Police Station, Annan

Soprus Cinema, Tallinn

This building in Tallinn looked impressive from this angle:-

Soprus Building, Tallinn

These columns even more so:-

Ornamentation, Soprus Building, Tallinn

On rounding the corner to the entrance I discovered it’s a cinema, Soprus. Pity about the van in front. Nice wee fountain though:-

Soprus Entrance, plus Fountain, Tallinn

More Art Deco Style in Rochdale

In November 2018 we visited Rochdale for the second time.

I photographed two more Deco style buildings.

Former King’s Cinema later converted to Bingo but that has also closed and the building is now in a sad state of neglect:-

Art Deco Style Former Cinema, Rochdale

Former King's Cinema, Rochdale

Spotland Bridge. The unusual roofline, projecting beyond the slope of the roof, gives it the deco look:-

Spotland Bridge, Rochdale

Art Deco in Dalbeattie

Last year we visited Dalbeattie in Dumfries and Galloway.

I was surprised when we got there to find the buildings are mostly made of granite but it turned out there was a granite quarry very close by so naturally the locals made full us eof it back in the day.

In fact the B&B we stayed in – the best such we have ever been in – was right beside the now disused quarry.

Former Quarry near Dalbeattie

I also wasn’t expecting Art Deco, but it’s there.

T H Carson Butcher. It’s really only the stepped roof-line here:-

Art Deco style Shop, Dalbeattie

Then there was the Co-op. Full deco style:-

Dalbeattie Co-op

Roof-line detail.

Art Deco Detail, Co-op Dalbeattie

More likely 1960s?:-

Decoish? in Dalbeattie

Former bank. Possible deco style round the doors:-

Former Bank, Dalbeattie

Garage/car sale room. Stepped roof-line, but windows’ “eyes” poked out:-

Art Deco Garage, Dalbeattie

Former Picture House, Dalbeattie, now Bryan Gowan’s Furniture Store. Horizontals, verticals, stepped roof-line. Rule of three above window over the doors. Shame about the replaced windows.

Former Picture House, Dalbeattie

Photographs of the cinema as it appeared in 1985 are here on the Scottsh Cinemas website. It still had the original windows, then. Much more appropriate looking.

Side View:-

Side View Former Picture House Dalbeattie

Former Regal Cinema, Oxford

The good lady heard about this cinema as she was listening to the radio one day and mentioned it to me later.

The cinema is on the corner of Cowley Road and Magdalen Road but I have not seen it myself as we did not get to that part of Oxford when we were there (in 2012.)

The photo below is taken from

Former Regal Cinema

I found other photos of this cinema here, here and here.

It seems to be an entertainment venue now.

Regal Cinema, Evesham

Art Deco style cinema in Evesham, Worcestershire.

Not perhaps as high deco as the Regal, Rochdale, or the Embassy, Braintree, this is still clearly deco with its rounded corner, the rule of three in windows to left and chevron patterned doors:-

Regal Cinema, Evesham

Central portion:-

Regal Cinema, Evesham, Close up


Doors, Regal Cinema, Evesham

From left. Rule of three in windows again:-

Regal Cinema, Evesham from Left

Old Cinema Welshpool

On the way back from Powis Castle we decided to take a quick look at Welshpool – the signposts to the castle had led us to bypass the town centre on the way there.

I spotted this building on Berriew Road and of course had to stop for photographs.

Former Pola Cinema, Welshpool

What a stunner. It absolutely screams Deco. The curves, the banding.

It’s the former Pola Cinema, now a beauty and fitness spa.

Former Pola Cinema, Welshpool, from Side

Former Pola Cinema,Welshpool from left

Its windows are also a delight:-

Art Deco Window Glass

More Art Deco Glass

Art Deco Windows

Art Deco Window Arrangement

I found these images of the cinema’s past incarnations on the internet at cinema treasures.

Pola Cinema, Welshpool

Park Diner, Welshpool

Art Deco in Oswestry

As a town, Oswestry in Shropshire, England, may have seen better days. A lot of the buildings in the town centre looked tired.

The former Regal Cinema certainly has the deco look, though it’s now what looks like a hairdresser’s plus a Factory Shop. The original glazing would have looked better but the replacement windows are adequate:-

Art Deco Former Cinema, Oswestry 5

Reverse view. The canopy and roofline above are good features:-

Reverse View, Former Regal Cinema, Oswestry

Could this once have been a Woolworths? It’s now a Poundland anyway. And a Pep & Co:-

Art Deco Shop, Oswestry

Frontal view:-

Art Deco Poundland, Oswestry

The Sports Direct has also seen better days:-

Another Tired Art Deco Shop, Oswestry

British Heart Foundation:-

Art Deco Shop in Oswestry

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