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Bridges at Barnard Castle

Barnard Castle is a market town in Teesdale, County Durham. It lies beside the River Tees over which there were at least two bridges.

One of these is a relatively narrow traffic-light controlled bridge which lies just below the ruins of the mediƦval castle (of which more later.)

Bridge at Barnard Castle

River Tees Bridge at Barnard Castle

The second I got to by walking along a path by the riverside. Its purpose is more obscure:-

Bridge Over River Tees, Barnard Castle

On the way up to it we passed this weir:-

Weir on River Tees near Barnard Castle

Weir and second bridge through trees:-

Bridge over River Tees at Barnard Castle

War Memorial, Stanhope, County Durham

Stanhope’s War Memorial is a stone cross above a square plinth. It stands in the grounds of St Thomas Church but is visible from the street:-

War Memorial, Stanhope, County Durham

Dedication and names. “To the glory of God and in memory of those from the ecclesiastical parish of Stanhope who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 – 1919.”
“1939 – 1945. Let us also remember.”

Stanhope War Memorial Dedication and  Names

Minor Art Deco in Stanhope, County Durham

Stanhope is a village in County Durham, England.

The Bonny Moorhen has some deco touches: horizontals, verticals, flat roof, rounded corner:-

Art Deco(ish) Building, Stanhope, County Durham

Its side aspect also shows off a stepped roofline:-

Stanhope, County Durham, Art Deco

War Graves, Wolsingham, Weardale, County Durham

Wolsingham is a small town in Weardale, County Durham.

The local building material looks to have been a lovely stone, similar to Cotsworld stone but a bit darker.

These terraced houses were quite olde-worlde

Old Building, Wolsingham

St Mary’s and St Stephen’s church stood back up a side street off the road through the town:-

A Church in Wolsingham

There were two war graves in the churchyard.

Leading aircraftman F Langdale, Royal Canadian Air Force, 27/4/1943, aged 24:-

War Grave, Wolsingham, Weardale, County Durham

Private J H Jackson, Royal Army Medical Corps, 13/9/1920, aged 43:-

Wolsingham War Grave

War Memorial, Lanchester, County Durham

Lanchester is a small village in County Durham. We visited there because it features in a Book of British Villages which we have.

Its War Memorial is in the form of a wall on the village green:-

War Memorial, Lanchester, County Durham

Closer view:-

Lanchester War Memorial

There was a Great War 100th anniversary vintage memorial bench nearby:-

War Memorial Bench, Lanchester

Art Deco in Chester-le-Street, County Durham (ii) The Old Co-op

This one was too long for me to be able to fit into one photo. It still houses the Co-operative Bank, but also when we visited a Peacock’s and a Poundland.

Art Deco Shop Building, Chester-le-Street, County Durham

Central portion detail. Rule of three in the windows plus other Deco hallmarks:-

Central Portion, Art Deco Building, Chester-le-Street

Stitch of two photos to get whole building in:-

Stitch of Art Deco, Building, Chester-le-Street

Art Deco in Chester-le-Street, County Durham (i) The Post Office

On our trip to England’s north-east earlier this year we decided to make a stop in Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

When I pulled to a stop in the car park I’d chosen, right in front of me was an Art Deco building, which turned out to be the Post Office, built in 1936.

It’s one of those brick Art Deco buildings. Note the horizontals, verticals, canopy, rounded corner, flat roof:-

Art Deco Post Office, Chester-le-Street, Durham

This angle shows the rounded corner better:-

Rounded Corner, Art Deco Post Office, Chester-le-Street

Crown and ER 1936 (Edward VIII) logo detail on columnar window, round ended canopy:-

Chester-le-Street, Art Deco Post Office Detail

Miner’s Memorial, Seaham, County Durham

Seaham, County Durham, used to be a coal-mining town. There were three pits in the area, Seaham, Dawdon and Vane Tempest.

The Miner’s Memorial is on the main road through the town:-

Seaham, County Durham, Miner's Memorial

Reverse view:-

Miner's Memorial, Seaham, County Durham

Information Plaque:-

Plaque, Miner's Memorial, Seaham

War Memorial Fence, Seaham, County Durham

Between Terrace Green (hence, Tommy, and Seaham War Memorial) and the sea there is a fence on which Seaham’s Great War dead are commemorated.

One panel bears the first line of the poem In Flanders Fields.

Seaham, County Durham, War Memorial Fence 1

Poppies on the fence bear soldier’s names and regiment. (Seaham harbour beyond.)

Seaham, War Memorial Fence 2

A typical panel:-

War Memorial Fence, Seaham 3

Looking north:-

War Memorial Fence, Seaham 4

Memorial Benches, Seaham, County Durham

Clustered round Seaham’s War Memorial on Terrace Green are three benches commemorating those who served in the World Wars:-

War Memorial Bench, Seaham

Seaham, War Memorial Bench

Second World War Memorial Bench, Seaham

Close by the War Memorial is this box for the laying of crosses and poppies in remembrance:-

Box for Crosses and Poppies,Seaham

Seaham was once a mining village. A fourth bench rerpresents scenes from mining life. It has struck me that this may be in memory of the Bevin Boys, men conscripted during World War 2, not into the armed forces but to mine coal. Some of these also died during their service but they are not usually commemorated on war memorials. To my mind they ought to be.

mining Memorial Bench, Seaham

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