Art Deco in Chester-le-Street, County Durham (i) The Post Office

On our trip to England’s north-east earlier this year we decided to make a stop in Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

When I pulled to a stop in the car park I’d chosen, right in front of me was an Art Deco building, which turned out to be the Post Office, built in 1936.

It’s one of those brick Art Deco buildings. Note the horizontals, verticals, canopy, rounded corner, flat roof:-

Art Deco Post Office, Chester-le-Street, Durham

This angle shows the rounded corner better:-

Rounded Corner, Art Deco Post Office, Chester-le-Street

Crown and ER 1936 (Edward VIII) logo detail on columnar window, round ended canopy:-

Chester-le-Street, Art Deco Post Office Detail

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