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Cinema Rules

On the wall of the cafe at The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy:-

Aberfeldy Cinema Rules

I like the rustling comment.

The other notice is less unusual:-

Rules, Aberfeldy Cinema

Pedant’s corner:- I note independant above (independent.)

Mid-Atholl War Memorial

This is situated by Logierait, just off the A 9 at the A 829 (for Aberfeldy) junction.

World War 1 names in the panel, World War 2 in the shield (a little faded I fear):-

Mid-Atholl War Memorial

From North-west:-

Mid-Atholl War Memorial

From south-west:-

Mid-Atholl War Memorial

The Birks of Aberfeldy

The Birks (birches) of Aberfeldy is a local beauty spot lying just outside that Perthsire town encompassing the Falls of Moness.

They inspired Scotland’s national bard, Robert Burns, to write a poem/song called The Birks of Aberfeldy.

We dondered up there in February. The path is steep in places and there was snow and ice lying at the time.

The Falls of Moness:-

The Falls of Moness, Birks of Aberfeldy

The Falls of Moness, Birks of Aberfeldy 2

A statue of a seated Burns has been situated at the spot where he is supposed to have derived inspiration. I doubt it’s much of a likeness:-

The Birks of Aberfeldy, Robert Burns Statue

And this is said view:-

The Birks  of Aberfeldy

More falls:-

The Birks  of Aberfeldy

The Birks  of Aberfeldy

Black Watch Monument, Aberfeldy

Near to Wade’s Bridge in the south bank of the Tay at Aberfeldy stands this monument to one of the most famous Scottish military regiments The Black Watch, which like all historic Scottish regiments (which have been successively amalgamated till only one is left) now only exists as a battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

The statue depicts a Highlander drawing his sword:-

Black Watch Monument, Aberfeldy

As this detail shows the site was granted by the Marquis of Breadalbane in the year of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria 1887:-

Black Watch Monument Detail

The Monument commemorates the assembling together in 1733 of the six independent companies (afterwards increased to ten) of the Black Watch and a later plaque notes the granting of the freedom of the burgh of Aberfeldy to the regiment:-

Black Watch Monument, Detail 2

More general side view. A small part of Wade’s Bridge can be seen in the background:-

Black Watch Monument, Aberfeldy, from South

Wade’s Bridge, Aberfeldy

This elegant bridge over the Tay at Aberfeldy was built by General George Wade as part of his military road building programme to pacify the Highlands after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.

Bridge from east:-

Wade's Bridge, Aberfeldy from east

Roadway; one track carriageway controlled by traffic lights:-

Wade's Bridge, Aberfeldy, Roadway

Bridge from west:-

Wade's Bridge, Aberfeldy

Aberfeldy War Memorial

An unusual memorial in the form of an arch which gives onto a path leading from the town to the local beauty spot the Birks.

Aberfeldy War Memorial

The left hand side of the arch is inscribed “For King and Country” in English. 1939-45 names are on the lower plaque.

Aberfeldy, War Memorial, English

The right hand side of the arch is inscribed in Gaelic “Air Son Righ Us Duthaich.” Again 1939-45 names are on the lower plaque.

Aberfeldy, War Memorial, Gaelic

The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy

This wonderful Art Deco cinema in Aberfeldy, Perthshire (or Perth and Kinross as it has now become) is perhaps not what you expect to see in a small town in the middle of Scotland. Still in use as a cinema (plus cafe and bar.) The Birks (birches) is a local beauty spot/steep valley.

The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy from Right

Entrance. Like the rest of the cinema (refurbished quite recently I believe) the glazing isn’t original:-

The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy, Entrance

View from left:-

The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy

Side aspect:-

The Birks Cinema, Aberfeldy, side view from rear

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