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In Saturday’s Guardian there was a good article¬†on various sporting teams’ nicknames.

Apparently The Pilchards, aka Perranporth, a team from Cornwall, once had a manager who said “I’m gutted.”

As well as The Pilchards and multivarious others it mentions Scotland’s own Doonhamers, Bully Wee, Blue Brazil, Loons, Red Lichties and Hi Hi.

Stamford FC in England are nicknamed The Daniels after that country’s fattest man Daniel Lambert. Albacete in Spain are seemingly known as The Clockwork Cheese.

I was surprised that Harrogate Town’s tag of the Sulphurites wasn’t included as it is on the surface a bit strange. (Not htough when you consider the town’s arigins as a spa due to its sulphur springs.

Not to mention The Flying Donkeys (ChievoVerona) whom fans of their city rivals Hellas Verona were fonds of saying that only when those animals did achieve that feat would Chievo ever appear in Serie A. Chievo had the last laugh though when in 2001 they played in the Italian top flight for the first time and their fans adopted the nickname i Mussi Volanti. Sadly Chievo, though still registered, no longer play in the Italian pyramid system due to problems with financial viability over tax liabilities and a dispute about Covid dispensations.

Falkirk Wheel Aqueduct

The walk up towards the Antonine Wall above the Roughcastle Tunnel gave us a great view of the aqueduct we had just traveled on:-

Falkirk Wheel Aqueduct

A subsequent boat was making the trip:-

Falkirk Wheel Aqueduct + Boat

Aqueduct from other side (stitch of two photos):-

Falkirk Wheel Aqueduct

Roughcastle Tunnel Entrance from Falkirk Wheel side. Note “traffic” light:-

Roughcastle Tunnel Entrance

Falkirk Wheel Trip Turn Round Point

Emerging from the Roughcastle Tunnel leads the boat into a canal basin which has a lock connecting to the Union Canal. the lock is too small to allow the Falkirk Wheel’s boats through:-

Falkirk Wheel, Basin and Lock  Beyond Roughcastle Tunnel

Roughcastle Tunnel entrance from basin:-

Falkirk Wheel Ride, Roughcastle Tunnel from Basin

Closer view showing aqueduct beyond:-

Roughcastle Tunnel South Entrance

Boat approaching Roughcastle Tunnel from Falkirk Wheel:-

I shot the above video from the path which leads to the Antonine Wall above the Roughcastle Tunnel, from where there is a view towards the aqueduct:-

Falkirk Wheel Aqueduct from Antonine Wall



Falkirk Wheel Trip Videos

On boat:-


Leaving wheel to approach Roughcastle Tunnel:-

On wheel while it rotated:-

Wheel arm rotating:-

Trip on Falkirk Wheel

Our previous visit to the Falkirk Wheel was in 2015. I posted about it here.

In April we visited again but this time took a trip on the wheel.

On boat:-

On Falkirk Wheel

Wheel mechanism from boat:-

Falkirk Wheel Mechanism

The wheel’s arch:-

Falkirk Wheel Arch

The trip involves a journey through the Roughcastle Tunnel (which goes under the Antonine Wall!):-

Falkirk Wheel: In Roughcastle Tunnel

The lights in the tunnel change colour_

Falkirk Wheel, Lights in Roughcastle Tunnel

Tunnel exit:-

Falkirk Wheel, About to Exit Roughcastle Tunnel 3

View from Wheel:-



Embracing the Pun

Part of the central portion of Orkney’s mainland is known by the name of Harray.

On the way up to Kirbuster Farm Museum we passed a local ceramic artist’s workshop and retail premises. The business’s name is obviously playing on a more widely known enterprise.

Harray Potter

Outbreak of Flags

Scots are not generally given to flag-waving from their properties.

Exceptions come when the national football team qualifies for a major tournament; as it did for Euro 2020 (due to Covid, played in the summer of 2021.)

Maybe there was an extra excuse this time because the previous occasion when Scotland graced a big tournament was in 1998!

Scotland Flags Again

More Scotland Flags

The flags have long gone now.

Can You See a Teapot?

This is from Caltech via Astronomy Picture of the Day for 3/10/21.

If you let your eyes defocus (stare through the screen) for a while, it may be you can see the teapot.

holographic teapot

Actually while on the APOD page I could see the teapot, at the size here I can see two!

This array resolves into a shark.

Rural Road Hazards

The B 6278 road between Stanhope and Barnard Castle (see previous posts on those settlements) has a seriously sharp turn and then very steep climb just after Stanhope. Before long you are in middle of nowhere territory. Nothing but the road and moorland hills.

And then you come across the sheep. (Well we did.)

I eventually stopped for this photo to be taken. Earlier on there had been several sheep on the road but I managed to navigate past them going slowly before I thought there was a photo opportunity. (I noted the snow poles by the roadside while I was driving. You could almost be in Scotland):-

Sheep on Road

At least these two weren’t a hazard to drivers:-

Sheep by B 6278

Driving in upland Britain. Always an adventure.

Mind you I’ve come across sheep blocking the road before. Once on a trip up East Lomond (aka Falkland Hill) from Leslie to the pass at the top over to Falklkand. A whole flock was being moved from one field to another. They covered the road and there was no option but to stop. They were jumping and climbing all over each other but they must have had an excellent sense of space because they all passed the car without any of them touching it.

Once, on Wemyshall Road by Hill of Tarvit Mansion, there was a single sheep on the road which obviously thought the grass there would be sweeter than in the field.

And then there was Duirinish.

Jet Lightning

From You Tube via Astronomy Picture of the Day for 29/9/21.

I’ve never seen lightning like this captured in Puerto Rico. Have you?

Apparently this type of gigantic jet lightning was not observed untill this century.

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