Commonwealth War Graves, Pittenweem

These are in the churchyard cemetery, the same cemetery where Pittenweem War Memorial lies.

They are all from The Great War.

J A Smith, Royal Navy Reserve, HM Trawler Forward, 29/8/1918, aged 26:-

Great War Grave, Pittenweem

Private J G Peebles, The Black Watch, 16/5/1916, age 17:-

Pittenweem, Great War Grave

J H Brand, Leading Seaman, Royal Navy Reserve, HM Trawler Mervin II, 26/11/1918, aged 25:-

First World War Grave, Pittenweem

Peter Bowman (Jappy,) Deck Hand, Royal Navy Reserve, HMS Clarosin, 19/3/1920, aged 22:-

Pittenweem, First World War Grave

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