Pittenweem War Memorial

Pittenweem is a fishing village in the East Neuk of Fife. It’s got a famous* chip shop (which was queued out of the door when we tried to buy some of its product.) There are two other chippies in the place. We tried the one furthest west next time. Much quicker service and a very good fish supper.

A few weeks ago I found the War Memorial. The left photo is from the road, the one on the right is from the churchyard itself.

Pittenweem War Memorial 2
Pittenweem War Memorial 1

*Famous in Pittenweem. (To be fair Prince Charles and Camilla are said to have partaken of its wares.)

Pittenweem Primary School War Memorial

Is situated in the school’s hall.

Pittenweem Primary School War Memorial

Commonwealth War Graves, Pittenweem

These are in the churchyard cemetery, the same cemetery where Pittenweem War Memorial lies.

They are all from The Great War.

J A Smith, Royal Navy Reserve, HM Trawler Forward, 29/8/1918, aged 26:-

Great War Grave, Pittenweem

Private J G Peebles, The Black Watch, 16/5/1916, age 17:-

Pittenweem, Great War Grave

J H Brand, Leading Seaman, Royal Navy Reserve, HM Trawler Mervin II, 26/11/1918, aged 25:-

First World War Grave, Pittenweem

Peter Bowman (Jappy,) Deck Hand, Royal Navy Reserve, HMS Clarosin, 19/3/1920, aged 22:-

Pittenweem, First World War Grave

John Henry Lorimer Exhibition

Earlier this week the good lady noticed that there was an exhibition of the works of John Henry Lorimer at the City Art Centre Edinburgh. That was only just in time. The exhibition opened in November but finishes tomorrow!

I have mentioned this artist before. And not just the once.

On Thursday (17th) we made post-haste to see the exhibition before it closed.

One of the first of his pictures previously unfamiliar to me was The Long Shadows painted, like so much of his work, in the grounds of Kellie Castle in Fife. This photo does not do it justice:-

The Long Shadows

Lorimer was a good portraitist. One of the paintings on show depicted the ordination of elders in a Scottish Kirk. The figures were so lifelike in all their Calvinistic awfulness I couldn’t bear to inflict it on myself or you.

This portrait is of Lorimer’s architect brother Robert Stodart Lorimer, who designed over 300 War Memorials including the Scottish National War Memorial which lies in Edinburgh Castle:-

Sir Robert Stodart Lorimer

Typical of Lorimer’s painting of light and very like Spring Moonlight (see first link above) in its use of candlelight is Grandmother’s Birthday:-

Grandmother's Birthday

Maternal Instinct by contrast contains very Victorian subject matter. Unfortunately reflections in the glass spoil this a little:-

Maternal Instinct

The window in this one features in many of Lorimer’s paintings. I think this is The Birthday Party:-

John Henry Lorimer Painting

Despite no overt lighting depiction this domestic subject is unmistakably Lorimer:-

Painting by John Henry Lorimer

Another fine portrait – of a lady. Unfortunately I forget whom:-

Portarit by John Henry Lorimer

A well as oils Lorimer was very good with watercolour. This, The Gyles House, Pittenweem, is the house in Pittenweem to which the artist retired:-

The Gyles House, Pittenweem

Housework’s Aureole. In real life this treatment of light falling through a window onto a wall is superb. The photo is nothing by comparison:-

Housework's Aureole

The exhibition’s poster image was Flight of the Swallows:-

Flight of the Swallows

Many more Paintings by Lorimer can be found at Art UK.

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