North Berwick War Memorials

From East Fortune Airfield (see previous posts) we travelled on to North Berwick. The town’s commemoration of the two World Wars is twofold.

The Great War Memorial is an octagonal plinth surmounted by a pillar topped by a unicorn. The panels of each octagonal section bear the names. Each base has a word inscribed on it summing to, “Evermore Faithful Unto Death Their Name Liveth Forevermore.”

Northern aspect:-

North Berwick WW1 Memorial

Eastern aspect:-

North Berwick WW1 Memorial Eastern Aspect

Southern aspect:-

North Berwick WW1 Memorial Southern Aspect

Western Aspect. The pillar has an embossed cross above the dates 1914 – 1919. The central shield portion here does not bear names but rather a form of the crest of North Berwick depicting a ship with oarsmen under the motto “Victoria Gloria Merces.”

North Berwick WW1 Memorial Western Aspect

The WW2 Memorial is situated on a house wall near to the WW1 Memorial. The inscription reads, “1939 1945 In memory of those who in a later generation made the same sacrifice in the same cause as those to whom the memorial opposite has been erected,” then the names followed by, “And in the morning we will remember them.”

North Berwick WW2 Memorial

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