Peterhead Great War Memorial

Peterhead‘s Great War Memorial is an impressive sight, a tapering square column, visible from quite a distance as you approach the town from the south.

The column bears only Great War Names. The Second World War dead are commemorated on two pillars at the entrance to the graveyard behind.

This was taken from the town side:-

Peterhead War Memorial

Close up:-

Peterhead Great War Memorial

The stone wreath is inscribed “1914-1918”, the cartouche has names for the Great War, and below is the inscription, “To the glory of Almighty God and in honour of the men of this town who gave their lives for freedom in the Great War of 1914-1918. ‘So they passed over and all the trumpets sounded for them on the other side.'”

D edicationPeterhead Great War Memorial

Great War names:-

Peterhead Great War Memorial Names

Again, below, the stone wreath has 1914-1918. Under more names for the Great War is the additional information, “Unveiled 6th August 1922 and handed over to the custody of the Provost, Magistrates & Councillors of the Burgh of Peterhead.”

Peterhead Great War Memorial Additional Dedication

Yet more Great War names:-

More Names, Peterhead Great War Memorial

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