Brora War Memorial

Brora is another village in East Sutherland, Scotland.

Like Helmsdale its War Memorial is another clock tower, this time castellated, and which lies right beside the A 9 as it passes through the village.

From north west:-

Brora  War Memorial from North North West

From south west:-

Brora War Memorial

Dedication: “To the glory of God and in proud and affectionate memory of our gallant dead,” and below, “Their dust is in the desert and the deep, and yet triumphant they never sleep, but guard the freedom which they died to save.” Below again, the bottom cartouche names Second World War dead and a third plaque to the left commemorates a casualty from the Gulf War, Sgt Donald Bruce Kinnear, Royal Army Pay Corps, 27/1/1991.

Brora War Memorial Dedication

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