Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 30: Musselburgh

Musselburgh has at least three Art Deco buildings.

This is the David Macbeth Moir pub on Bridge Street, a Wetherspoon’s. (David Macbeth Moir is a historical local worthy.)

The David Macbeth Moir, Musselburgh,, Left view

The building was formerly the Hayweights cinema. Its detailing and lettering is now after Charles Rennie Mackintosh – Mockintosh, then.

The David Macbeth Moir, Musselburgh 2

Further up Bridge Street is The Royal Bank of Scotland building. That window covered with wooden board is a bit worrying!

Royal Bank of Scotland Building, Musselburgh

On High Street, almost opposite the War Memorial, can be found Poundland. The High Street was busy – difficult to get a photo without traffic.

Poundland, Musselburgh, from High Street

Poundland, Musselburgh from Bridge Street

More of my Musselburgh photos are on my flickr.

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  1. Denis Cukkinan

    Note the typical Art Deco “brow” over the entrance of the David Macbeth Moir pub.
    I would suppose that you get several umpteen foffillion requests as to how to attach pictures to one’s comments. So let me ask, “How does one attach pictures to one’s comments?”

  2. Denis Cukkinan

    Hmmmm…. “Denis Cukkinan” is recte “Denis Cullinan.”

  3. jackdeighton

    ‘Note the typical Art Deco “brow” over the entrance.’
    Agreed entirely, Dennis.

    ‘So let me ask, “How does one attach pictures to one’s comments?”’

    I’m not actually sure.
    I don’t know if it will work but have you tried just pasting them in?
    Or can you paste in the embed code from flickr, for example?
    That’s how I put my pictures onto the blog.

  4. Roger Bromley

    I thought the building next to the Yacht Club was Art Deco or is it a copy?

  5. jackdeighton

    Roger Bromley,
    Thanks for looking in and commenting.
    I’m assuming the Yacht Club and the building next to are by the shore somewhere. I wasn’t down that way – only along High Street and Bridge Street .

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