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Art Deco in Sneek, The Netherlands

I could not beieve my eyes when from the steps of the Waterpoort in Sneek I spotted this toilet block.

Honest to goodness true Art Deco, streamlined, curved, mostly white, detailing picked out in contrasting paint.


Art Deco Toilet Block, Sneek

Door to Art Deco Toilet Block in Sneek

Detail Art Deco Toilet Block, Sneek

Sneek (iv) – The Cinema

The ultra-modern clean lines of Sneek’s cinema argue against it being Art Deco:-

Sneek Cinema 1

Yet despite its rather austere look there’s a definite deco feel to this. It might just be the flagpole but there is “rule of three” in the windows:-

Sneek Cinema 2

Sneek (iii)

With Dutch buildings it can be difficult to decide if they are truly Art Deco. This one in Sneek has “rule of three” in the windows though:-

Art Deco Building in Sneek, The Netherlands

Yet this is similar but only has two sets of windows:-

Similar Art Deco Style, Sneek, The Netherlands

And what of these?:-

Art Deco? Sneek

Or this? The roofline undoubtedly has claims:-

Art Deco?  in Sneek, The Netherlands

This only has two sets of windows but look at the brickwork detailing at the bottom of the central column, to the sides and above:-

Art Deco, Sneek

Not much doubt about this one, even if it is minor Deco. An Indian Restaurant, not I think all that common in The Netherlands:-

Art Deco in Sneek

The windows on this shop were delightful:-

Art Deco Windows, Sneek

Sneek (ii)

Dutch towns have interesting architectural features. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a building is Art Deco or not. Others are distinctively Dutch/Low Countries as on the right here:-

Buildings in Sneek, The Netherlands

The doorway to the middle building above has Art Deco features to it. Certainly there’s “rule of three” in the windows above it and the door itself has a very 30s feel. The ironwork on the gates is good too:-

Art Deco Doorway, Sneek, The Netherlands,

The brickwork on the canalside house below is very distinctive and there’s more than a hint of Deco to the double doors in the centre. Also a Charles Rennie Mackintosh feel to all the doors:-

Decorative Brickwork, Sneek, The Netherlands

And is this Deco or merely Dutch style?:-

Deco Style? Sneek, The Netherlands

Note the squares in the window highlights. And there’s an Art Nouveau touch to the decoration just above the windows but below the brick arches:-

Deco Detail, Sneek, The Netherlands

Art Deco Stuff

At Ingiston Antique Fair, February 2017.

Lovely circular edged display stand here:-

Art Deco Stall

Rearranged since previous photo:-

More Art Deco at ingliston

Reverse view of stall at Ingliston. I’ve got that Glasgow Art Deco book:-

Still More Art Deco at Ingliston

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 22: Leith Walk

Deep Sea, a Fish and Chip shop on Leith Walk.

The Deco elements are mostly in the lettering and neon glass signage:-

Art Deco, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

The Dome, Edinburgh

The Dome is a building in George Street, Edinburgh, now a restaurant.

Its main internal feature is ….. a dome:-

The Dome of The Dome, Edinburgh


The Dome

It has some lovely stained glass windows:-

The Dome


The Dome

Entrance doors:-

Entrance Doors The Dome, Edinburgh

Internal door:-

Internal Door, The Dome, Edinburgh

Art Deco sign:-

Art Deco Sign, The Dome, Edinburgh

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 21: Corner of George Street and Castle Street

I don’t know how I’d missed this before. I couldn’t have been far enough along George Street – or not looking if I was.

On corner of George and Castle Streets. Housed Viyella and Austin Reed at time of photo.

Art Deco, George Street, Edinburgh

Tannadice Park, Dundee (i)

Tannadice Park is the home of Dundee United F C.

The ground sits between Tannadice and Sandeman Streets.

Main Stand from Tannadice Street (west):-

Tannadice Park, Dundee

George Fox and Jim Mclean Fair Play Stands with west stand (lower in profile) between them. From Sandeman Street:-

Tannadice Park, Dundee From north-west

The George Fox Stand from west:-

The George Fox Stand, Tannadice Park, Dundee

The George Fox Stand from east with Eddie Thompson Stand to left:-

Tannadice Park, Dundee, George Fox Stand

Eddie Thompson Stand (and side of George Fox Stand,) from Arklay Street:-

Eddie Thompson Stand, Tannadice Park, Dundee

Stadium from Tannadice Street east. Jerry Kerr Stand. Dens Park* in background. Art Deco roofline on Superstore and Ticket Centre to left:-

Tannadice Park, Dundee from Tannadice Street

Jerry Kerr and Eddie Thompson Stands:-

Stands at Tannadice Park, Dundee

Dens Park from Tannadice Park:-

Dens Park, Dundee, from Tannadice Park

*The two stadiums are the closest grounds to each other in senior British football. See some of my photos of Dens Park here.

Edinburgh’s Art Deco Heritage 22: Leith Walk

Deep Sea, a Fish and Chip shop on Leith Walk.

The Deco elements are mostly in the lettering and neon glass signage:-

Art Deco, Leith Walk, Edinburgh

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