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Art Deco Illustrations and Interiors, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee.

Illustration of French Ocean Liner Interior, SS Normandie as I recall:-

Illustration of French Ocean Liner Interior

Art Deco Ocean Liner Interior Illustration

Illustrations for proposed ocean liner interiors; never used:-

Art Deco Illlustrations, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

Art Deco bronze wall plaques:-

Art Deco Bronze Wall Plaques

Art Deco Ocean Liner carpet:-

Art Deco Ocean Liner Carpet

Art Deco Ocean Liner wall display and chairs. The chair on the right is stunning:-

Art Deco Ocean Liner Chairs

Posters and Brochures, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

The entrance display room to the Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee, displays advertising posters from the earliest liner eras up to the time when they were replaced by air travel.

My eye was mostly taken by classic Art Deco ones such as this for an Italian shipping line:-

Art Deco Poster, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

Not to mention the classic SS Normandie:-

SS Normandie poster

And the SS Empress of Britain:-

Empress of Britain Poster

This brochure is from the NYK line:-

Art Deco Brochure, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

These are pages illustrating the high life of ocean liner travel:-

Art Deco Brochure Illustrations, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

Finally and not Art Deco, the cover of a brochure for the QE2, whose first voyage down the Clyde to take her sea-trials we were all given a day off school to witness. Even then everyone knew there would never be such a ship built on the Clyde again:-

QE 2 Brochure, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

We visited the new V&A, Dundee, last week where the first exhibition was on Ocean Liners, with the sub-heading Speed and Style:-

Poster For Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

Exhibition Poster, V&A entrance behind:-

Ocean Liners Exhibition Poster & V&A, Dundee

This post only scratches the surface of what is a sumptuous exhibition which is mainly a feast of Art Deco style reflecting the ocean liner’s inter-wars heyday.

Brochure for French shipping line:-

Shipping Line Brochure, Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

United States Lines Brochure:-

United States Lines Brochure,  Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

It’s not exclusively Art Deco, though. This is a Louis XIV style door from a pre World War 1 French liner:-

Loius XIV Door. Ocean Liners Exhibition, V&A, Dundee

A similar Louis XIV style panel and chair:-

Loius XIV Door Panel and Chair

Wall panel from one of the Titanic’s sister ships, SS Olympic:-

Wall Panel from SS Olympic

The ultimate in streamlined ship design. Perhaps it was fortunate this was never built. Everything’s enclosed, there’s no deck where you could take the air. (It also looks a bit like a submarine):-

Streamlined Ship Model

Goodbye to Olden

I took this photo from the ship as we were leaving Olden. It’s a local hotel and has Art Deco/Moderne styling but may be later in construction:-

Art Deco/Moderne Style Hotel, Olden, Norway

There’s a turf-roofed chalet to the right of centre on this photo of the hillside behind the pier:-

Turf Roofed Chalet, Olden, Norway

The locals gave us a flag-waving send-off:-

Farewell from Olden Locals

There was someone in one of the higher up chalets waving a Union Jack but I didn’t manage to get the picture. The ones on the pier had a musical accompaniment:-

Musical Farewell from Olden, Norway

Art Deco in Blackpool (x) Yates

A stunner to finish Blackpool’s Art Deco with. Yates. Everything you could want in an Art Deco building (except perhaps for primary coloured paint, original windows and a flagpole.)

Art Deco Yates, Blackpool

Reverse view. Sadly with street furniture in the way:-

Yates, Blackpool from right

Yates and a moderne chippy across the road:-

Yates, Blackpool + Another Building

Moderne building on left, Yates to right:-

Yates, Blackpool

Art Deco in Blackpool (ix) The Foxhall

Modern Art Deco in Blackpool.

The Foxhall, Blackpool

Blackpool, The Foxhall

Art Deco in Blackpool (viii) Seen from a Tram

We took a Blackpool tram all the way up to Fleetwood and back down to the southern terminus then back up to Blackpool again.

I’m afraid some of these photos are blurry due to being taken through the tram’s window.

Lots of the tram stops have deco features:-

Tram Stop, Blackpool

Another Blackpool Tram Stop

Including Bispham:-

Bispham Tram Stop, Blackpool

This is the former Store Twenty One in Fleetwood, unoccupied at the time of the photo:-

Art Deco Shop, Fleetwood, Lancashire

I saw Fleetwood’s football ground off in the distance but too far for a photo. The town has a more or less typical seaside town park and pavilion but looks alittle down on its luck. not too many people about. Note too the bus shelter:-

Pavilion, Fleetwood, Lancashire

Reverse view:-

Fleetwood Pavilion

Art Deco in Blackpool (vii) Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach Casino. The curves on the building but especially the tower are deco features:-

Blackpool, Pleasure Beach Casino

A very geometric rectilinear tower inside Blackpool Pleasure Beach:-

Art Deco Tower, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Art Deco in Blackpool (vi) New Oceans Hotel and Solaris

New Oceans Hotel:-

New Oceans Hotel, Blackpool

Rounded windows and horizontal columns plus canopy in central portion:-

New Oceans Hotel, Blackpool from left

Solaris. Modern deco style:-

Solaris, Blackpool


Solaris, Blackpool, Front view

Art Deco in Blackpool (v) Queen’s Mansions

Very Art Deco building in the grand style in Blackpool – though actually I think it’s technically in Bispham.

The ground floor now houses Hart’s Amusements. The rest is, I think, holiday accommodation.

From southwest. Its eyes have been poked out, though:-

Queen's Mansions

Full vista. Wonderful deco style. Great horizontals and verticals. Rule of three in columnar windows and the central portion above the rounded canopy. Flagpoles! Clock!:-

Art Deco Queen's Mansions Blackpool

Clock and Sculptures, Queen’s Mansions, Blackpool. Fine Art Deco styling. 1936 date on roof half-roundel. The sculptures are reminiscent of the A A Gill ones on the Midland Hotel, Morecambe:-

Clock and Sculptures, Queen's Mansions, Blackpool

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