Art Deco in Gloucester

Almost the first interesting building we came across in and around the town centre was shielded behind hoardings but it was obviously a once important institutional building. It turns out it used to house the Gloucester College of Art and Technology. It’s not really bent, I couldn’t get far enough back for one shot so this is a stitch. I only just caught this one. It had signs on it saying it was about to be demolished. Such a pity that a use couldn’t be found for it.

Former Gloucester College of Art and Technology

I have found another picture of the building at Panoramio.


This site shows some of the detailing.

Also check out here which shows a few of the internal features.

The good lady thinks it’s a scandal that it’s all to go. So do I.

Gloucester was further well served in an Art Deco sense by a full-on Deco Debenham’s. It’s on a corner with a long frontage down the side street. Impossible to get in one shot. (Or a decent stitch.)

Debenhams, Gloucester, Detail
Debenhams, Gloucester 1

Debenhams, Gloucester 2

Debenhams detailing

We also found a Marks & Spencer (again I couldn’t get far enough back for anything but a side shot)

Marks & Spencer, Gloucester

and a Halifax – very minor deco, and those wires in the way!

Halifax Building Society, Gloucester

Four Art Deco buildings, one an absolute belter, one a particularly sad sight, and we were only there for an hour!

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  2. Steve

    So I found this blog while looking to see if there was any information on this house:,-2.24267&spn=0.021169,0.038581&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=10.379125,19.753418&t=h&hnear=Gloucester,+United+Kingdom&z=15&layer=c&cbll=51.875893,-2.242868&panoid=xiKXtTOJ8Hx3OFTVgqiY_A&cbp=12,43.49,,0,16.98

    I’ve been intrigued by it ever since I first saw it while attempting to get to some soulless retail park but can’t seem to find any further information about it, so I guess I’ll just have to appreciate seeing it now and then.
    Since the street view shots were taken it’s been repainted a dark green.

  3. jackdeighton

    Thanks for looking in, Steve, and for the comment.
    The house looks great. I don’t know if I’ll get back to Gloucester any time soon though to see it for myself.

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