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Art Deco in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Bury St Edmunds has a smattering of old buildings in the Gothic style but also some Art Deco. This is a very thirties Marks & Spencer:-

Bury St Edmunds, Marks and Spencer

Betfred has Art Deco leanings in the slight overhangs:-

Betfred, Bury St Edmunds

But the exemplar has to be The Works, which exhibits the rule of three in the windows which in addition have great deco glass, with sunburst effect above:-

The Works, Bury St Edmunds


The Works, Bury St Edmunds, Window

End window detail:-

The Works, Bury St Edmunds, Detail

The Works was right beside this Tudor/mediæval style building which now houses W H Smith’s:-

W H Smith's, Bury St Edmunds

Glasgow’s Art Deco Heritage 5: Sauchiehall Street

Apart from the Beresford Hotel, Sauchiehall Street had a couple of other Art Deco buildings. This is a stitch of Marks and Spencer’s:-

And here is a close-up showing some detail:-

Dunnes Stores is on the corner of Sauchiehall and Cambridge Streets:-

Roof-line and window detail:-

There is a lovely finish to the highest part:-

The ABC cinema predates deco – originally built in 1877 before conversion to a cinema in 1929 – but is still a fine building. (Two photos stitched to get it all in):-

The Scottish cinemas website says it is closed. It seems to house a music venue now.

York Art Deco 4.

Marks & Spencer and Halifax, Parliament Street and the Pavement, York.

Marks & Spencer, York

The M&S has two entrances, one in Parliament Street, York, the other to the right here on The Pavement. The corner is occupied by the Halifax (a branch of HBoS)

Strong verticals on the Halifax building and also note the narrow windows on the right just beside the green fronted M&S.

This is the view from The Pavement. Good strong verticals, subtle pastel outlining.

Marks & Spencer, York, from The Pavement

This is a building on Picadilly, York, which houses Argos and Ladbrokes among others. The lower stonework has good detailing.

Art Deco Building, Picadilly, York

This side is more deco as regards the windows, especially th elong narrower one on the lower right.

Art Deco, Picadilly, York

Art Deco in Gloucester

Almost the first interesting building we came across in and around the town centre was shielded behind hoardings but it was obviously a once important institutional building. It turns out it used to house the Gloucester College of Art and Technology. It’s not really bent, I couldn’t get far enough back for one shot so this is a stitch. I only just caught this one. It had signs on it saying it was about to be demolished. Such a pity that a use couldn’t be found for it.

Former Gloucester College of Art and Technology

I have found another picture of the building at Panoramio.


This site shows some of the detailing.

Also check out here which shows a few of the internal features.

The good lady thinks it’s a scandal that it’s all to go. So do I.

Gloucester was further well served in an Art Deco sense by a full-on Deco Debenham’s. It’s on a corner with a long frontage down the side street. Impossible to get in one shot. (Or a decent stitch.)

Debenhams, Gloucester, Detail
Debenhams, Gloucester 1

Debenhams, Gloucester 2

Debenhams detailing

We also found a Marks & Spencer (again I couldn’t get far enough back for anything but a side shot)

Marks & Spencer, Gloucester

and a Halifax – very minor deco, and those wires in the way!

Halifax Building Society, Gloucester

Four Art Deco buildings, one an absolute belter, one a particularly sad sight, and we were only there for an hour!

Art Deco In Cambridge

Yes there was Art Deco in Cambridge. And some more modern stuff, like malls.

This is the Marks & Spencer frontage in Market Hill. I had to photo it from the side as I couldn’t otherwise get far back enough due to the market stalls.

Marks & Spencer, Cambridge

Just over the street from it, behind and to the left of the above photo is this lovely curved building.

Curved Deco Frontage Cambridge

On St Andrews Street there is this set of deco glass panels above what is now Thomas Cook.

Deco Glass Panels

Also on St Andrews Street, though further along, is the pub where I saw the first part of the Spain-Scotland game. Like in Lincoln it’s a former cinema.

It’s not the only former cinema in Cambridge converted by Wetherspoons. We also drove past this one by accident. I had got slightly disoriented. (Lost.)

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