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Art Deco in Gloucester

Almost the first interesting building we came across in and around the town centre was shielded behind hoardings but it was obviously a once important institutional building. It turns out it used to house the Gloucester College of Art and Technology. It’s not really bent, I couldn’t get far enough back for one shot so this is a stitch. I only just caught this one. It had signs on it saying it was about to be demolished. Such a pity that a use couldn’t be found for it.

Former Gloucester College of Art and Technology

I have found another picture of the building at Panoramio.


This site shows some of the detailing.

Also check out here which shows a few of the internal features.

The good lady thinks it’s a scandal that it’s all to go. So do I.

Gloucester was further well served in an Art Deco sense by a full-on Deco Debenham’s. It’s on a corner with a long frontage down the side street. Impossible to get in one shot. (Or a decent stitch.)

Debenhams, Gloucester, Detail
Debenhams, Gloucester 1

Debenhams, Gloucester 2

Debenhams detailing

We also found a Marks & Spencer (again I couldn’t get far enough back for anything but a side shot)

Marks & Spencer, Gloucester

and a Halifax – very minor deco, and those wires in the way!

Halifax Building Society, Gloucester

Four Art Deco buildings, one an absolute belter, one a particularly sad sight, and we were only there for an hour!

Newcastle upon Tyne 1

After leaving the riverside we climbed the hill from the Tyne towards the shops and (eventually) found them.

We went into one of those North of England town extensive inside markets where we browsed a second hand bookshop and I flicked through a book on old Newcastle and discovered Northumberland Street had had some Art Deco buildings on it but my knowledge of Newcastle’s street geography was minimal.

We moseyed around for a while and came upon this unexpectedly on rounding a corner where Debenham’s is (ie not on Northumberland Street.) I couldn’t get the whole thing in one shot so this is a stitch which is why there’s a black strip at the top and it looks bendy.

Newcastle Coop

It’s the Cooperative building; deco in that monumental almost Stalinist way.

Here’s a detail.

Coop corner

There’s a close up on one of the towers on flickr which shows up the trianguloid windows. Plus another of the side of one of the clocks where you can see COOPERATIVE written round the face.

Just off Eldon Square there is this building:-


I found this different angle on flickr:-

Fenwick's Art Deco...

Just on a bit we got to Northumberland Street. The Fenwick’s frontage there predates Art Deco. Again this is a stitch as I couldn’t get back far enough to frame it all in one shot.

Fenwick's frontage

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