South Queensferry

During the summer we were in South Queensferry in order to take the boat out to Inchcolm Island.

While there I took a few photos. I hadn’t expected to see a building with Deco styling* but this was on the main street.

Building with Deco styling, South Queensferry, Scotland

There was also St Mary’s Church, one of the oldest in Scotland.

St Mary's Church, South Queensferry.

(I remember remarking about buildings in Haworth, Yorkshire and Inchcolm Abbey that, unusually, they had stone roofs. St Mary’s also has stone roofing, shown to best advantage in the above photo.)

The War Memorial is fixed halfway up the wall of another building – the Jubilee Clock Tower – on the main street.

War Memorial Plaque South Queensferry

A couple more photos of South Queensferry are on my flickr.

*Edited to add: Thanks to a comment I have discovered the Art Deco style building was once a cinema, the Regal.

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  1. William Bruce

    The art deco building once housed the regal cinema, wonderful memories of many Saturdays glued to the big screen

  2. jackdeighton

    Thank you for this.
    I didn’t know it had once been a cinema – but I should have guessed. Now I look at it closely it has several indicators.
    I’ll need to add the cinema category to the post now.
    Thanks for looking in and commenting.

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