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Abbotsford in the Scottish Borders near Melrose is of course the home Walter Scott built for himself after his phenomenal success as a poet and novelist.

Main entrance:-

Abbotsford Stitch

Abbotsford from River Tweed:-

Abbotsford Stitch

Fireplace in entrance hall:-

Abbotsford Fireplace, Sir Walter Scott, Abbotsford

Study entrance and balcony. The study’s upper floor is lined with books:-

Abbotsford Study

Scott’s desk:-

Abbotsford Study 1


Abbotsford Library

View to River Tweed from Library:-

Abbotsford Library Window

Library ceiling:-

Abbotsford Library Ceiling 2

Window alcove ceiling:-

Abbotsford Library Ceiling

Dining room:-

Abbotsford  Dining Room

Dining room ceiling:-

Abbotsford  Dining Room , Sir Walter Scott, Scottish Borders


Abbotsford  Armoury , Sir Walter Scott,

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 33: Peebles. Addendum

In August 2013 when I was in Peebles the former Playhouse Cinema looked a bit run down. (See here.)

By this May it had been spruced up a bit.

Peebles Former Cinema

We partook of the ice-cream from Caldwell’s shop/cafe just along the street. It was good.

On the High Street I noticed this Art Deco gate at the entrance to a close:-

Art Deco Gate in Peebles

This is the view from the close:-

Peebles Art Deco Gate

We ventured down to the green by the River Tweed where there is this Pavilion:-

Art Deco Pavilion, Peebles

The reverse has slightly more deco style:-

Peebles Art Deco Pavilion Reverse

On a back street the two Chambers brothers who later produced Chambers’s Dictionary (as it was known at first) were both born, in 1800 and 1802 respectively, as the plaque records.

Peebles House Chambers Plaque

Neidpath Castle

The castle is just west of Peebles above the banks of the River Tweed. It looks very imposing from the far (south) bank.

This was taken from the north bank:-

An attempt at an arty shot through the branches:-

Tweed Walk from Peebles

The good lady and I were down in Peebles a few weeks ago and took a stroll along the River Tweed.

From south bank. The main bridge over the River Tweed at Peebles is dead centre here:-

This is from a bit further west looking west:-

Keep going west and you encounter an old railway bridge. This is from the north bank after we had crossed:-

The railway bridge’s arches have angled stonework:-

Looking back west from a bend in the river:-

The main road bridge over the Tweed at Peebles:-

Art Deco Garage, Berwick

When I was down in Berwick for the cup game a few weeks ago I had time to photograph that Art Deco garage I had noticed from a distance when we stopped off there in 2010.

It’s just south of the main road bridge across the River Tweed. This is a stitch of the two photos I had to take to get the whole frontage in.

Right hand side. At time of photo it was in the hands of Beds at Berwick but for sale:-

The left hand side shows the date of construction:-

Shielfield Park, Berwick

Shielfield is the home of Berwick Rangers FC.

There are two qualifications to this post. The category* I’ve placed it in is actually not quite accurate. Though Berwick Rangers play in the Scottish Leagues the ground is of course situated south of the border so is not technically a Scottish football ground. Shielfield is also south of the River Tweed so I suppose it’s really in Tweedmouth rather than Berwick.

There is a grassed lane leading from the road to the ground. The away terrace can be viewed from it.

Shielfield Park, Away Terrace from Lane

A little to the left of the above is the main entrance.

Shielfield Park, Main Entrance full

Entering through the turnstiles you can see the main stand.

Shielfield Park, Stand

The nearest goal to the entrance. Wide spaces between it and the spectator area.

Shielfield Park, Behind Goal

The away terrace with covered enclosure.

Shielfield Park, Away (North)  Terrace

With the low slung stand and slope the ground has similarities to Recreation Park, Alloa – though the terracing and cover there was removed a couple of years ago and replaced with temporary seating. This is the goal at the lower end of the slope at Shielfield.

Shielfield Park, Other Goal

The nearer goal and stand.

Shielfield Park, Near Goal and Stand

Looking back up the slope.

Shielfield Park, Looking Back to Main Entrance

*Edited 22/9/14 to be in new category of English Football Grounds.

Bridge at Kelso

At Kelso there is a fine bridge over the River Tweed.

Bridge over Tweed at Kelso

From its parapet you get a view of Floors Castle in the distance. (You might have to zoom in on the photo though.)

Floors Castle from Bridge over Tweed

Coldstream, Berwickshire

We’ve been on our trips away again. We were based in Yorkshire for the most part but on the way down we went via Coldstream in the Borders, Berwickshire as was. It’s just over the River Tweed from England and is the “home” of the Coldstream Guards and also has ex-Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home‘s ancestral pile of The Hirsel (not open to the public) nearby.

The photos were taken with our new camera with which I’ve not yet fully come to grips.

Coldstream isn’t very big, but big enough to have a War Memorial. Very Cenotaph-like. Great War top plaque, Second World War below.

Coldstream War Memorial

Up a side street there was a deconsecrated church which has at some time been converted to a Bar & Function Room. Perhaps it was in the 1930s for the entrance is deco!

Art Deco Doors


On the way back up from Alnwick we stopped at Berwick to get something to eat. We’d have settled for a chippy but there wasn’t one on the main street or the ones leading off it.

On the way in to the town I had spotted this Art Deco garage but I took the photo from the opposite side of the River Tweed. On the way out I had to recross the river first and discovered it was built in 1937.

The old bridge over the Tweed has nice arches. There were lots of swans on the river.

I took this of the newer road bridge, and the railway bridge behind it, from the old one.

The town itself was down at heel and shabby looking even allowing for the fact that it was latish (after closing time.) This must surely once have been a Woolworths.


This was another building that looks a bit deco.

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