Abbotsford in the Scottish Borders near Melrose is of course the home Walter Scott built for himself after his phenomenal success as a poet and novelist.

Main entrance:-

Abbotsford Stitch

Abbotsford from River Tweed:-

Abbotsford Stitch

Fireplace in entrance hall:-

Abbotsford Fireplace, Sir Walter Scott, Abbotsford

Study entrance and balcony. The study’s upper floor is lined with books:-

Abbotsford Study

Scott’s desk:-

Abbotsford Study 1


Abbotsford Library

View to River Tweed from Library:-

Abbotsford Library Window

Library ceiling:-

Abbotsford Library Ceiling 2

Window alcove ceiling:-

Abbotsford Library Ceiling

Dining room:-

Abbotsford  Dining Room

Dining room ceiling:-

Abbotsford  Dining Room , Sir Walter Scott, Scottish Borders


Abbotsford  Armoury , Sir Walter Scott,

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