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More of the V&A Dundee

Previously I have posted about the (relatively) new V&A building in Dundee here and, in the background, here.

V&A logo by entrance:-

V&A Sign, Dundee

Exterior curve:-

Exterior Curve, V&A Dundee

View to Tay Bridge through “tunnel”:-

"Tunnel" V&A, Dundee

Apparently the wind can sweep through the tunnel quite severely. View to city through tunnel:-

Tunnel Under V&A, Dundee

Overhanging River Tay:-

Overhanging River Tay, V&A Dundee

Exterior planting:-

Exterior Planting , V&A Dundee

Exterior Planting V&A Dundee


Interior, V&A, Dundee

V&A, Dundee, Interior

V&A, Dundee, Interior and Stairs

V&A, Dundee, Interior and Ceiling

View of Tay Bridge through slit window:-

V&A, Dundee, Window

Elcho Castle, Perth and Kinross

Elcho Castle sits almost on the banks of the River Tay a few miles south of Perth, Scotland. It’s quite an adventure getting to it as it involves going through a farmyard, then past a small stream and millpond.

It’s worth it when you get there though.

Elcho Castle

Elcho Castle


Tower, Elcho Castle

Castle from grounds:-

Elcho Castle from Below

Main staircase:-

Elcho  Castle

Main hall:-

Elcho Castle

Hall from above:-

Hall, Elcho Castle

Part of roof, plus chimney and turret. River Tay in background:-

Roof, Chimney, Turret, Elcho Castle


Roofs, Elcho Castle

Part of roof from rooftop walkway:-

Part of Roof, Elcho Castle

Roof structure:-

Elcho Castle Roof Structure

Kenmore, Perthshire

The village of Kenmore lies at the foot of Loch Tay in Perthsire.

Main street left. Taymouth Castle gates are behind you in this view. You can just make out the War Memorial at the far end of the street in front of the kirk:-

Kenmore pano 1

Main street right:-

Kenmore pano 2

Main street reverse view. Gates of Taymouth Castle middle centre. The War Memorial is directly behind here:-

Kenmore Street Panorama

Looking down to foot of Loch Tay:-

Kenmore 3

Foot of Loch Tay:-

Foot of Loch Tay, Kenmore

Near Kenmore a reconstructed crannog has been built out onto Loch Tay. This is the view of Kenmore from there:-

Kenmore from Crannog

The outflow from Loch Tay is the start of Scotland’s longest river, the silvery Tay. This lovely bridge spans it:-

Bridge over River Tay at Kenmore

River Tay at Kenmore:-

River Tay at Kenmore

Wade’s Bridge, Aberfeldy

This elegant bridge over the Tay at Aberfeldy was built by General George Wade as part of his military road building programme to pacify the Highlands after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.

Bridge from east:-

Wade's Bridge, Aberfeldy from east

Roadway; one track carriageway controlled by traffic lights:-

Wade's Bridge, Aberfeldy, Roadway

Bridge from west:-

Wade's Bridge, Aberfeldy

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 25: Dunkeld

This is the Royal School of Dunkeld, established in 1567. Its present building, situated across the River Tay from Dunkeld itself in what is known as Little Dunkeld and which adjoins Birnam, was constructed in 1930 and shows some Deco features. (The church to the right is Little Dunkeld Kirk.)

Royal School, Dunkeld.

Dunkeld War Memorial

Dunkeld War Memorial is in the immaculately Scottish shape of a cairn. It commemorates the dead of Dunkeld and Little Dunkeld (and I assume Birnam.) It’s set on a hill above the road into Dunkeld, just off the A9.

Dunkeld War Memorial

The photo below gives more of the effect from the road (and from Thomas Telford’s bridge over the Tay which leads you into Dunkeld itself.)

Dunkeld War Memorial from Road into Dunkeld

There are three plaques. One for the Great War:-

Dunkeld War Memorial WW1

Below that is a plaque for WW2 and a solitary name for Northern Ireland.

Dunkeld War Memorial WW2 & NI

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