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Rochdale Co-operation

Rochdale is the home of the modern Co-operative Movement, through the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers

The original site of their first shop, in Toad Lane, is now a museum:-

Co-operative Museum, Rochdale

Side view with Co-op Tea painted on the brick:-

Rochdale Co-op

The museum extends into the modern building you can see on the left in the first photo.

Just up Toad Lane are two shopfronts which are Victorian in appearance with lovely stained glass:-

Old Shop Windows, Rochdale

More Old Shop Windows, Rochdale

On the other side of the entrance to Toad Lane is a memorial to the Kobe earthquake, which, from its inscription, seems to have something to do with the Co-operative movement:-

Kobe Earthquake Memorial, Rochdale

Buildings in Rochdale

Apart from the Town Hall there are several fine buildings in Rochdale town centre, a few of them banks or former banks.

Royal Bank of Scotland, RBS:-

Royal Bank of Scotland, Rochdale

This has “bank” inscribed in the stone above the door but is somewhat anonymous now:-

Old Bank Building, Rochdale

Lloyd’s Bank (the rounded building):-

Lloyd's Bank, Rochdale

If you look closely at the above picture you can see a blue plaque. It was once the Union Flag Inn. In 1745 a confrontation between the Jacobite forces of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the town authorities took place here:-

Union Flag Inn as was, Rochdale

Beside Lloyd’s Bank is the very modern Beales and behind and above both a building with faded writing on the brick. “Rochdale (something I can’t make out; equitable?) Pioneer Society (something I can’t make out.)” The Co-operative movement started in Rochdale (see later post):-

Above Beales and Lloyd's Bank, Rochdale

This building has a fine cupola:-

Cupola'd Building Rochdale Town Centre

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 49: Kirkcudbright

I found two Art Deco styled buildings in Kirkcudbright. There was one I didn’t though. I’ll save that for a later post.

Here are the two I found.

First the Co-op:-

Art Deco Co-op, Kirkcudbright

The former Post Office:

Former Post Office, Kirkcudbright


Detail, Post Office, Kirkcudbright

Dovercourt (Harwich)

We spent the first night back in Britain in Harwich and in the morning had a stroll into Dovercourt which is cheek by jowl with Harwich but whereas Harwich is on the southern bank of the River Stour opposite Felixstowe, Dovercourt lies to Harwich’s south and lines up NNE to SSW (pointing ESE) where Harwich is more E to W (pointing N.)

These 1930s houses hinted at Art Deco.

We walked on towards the town centre past this building which looked as if it might have once been a garage but I have since discovered was the Regent Cinema. Strong horizontals, delicate upper window.

At the bottom of a slight hill there was a football ground, the home of Harwich and Parkeston FC. The sign says Ridgeon’s Football League but the Wiki article says they’re in the Essex and Suffolk Border League and also illustrates that the club has seen better times than at present. The ground is the Royal Oak Ground. Good stepped Art Deco styling to the entrance here.

There’s a photo of the club’s stand here.

In the town itself was what was in its prime surely a Woolworths.

This was up a side street. Minor deco but definitely has it in the roofline. I’d like to have seen the original windows.

Almost next door was a defunct? bingo hall (also once a cinema?) It was morning so I couldn’t tell if the restaurant on the ground floor is still a going concern.

Up another side street I found an old Co-op. This has all the hallmarks of deco but again has seen better days. There’s something drastic has occurred to the building. The facade is distinctly bent – focused on the rightward central pillar.

Fife’s Art Deco Heritage 10 (ii): Leven Again

When I pass through Leven I usually don’t go via the town itself but use the A915 which only goes through the upper part. Last time though I went via the A955 and consequently viewed not only the War Memorial but also two Art Deco style buildings.

The larger of these is in Durie Street, just off the town centre, and once housed a Co-operative store, built in 1937.

Former Co-operative Building, Leven, Fife from East

The stepping on the roofline, the “brows,” the windows, the horizontals and verticals, and the slight protrusion of the vertical windows flanking the centre ones are all deco features.

This is the upper frontage:-

Former Co-operative Building, Leven, Fife

And here’s a close-up on the frieze above the central windows:-

Detail on Former Co-op Building, Leven, Fife

The trianguloid protrusions flanking the centre portion look like this:-

Window Detail, Former Co-operative Building, Leven

Further out from the town centre on Scoonie road is the Agenda pub.

Agenda, Leven

This one shows the deco detailing:-

Art Deco Detailing on Agenda

Newcastle upon Tyne 1

After leaving the riverside we climbed the hill from the Tyne towards the shops and (eventually) found them.

We went into one of those North of England town extensive inside markets where we browsed a second hand bookshop and I flicked through a book on old Newcastle and discovered Northumberland Street had had some Art Deco buildings on it but my knowledge of Newcastle’s street geography was minimal.

We moseyed around for a while and came upon this unexpectedly on rounding a corner where Debenham’s is (ie not on Northumberland Street.) I couldn’t get the whole thing in one shot so this is a stitch which is why there’s a black strip at the top and it looks bendy.

Newcastle Coop

It’s the Cooperative building; deco in that monumental almost Stalinist way.

Here’s a detail.

Coop corner

There’s a close up on one of the towers on flickr which shows up the trianguloid windows. Plus another of the side of one of the clocks where you can see COOPERATIVE written round the face.

Just off Eldon Square there is this building:-


I found this different angle on flickr:-

Fenwick's Art Deco...

Just on a bit we got to Northumberland Street. The Fenwick’s frontage there predates Art Deco. Again this is a stitch as I couldn’t get back far enough to frame it all in one shot.

Fenwick's frontage

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