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Dundrennan Abbey, Dumfries and Galloway

Dundrennan Abbey was the place where Mary, Queen of Scots spent her last night in Scotland before fleeing over the Solway Firth to England, imprisonment and eventual execution. She didn’t sleep in the Abbey itself but in the commendator’s house in the west range.

Dundrennan Abbey from the car park:-

Dundrennan Abbey in Dumfries and Galloway

Dundrennan Abbey ruins from side:-

Dundrennan Abbey Ruins From Side

Walls and west range:-

Dundrennan Abbey, Walls


Dundrennan Abbey, Arches

More Arches, Dundrennan Abbey

Choir screen – now detached and situated in the west range:-

Dundrennan Abbey Choir Screen

Carved graveslab:-

Dundrennan Abbey, Carved Graveslab

Orchardton Tower

Dumfries and Galloway is littered with historical remains. Orchardton Tower is a free-standing round tower, the only one of its kind in Scotland, probably because it was built about two hundred years after the fashion for such towers was at its peak. The tower is now in the care of Historic Scotland.

Orchardton Tower

Orchardton Tower

Orchardton Tower, Dumfries and Galloway

Information board:-

Orchardton Tower Information Board


Orchardton Tower, Interior

Interior from tower summit:-

Orchardton Tower Interior

There’s a peculiar small ‘house’ at the top of the staircase:-

Orchardton Tower Summit

External ruins from tower summit:-

Orchardton Tower Ruins From Tower  Summit

MacLellan’s Castle, Kirkcudbright, Again

In December 2017 I posted two photos of this castle.

Last May we were in Kirkcudbright again and I got two more shots:-

MacLellan's Castle, Kirkcudbright

Internal staircase:-

Internal Staircase, MacLellan's Castle, Kirkcudbright

Threave Castle

Threave Castle sits on an island in the River Dee near the town of Castle Douglas (see here and here) in Dumfries and Galloway.

There’s a fairly long walk from the car park and visitor centre to the landing area to get the boat across the river to the castle.

The walk is circular and this photo was taken on the way back to the car park:-

Threave Castle From Circular Path

Castle across River Dee:-

Threave Castle

The river apparently isn’t very deep but Historic Scotland (in whose care the castle is) is careful about how you cross. You can see the island’s jetty to the right here:-

Threave Castle

Threave Castle closer View:-

Threave Castle, Closer in

Exterior of Tower:-

Threave Castle, Exterior of Tower

Arrowslits in exterior wall:-

Threave Castle, Exterior Wall Arrowslits

Inside the tower:-

Window in Threave Castle

A model of the castle is in the case in the centre:-

Threave Castle Interior

Castle model:-

Model of Threave Castle

Sweetheart Abbey

Sweetheart Abbey, or the Abbey of Dulce Cor, is in the village of New Abbey, Dumfries and Galloway (once Kirkcudbrightshire.) It was founded in 1275.

Sweetheart Abbey, New Abbey, Dumfries and Galloway

It seems to be our fate to visit historical monuments when they are swathed in scaffolding:-

Sweetheart Abbey stitch

Part of Sweetheart Abbey

Archway in Abbey grounds:-

Archway, Sweetheart Abbey


Sweetheart Abbey Interior

Upper colonnade:-

Sweetheart Abbey, Interior Colonnade


Sweetheart Abbey, Window

Rear Window:-

Sweetheart Abbey, Rear Window

The First Caerlaverock Castle

Caerlaverock Castle was moved about two nundred yards from its original location as that was deemed unhealthy.

Nothing remains of the original Caerlaverock Castle but its foundations.

This is Historic Scotland’s Information Board at the original site:-

Old Caerlaverock Castle Information Board


Old Caerlaverock Castle Foundations 1

Foundations Old Caerlaverock Castle

Foundations Old Caerlaverock Castle

Just below the wooden bridge you can see in the first foundations photo I noticed a butterfly with yellow tips to its wings. Its at the top edge of the blue flower:-

A Yellow Tipped Butterfly

Caerlaverock Castle

Caerlaverock Castle lies in Dumfries and Galloway ten or so miles south of Dumfries. We visited it on our trip to the region in May 2018.

Caerlaverock Castle

Side view:-

Caerlaverock Castle Side View

The castle has an unusual tringular shape which you can perhaps see from these shots:-

Caerlaverock Castle From Rear

Caerlaverock Castle

Caerlaverock Castle East Side

These ruins are actually “New” Caerlaverock Castle. This photo was taken from the path to old Caerlaverock Castle:-

"New" Caerlaverock Castle

“New” Caerlaverock Castle interior:-

Caerlaverock Castle Interior

Interior floors:-

Caerlaverock Castle

Caerlaverock Castle Interior Floors

Turret ceiling:-

Caerlaverock Castle

Carved lintel and stones:-

Caerlaverock Castle, Carved Lintel and Stones

More from Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre

Great War Roll of Honour. I missed this out in my War Memorials at Montrose post:-

Great War Roll of Honour, Montrose Air Station

A Sea Hawk:-

Sea Hawk

Showing twin tails:-

Part of a Sea Hawk

World War 2 at Montrose Air Station

Model of Montrose Air Station at Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre:-

Model of Montrose Air Station

Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) poster. The ATA featured many women pilots:-

Air Transport Auxiliary Panel


ATA Panel Detail, Montrose Air Station

Photos of some women flyers:-

Women Flyers

Civilian casualties:-

Civilian casualties at Montrose Air Station

RAF Sector Clock:-

RAF Sector Clock, Montrose Air Station

RAF Memorial Window, in stained glass. Inscribed, “This window commemorates the pilots of the Royal Air Force who in the Battle of Britain turned the work of our hands into the salvation of our country.”:-

RAF Memorial Window

Models of a Mosquito and Hurricane:-

Mosquito and Hurricane Models

War Savings Campaign Plaque:-

War Savings Campaign Plaque

War Memorials, Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre

Part of a Memorial display at Montrose Air Station. A War Memorial rescued from a now disused Church at Logie, near Montrose:-

Church War Memorial

The placard beside the rescued Memorial asks, “Do we really remember them?”

Do We Really Remember Caption

The poppy wall above it commemorates the dead of both World Wars:-


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