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Art Deco in Coalville (i) Minor Building

In Coalville I found no fewer than four Art Deco style buildings. Two of them were glorious.

This one (to the left of the photo) however, barely makes the definition. It could be seen from the square containing the Clocktower War Memorial. It’s deco only in the stepped roofline and rule of three in (filled-in) windows:-

Art Deco Building, Coalville, Leicestershire

Soviet Aircraft Parts and Art Deco in Rye

The first place we entered in Rye, apart from the hotel, was an antique shop.

Imagine my surprise to find the tail fins from a Soviet MiG Fighter for sale!

MiG Fighter Tail Planes

There was also this Art Deco poster of Bexhill-on-Sea, featuring the town’s iconic Art Deco/Moderne De La Warr Pavilion:-

Art Deco Poster of Bexhill-on-Sea

And a jolly elephant (the company’s logo is an elephant) on a French (language) advert for Côte d’Or milk chocolate with the added bonus of an Art Deco style building in the background:-

Art Deco Picture

More of Traditional Chester

From where we parked it was a short walk into the city centre over the canal with a Roman wall high above it:-

Roman Wall, Chester

A street in Chester, showing typical timber-framed Tudor style buildings:-

Chester Rows

Another street. Contains a shop called Rigby. Note clock (a Deco touch?):-

Another Chester Street

The impressive Town Hall building dates from 1869:-

Chester Town Hall (maybe)

More of Modernist Chester

In 2009 I posted photos of Art Deco buildings in Chester.

Last September we took a trip into the city again from our stop at nearby Hawarden. Since we were approaching the city by a different route I found some more buildings to photograph.

A block of shops on Christleton Road. Some Art Deco style here, roofline, rule of three in main building windows:-

1930s Block Of Shops, Chester

I only noticed the above because I had stopped to photograph Tanner’s Wines. Note horizontals, verticals, glazing, rule of three in frontage, clock.

Tanner's Wines, Chester


Frontage Tanner's Wine, Chester

Other side view:-

Side view, Art Deco Tanner's Wines, Chester

“Sunburst” doors. Deco par excellence:-

Doors, Tanner's Wines, Chester

In the city centre were a few more buildings I’d missed the previous time.

Body Shop, minor Deco touches, (flat) roof line, rule of three in centre windows:-

Body Shop, Chester

Deichman. On the cusp of Deco:-

Deichmann, Chester

I managed to get Marks and Spencer this time:-

Marks &Spencer, Chester

Detail. Note “sunburst” balcony:-

Detail Marks and Spencer, Chester 1

Art Deco House, Flint, North Wales

On the way to Prestatyn and Rhyl we took the North Wales Expressway, aka the A 55. By contrast on the way back to Hawarden, we travelled by the coast road and as a consequence passed through the town of Flint where I spotted this Art Deco style house:-

Seen from right:-

Art Deco House, Flint, From Right

Rule of three in windows to left, canopy, decorative roofline. Windows have been messed about with, though:-

Flint, Art Deco House

From this angle the flat roof is obvious. The house is rendered in cream rather than the more usual Art Deco white:-

Side View, Art Deco House in Flint, North Wales

Rear of house:-

Art Deco House, Flint, North Wales, From Rear

Art Deco in Rhyl, North Wales (ii)

A beautiful piece of Art Deco in Rhyl, North Wales. The former Odeon Theatre in Rhyl is now a bingo hall. From reverse shows horizontals, verticals, curves, a canopy and rule of three in windows (whose eyes have sadly been put out.)

Apollo, Rhyl

High Art Deco style here. Curved corner, streamlining in the brick:-

Rhyl Apollo

Entrance, canopy and white cladding:-

Apollo, Rhyl, Frontage

Full frontage (stitch of two photos):-

Full Frontage Rhyl Apollo

Detail. Note rule of three in the small windows here:-

Rhyl, Apollo, Detail

Art Deco in Rhyl, North Wales (i)

Rhyl is only a few miles from Prestatyn so we popped along the coast a bit. It’s a seaside town so naturally there’s some Art Deco.

Former Burton’s. Typical Burton’s Deco style:-

Burton's, Rhyl

Art Deco style clock tower on East Parade. Nice bridge behind:-

Clock Tower, Rhyl

Rhyl, Clock Tower

Then there was this building still with its original Critall windows:-

Critall Windows, Rhyl

The Premier Inn on East Parade has something of the look, horizontals, verticals but no rule of three:-

Premier Inn, Rhyl

Rhyl Premier Inn

Art Deco in Mold, North Wales

The town of Mold is only a few miles from Hawarden. Its Welsh name is Yr Wyddgrug. I found two Art Deco buildings.

Thsi one has unusual diamond patterns in the brick work. Now housing the olive tree and The Bookshop:-

Art Deco in Mold, North Wales

There was also a former Woolworths, now a B&M Bargains:-

Art Deco, Former Woolworths, MOld


Former Woolworths, Mold, Detail

Art Deco Style, Glyndŵr University, Wrexham

Glyndŵr University‘s building shows some Art Deco features but leans more towards the 1950s rather than the 1930s, especially in the frieze beside the entrance:-

Glyndwr University, Wrexham, Entrance

From east:-

Art Deco Glyndwr University, Wrexham, From East

Tower and clock:-

Art Deco Tower and Clock, Glyndwr University, Wrexham


Wrexham, Glyndwr University Tower, Art Deco

Art Deco, Wrexham Town Centre (ii)

Just down Hill Street from the town centre proper, in Brook Street, lies Atik, formerly the Odeon Cinema:-

Art Deco Building, Wrexham

Strong verticals, rule of three in columns (and windows.)

Atik From Left, Art Deco, Wrexham

Stitch 1:-

Atik, Wrexham, Art Deco

Stitch 2:-

Art Deco, Wrexham, Atik

The building as it was :-

Former Odeon Cinema, Wrexham

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