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Former Majestic Cinema, Inverkeithing, Addendum

I featured this ex-cinema here.

Last March when visiting the antiques shop(s) now house dnsid ethe building I took these photos of the detail of the two tower portions:-

Inverkeithing, Former Majestic Cinema

Detail Former Majestic Cinema Inverkeithing

Aberdeen’s Art Deco Heritage 7: City Centre

I have already posted soem photos of Deco in berdeen city Cantre but in Jani=uary last year we were up there again and I found some more.

Former Amicable House. I think I showed this here, but this is my own photo. Horizontals, verticals, flagpole, rule of three in windows (which have been poked out unfortunately):-

Former Amicable House, Sberdeen

Capitol building. Stitch of two photos. Some Art Deco styling here:-

Capitol Building, Aberdeen

Detail. Rule of three in windows, deco style cartouches:-

Detail Capitol Building, Aberdeen

High deco light fttings and interior doors, Capitol building, Aberdeen:-

Doors and Light Fittings Capitol Building, Aberdeen

Art Deco Doors and Light Fittings

Art Deco, Aberdeen

Unfortunate relections in this one:-

Art Deco Reflections, Aberdeen

Art Deco in Sunderland (ii)

Former Woolworths building Sunderland:-

Art Deco Former Woolworths, Sunderland


Detail Art Deco Ex-Woolworths, Sunderland

Full frontage. Stitched photo. The curve is an artifact:-

Frontage Ex-Woolworths, Sunderland

Marks and Spencer. Horizontals, verticals:-

Marks and Spencer, Sunderland, Art Deco

Frontage. Stitch of two photos. The curvature is an illusion:-

Marks and Spencer, Sunderland, Art Deco

Art Deco in Sunderland (i)

Late in the day we got into Sunderland city centre. There was some Art Deco. I don’t know what this building housed originally but it was a Wilko’s in Dec 2019.

Rule of three in windows, rounded corner, white rendering, roofline, flagpole:-

Art Deco Building Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

Side of building. Verticals, horizontals, rule of three in some of the glazing, columnar windows:-

Side of Art Deco Building, Sunderland,


Frontage of Art Deco Building, Sunderland

Other side of Building:-

Art Deco Wilko's ,Sunderland

City Library and Art Centre. Horizontals, verticals, rule of three, roofline detail:-

Art Deco City Library and Art Centre, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear,

This was hastily snapped in poor lighting I’m afraid. Horizontals, verticals, some rule of three. Now a British Heart Foundation furniture and electrical charity shop:-

Art Deco, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear,

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 13 (v): Perth Academy Building

In November 2019 we visited Perth Academy to attend its annual Remembrance Service.

Perth Academy’s history goes back to 1696 (or 1542 depending on which part of the text you read in the link above.)

The present building has Art Deco styling – not surprising as work started on it in 1930 and the school moved in in 1932.


Perth Academy Building

The clock tower is a prominent feature of the Academy building and can be seen from many parts of the city:-

Clock Tower, Perth Academy 2

The yellow painting of the windows accentuates the horizontals and verticals, as does the chimney tower:-

Part of Perth Academy

Deco style evident in doors, windows and the columns going off to the right:-

Wing of Perth Academy

Chimney tower and wing of building:-

Perth Academy Wing

Art Deco Building in East Boldon

We have friends who live just north of Sunderland and took the opportunity when travelling back up from Rye (and Ashby de la Zouch) to visit them.

On the way we passed through East Boldon which is part of a group of villages called the Boldons which also includes West Boldon and Boldon Colliery, historically in the County of Durham but now administratively part of South Tyneside.

I spotted this Art Deco building and stopped to photograph it. Rule of three in main windows, plus porthole window:-

Art Deco Building East Boldon

Side of building. Critallish windows. Those at rear have been poked out though:-

Side of Art Deco Building, East Boldon

Frontage. Deco fanlight, Critall windows to left above East Boldon Dental Practice:-

East Boldon, Art Deco

Art Deco in Ashby de la Zouch?

There were slim pickings for Art Deco in Ashby. The only possibilty was this branch of the National Westminster Bank.

The hints of deco are in the cartouche below the roofline and there is rule of three in the frontage’s arches.

Bank Branch in Ashby de la Zouch

Art Deco in Coalville (iv) Former Bus Depot

On the way out of Coalville along Ashby Road, I spotted this and had to find a parking space in order to photograph it.

It is an Art Deco bus depot built in 1925.

Coalville Bus Depot

Central portion. Deco lettering:-

Bus Depot, Coalville

Left portion. Banding below roofline. Red decoration on white detail. Rule of three in windows. Pity their eyes have been poked out.:-

Coalville Bus Depot, Left of Centre

Right portion. Banding continued. Rule of three in lower windows:-

Bus Depot, Coalville, Right Side

Former Coalville Bus Depot sign. It reads, “The Birmingham and MIDLAND Motor Omnibus Co Ltd.”:-

Coalville Bus Depot Sign

Former Rex Cinema, Coalville [Art Deco in Coalville (iii)]

The former Rex Cinema is a stunning Art Deco building – in that blocky institutional style favoured by government buildings and dictators – in Coalville, Leicestershire. After ceasing to be a cinema it became a Dunelm Mill but that too has shut.

Coalville, Former Rex Cinema


Frontage, Former Rex Cinema, Coalville

This view shows how closely located is the Rex to the Palace Cinema – also Deco:-

FFormer Rex Cinema, Coalville

Former Palace Cinema, Coalville [Art Deco in Coalville (ii)]

This former cinema (on Jackson Street in Coalville) but now a Bingo Hall, screams deco.

Horizontals, verticals, friezes:-

Former Palace Cinema, Coalville

Coalville, Former Palace Cinema


Main Block, Former Palace Cinema, Coalville

Detail of elegant deco frieze just below roofline and side scrolls:-

Detail, Former Palace Cinema, Coalville

Frontage from left:-

Coalville, Former Palace Cinema

Windows and scrolls:-

Windows, Former Palace Cinema

Small window:-

Detail, Former Cinema, Coalville

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