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Birkdale Clubhouse

This photo of the Royal Birkdale Golf Club clubhouse was for some reason on display in Liverpool when I was there. As I recall it was on the walls of the Cavern Club but it might just have been in a shop window. (I photographed the photo.)

Photo of Birkdale Golf Club Clubhouse

This slightly longer shot is also on Flick (by snowinp):-

Royal Birkdale - 1-6-2010 - 019

A sid eview of the clubhouse from Wikipedia (Photo by David Long, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Art Deco in Liverpool (viii) George’s Dock Ventilation and Control Station

I’ve probably barely scratched the surface of Art Deco in Liverpool as I only really was in the city centre. I know I’ve missed the former Speke Airport now named after John Lennon (see, among other buildings here.) Then there’s this beezer on Bold Street – a piece of higher Art Deco would be difficult to find.

Still, there was one final building near the waterfront that shouted deco. George’s Dock Ventilation and Control Station – seen below with the Royal Liver Building in the background.

George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station,  Liverpool,

Seen from Strand Street:-

George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station,  Liverpool from Strand Street

Figure decoration detail:-

George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station, Liverpool, Detail

Upper levels detail:-

More Detail, George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station, Liverpool

Tower detail:-

Tower, George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station, Liverpool

From Brunswick Street:-

George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station, Liverpool from Brunswick Street

Note green lamp standards and small shelter in this closer view:-

George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station, Liverpool

Surrounding railings and detail:-

Railings and Detail, George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station, Liverpool

Door and window detail:-

Door and Window Detail, George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station, Liverpool

As its name implies it was built as a ventilating station – for the Mersey (road) tunnel. Yet this plaque commemorating the Liverpool Overhead Railway was on one of its external walls

Plaque, George's Dock Ventilation and Control Station, Liverpool

Brunswick Street Aspect full aspect. (Stitch of two photos to get it all in):-

George's Dock Brunswick Street Aspect, Ventilation and Control Station, Liverpool

This very similar building was a bit further into the city centre – near the famous Cavern Club. I presume it’s also a ventilation tower:-

Art Deco Tower, North John Street, Liverpool

Art Deco in Liverpool (vii) Royal Court Theatre

Another impressive Art Deco theatre in Liverpool. Again my photo was snatched while passing on a bus tour:-

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

The photo below is from the theatre’s Wikipedia page:-

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

This view is from the John Turner Construction Group who have been given a refurbishment contract:-

Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool

And this is from The link has a few more pictures showing details of the building:-

Royal Court Theatre Liverpool

Art Deco in Liverpool (vi) Modern Deco

This is clearly not a building from the 1920 or 1930s but it definitely has Deco style much like the MI5/MI6 building in London or the UCAS building in Cheltenham.

A Modern Art Deco Building, Liverpool

Art Deco in Liverpool (v) Various

Viewed from a bus tour.

A Chinese restaurant, very minor deco:-

Art Deco Building, Liverpool

Art Deco, Liverpool

“The Lighting Centre,” but it seemed to be closed:-

More Liverpool Art Deco

The building below is not strictly in Liverpool as it’s across the Mersey but I photographed it from Liverpool. I was told it’s a fume extraction tower for the Mersey Tunnel:-

Extraction Tower

Art Deco in Liverpool (iv) Burton’s* and Woolworths

These photos were shot from one or other of the two bus tours we took in Liverpool.

This looks like a former Burton’s* but may not be. It’s certainly Art Deco:-

Former Burton's Liverpool

A former Woolworths is to its left (right as you look at it.)

Old Woolworths, Liverpool

Former Woolworths closer view:-

Former Woolworths, Liverpool

*Edited to add:- I looked at this again and realised it was more like an old cinema so I researched old Liverpool cinemas and discovered it was the ABC Lime Street, see here.

Art Deco in Liverpool (iii) Littlewoods Building

I didn’t actually see this building when we were in Liverpool, which was before the recent fire, as it wasn’t on either of the bus tours we took. So I won’t get the chance to photograph it as it was then. (It was a bit dilapidated it has to be said.)

It is however an iconic building.

Photo from Liverpool Echo:-

Littlewoods Building

As is this. Note clock tower :-

Littlewoods building

This photo is by Peter Hodge via Wikipedia:-

Littlewoods building

This, again highlighting the clock tower, is from Save Britain’s Heritage:-

Littlewoods Building

This end-on view is from a news item noting the building’s acquisition by Capital & Centric for development, which is, I believe, still intended to take place despite the fire.

Littlewoods building

Art Deco in Liverpool (ii) Lewis’s

An Art Deco department store in Liverpool.

This picture is from Wikipedia:-

Lewis's Liverpool

The building is known as “Dickie” Lewis or “Nobby” Lewis due to the nude statue by Jacob Epstein more properly known as Liverpool Resurgent. Again the photo is from Wikipedia:-

Unfortunately my own photograph (taken from the tour bus) was shot into the sun, hence the two above:-

Lewis's Liverpool

Art Deco in Liverpool (i) Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Liverpool city centre has more than a few Art Deco buildings.

The Liverpool Philharmonic Hall is on Hope Street in the city. It’s a striking example of a brick-built Art Deco building and is Grade II listed. I only managed to photograph it from the bus tour so didn’t get the best angles but the rounded towers, the windows and the detailing are striking.

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Fuller view (with Catholic Cathedral in left background):-

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

The photo below, taken from Wikipedia, shows it to even better advantage:-

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

Not So Traditional Architecture, Liverpool

There is some modern architecture in Liverpool, especially the Museum of Liverpool, situated down towards the Mersey.

Museum (centre left) from Albert Dock:-

Museum of Liverpool from Albert Dock

From plaza:-

Museum of Liverpool

Closer view:-

Museum of Liverpool Closer View

A very Chinese looking construction across a street entrance in Liverpool:-

Chinese Pagoda, Liverpool

A bit more traditional. Decorative tiles on a city centre building:-

Decorative Tiles, Liverpool

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