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Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 60: Inverurie

Inverurie is a town in Aberdeenshire.

The closest thing to Art Deco I saw there (and definitely 1930s in style) was the Gordon Highlander pub:-

From side:-

Gordon Highlanders, Art  Deco Style Pub, Inverurie

Now a Wetherspoons:-

Art Deco Style, Inverurie

Face view. Vertical and horizontal brick banding and rule of three in windows to side blocks:-

Inverurie, Art  Deco Style

Inverurie, Art  Deco Style Pub

Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire

We had a trip up north in October 2018 and visited Drum Castle on the way. The castle was originally built in the 1200s.

Castle from car park:-

Drum Castle

Rear of castle:-

Drum Castle

From grounds:-

Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire

Drum Castle in Aberdeenshire

Facade and entrance:-

Facade of Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire

The external stairway (in photograph 3 above) leads to a door to these stairs. I believe it was the original entrance:-

Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire, Stairs to Ground Floor


Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire, Tower

Walk round battlements:-

Drum Castle  battlements

Vertiginous view from battlement:-

Drum Castle roof

Historic rose garden:-

Drum Castle, historic rose garden 1

The garden has a human sundial where if you stand in the correct place your body acts as a gnomon. The arc of stones indicates the times of day:-

Drum Castle historic rose garden 13 human sundial 1

The centre portion where you need to stand is marked variously March, April, May, June, July, August, September. I don’t know if the sun is too low in the sky – or too weak – in the winter months:-

Drum Castle historic rose garden 14 human sundial 2

Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey was the first Cistercian monastery in Scotland and is the resting place of the heart of its most famous King, Robert the Bruce. They’re not quite sure exactly where in the Abbey grounds it is buried though.

Abbey panorama:-

Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey

Location of lavatorium (wash place):-

Lavatorium, Melrose Abbey

Pig decoration:-

Melrose Abbey, Pig Decoration

Another pig decoration:-

Pig Decoration Melrose Abbey

It seems the builders were fond of pigs:-

Melrose Abbey Another Pig Decoration

Coat of arms decoration:-

Melrose Abbey Decoration

Vaulting of a later church:-

Melrose Abbey, Vaulting of Later Church

Part of Abbey:-

Melrose Abbey

View of Melrose from Abbey Roof:-

Melrose From Roof of Melrose Abbey

More of the V&A Dundee

Previously I have posted about the (relatively) new V&A building in Dundee here and, in the background, here.

V&A logo by entrance:-

V&A Sign, Dundee

Exterior curve:-

Exterior Curve, V&A Dundee

View to Tay Bridge through “tunnel”:-

"Tunnel" V&A, Dundee

Apparently the wind can sweep through the tunnel quite severely. View to city through tunnel:-

Tunnel Under V&A, Dundee

Overhanging River Tay:-

Overhanging River Tay, V&A Dundee

Exterior planting:-

Exterior Planting , V&A Dundee

Exterior Planting V&A Dundee


Interior, V&A, Dundee

V&A, Dundee, Interior

V&A, Dundee, Interior and Stairs

V&A, Dundee, Interior and Ceiling

View of Tay Bridge through slit window:-

V&A, Dundee, Window

By Way of Contrast

O tempora! O mores!

A timber framed building in Peterborough; with statues – and a Pizza Express outlet.

Peterborough Building

Less incongruent in appearance is Peterborough’s Bishop’s Palace (which is not really curved as this is a stitch of two photos):-

Bishop's Palace, Peterborough

Peterborough Cathedral, bathed in late evening sunlight:-

Peterborough Cathedral

Another old building in Peterborough’s Cathedral precincts. Pity about the traffic cones and tape in front of it:-

Old Building, Peterborough, Cathedral Square

Art Deco in Peterborough

We were in Peterborough in Sep 2018 to attend an antique fair. Cruising round the town centre the evening we arrived I found some Art Deco buildings.

Minor deco, brick-built:-

Brick  Art Deco Building, Peterborough

The Burton’s was hard to photograph due to trees in the way:-

Burton's, Peterborough

Peterborough Burton's  from Side

Close-up shows the typical deco styling:-

Upper Levels, Burton's, Peterborough

Edward’s, however, was a stunner:-

Fantastic Art Deco, Edward's Peterborough

Horizontals, verticals, rounded corner, canopy…:-

Edward's Peterborough, Art Deco

Note windows with streamlined and canopied decoration:-

Art Deco, Edward's, Peterborough


Brantwood is the art critic John Ruskin‘s home above Coniston Water, now a centre for the arts.

Brantwood, Coniston



Brantwood Entrance

It’s an idiosyncratic building with several sticky-out bits:-

Brantwood, Part

Brantwood from Below

Brantwood Windows

It has a magnificent situation with great views of the lake:-

Coniston Water


Brantwood  turret room

and of the Old Man of Coniston:-

Coniston Water

St Serf’s, Dunning

Dunning’s biggest landmark is St Serf’s Church.

St Serf's , Dunning

Church and tower:-

St Serf's and Tower, Dunning


Tower, St Serf's, Dunning

St Serf’s houses the 1200 year-old Dupplin Cross, dedicated to Constantine, one of the last kings of Pictland.

Dupplin Stone cross

This was in place outside the church – subject to all that Scottish weather – until 1999. Despite that it’s in great condition:-

Dupplin Stone Cross, Dunning

Dupplin Stone, Dunning

Dundee’s Art Deco Heritage 8: Fairfield Social Club, Drumgeith Park

Again, I’ve passed this countless times on my way to and from Brechin but only stopped to photograph it in August last year.

From road – complete with skip:-

Fairfield Social Club From Road.

From access road – skip again:-

Fairfield Social Club, Drumgeith Park, Dundee

The entrance doors are decoish too:-

Fairfield Social Club Entrance

Side view:-

Fairfield Social Club Again


More of Fairfield Social Club

Scotland’s Art Deco Heritage 59: Ladybank

Ladybank is a village in Fife only a few miles away from Son of the Rock Acres. It’s no longer on the direct road north to Dundee so we don’t often go there.

It does, though, have a 1930s garage, now Ladybank Tyres:-

1930s Garage, Ladybank, Fife

It’s the stepped roofline that speaks for Deco:-

Ladybank, Fife, Art Deco Garage

Apart from the different-sized doors there’s also a nice symmetry to it:-

Art Deco Garage, Ladybank

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