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Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

I hadn’t realised at the time but the Amalienborg Palace, (Kogenlige Slot,) Copenhagen, the winter residence of the Danish Royal Family, is actually four identical facades surrounding a central space.

It makes this stitch I made of my first two photos a bit unnecessary. The building isn’t really bent, of course:-

Amalienborg Palace 1

Second building. Frederiks Kirke to left here:-

Amalienborg Palace,Copenhagen 2

Frederiks Kirke (a street away) from central space:-

Frederiks Kirke from Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace Gateway:-

Amalienborg Palace Gateway, Copenhagen

Close-up on one of the facades:-

Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen Close-up

Guards at Palace:-

Guards at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

The guards have an odd posture. They march – and stand – with arms folded:-

Amalienborg Palace Guards, Copenhagen

These two didn’t have arms folded, though. (This is a video. Click on picture to get to the video):-

Guards at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

Changing Guard, Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen. Again, click to get to video:-

Changing Guard, Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Nyhavn is a reminder of old Copenhagen. Once down at heel, now apparently resurgent and full of eateries and such.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen 1

Nyhavn, Copenhagen 2

Nyhavn,Copenhagen 3

Art Deco in Copenhagen

Undoubtedly Art Deco, this is a restaurant called The Standard, on Havnegade, Copenhagen.

Art Deco Building on Havnegade, Copenhagen

Definite deco lines plus rounded gables, not to mention the tower clock:-

The Standard, Havnegade, Copenhagen

Reverse view:-

Reverse View, The Standard, Havnegade, Copenhagen

Modern Architecture, Copenhagen

Just by way of contrast. Elgiganten:-

Elgiganten, Copenhagen

Deco? There’s rule of three in the smaller windows certainly:-

Elgiganten, Copenhagen from left

As in the Netherlands there was a profusion of bikes. The photo also shows another picturesque lamp standard:-

Bikes and Lamp Standard, Copenhagen

Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

Christiansborg Palace – or Christiansborg Slot – is the seat of the Danish Parliament, Denmark’s Supreme Court and the Ministry of State. No doubt the stone balls are a security measure but they do not look out of place:-

Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen

There was a woman demonstrating for Peace outside the Palace. No one batted an eyelid at her. She was just accepted as part of the furniture:-

Peace Woman, Copenhagen

Reverse of Christiansborg Palace. This sits in front of what looks like the Danish equivalent of Horse Guards Parade:-

Reverse of Christiansborg Palace

“Danish Horse Guards Parade”:-

Danish Horse Guards Parade Looking South

Looking west:-

Copenhagen Horse Guards Parade 2

Looking east. Nice pleached trees:-

Danish Horse Guards Parade, Copenhagen

Pleached Trees, Christiansborg Palace, and lamps:-

Pleached Trees, Christiansborg Palace and Lamps

Close-up on lamp standard:-

Lamp Standard, Danish Horse Guards Parade, Copenhagen

Copenhagen (iii)

Copenhagen Library (Bibliotek.) The gardens are called Bibliotekshavn:-

Copenhagen Library

Wisteria on building facing Copenhagen Library on Bibliotekshavn:-

Wisteria on Building Facing Copenhagen Library

Buildings by Canal, Copenhagen, on Nybrogade:-

Buildings by Canal, Copenhagen

Nybrogade from Vindebrogade:-

More Copenhagen Buildings

Copenhagen (ii)

Before we reached the Edouard Suenson Memorial (previous post) we passed this old terraced housing on Storekongensgade. Note the lampshades attached to the building:-

Old Terraced Housing, Copenhagen

This is Copenhagen City Hall, in Town Square (Radhuspladsen):-

City Hall, Town Square Copenhagen

Also on Radhuspladsen, Scandic Palace Hotel to right, with gold plaques of some sort where you might expect a clock face:-

Town Square, Copenhagen

Thorvaldsen’s Museum, on Vindebrogade:-

Thortvaldsen's Museum, Copenhagen

Copenhagen (i)

Like any capital city Copenhagen has some impressive buildings.

This one is on Ved Stranden (which seems to mean the beach):-

Building on Ved Stranden, Copenhagen

The Carlsberg Museum, on Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard, near the Tivoli Gardens:-

Carlsberg Museum, Copenhagen

The former Stock Exchange (Børsen):-

Former Stock Exchange (Børsen,) Copenhagen

Note the Børsen’s unusual spire. The spirals seem to be lizards’ tails:-

Spire, Børsen, Copenhagen

In the distance across the waterway we saw this twirled spire. (See, too, the European Election posters on the lamppost. Unlike their total absence from my neighbourhood at home these were a feature of the EU countries we docked at):-

A Twirled Spire, Copenhagen

But it seems the UK is not the only country to have red letter boxes:-

Copenhagen Letter Box

The Iron Duke, Great Yarmouth

The good lady came across this article on the internet about buildings at risk of demolition and brought it to my attention. Included is this classic Art Deco style pub (completed in 1948) which though Grade II listed is apparently still in danger.

The Iron Duke

It would of course be sad to see the pub go but unless a use can be found for it I suppose it will just moulder away until demolition is the only option.

More images of this great building, including some from its better days, can be found here.

Unusual Shop Windows, Kendal

The building once housed Ruskins but is now occupied by Furness Building Society.

The rectangular windows now look double-glazed. I’m not so sure about the curved ones.

Unusual Shop Windows, Kendal

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