Hooge Crater Museum (iii)

German Great War memorabilia in Hooge Crater Museum. In my own Great War collection I have a mug similar to one shown here:-

Hooge Crater Museum 13

Trench Art including inkwells in the shape of Renault tanks:-

Hooge Crater Museum 14

British Great War memorabilia (above) and German (below.) Again I have some of the featured British items in my own collection:-

Hooge Crater Museum 15

More trench art, Renault tank inkwells with poilus’ helmets:-

Hooge Crater Museum 16

Trench art cabinet:-

Hooge Crater Museum 17

More trench art:-

Hooge Crater Museum 18

Mock-up of British dugout:-

Hooge Crater Museum 19

If you are ever in Ypres/Ieper I would recommend a visit to Hooge Crater Museum as well as to In Flanders Fields Museum.

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  1. Katrina piningforthewest

    It’s well worth a visit. It’s the most jam-packed museum I’ve ever been in and it’s all very interesting.

  2. jackdeighton

    Jam-packed and then some. And no “interactive” nonsense. The film footage of “Hellfire Corner” on the Menin Road was informative too.

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